bully of the mind (shimshamxyou, short, lewd, mind stuff)td?

Nov 8th, 2018
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  1. >>I miss when Sunset was a bully
  3. >>implying Sunset wouldn't secretly bully you
  4. >>implying anyone would ever believe you if you claimed that she did considering that she has the entire school on her side
  6. >"Oh please, we both know you don't have the balls to snitch on me,"
  7. >"And it's not like you're not enjoying this as much as I do, mmh~?"
  8. >"Just look at you, I don't even need to touch you to make you squirm,"
  9. >"And why are you crossing your legs like that? Are you... hard?"
  10. >"Hahahaha! I can't believe it! See, I've always known you were into the whole maso thing, but I still didn't expect only this much to get you all worked up like that~,"
  11. >"No? You're not? Huh... so if I were to, say, shove my hand down there right now, I wouldn't find your little cock being all hard for me?"
  12. >"Maybe? Haha, mmh, would you like that?"
  13. >"Do you want me to do it?"
  14. >"A-ha, look at me when I'm talking to you!"
  15. >"Come on now, tell me, tell me how much you want it,"
  16. >"Mmmh~, maybe~,"
  17. >"Start begging, and maybe I'll do it~,"
  18. >"Hahahahah! I can't believe you did it, aren't you ashamed? You're a guy aren't you?"
  19. >"Oh well, I did say I would give you a hand, so~... here I come~...NOT!"
  20. >"Hahahahaha! Did you really expect me to actually do that?! Hahahaha!"
  21. >"In your dreams, twerp,"
  22. >"But~,"
  23. >"You still have five minutes until math, I'm sure you could go and rub one out in the toilets before it starts,"
  24. >"Oh and take a few pictures while you're at it,"
  25. >"Duh, so you can send them to me later, dumbass,"
  26. >"I wasn't asking."
  27. >"But I'm not 'that' cruel, so if you make some good ones, maybe I'll give you some in return, mmh~?"
  28. >"Maybe~,"
  29. >"Now be a good boy and get to it, only three minutes left~,"
  31. __
  32. >>Sunset practicing in the mirror
  34. >you catch her doing that
  35. >she catches you catching her
  36. >she instantly turns around, blushing madly while you try to stutter an apology
  37. >before you can react, she leaps towards you and grabs you by the wrist
  38. >you don't really know what's happening, her eyes start glowing and she seems completely lost to the world
  39. >you try and free yourself from her grip, but you can't
  40. >not three seconds later, her eyes stop glowing
  41. >yet she doesn't let go of you
  42. >and her anxious and embarrassed expression turns to the smug one you fear
  43. >and also love, secretly
  44. >"Saw something you liked, mmh~?"
  45. >her smirk grows even wider as your voice fails you
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