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Nov 7th, 2013
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  1. Anonymous Operation Justice4Savannah
  2. Press Release 2
  4. November 7, 2013
  6. Greetings. We are Anonymous.
  8. On October 11, 2013 Anonymous informed the local and national media of our involvement in the case of Savannah Cross, age 2, raped and murdered in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As of this writing her killers remain free due to the inefficiency of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's office and her equally culpable mother continues to provide medical "care" for our Nation's veterans due to the uncaring bureaucracy of the Phoenix VA Hospital.
  10. Enough is enough.
  12. To the media of Maricopa County, the state of Arizona, the United States, and the world, you can not continue to ignore this. This is a child in your community, a child in your city, a child in our country. If you don't stand up for her, then who will? If not now, then when? There is nothing more important than seeking justice for an abused and murdered child. Step up to the plate and bring this horrendous story the attention it deserves.
  14. Anonymous reiterates our demand that the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office stop playing budget politics with this case and get your job done so the County Attorney can re-file charges forthwith. You have had more than enough time. If the lab is the problem, then get on the telephone and fix the problem. Your seeming ineptitude is criminal in its own right.
  16. Phoenix VA Hospital, you have had more than enough time to remove Ashley Dattoli Livengood from your employ. Indeed, she is not even a full-time employee and Arizona is a "right to work" state. You need prove no misconduct to terminate her employment. Our Nation's veterans deserve far better than to be "cared" for by this uncaring monster who reportedly told co-workers she would "see her when I see her" regarding Savannah. At this time you have 7 days to terminate her employment or we will begin directly contacting veteran's and military groups in your area. If you want protests on your campus, continue to ignore this demand. We will not ask again.
  18. Anonymous wishes to again state that we fully support the actions of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Phoenix Police Homicide Division, all first responders, and the Maricopa County Attorney's office in this case. We thank you for doing your jobs. We again demand that others do theirs.
  20. That is all.
  22. OpJustice4Savannah continues to be engaged.
  24. We Are Anonymous.
  25. We are legion.
  26. We do not forgive.
  27. We do not forget.
  28. Expect us.
  31. Email Contact:
  32. Twitter Contact: @Op4Savannah / #OpJustice4Savannah
  33. Website:
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