Fapman - >Be Anon

Jul 14th, 2015
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  1. >Be or not to be
  2. >You are about to receive your mark in your literature class 301
  3. >Fuck yeah, you're awesome
  4. >But girls don't think like that
  5. >Doesn't matter, it’s your choice to be a wizard
  6. >Who are you trying to lie to... Magic has chosen you, you can see that in every mirror
  7. >Still, you are sitting in almost empty class
  8. >Only couple other wizards- er, students, are here with you
  9. >Professor Sombra opens the door and comes into the class just as the rings bell
  10. >"Hey class," he said sitting next to his desk
  11. >"Hi prof," someone of you says
  12. >Yeah, there is a rather light mood here, but not today
  13. >The year is about to end and you're nervous
  14. >You really need to pass, and to pass you have to write a short story about... some stupid school drama
  15. >Who cares
  16. >"I have a very good news for you, kids," everyone is listening, "All of you passed."
  17. >His voice was like a joy for your ears
  18. "Yeah!"
  19. >"Yeah!"
  20. >Sombra stares at you saying, "Except you, boy."
  21. >A cold shiver runs down through your spine
  22. >"Come here, boy."
  23. >You move so fast you almost trip and fall
  24. >"Please, look and tell me what is it?"
  25. >He pushes a single page of paper in your way
  26. >Sweating like swine you look at it and see your story
  27. >"What is it, kid?"
  28. "It's my story."
  29. >"Read it."
  30. "Uh?"
  31. >"Read it aloud."
  32. >You obey
  33. "Ekhm. Typical school drama part 1. You are Anon-", and your voice cracks
  34. >The blood in your ears is pulsing, your hands shake
  35. "Oh, no..."
  36. >The class is suddenly filled with arctic cold
  37. "No, it cannot be!"
  38. >You spot as your friends look at you wish disgust, which you feel like a burden
  39. >"Kid-", Sombra's voice is sad, but not as much as you are
  40. "No, Professor Sombra!"
  41. >"I'm afraid I have to-"
  42. "I beg you, please don't!"
  43. >Your eyes are watering, your kneels fold, you land on the floor sobbing with your head next to Sombra's shoes
  44. >"You were the best of all of us-," tears are in his eyes
  45. "N-N-No!"
  46. >"Dropped."
  47. >All your world shatters into pieces
  48. >Because you fucked up, Anon
  49. >You fucked up
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