Blocky the Slavepone 7

Nov 16th, 2019
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  1. >The evening was cool, breezy and relaxing.
  2. >Blocky being the cuddler she was had herself curled up in your lap with hooves wrapped around your torso.
  3. >A week had passed since your important call with Roger.
  4. >Blocky had been so bouncy and energetic in that time that you were shocked to see her in such a calm state right now.
  5. >The slow rise and fall of her belly as she breathed was a joy to watch while your hand moved about it, massaging her soft body.
  6. >Of course, both of you were firmly fixed on the TV too.
  7. >It wasn't anything special, but it was a nice thing to wind down to after a hearty dinner.
  8. >Just some comfy Hallmark-tier movie with the production value you'd expect of it.
  9. >Blocky wanted to watch it, but right now she almost looked to be drifting off to sleep.
  10. >Quite the magic hands you had.
  11. >"You know..." your little horsie managed to eek out after a yawn, "... we can watch something else, Master... I'm feeling sleepy anyways..."
  12. >Your hand hovered over the remote, popping open the TV guide to see what else was on.
  13. >Game shows, reality shows, talk shows...
  14. >Man, you really should just switch to a streaming service.
  15. >You stopped on some horror-themed channel where a VERY different movie was playing.
  16. >Horror was something you'd always had a fondness for, and the movie playing was one you'd seen many a time.
  17. "Think you can handle a bit of horror, Blocky?"
  18. >She yawned again. "Mmm... I might fall asleep before it gets scary..."
  19. >That was your greenlight to switch over to the channel and get back into a familiar film.
  20. >And it was just starting, too!
  21. >Your attention reinvigorated, you hardly noticed as the belly rubs gradually stopped.
  22. >Her eyelids fluttered a little, but the absence of a relaxing massage may have helped her stay awake as she too began to watch the movie.
  23. >This one was centered around a group of spelunkers who get trapped in a cave with monsters.
  24. >A sequel was made a couple years later, but it was as trash as an unnecessary sequel was expected to be.
  25. >This, though...
  26. >THIS was good stuff.
  27. >The tension as they tried to hide from the blind monsters with supersonic hearing was still there, even if you already knew exactly what was going to play out.
  28. >Blocky on the other hand...
  29. >Her sleepy state had flipped to frightful, her eyes wide open as she jumped at every scare.
  30. >Needless to say, her grip around you had tightened immensely.
  31. >"M-Master, I-I think this is t-too scary..."
  32. >She was terrified and yet she couldn't look away, eyes glued to the screen.
  33. "It's almost over, don't worry."
  34. >A quiet whimper was her only response as she pulled herself closer to you.
  35. >As the film reached its climax, you stroked Blocky's mane to try calming her down but to no avail.
  36. >It'd be easy to just change the channel or turn the TV off completely, but at this point she had already seen enough to be scared.
  37. >As the movie drew to a close, her hooves felt as tight as a boa around you.
  38. >The credits rolled and the clock struck 11 PM.
  39. >That was already pushing your bedtime considering you had to be up in seven hours.
  40. >You hit the power button on the remote and began to rise out of your chair.
  41. >Frankly though, it was tough to move around given that Blocky still clung to you.
  42. >Her grip was even tight enough that she still looked like she was lying in a lap that wasn't there.
  43. >At the very least you knew her earth pony strength was intact.
  44. "Blocky, you gonna be okay?"
  45. >"I-uh..." was all she could stammer out, her eyes darting around the room.
  46. >Gritting your teeth, you mustered all the strength in your tired arms to pull the paranoid pony off of your body.
  47. >You swore you heard a "pop" as she came off of your body, her hooves flailing about before she hit the bed.
  48. >She wasted no time in worming herself under the covers.
  49. >You'd heard ponies had a thing for overreacting when they were afraid, but this was the first time you were experiencing it firsthand.
  50. >It'd be cute if it weren't mildly concerning.
  51. >You stripped down to your underwear as your pony shivered under the sheets of the bed.
  52. >As you got into bed, her hooves felt around before finding and clutching your arm tightly.
  53. >An exasperated sigh escaped your lips.
  54. "Blocky, you'll be fine. It was just a movie."
  55. >Again, a whimper was the only answer you received.
  56. >It'd be tough to sleep with a shivering pony squeezing you half to death.
  57. >It wouldn't be as much of a concern if you didn't have work tomorrow, but the weekend was still a few days away.
  58. >You had to calm Blocky down somehow.
  59. "How about..." you trailed off as an idea suddenly hit you. "How about I tell you a story to get your mind off of that movie?"
  60. >"I-I used to do that when I cared for fillies and colts... I guess that'd help..."
  61. >The problem was that you didn't really know any stories off the top of your head, and considering the amount of stuff you and Blocky had watched since she became your slave, she'd probably know if you were copying something.
  62. >Think, Anon, think...
  63. "So uh... there was this mare once..."
  64. >"Uh huh?"
  65. "She uh, she was a... a baker. And she... made the best donuts in the land."
  66. >Blocky's eyes darted over to you instantly, intrigued.
  67. >"Oooo."
  68. >Somehow you knew she'd be hooked at the mention of donuts.
  69. "Yeah, and she was so good at baking them that she was rich."
  70. >Suddenly her expression became more quizzical.
  71. >"But aren't donuts fried?"
  72. >Dammit, Blocky.
  73. "Let's just say that she was so good at baking that she knew how to make non-fried donuts."
  74. >"Okay!"
  75. >She smiled, engrossed in the story you were weaving.
  76. "And she had a lot of money from selling so many donuts that she-she uh..."
  77. >"Oh, maybe she could have some ponies trying to break into her bakery to steal the money?"
  78. "Sure, sure! And they were hired by a rival baker that couldn't replicate the same donut recipe, so she was jealous."
  79. >"And eventually the thieves were caught and taken to jail! The rival baker was sad because she thought she lost her chance at being successful, but then the original baker is so nice that she decides the two can share the bakery!"
  80. >Her hooves moved about excitedly as she spoke.
  81. "That baker's oddly forgiving if she can let someone hiring thieves to steal her money slide."
  82. >"Well... I think that's a nice ending!"
  83. "As long as you like it, Blocky," you said with a smile, giving her a friendly squeeze on her shoulder.
  84. >"Yeah! But then the thieves are still angry about getting caught, so they break out of jail and try to take the money AND the donut recipe for themselves!"
  85. >Failing to stifle a yawn, you nodded as your eyes closed.
  86. "Sure, Blocky."
  87. >"So the bakers have to team up and defend the bakery with traps!"
  88. "Mm-hm..."
  89. >She wasn't scared anymore but now she was back to her regular, perky self.
  90. >Thankfully, she didn't notice you were drifting off, so she never stopped to get your attention again.
  91. >"I bet they'd be really complex, too! Some ordinary things from the kitchen would be really useful for traps!"
  92. "..."
  93. >You passed out, certain she'd talk herself to sleep eventually.
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