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PreQue revised combat system

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  1. Characters have 2d6 for attack and defense.
  3. Attacker's turn:
  4. Rolls a 6
  5. Defender
  6. Rolls a 7.
  8. The defender either dodges or parries.
  11. Damage roll
  13. A higher roll than the defender deals 1d6+the roll difference.
  14. If the attacker rolls twice as high as the defender, he scores a critical hit. Crits deal 1d6+ roll difference damage and double the result.
  15. If the defender rolls twice as high as the attacker, he gets a counter. He takes no damage, instead the attacker is hit for 1d6+roll difference damage.
  16. If it ever happens that the attacker rolls 12+ and the defender snake eyes, there is a crushing blow.
  17. Crushing blow follows the same damage calculation, but triples the result.
  18. If you have combat training, you are able to add a +1 to your attack or defensive rolls.
  19. Stronger hits can happen if you are an earth pony using hoof-to-hoof combat. In which case, a +2 will be added to the damage roll.
  20. Foals get -2 to damage rolls, as they are not fully grown.
  22. Accuracy
  24. Depending on how good a pony's vision is, they may be more accurate.
  26. HP
  28. Earth ponies and zebras have 40 HP.
  29. Gryphons have 30 HP.
  30. Pegasi, unicorns, and changelings have 25 HP.
  32. Defense
  34. There is defense and magic defense.
  36. The defense subtracts from the result of the opponent's damage roll, lessening the damage.
  38. Elements
  40. Physical- No side effect unless stated otherwise.
  41. Magic- No side effect unless stated otherwise.
  42. Fire- Causes burning status, which deals 1 point of damage per turn until the fire is extinguished or the status ends.
  43. Ice- Lowers initiative.
  44. Lightning- Causes stun, which makes you unable to act. A roll against a stun has the defender rolling a 0. Deals more damage when the foe is wet.
  45. Water- Can knock the foe down, making them easier to hit. Makes them wet, leaving them vulnerable to lightning.
  46. Wind- Can knock the foe down, making them easier to hit.
  47. Earth- Can cause the bleed status, which keeps dealing damage until the wound is healed or the pony dies.
  48. Light- Blinds the target, resulting in high roll penalties.
  49. Poison- Causes high DOT, but lasts only shortly.
  50. Dark- No side effect.
  52. Vulnerabilities
  54. 1) Immune: No damage at all
  55. 2) Resistant: Damage is halved.
  56. 3) Normal: Basic damage
  57. 4: Vulnerable: +25% to +100% damage.
  59. Example- A timberwolf is made of wood and has a +100% vulnerability to fire, but is resistant to wind, water and immune to earth.
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