Mar 2nd, 2018
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  1. Name: Thessaly
  3. Gender: Female
  5. Race: Unicorn
  7. Class: Warlock (Mage/Necromancer)
  9. Skills:
  10. Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  11. Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  12. Posh: So you’re leaving high society for a life of adventure? It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this. You can start the game with a magical item that gives a +1 to a single Spell. If held by someone without that skill, the item’s residual magic allows that spell to be cast at DC 8.
  13. Unholy Elementalist: recharge 2, spell; Can animate natural elemental sources such as fires or bodies of water. Minions raised this way carry elemental properties as per Elementalist, but are otherwise relative in size and power to normal raised minions.
  14. Magic Bolt: recharge 2, spell, ranged; Fire a volatile bolt of magic. Roll two dice and use the higher roll for results. If one of the dice is a crit fail, then the spell crit fails regardless of the other roll.
  15. Commune: spell; Ask the dead for aid. The better you roll, the more helpful they are. Crit fail summons a hostile undead. (+1 Posh)
  16. Lifestream: recharge 1, spell; Saps life from a target, leaving it a rotting husk. A critical hit drains all the life in an enemy, killing it instantly and leaving a corpse for raising or other use. You may use the sapped life to restore hits equal to half the damage done (rounded up) to one of your minions or party members on any success. (+1 BP)
  17. Astral Projection: spell; You project your spirit, leaving your physical body behind as you send yourself to a distant location. While projecting, your body is unconscious and immobile, and you are unaware of anything that happens to it unless you are in its vicinity. Your spirit is intangible and invisible, but can still be detected by magic or other spirits, and it cannot manipulate or pass through physical objects. Wherever your spirit travels, you can hear and see everything around you in the physical world. Returning to your physical body is automatic. (from Skill Point)
  19. Combat Talent:
  20. Exequy: spell, recharge 2 after effect ends; Thessaly places a curse upon an enemy, crippling them with dark magic. The target auto-critfails its next roll, and on a crit the target is rendered unable to attack on the next turn. If an enemy gets multiple rolls per turn, the first of those rolls is the one affected by Exequy. (+1 BP)
  22. Non-Combat Talent:
  23. Glamour: Thessaly draws much of her power from the crystal amulet around her neck. As long as she is wearing it, she gains a +1 to all spell skills.
  25. H/W: 6/6
  27. Level: 4
  29. BP: 0
  31. EP: 0
  33. Skill Points: 1
  35. Aura Skills:
  36. Shackles: spell; Thessaly conjures shadowy tentacles to bind a target in place, rendering them immobile for 2d3 turns. On a crit, this roll also gets a +1 bonus, but the effect cannot last more than 6 rounds. A Shackled target may roll to break free of the spell, reducing the duration by 1 turn on a success or by 2 on a crit. Larger targets may be more resistant or outright immune to Shackles. (Kamer) (BP: +1)
  38. Evoker: When Thessaly conjures a minion via Unholy Elementalist, roll an additional 1d10 on a success. On a pass, the minion is raised with an additional 2 hits for a total of 5/3. On a crit, the minion gains 1 hit and 1 wound, bringing it to 4/4. On a critfail, the minion is hostile and gets no bonuses. (Amnis: +1)
  40. Telepathy: spell; Thessaly can transmit her thoughts to a nearby sapient target as an automatic action. When a link is formed, both she and the target can communicate non-verbally until either or both choose to sever the link. Thessaly can also detect users of mind manipulating magic nearby, though it can still affect her if she is not actively searching for it. The difficulty of this detection depends on the skill of the spellcaster. (Psi)
  42. Mind Flay: spell, recharge 2; Thessaly can use her telepathic abilities as a dangerous probe, reading the thoughts, intentions and even memories of a target. This requires direct eye contact with the target for the duration of the Mind Flay, and causes damage as per a normal attack. Mind Flay crits on 9+ against helpless targets. (Psi)
  44. Inventory:
  45. Dark crystal amulet (Posh: Commune)
  46. Green hooded coat (+1 to endurance/dodge rolls while in adverse conditions - applies to muffler and umbrella as well)
  47. Glasses
  48. Traveling bag:
  49. -Knife (Weapon)
  50. -Dark blue hooded robes (not usually worn)
  51. -Comb and mirror
  52. -Book on the nature of Aura
  53. -Coinpurse (2495 bits)
  54. -Books containing folk tales from the Ribcage (x4)
  55. -Ribcage guidebooks (x5)
  56. -Accompass' Storm Guard
  57. Function: Gives one +1 to endurance and dodging rolls while they are in adverse environmental conditions; usually, during a rainstorm or heavy wind.
  59. -The Atlas
  60. Function: This mysterious orb from outer space can give guidance any goal the user wishes to complete, but its advice is often devoid of context, and thus becomes obscure and riddle-like. Although it is a solid, one can split it into parts as easily as pulling apart soap bubbles if they set their will to doing so. The full sphere can give six bits of advice, then must recharge for a day. If it is divided into half-pieces, each piece can give three bits of advice before recharging. If either of those half-pieces is divided again, each of those quarter-pieces can give one bit of advice before recharging. The math does not precisely work out as the Atlas loses energy in the division process.
  62. -Caller Conch (Emerald Green)
  63. Function: Allows you to communicate with someone from afar by speaking into the Conch. Requires learning the target's Caller Conch password. Calling someone is as simple as whispering the password into it.
  64. Contacts: Hubla, Soli, Cutlass, Mallea
  66. -The Fatal Injection
  67. Function: Can store up to four uses of any substance in its barrel and inject them into a target. Most commonly used for poisoning foes, but can be used with any liquid substance. If a poison is allowed to sit in the blade, unused, for an hour, it will start to concentrate, giving it twice its potency and doubling the effect of the poison when it's used.
  69. -Sea-Servant's Ring
  70. Function: Allows one to communicate with any creature that lives underwater.
  72. -The Liber Animarum
  73. Weapon Tag: Catalyst
  74. Function: Provides guidelines and instructions for the conjuring of certain demons, as well as philosophical, theoretical and technical commentary from a nameless author about the nature and temperament of demons, their interactions with mortals, and how to survive most demon conjurings.
  75. Description: An old, leather-bound tome, the corners of its spine bound in black iron; a broken clasp and lock hang from its edge. The book has survived years of abuse -- water and acid damage on pages, cracks in the spine and stab wounds in its cover, even burn marks, indicating it was at one point pulled from a fire at the last moment. Despite so many attempts to destroy it, the Liber Animarum has survived, much like those who would seek its knowledge.
  76. Further Information: / (only the demons listed in the first paste can be summoned).
  78. -Self Sacrificing Homunculus
  79. Description: A homunculus that can absorb curses if it is brought into close proximity with a cursed object or person. Appears to be a blank doll. Its appearance will change based on the curse that it has absorbed. Can transmit accumulated curses into another appropriate vessel. Rumors hold that it might start to get a personality if it holds onto a curse too long…
  81. -Pocket Spiders
  82. Description: A jar full of small spiders that can be set to perform any menial task around the house or ship. Mostly for convenience when doing chores. Their specialty is weaving silk rapidly, enabling them to repair clothes, make rope, and generally perform any task requiring some length of silk. Can even fly.
  84. -Gullveig's Key
  85. Description: A curling, flower shaped key. Can fit any lock, opening the door to Gullveig's hidden store.
  87. -Elemental Pipe
  88. Description: A pipe that, with a tap on its bell, lights itself, and always has a source of fresh tobacco inside. The pipe also has a property that allows it to store any one elemental minion inside. If the smoke or fire that the Pipe produces is targeted for Unholy Elementalist, it has DC 4.
  90. -Sky-Catching Parasol
  91. Description: A parasol that easily catches the wind, and has the curious property of sharply reducing the user's weight. In other words, it allows one to jump, catch the wind, and travel a great distance using the wind once they're airborne.
  93. -Snowglobe of Manenhi, Agyl Island
  94. Description: A snowglobe to remember this town by.
  96. -Toy Witch
  97. Description: A little action figure of a unicorn witch, bearing a striking resemblance to you. Her hair can be made to float, and the eyes can be set to glow via a switch on her back. She would look menacing, if she weren't so smol.
  98. Passive; Increases the critical hit range on Exequy by 1
  100. -Plain blue dress
  101. -Straw hat
  102. -Dark red muffler
  103. -Black umbrella
  105. Appearance:
  106. Thessaly is a young, bookish-looking mare with a creamy yellow coat and bright green eyes. Her mane is mousy brown and straight, usually styled in bangs or kept in a bun. Her mark is an open book with a purple flower. She wears large round glasses and a simple blue dress, along with an amulet containing a black crystal, which is usually tucked under her clothes.
  108. Backstory:
  109. Thessaly is an aspiring young sorceress, driven by a sense of wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge. She has had a talent for magic from an early age, and is especially interested in the dark arts. She appears to be older than her appearance would suggest, although she is reluctant to share details of her past.
  111. Traits:
  112. Thessaly is aloof and somewhat laconic. She is driven by self-preservation, and will fight for her survival no matter the cost. Despite her apparent dark nature, she is not malicious, and enjoys others' company well enough. She is secretive about her past, and while she is happy to hold a conversation, overall prefers to keep to herself and avoid unwanted attention. She is prone to sometimes using archaic words and speaking patterns. In combat, Thessaly calls upon a wide variety of spells, beckoning elementals to her side and cursing her enemies with dark magic. As a hobby, she likes to read, especially old history books.
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