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  1. The smell came before Jonathan did, body odor and ass wafting through the ballroom quickly as Jonathan’s rumbling steps beginning to jostle the china. He had to walk in the door sideways, meekly apologizing as his sweat soaked clothes left stains on both sides of the double doors, slight blush running through his massive cheeks. As he waddled forward, aided by servants on either end of him who helped to keep him steady, he tried to make small talk with the host, though the owner of the house was too focused on making sure Jonathan didn’t break anything to offer up much more than a few vague words.
  2. As they passed the kitchen, the spread hit Jonathan’s nose and his stomach rumbled, the mass bigger than a wrecking ball vibrating back and forth visibly as he began to drool. Instantly thoughts of gorging hit his head, a desperate need to eat almost overtaking him, but he was able to wrench control back just as an assistant dabbed the spit from his lips, horrified host trying to forget the ravenous beast that he saw in his eyes. By this point the sweat in his clothes had soaked through so completely that it was beginning to drip, causing him to leave a trail of grimy sweat like a snail as he continued his slow advance to the main festivities.
  3. The assistants opened the door for him, Jonathan thanking them as he waddled in, immediately scanning for the food table. It was on the other side of the room, a group of people already gathered around it who were enjoying the pork and cheeses but were now looking on in awe as the lard ball of a man they saw began to move towards them. They dispersed quickly, no one wanting to be between him and his sustenance, which suited him fine; he could always talk after he had his fill. His servants, already prepped for situations such as this, gathered as many chairs without arms as they could, pushing seven of them together to form enough of a surface for Jonathan’s ass.
  4. Erina was in the middle of a discussion with a friend as Jonathan waddled in, too used to his stench to notice when he came in, but with a sudden large belch that shook Jonathan’s chins and threw spittle across the room, she smiled and finished her talk with her stunned partner and began to make her way to the food table. She knew that sound too well; it was the result of Jonathan’s empty stomach trying to digest empty air. Poor boy hadn’t eaten in an hour, of course he was starving! As he reached his chairs, collapsing into them with an audible grunt, Erina was right at his side, smile as soft as Jonathan’s love handles.
  5. “Did you have a good trip over, honey?”
  6. “Y-yes, thank you, my dear… I would have been here sooner, but I had an… accident on the way, and replacing my attire took precious time.” Jonathan blushed as he explained; he was not excited to relieve himself in front of the help, but when he wet himself he knew that the other side was almost there. He spent ten minutes in the forest, squatting and grunting as booming brown farts led to a scat pile almost as big as a man. The relief was palpable, though he was embarrassed by the gawking servant and his awestruck mumbling.
  7. “Oh, you poor dear! Let’s get you some food; it will help you forget, and get you into the festive spirit!”
  8. Jonathan smiled, dimples running deep into his face as he nodded. The servants had already prepared the first plate, gravy and meats towered high. They handed it to Erina who gingerly took it and climbed atop Jonathan’s belly, the only vantage point tall enough to give her access to his gullet. She took the first piece out and brought it to his lips, juices dripping into his chins as he happily took it into his mouth, chewing and swallowing almost as quickly as Erina could prepare the next slice.
  9. This continued for hours, tens of kilos of food disappearing down his throat and into his stomach, Erina pushing all of them in herself. A crowd of onlookers had formed at first, but the first billowing fart dispersed them just as quick, disgusting miasma almost choking them even as Jonathan failed to notice, too focused on his feeding. His odor grew only worse and worse, food waste piling up all along the front of him, staining his clothes and burying into his chins. Sweat pooled in each of his folds, pooling fluids creating a thick, almost visible stench that added to everything else.
  10. Erina put the final piece of meat in his mouth, beginning to descend as he chewed and swallowed. She could feel the difference in his gut, formerly soft mass now packed taut and formerly languid farts growing louder and more powerful, the pressure backing up his gut. She looked over the lazy mass, Jonathan moaning as the servants began to rub his belly and the few party-goers left looked on in horror. Her heart leapt a beat as she took in her lover, the most handsome man she had ever known, meet her gaze and smile, pride and honor in his face.
  11. Another growl from Jonathan’s gut rang out, this one different; more ominous. He blushed again. “Uh, Erina… Do you think you could help me to the bathroom?”
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