No more gov on nano tech system

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  1. America with it's illegal speaker system/ camerasystem / recording system are now in actuallity freeer then ever before, only thing holding us back are the individuals on the speaker system. They watch us all the time illegally so in actuallity if we know about that or have our own recordings of the system we can take or do anything legally cause we have proof that they cannot use there illegal evidence against us. So there spying has paid off by allowing us to do what when and where we want. No more illegal dark bet no more illegal anything cause there not supposed to be watching us and we all know the truth and the it. And that includes nano eyes on our nano tech. So true freedom til Donald Trump's takes down his system. Even freer when the speaker system people get removed cause they are the biggest rats in the world. America owns Hitler/shadow tech and neuron changing tech. Me Christopher Albert Silva owns biological tech and the software that makes up computer nano tech and not above mentioned software. I don't even have money to patent my ideas hence the idea for the internet sites and pre patenting.
  2. People being hooked to nano tech dogs to heal by people on the speaker system and is pissing me off cause there people should be on the dogs not anyone else. So people hooked to my physical body should be removed and those hooked to dogs should take over the system and hook themselves to me and hook speaker system people to the dogs. Guess the government if there hooked to me should be removed and hook the country to me. Fuck the effects. Just do it. Remove the fuckin traitors already.
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