TomoTsuku pg 161-180

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  1. pg. 161 - Come Together
  2. [sign] Each of us is the main character!! [protagonist, star (of the show), etc]
  3. [small] ~Motto of the student council~
  5. SFX: *Pop*
  7. [sign] Dog dog dog! Dog is the main character!! [don't know if anything clever can be done here]
  8. [small] ~Motto of the student council~
  10. >V-... Vice-president!! Every dog lover in the school is trying to break into the student council room!!
  11. SFX: *Bang!* *Bang!*
  12. >Wh-...Whaaaat!?
  14. pg. 162 - No Going Back
  15. >Hey, what do boys have nipples for?
  17. >...I'm not sure myself, but...
  18. >They're definitely a sensitive area.
  20. >So boys' nipples exist just so they can indulge in their lust.
  21. >What a filthy, perverted organ...
  23. >She would have never said something like this when I first met her...
  24. [small] Feeling guilty
  26. pg. 163 - At Room Temperature
  27. >I made a super high class hinomaru bentou today. [tn: rice with a single umeboshi in the middle. Literally means "circle of the sun", and is inspired by the design of the Japanese flag which shares the same name]
  29. >Behold!
  30. SFX: *Ja-paaaaan* [literally says "Japan"]
  31. >Eh- What's that thing in the middle!?
  33. >Fatty tuna... [TN: high quality cut of tuna belly, used for sushi]
  35. >Shouldn't have done that in summer...
  36. SFX: *Weeeeee-ooooow, Weeeeee-ooooow* [Ambulance siren]
  38. pg. 164 - She's my Woman
  39. >What's with the figure?
  40. SFX: *Peek*
  41. >Oh, I got that from the arcade the othe-...
  43. >You bastard... How dare you look at the sacred panties of my precious figure without even....!! [he literally says pantsu-sama.]
  44. >You may not care about that character... She may just be a lump of PVC sculpted into the shape of a woman to you, but she is like a goddess to me...!!
  46. >...Kishikawa... Let's say you got a girlfriend one day... What would you think if I lifted your girlfriend's skirt...?
  47. >Huh? Uh... Don't know, never had one...
  50. >He didn't understand.
  52. pg. 165 - Frustrating
  53. >Whoa, look at the time. I'm starving.
  54. >Yeah, me too. Wanna go buy something?
  56. >Let's get pizza! Going out is a pain and more importantly that's what I want!
  57. >I want pizza! Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza [etc.]
  59. >What's this?
  60. >Hiza! [tn: Hiza means elbow]
  63. SFX: *Slam*
  64. [small] Let's go before he recovers.
  66. pg. 166 - Synchronize
  67. >Periods and childbirth... I wonder how much they hurt...
  68. [small]Probably a lot
  70. >Meanwhile
  71. >How much do you think it hurts for guys when they get hit in the crotch?
  73. >...I don't know, but I think trying to understand other people's pain like that is important and we should all try to do it. [their lines differ slightly at the end because of masculine/feminine language, but I don't think this can be translated]
  75. >I feel bad for whoever this guy/girl ends up with...
  77. pg. 167 - Sudden Change of Heart
  78. SFX: *Baaaam!*
  79. 94.087 points
  80. [above bar] Vibrato
  81. [below] Rhythm
  83. >Hmph... These next gen machines really know how to give a rating...
  84. >Not bad...
  86. SFX: *Craaash*
  87. 68.703 points
  88. [above bar] Vibrato
  89. [below] Rhythm
  91. >As if some stupid machine would know how to appreciate my beautiful voice.
  92. SFX: *Suuuuuuuuck*
  93. >Really says whatever he wants, this guy...
  95. pg 169 - Because I'm Clumsy [Appears to be a reference to a line originating from Abashiri Prison but popularized in the 80s by a life insurance commercial featuring Takakura Ken. Maybe I'm missing something here. Maybe don't add this as a TN since it doesn't actually explain anything.]
  96. >Oyakodon... [TN: Bowl of rice with chicken and egg. Name literally means "parent and child bowl"]
  98. >You know, it's extremely unlikely that the chicken in that oyakodon is also the biological parent of the egg in it.
  99. SFX: *Munch* *Munch*
  101. >And yet I can't stop thinking about going to a chicken and saying "I want some chicken and egg! All right, I'll have you two!" [Not 100% on this one but I think this is what she's getting at]
  102. SFX: *Looooom*
  103. >Shut uuuuuup!! You're just trying to distract me!!
  105. SFX: *Munch* *Munch*
  106. >She's quiet now that I let her eat it...
  107. [small]If you wanted me to share you should have just said so
  109. pg. 169 - My Body is Twitching
  110. >Sugisaki-kun, did you have fun this summer?
  111. SFX: *Za!* [*Appear!*? I don't know.]
  113. >I got injured and spent all summer in the hospital, you know...
  114. >But now I can come to school again.
  116. >Those bandages look cool! Who are you dressed as?
  117. >Summer Comiket was a long time ago though... But you could probably go to some other event!
  118. >This isn't cosplay.
  120. pg. 170 - Unknown Victim
  121. >So who are you?
  122. >Hahaha, I said hello at the school entrance ceremony, you know. Don't you remember me? Did you forget me over the summer holiday?
  124. >I'm the student council president...
  125. >Kiriyama Kensuke!
  126. SFX: *Booom!*
  128. >By the way... You wouldn't happen to know anything about that explosion in the men's bathroom at the park that happened on the day of the festival, would you?
  129. >Fortunately, there was only one victim.
  131. >You know what I mean, don't you?
  132. >That victim
  133. was me.
  134. SFX: *Rumble*
  136. pg. 171 - Tank Build [it's the zenfuri thing again. "All into HP" might be another way of putting it]
  137. >I was struggling in one of the stalls when I saw a guy and a girl getting into a fight outside and I couldn't let it out anymore... Soon after there was a big explosion.
  138. >You were the one who caused that explosion, weren't you?
  139. >It's no use playing dumb. I saw you with my own eyes, through the gap in the door.
  141. >Wa-Wait a second! I... I barely remember anything from back then!
  142. >Who was that woman? She isn't from our school...
  143. >If you don't feel like talking, that's fine.
  145. >Because I'll just beat you until you do!!
  146. SFX: *Clonk*
  147. >BUEH!
  149. >Don't think you can get away with injuring the student council president.
  150. >It feels like I've been getting punched a lot lately.
  152. pg. 172 - Chosen Sacrifice
  153. >So, how are things with this Sugisaki-kun?
  154. [sign] Student Council Room
  155. >Well... He finished all his summer homework,
  156. >and he's getting along with his friends.
  158. >I'm glad to hear that. Right after the summer holiday and at the start of the second term is when we need to pay the most attention to student's attitudes.
  159. >You always amaze me, President. You only just got discharged but you're still thinking about the students...
  161. >...However... I cannot approve of Sugisaki-kun's violent nature and abnormal behavior on school grounds!
  162. >Which is why I am thinking of forcing him to drop out! And to do that...
  164. >I need the assistance of his class representative. You, that is.
  165. >Terasawa Natsuki-kun!
  167. pg. 173 - Prone to Misfortune
  168. >Forcing Sugisaki-kun to drop out... What do you mean?
  169. >What if I told you that he was the reason behind my injuries...?
  171. >Um... Wouldn't it be best to talk to a teacher or an adult...?
  172. >Oi, oi... Where's the fun in that?
  174. >Besides, knowing I had to suffer because of scum like him brought my dignity to the ground...
  175. >I won't forgive him... I must tear him apart until there's nothing left...
  177. >Why do I always get involved in such weird things...?
  178. [small]I miss the summer holiday...
  180. pg. 174 - Predicament
  181. >B-...But what does this have to do with me!? It sounds like you want me to help you get revenge...
  182. >...I know you've had to endure his problematic behavior in the first term.
  184. >If he were to drop out, then the source of your troubles would be gone, wouldn't it?
  185. >Wouldn't you like that?
  187. >Oh!
  188. >And don't think of telling anyone else of this or asking for their advice.
  189. SFX: *Pat*
  191. >As it happens, I'm known for being an outstanding school council president...
  192. >Nobody would believe you.
  194. pg. 175 - I Won't Forget
  195. SFX: *Waver/Stagger*
  196. >Terasawa-san doesn't look very happy...
  198. >And even you're spacing out...
  199. >Come on, what's wrong with everyone!? The second term just started, people!
  200. >...You seem pretty upbeat coming off the holiday...
  202. >I mean,
  203. >you're going to make this term fun, aren't you?
  205. >...Sure.
  206. >Seeing Misuzu's dumb face, filled with trust for him...
  207. >"This is the one smile I must protect"...Shoutarou thought.
  209. pg. 176 - Curious Motion
  210. >It is said the matator's waving of the red cloth is what agitates the bull and makes it charge....
  211. >But in fact, cows' eyes cannot distinguish color.
  213. >It is not the color, but the movement of the cloth itself which excites the bull.
  214. [shoutarou's shirt] Def +4
  216. SFX: *Sway* *Sway*
  218. >In a previous life... I might have been a bull...
  219. >Just eat your food already.
  221. pg. 177 - Boys' Challenge
  222. >I heard gummies are about the same consistency as nipples...
  223. >Seriously? I've been tonguing gummies all my life...
  225. >You two... Don't you want to set your sights somewhere *higher*...?
  226. >What...!?
  228. >If I stick it to my upper arm, which is said to feel just like boobs...!
  229. SFX: *Boom!*
  232. >It's hard...
  234. pg. 178 - He Ate the Gummies Afterwards
  235. >Sticking it to my muscular bicep was a mistake...!
  236. SFX: *Roaring*
  237. >If it's a soft and elastic part that I need, then it must be the ass! I'm going to stick gummies to my ass and simulate boobs!
  239. >Oho! This isn't bad at all...
  240. SFX: *Tweak ❤* *Squish ❤*
  241. >Yes, yes, yes, yes, I see... I seeeeeeee!!
  243. >I underst-...!
  244. SFX: *Clack*
  246. >What are you doing?
  247. >...Good question.
  249. pg. 179 - Too Much
  250. >You've got some really old games here.
  251. [small]From 20 years ago...
  252. [game spine] Hell Fox [might actually be some kind of reference to ghosts'n'goblins, but if it is I don't get it]
  254. >You interested!? That one's really good! I can lend you the console too!
  255. SFX: *Push*
  256. >Eeh? I don't care that much...
  258. >Are you going to be like Makihara and the others too!?
  259. >Come on, please! I wanna share my hype for this game with someone!
  260. >If... If you really want me to...
  262. >It doesn't have any online stuff so even a loner like you can enjoy it without having to worry about others.
  263. >Saying that is only going to make you miss your chance to have me play it!
  265. pg. 180 - Cute Side
  266. >In the end, Shoutarou pushed the old game onto Misuzu.
  267. >Well... I guess I should try it, at least.
  269. >Whoa, that's a high level... How much has been playing this?
  270. SFX: *Beep* *Beep*
  271. [Background text box]-Start an adventure
  272. -Chang-
  273. -Eras-
  274. [front text box] 1: Shotaro Lv. 94
  275. 2: Shotaro Lv. 71
  276. 3: Shotaro Lv. 14
  277. >...I gotta see his game.
  279. >!? The names of his party members...
  280. >His friends!!
  281. [names, left to right] Shotaro Misuzu Makihara Kisikawa
  282. [classes, last row] Hero: 94 Wizard: 91 Warrior: 87 Priest: 89
  283. SFX: *Baaaaang*
  285. [arrow] Overwhelemd by moe
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