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  1. "GRYAAAH! PLEASE STOP! I BEG YOU, PLEASE!" Blood, everywhere. An un-settling smell permeated the room, as 'scientists' were smirking at a poor creature, crying for aid. The men Instead pierce through his neck with syringes, containing all kinds of experimental and unwarranted drugs. He was chained down, he couldn't do anything other than scream. The skin on his palms was completely peeled off, because of the tight chains. It had been nearly a year since Agron was abducted by Russians, and ever since then, the only emotions he's felt were unstoppable pain and unmeasurable anger. They've done multiple experiments on the creature since then, sleep deprivation experiments, radiation experiments, chemical experiments and more. They attempted to use a serum, which when It comes into contact with blood, It would slowly turn him into a mindless zombie, ready to do the bidding of the Russian government.
  3. As the scientist goes to Inject the poor man, he finally snaps. Just as he's about to pull through with the needle towards his throat, and insert whatever experimental serum resided, Agron snapped. He let out a massive roar, producing humongous shockwaves just from his voice alone, which also began ripping the belts and chains that were keeping him bound from moving. The scientists were scared shitless, as Agron stood there expressionless. He hastily turned his attention to the man that meant to Inject him and clutched his arm, bending It until It snapped In half. Using the needle, he'd thrust it Into his eye, repeatedly until blood was sprouting out.
  5. He leapt up to the air In a split second, like a wild animal. Not a single person saw him, he was too fast, faster than their eyes could even perceive. "AAAAAAAH!" suddenly screams could be heard, cries for help, but they were left unanswered. Scientists simply glanced at each other, shivering and commenced to flee. Agron had savagely butchered three more scientists by impaling them with metal rods, from the mandible and down to the anus. He then whisked away on all fours, like a cheetah, plunged at one of the men scampering away, furiously taking a bite out of their face and would proceed to completely devour their head. As the other man looked back In terror. A feeling of relief filled the man, however, as he finally arrived at the door, and finally pushed down the door handle, for his retreat. But, the Instant he pushed It down, he was missing both his forearms. He looked down only to see gallons of blood pouring out! and then to his left, only to see the final image of his life. A hairy primitive man-beast, chewing on his limbs. He spits them out, and lunged at the man with expeditious blows, completely shattering his skull. While on the ground he stomped his groin over and over until It was completely flattened.
  7. Agron then Immediately headed towards the other room, eager to get revenge and to thoroughly pummel these bastards for torturing him. He invaded the air ventilation, crawling circuitously until he could find more of these men. He began to see, and hear these men chatting, they were entirely unaware as to what was transpiring, the room they were In was soundproof. Also prohibited area, as It was quite toxic. They, however suddenly heard the noise of metal slumping down, as Agron pulverized the air vents from above. They were terrified, they couldn't believe a test subject had broken loose. "H-hey now, get back to your cage, and we won't have to use fo-" the man was cut off, as the beast pierced through his chest with his fist, forging a hole In the centre, clutching his heart, ripping It off Instantly.
  10. "UBASSHAAAAA" shrieks the beast with a distorted voice, unleashing a hellish bombardment of blows, razing all the toxic barrels. The scientists that remained there began freaking out, as the beast just appeared, cracking his neck. "UBASHAAAAAAAA" cries the beast yet again, piercing the face of the scientists with a fiendish barrage repeatedly until the toxic gas infiltrated Into their bloodstream. It quickly turned their skin colour pitch black and the skin began falling off like raindrops. The Beast didn't halt his onslaught until he annihilated them into dust. He drooled all over his body from his wrath, the whole area was utterly abolished, rubble everywhere, the oxygen in the room was replaced by toxic gas. The Beast then simply clobbered his way out, by shattering the wall, ready to unleash more of his indignation on to the world.
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