Anon - [Nameless] [Virgo/Moon Dust/bar/silly/pick-up artist]

Mar 23rd, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Virgo, Moon Dust, PUA, pick-up artists, pick-up artistry, bar, Dustbin, wingman, alcohol, mildly suggestive
  3. "Why did I let you talk me into doing this..."
  4. >You look at the blushing mothpony next to you as he fidgets with his hooves
  5. >"Come on, it'll go great!"
  6. >The mothpony turns to meet your eyes
  7. "I'm not so sure Virgo, besides I don't really know what a wingman really does"
  8. >You pause your fluttering and land next to Moon Dust
  9. >"Well in your case it's a bit different because you'll be my wingmare"
  10. >Moon Dust fixes his mane a bit with his hoof
  11. "Remind me again why I needed to come with you dressed up like this"
  12. >You wrap your hoof around Moon Dusts shoulder and pull him closer to you
  13. >"It's genius really, the mares see me with a mare that thinks highly of me, they'll start thinking highly of me as well"
  14. >You grin at Moon Dust while he eyes you with suspicion
  15. >"Trust me this'll go well"
  16. "And it has nothing to o with the fact that Waspy's gotten tired of trying to be your wingman?"
  17. >Your grin falters for a few seconds
  18. >"This'll work wonders for you too, you got a reason to doll up once again and look pretty"
  19. >Moon Dust rolls his eyes while freeing himself from your grasp, but he does it with a little bit redder blush on his face
  20. "Let's just go"
  21. >You happily take flight after your wingmanbromare-stallion as the two of you head to the nightclub
  22. >After getting in and ordering yourself and Moon Dust drinks you drag him off to a table at the far end of the bar area
  23. >"Alright so here's the plan:"
  24. >Moon Dust moves his face closer to yours to pay attention
  25. >Huh, you knew he could look girly but heck in this dim lit nightclub his face looks more attractive than some of the mares standing and dancing about
  26. >You are about to continue but notice him looking extremely nervous
  27. >"You okay there?"
  28. >Moon Dust gulps
  29. "Y-yeah just feeling a bit nervous..."
  30. >You push his drink towards him
  31. >"That's what the alcohol is for"
  32. >Moon Dusts eyes the drink cautiously
  33. "I don't know, it's been a while since I drank some, it's nothing too strong is it?"
  34. >You wave your hoof about
  35. >"No no, it's something every lightweight drinks, just enough to give you a bit of courage"
  36. >Moon Dust sips on his drink, and then takes a bigger sip happily
  37. "It's really good"
  38. >You smile as Moon Dust relaxes noticeably and then you take a sip of your own beverage of choice
  39. >...wait a minute, this is not that drink that's called iced tea just for it's color
  40. >You suddenly realize you must have accidentally switched the drinks around and given yours to Moon Dust
  41. >"Hey Moon I thi-"
  42. >You pause as you see your friend down the last of your drink
  43. >Moon Dust puts the glass down on the table and notices your shocked expression
  44. "I was just so nervous I seem to have gulped it down right away"
  45. >... well, what could go wrong?
  46. >You shrug and drink the rest of the drink that's pretty much juice with a hint of alcohol in it
  47. *********************************
  48. >Oh no it's all gone to hell
  49. >Moon Dust was doing okay for the couple of first mares, but then the alcohol really kicked in and things got weird
  50. "He's the most loving stallion you could ever find!"
  51. >Moon Dust suddenly throws himself in your hooves and starts to lovingly nuzzle your face while his feelers brush against yours, making you feel nice things and shame
  52. "I love you~"
  53. >The mare looks at the two of you quizzically
  54. "I'll give you two some time to yourselves..."
  55. >As the mare walks away Moon Dust starts to cop a feel and you quickly push him away
  56. >"Whoa whoa whoa Moony what are you doing?"
  57. >Moon Dust looks at you with a sad drunken expression
  58. "But you told me to act more affectionate this time..."
  59. >You look away from his intense drunken gaze and unhappy scrunch
  60. >"Yeah I did, but that was too much affection"
  61. >Moon Dust snorts at you, but then his face suddenly beams up again
  62. "Hey Virgo there's a sexy looking mare you could like. Let's go, I have a plan that might work!"
  63. >Moon Dust suddenly grabs hold of yoru hoof and starts to drag you towards another mare
  64. >"Moony, maybe we should take a bre-"
  65. "No I am starting to get the hang of this!"
  66. >Before you can say anything else you and Moon Dust are in front of the mare already
  67. >The mare raises an unimpressed eyebrow at you and then Moon Dust opens his mouth
  68. "This guy, is the best lay in this whole club!"
  69. >Your jaw falls open as Moon Dust continues
  70. "He's the best one there is, and everytime I feel hot and bothered he helps me feel satisfied and content~"
  71. >You are unsure what sort of a message Moon Dust is trying to send with trailing his hooves across his body in a way that attracts the hungry gazes of a lot of stallions
  72. "It just gets me so hot, thinking about that thick, hot-"
  73. >Before Moon Dust can say anything else you suddenly move your hoof in front of his mouth
  74. >"Excuse my friend here she's had a bit too much to drink"
  75. >You quickly drag Moon Dust back to the tables and sit him down
  76. "Awww it was going to work..."
  77. >Moon Dust pouts at you in a way you could call cute if he was not a stallion
  78. >"Moony what were you even thinking just now?"
  79. >Moon Dust sways a bit while sitting down
  80. "You know how you said that a mare would like you if another mare would say she liked you?"
  81. >You nod as Moon Dust lets out a little hiccup
  82. "Then I thought that if I would say you were good in bed the mares would want to go to bed with you"
  83. >Moon Dust smiles a happy drunken smile to you and you sigh
  84. >"It's a nice gesture, but I don't think-"
  85. >Moon Dust suddenly gets up from his seat
  86. "I'll show you it'll wo-"
  87. >And he stumbles a bit and lands lying directly on your lap, and then breaks out giggling
  88. >"I think I'll just take you home..."
  89. >Moon Dust shakes his head and now falls limp on your lap
  90. "Nooo I don't want to..."
  91. >You pick him up and settle him on your back and then walk out of the club
  92. >Moon Dust stays silent throughout all of this, most likely already asleep
  93. >You shake your head at your lack of success this evening
  94. "...Are you angry?"
  95. >You're surprised by Moon Dusts now sad voice
  96. >"No, just a bit disappointed, that's all"
  97. >Moon Dust goes silent again but then starts talking again
  98. "If you want I could be a mare tonight"
  99. >You almost stumble and fall down
  100. >"What!?"
  101. >You suddenly feel Moon Dusts hoof trailing on the back of your neck as you try to ignore the slight tingle it's making you feel
  102. "If I would be your mare for tonight maybe then the mares would want to spend the night with you more eagerly..."
  103. >You breathe out a sing of relief that it was not anything else
  104. >Only to suddenly squeak in surprise as Moon Dusts hooves start to trail towards places they should not
  105. >"Uh Moony I don't"
  106. >Suddenly Moon Dust hops off of your back and rushes to a nearby bush
  107. >And then he throws up
  108. >You cringe at the sound of him puking
  109. >Moon Dust lifts his head out from the bush with moist eyes and a sad look
  110. "I feel sick..."
  111. >You look at Moon Dust and his messy mane, not to mention some stuff left in the corner of his mouth and then sigh, but not out of annoyance
  112. >in fact you're smiling a bit
  113. >"Let's go to my place and get you cleaned up"
  114. >Moon Dust keeps looking at you with a sad look
  115. "Carry me?"
  116. >You walk over to Moon Dust and let him climb on your back and then you start heading towards your house
  117. >Note to self, next time have him come as your wingstallion instead of wingmare
  119. Would-be spoilers: it doesn't go so well
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