Unworthy of him. (Lynn/Lincoln)

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  1. >"uh-huh Lynn, you are just too awesome for your own good!" she exclaimed to herself.
  2. >"What are you so happy about?" Lori asks, with fainting interest as she lounges in the living room, eyes fixed to her cell phone.
  3. >"Oh nothing, just another epic defeat of the enemy all thanks to m-"
  4. >Before she could finish, Lynn was interrupted by ringing.
  5. >"Bobby!, you're message was so sweet! why don't you text more often like that!"
  6. >Lynn rolled her eyes and made her way into the kitchen, passing Luan and Leni on the way.
  7. >"Hey guess who just kicked ass in soccer today, yours truly"
  8. >"Nice job Lynn! Now you should go and refresh with a Penal-Tea! hahahahahaha"
  9. >"hehehehe, I don't get it, Leni said bewilderingly.
  10. >Lynn let out a sigh, grabbed a soda and headed upstairs, but saw Luna run down.
  11. >"Hey guess wha-" "notimetotalk gottarunlater" Luna leaped over her sister with a guitar case and out the door. "Oooookay"
  12. >Once she reached the landing, Lynn glanced at Lincoln, with his back turned, heading for his room. with a conniving smirk, she quickly crept up behind him.
  13. >"YO LINCOLN!"
  15. >Lincoln gasped for air, as he instantaneously turned around, and raised his left arm to shield his head, and his right arm to shield his chest, and eyes closed.
  16. >"I'M SORRY PLEASE!"
  17. >Lynn stood there with mixed emotions of shock and turbulence, in response to Lincoln's distressing reaction.
  18. >Lincoln opened his eyes, looked at Lynn, and quickly regained his posture, moving his left arm over and behind his head to massage the area.
  19. >"I mean! Hi Lynn" he said with an awkward giggle.
  20. >Lynn raised an eyebrow. "h-hey, bro....just wanted to say that I won that match today."
  21. >"Haha, was there any doubt that you wouldn't?, congratulations!"
  22. >"Thanks" Lynn said, with an artificial smile"
  23. >"So uuuhhh, you...okay Linc?"  
  24. >Lincoln began to sweat. "w-who me?! n-never better. All sunshine and rainbows! he-he"
  25. >"Lynn paused for a moment to study her brother's stance, as he moved his hand to his opposite upper arm.
  26. >Lincoln spoke up suddenly, "so uhh yeah I kinda have this project to do for school s-so I should get a start on it, congrats again!"
  27. >"Oh, okay well thanks again, and don't push yourself too hard" Lynn gleefully replied, and playfully punched her brother's chest.
  28. >"oof!" Lincoln exclaimed, in pain, despite the fact that the punch wasn't hard.
  29. "heh,, y-yeah bye!" Lincoln sprinted to his room leaving Lynn behind in a state of perplexity.
  33. >Being a heavy sleeper, Lynn was usually one of the last of the loud siblings to use the bathroom. She got into the bath and enjoyed the sensation of a heated shower before the hot water ran out 2 minutes later.
  34. >"Aww man again?!" she sighed. quickly turning off the water.
  35. >Just as she was about to pull the curtain, she heared the door opening.
  36. >"damn I forgot to lock the door again" she thought to herself
  37. >Just barely opening to curtains to peek though she caught a familiar glimpse of white hair and orange pajamas.
  38. >She healed her breath, hoping Lincoln would not notice, do his business and leave.
  39. >Lincoln brushed his teeth, washed his face, and then just stared into his own reflection, as if studying every feature of his face.
  40. >He touched his chest, and made a hushed moan of pain, and Lynn watched as he proceeded to unbutton, and remove his pajama top.
  41. >Lynn had to cover her mouth as as to not gasp as what she saw, Her brother's body, covered in discolored, painful bruises.
  42. >Lincoln proceeded to dress a newly acquired injury, with a bandage, and in obvious discomfort.
  43. >He then looked at himself in the mirror again, holding back tears.
  44. >"Don't worry it'll be okay don't worry it'll be okay" he repeatedly whispered to himself. He put back on his top and left the bathroom.
  45. >Lynn stood there petrified at what she saw. she couldn't even think clearly. All she could do, was stand in that shower for what seemed like hours.
  47. >"Lynn if you don't get your butt down here now , you can walk to school!" Lori shouted from the hall.
  48. >Lynn closed her eyes, trying to get that image out of her mind for now, and sighed loudly. She was already bone dry by the time she left the shower, so she swiftly dressed, and ran downstairs and into the van, avoiding Lincoln's gaze at all costs.
  49. >As they were driving to school, Lynn kept an eye on Lincoln sitting in front of her on her left, only looking away whenever she suspected he might turn around and notice her.
  50. >Because they were in different classes, Lynn regrettably could watch out for her little brother during most of the school day. She couldn't focus on work, transfixed by what she saw in the bathroom.
  51. >She thought about telling Lincoln that she knows he's really hurt, but then thought about the awkwardness of having to explain that she was in the shower the whole time.
  52. >She decided to try and get Lincoln to tell her the truth without him knowing that she's already aware of his secret.
  53. >She decided to skip after school practice and headed straight for the van instead, expecting to see Lincoln there.
  54. >"Don't you have like, hockey practice, or basketball or, whatever?" said Lori, noticing Lynn's unusual appearance.
  55. >"Nah that was cancelled today due to some bad rain we're expected to get"
  56. >"That's ridiculous, according to local weather forecasts, and my estimated precipitation results for this month, we're not expected rain all week" Lisa uttered.
  57. >"n-no really it's gonna rain cats and dogs!" Lynn exclaimed
  58. >That's horrible! how did they all get in the sky?!"
  59. >"Shut up Leni, umm so where's Lincoln?"
  60. >"He normally walks home later"
  61. >"Why? what does he be doing?"
  62. >"How should I know? said, Lori, obviously getting aggravated by all these questions.
  63. >"Well where is he now?"
  64. >I.Don't.Know.God! why are you so nosy all of a sudden?
  65. >"Perhaps he's finally come to realize that no matter what we achieve in life, it is all just temporary, an illusion that will one day disintegrate into dust and blow away" "Lucy said, in her monotone voice.
  66. >"I'm gonna go look for him" Lynn said as she hastily unbuckled her seatbelt and leaped from the car.
  67. >"UGH I'm not waiting up for you guys! Lori shouted
  68. >"THEN DON'T! Lynn furiously shouted back as she stormed off in search for her brother.
  69. >What's up with her all of a sudden?
  70. >"I don't know, but Lincoln has also been acting weird lately."
  72. >Lynn searched all the obvious places her brother would usually hang around but no sign of him.
  73. >Before going home to see if maybe Lincoln is there now, she wen't to Clyde's house, hoping that he's he there or that Clyde has seen him.
  74. >Clyde answered the door. "Oh hey Lynn!"
  75. >"Clyde, is Lincoln there?"
  76. >"Naw, I-I think he's mad at me for something"
  77. >"For something?, what did you do?"
  78. >"I don't know!, He won't tell me!, he's even been avoiding me in school, and he won't answer our walkie talkie. I only ever see him around his girlfriend nowadays.
  79. >"Ronnie Anne?" maybe she knows what's been going on" Lynn thought to herself.
  81. >Lynn made her way home after that, but Lincoln didn't come back himself yet so she sat on the stairs waiting for him.
  82. >Lincoln finally came home just before it got dark, keeping his gaze to the ground, and almost immediately Lynn stood up.
  83. >"Hey bro!" she said with a wide smile.
  84. >"Lincoln, slightly startled, replied. "Oh hey Lynn!" forcing a smile back.
  85. >"Soooo wherever have you been Linc? I wanted to show you this awesome trick I learned but you were nowhere to be found."
  86. >"Oh I-uhhhh I- I- I was just, you know! out and about, around town. doing....guy...stuff."
  87. >""
  88. >Lincoln backed into the door, "J-Just, uhh....uhhhhh............stuff!"
  89. >Lynn thought hard about what she would say next, but she couldn't find the words, her throat aching from concealing her real emotions.
  90. >Lincoln wouldn't look her in the eyes, preferring to stare at the floor, the walls, just into space.
  91. >"Well I'm going to get something to eat, then do my homework in my room, sooooo I'll...see you around"
  92. >Lincoln made a few steps toward the kitchen before Lynn spoke up
  93. >"You know you can talk to me"
  94. >Lincoln Froze
  95. >"About anything, like what you're feeling, i-if you need my help with anything-"
  96. >"No I'm.....I'm good. really!"
  97. >Lynn let out a quiet sigh "Okay, good....that's good. I'm glad you're happy. Because you're always going out of your way to help everyone else and I....... I uhhh.... and If you were ever in any trouble, or if- "Lynn paused "If someone's been hurting you, I..we, can help and uhh"
  98. >Lincoln's eyes began to water, before he shut them tightly.
  99. >"I.... I'm actually not that hungry" he said quickly, as he rapidly moved past Lynn and secured himself in his room.
  101. >The weekend was finally here, much to the delight of everyone.
  102. >Lynn was especially pumped, because now there was nothing stopping her from keeping a close eye on her little brother, and she had a plan to confront him.
  103. >Lincoln was usually the last person to use the bathroom, so she sat and waited in the tub, after her sisters we're done.
  104. > Eventually, she heared the door opening and footsteps hitting the tiles beneath.
  105. >Lynn listened to the sound of the door closing behind her, took a deep breath in, and out, and peeked through the curtains.
  106. >"Lucy?!" she almost spoke out of shock, "what is she doing here?, oh damn it" she realized that she forgot about Lucy (again).
  107. >Lucy was in a state of undressing, and proceeded to enter the shower, only to just notice it's currently occupied by her tomboyish sister.
  108. >"gasp" she said emotionlessly, not bothering to try and cover herself.
  109. >"Lynn, what are you-"
  110. >"I-It's not what it looks like!"
  111. >"You came to look at my dark place, didn't you"
  112. >"NO! gross, Lucy I-...I was expecting Lincoln!"
  113. >"You wanted to observe Lincoln's coercive serpent?"
  114. >"NO! shut up Lucy! I, I just think Lincoln is in trouble, that's all! I wanted to talk to him in private. Have you seen him?"
  115. >"I see everything" Lucy suddenly spoke up in a louder, yet still neutral tone, as she began to put her clothes back on.
  116. >"ooookay great sooo whe-"
  117. >"What's wrong with him?"
  118. >"H-Huh?"
  119. >For days he's been acting cold, and introverted, and depressing. He's even better than me at it. Lucy said, with a slight hint of annoyance and jealousy in her voice. "You're changing too"
  120. >It's..... Someone's been hurting him!" Lynn decided to share his secret with Lucy, and explained everything that she saw.
  121. >"Maybe we should tell Mom and Dad"
  122. >No I don't want to get them involved, I'd prefer to deal with this loser myself, in my own way" Lynn aggressively forewarned.  
  123. >"Sigh. Fine, we'll do it your way."
  124. >"So, where did Linc go?"
  125. >"Arcade in town, I think with a friend"
  126. >"Without another word, Lynn rushed out of the door, out the house, grabbed her bike hastily and sped off."
  127. >"........You're welcome........."
  129. >Lynn parked her bike a couple of blocks away from the arcade corner, and proceeded to slowly walk. She thought of various ways to keep herself hidden while she stalked her brother. What she would do if she found out about who the damned culprit is.
  130. >Just as she was about to enter, her ears fell upon a familiar voice, Lincoln.
  131. >"Crap!" like lightning she ran and ducked in an alleyway before he could notice her.
  132. >Sure enough, he walked out of the building into the street, and in the company of Ronnie Anne.
  133. >hahaha that was a blast! But jeez Lincoln, you haven't even improved slightly!"
  134. >Lincoln awkwardly laughed "hehe, yeah, you're just too good for me"
  135. >"pfft, sometimes I don't think you're even trying, you know that" Ronnie said sternly.
  136. >"N-no really! you're just way better!"
  137. >Lynn observed from a distance. Across the street an Ice-cream van was parked.
  138. >"Hey Lincoln, go get me an Ice cream from there"
  139. >"S-sure!" Lincoln replied, as he hurried across the road, not even looking.
  141. >Lynn remained in her hiding spot, carefully inspecting the girl dating her brother.
  142. >Lincoln quickly returned. "H-here you go, Ronnie!"
  143. >"Awww thanks Linc!" she embraced her boyfriend and pecked him on the cheek.
  144. >"No problem" Lincoln said, blushing like mad.
  145. >Lynn almost gagged
  146. >"So tomorrow I'm taking my bike down to the park and then later there's this movie I want to see. What time will you be at my house?"
  147. >Lincoln froze, and kept his gaze on his shoes. " I I ...sorta..promised Luan that I' her practice fo ...for her comedy routi-"
  148. >"what" Ronnie fiercely interrupted, making Lincoln's eyes close in fear, and his arms stiffening against his body, trying to hide his head in his shoulders.
  149. >"Why do you still let them USE YOU ALL THE TIME, I told you to GROW UP and ditch them!
  150. >"I-I Know! it just, I don't... like to break my promis-"
  151. >You ALWAYS do this, you let them come between us it's like you don't even care about me! and I'm TRYING to HELP YOU!
  152. >"I'm sorry I'm sorry I...I don't mean it I mean I-I do care about you! I'm sorr-"
  153. >"Quit apologizing!" Ronnie Anne swiftly grabbed Lincoln by his hair with both hands, and yanked him closer to her.
  154. >"How many times Linc! I keep explaining to you over and over! All you're sisters and you're friends ever do is use you and make you weak!" Ronnie Anne decreed, pulling at his hair as she spoke"
  155. >Lynn couldn't stand idle aside anymore. She leaped from the alleyway, into the street and dashed towards Ronnie, ready to go in for the kill.
  156. >But just then, a car pulled up beside the couple, and Ronnie quickly released her grasp on Lincoln.
  157. >From the car window a voice spoke. "Ronnie, c'mon, Mom wants us home, out aunt just came to visit."
  158. >Before she could be seen, Lynn hid again behind a tree on the sidewalk.
  159. >"sigh" Okay Bobby. Oh well thanks again for coming out today Linc!"
  160. >Ronnie passionately hugged Lincoln and gave him another peck on the cheek. Lincoln didn't resist.
  161. >"I'll see you tomorrow at my house in the morning!" Ronnie Anne gleefully said, as she seated herself in the car.
  162. >"Y....yeah" Lincoln whispered, lifting his left arm to weakly wave at Ronnie as she drove away.
  163. >Lincoln closed his eyes one again and made a few deep breaths. Then, proceeded to walk home, again, oblivious to Lynn's presence.
  164. >Lynn didn't confront him, no matter how much she wanted too. She simply followed him home, plotting.
  166. >Lynn waited outside the house for three minutes before walking in herself. Thinking to herself, trying to comprehend the emotions she's feeling. A mixed concoction of pain, sadness, and rage.
  167. >Eventually she entered the doorway, into her abode.
  168. >Nothing had changed, same old chaotic household with 11 children, 4 animals, and occasionally, a parent or two. the normalcy of it all disgusted her. Her only brother abused, and it seemed like no one cared to notice.
  169. >Lynn walked upstairs heading for her room, until she heared an argument from the neighboring room.
  170. >"But you promised Lincoln!, we made this deal a week ago, you're backing out now?"
  171. >"I'm really sorry Luan, I know I screwed up. I'll, I'll make it up to you I promise."
  172. >"Well you don't keep your promises. I can't even think of anything punny now."
  173. >Luan turned away from Lincoln and began to fiddle with her props, ignoring his presence.
  174. >Lincoln opened his mouth but found himself mute. Instead, he exhaled and left the room, passed by Lynn and went downstairs.
  175. >Lynn gently lifter her hand to grab his attention, but he passed her by like a shadow.
  179. >Lincoln did his usual nightly routine, dressed in his pajamas, and went to wait in line to brush his teeth, and now, additionally, change a bandage and take a painkiller.
  180. >He returned to his room, only to be greeted by Lynn, sitting on his bed, looking into his eyes.
  181. >"Lynn!" "what are know we're not room mates anymore"
  182. >"Shes hitting you."
  183. >Lincoln stood petrified, "hh..huh?"
  184. >"no...shes completely beating you to a pulp!"
  185. >Lincoln's eyes violently moved back and forth, trying to think of some smart excuse. he let out a faint, fake laugh and a scared smile, sweating legions.
  186. >"Heh...heh, no no ones..picking on me or...or an-anything that.."
  187. >"I saw it Lincoln! I was there! "Lynn shouted, as her eyes began to flood. "How she spoke to you. How she grabbed your hair!"
  188. >"wha-.. No it wasn't like that! she didn't..s..she was just messing!"
  189. >"Please stop Lincoln, that's not even the worst of it. I know what else she's been doing to you."
  190. >"This isn't even about you Lynn! I... Ronnie and I are....sss she tries to help me.
  191. >"By beating you? By covering you in bruises?"
  192. >"No, you're wrong! Shes not really like that!"
  193. >"Oh yeah? then show me!"
  194. >"w..wwhat are you-"
  195. >"Take off your top and show me"
  196. >Lincoln grabbed hit top button, making sure it was still fastened
  197. >"w-why do I have to-"
  198. >"You used to read comic books in your underwear all the time. I bet you don't do that anymore, you can't look at it"
  199. > Lincoln began to quietly hyperventilate.
  200. >"Lynn.......please.....I...I just want......"
  201. >Lynn looked him in the eyes again.
  202. >"Show me."
  203. >Lincoln stood there, too frightened to move. But he knew he couldn't make any more moves, and surrendered.
  204. >He slowly unfastened each button, from top to bottom. But after his last button was undone, he was too frightened to remove his top.
  205. >Lynn was scared too, scared to see it again, but she believed this was the only way to bring Lincoln back into reality.
  206. >She stepped forward and positioned herself face to face with her baby brother, and slowly, gently, placed her hands on his shoulders, and slided the pajama top off him herself.
  207. >Lincoln tried to stay strong, with all his power to stop his emotions erupting from his face, but there was little he could do about the tears already rolling down his cheeks.
  208. >She's seen it before, the sight of her brother's body in this condition still shocks her.
  209. >"....oh my god Lincoln..." she whimpers to herself.
  210. >"I....I don't know to make it stop.....I....I don't..."
  211. >Lynn squeezed her brother tight, hurting him in the process but he didn't mind. It was nice to receive a genuine hug.
  212. >Lynn rested her head on Lincoln's shoulder.
  213. >It's okay now Linc, it doesn't have to go on like this.."
  214. >Lynn tried to hold back the tears herself as she whispered to her brother.
  215. >You're the strongest person I know bro. Despite the fact that you're just one boy, you've always been there for all of us in our time of need. This time, let me help you.
  216. >Lincoln finally realized that there was no point in holding it in anymore. He tightened his grip on his big sister, and liberated his sorrows.
  217. >They took a seat on Lincoln's bed, with lynn still holding onto her baby brother, one arm across his shoulder, and the other one resting on his thigh, comforting him.
  218. >And he cried. And she cried.
  219. >There was so much pain that Lincoln was holding in, that once it burst it flowed like a river.
  220. >for almost a half hour they said nothing to each other, a silent room, save for the sounds of whimpering and sniffling. And they sat in that room in quiet, until Lincoln's regular breathing pattern slowly started to come back to him.
  221. >"I....thought that...I was really have her. I mean.....who would like a me.."
  222. >Lincoln...."
  223. >"She only hit me when I....did something wrong....s-so I thought....that it was my f-fault."
  224. >"Lincoln...!"
  225. >"But she was always....really nice to me....afterwards....Sometimes she said sorry.
  226. > Listen to me Lincoln, she is a monster. You never did anything wrong, you never deserved any of this. long as you are with her...she'll...just keep doing this, bro. People like her....don't change. You're so smart, and brave, and kind.....probably too kind." Lynn said, slightly chuckling at the end.
  227. >You're a really special guy, bro. Every girl wants a boy like you. They're isn't a girl alive that deserves to be with you. And Ronnie, she.....definitely doesn't deserve you.
  228. >Lincoln wiped his red eyes, looked up at Lynn and gave her an innocent, heartwarming smile.
  229. "y-you really mean it?"
  230. "I mean it, I know I...."
  231. >Lynn paused for a moment, reflecting on what she was about to say. Her anxious heart throbbed in her chest.
  232. "I know I...always wanted a you..."
  233. >Lincoln's eyes moved down to his lap, trying to register what Lynn just said to him.
  234. >"A me?!" He thought.
  235. >He looked into Lynn's eyes once again, hoping to decipher the message she delivered.
  236. >"Lynn?"
  237. >Lynn placed her hands on Lincoln's cheeks, gently caressing them. She slowly, and nervously, moved her face closer to his until their noses we're almost touching.
  238. >Lincoln looked at her with wide eyes, and mixed emotions of fear, and excitement.
  239. >Lynn looked back at him. contemplating the next step to take, should I stop, or Should I go for it?
  240. >But her body had obviously made the decision before her mind could, and in one swoop, she closed her eyes and placed her lips on Lincoln.
  241. >Lincoln's heart pounded in his chest and an intense heat overpowered him. He began to feel things he's never felt before. But after carrying an overwhelming weight of pain, sorrow and fear, he gave into these new, intoxicating feelings, and hoped he would feel like this forever. He closed his eyes, and returned Lynn's favor with a deep, passionate kiss.
  242. >Lynn felt the temperature of the room rise, and her jersey, segregating her body from Lincoln's. With Lincoln's help, she pulled her top over her head and threw it on the ground, revealing her fair skin.
  243. >Lincoln studied every inch of her chest with his eyes and hands, While Lynn tried to do the same, strategically avoiding his bruises, before returning to bonding their lips.
  244. >"While still kissing, Lynn stood up in front of Lincoln, placing her hands on his shoulders, and lightly pushed him lying on the bed, with his legs still dangling over the side of the bed.
  245. >She moved her hands from Lincoln's shoulders to his waist, massaging his chest and belly along the way, and took hold of the waistband of his pajama bottoms. Slowly, she pulled the fabric from his legs.
  246. >Lincoln's face wen't scarlet, this isn't the first time Lynn has seen him in just his underwear, but the circumstances tonight we're different.
  247. >Lynn looked at her brother's face, and blushed right back at him. However, growing slightly impatient, she removed her shorts and underwear in one go exposing her smooth opening, and climbed on top of him.
  248. >Lincoln rearranged himself so that his whole body was lying on the bed now, with Lynn sitting on his lower abdomen.
  249. >"this is how you deserve to be treated Link"
  250. >"Lincoln looked away, trying to conceal his embarrassed smile.
  251. >"Lynn, I've never........umm"
  252. >Lynn gave him a loving smile. "Yeah, it's.. my first time too."
  253. >she leaned forward to kiss her brother again, caressing his body, until, without looking accidentally pressed too hard on a bruise on Lincoln's belly button.
  254. >Lincoln lightly hissed in pain.
  255. >"sorry!" Lynn sat up again and moved slightly down, noticing that she had leaked a little on Lincoln while she was positioned on him.
  256. >She looked at Lincoln's last remaining article f clothing, and like before, placed her hands around his hips, her thumbs, inside each side of his waistband.
  257. >Lincoln took a deep breath excited, but nervous.
  258. >Slowly, Lynn pulled down his underwear all the way down, liberating Lincoln's standing member.
  259. >Lynn rubber her hands on his inner thighs, craving to investigate the genitalia before her, and from his inner thigh, she moved her hand to explore Lincoln's scrotum.
  260. >"Ow!"
  261. >"A-are you okay?!"
  262. >"y-yeah sorry I-" Lincoln blushed again" I..may have....also been....kicked...down there...once or twice"
  263. >Lynn paused for a moment, then moved up again so that her opening was sitting on his phallus.
  264. >Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you"
  265. >Lynn reached down and took her brother in her hand, instantaneously forcing his breath to accelerate.
  266. >Lincoln held his breath, and they both closed their eyes, as Lynn lifted her hips, and inserted him inside her.
  267. >Lynn quickly gasped from the sensation, biting her lower lip to contain her excitement, and to prevent her sisters from hearing.
  268. >Lincoln exhaled every breath of air from his lungs in response to the insertion his eyes even more tightly closed, a wondrous vibe he never knew could exist.
  269. >As Lynn got used to Lincoln's manhood inside of her, she moved back and forth in gentle, rhythmatic strokes.
  270. >the couple's stimulated breath's evolved into pleasurable moans.
  271. Lincoln, curiously looked down at their connection, and placed his hands on Lynn's hips as they moved erotically.
  272. >The feeling of Lincoln touching her was almost as thrilling as the intercourse itself. Her moans grew louder.
  273. >While Lincoln was very much enjoying the moment, he was still still in some discomfort from the injuries and now and then, made slight cries in pain.
  274. >"You okay?" Lynn exhaled.
  275. >"Y-yeah o-of course" he chuckled.
  276. >Lynn looked at him and giggled. "you know, sometimes you can be really cute Linc"
  277. >Lincoln looked away embarrassingly, "s-shut up" he laughed back at her.
  278. >Lynn took the next step and began to move her hips up and down, slowly at first, but ever increasing in speed.
  279. >This new pattern was overwhelming. Lynn bit the side of her thumb to stop herself from screaming.
  280. >Lincoln began to feel a powerful, animistic urge overflow him. An urge to thrust.
  281. >Suddenly, turned himself and Lynn over so now he was on top. As soon as he was above her, he paused, surprised by his own compulsions, and where he got the strength to perform the action.
  282. >Lynn was stunned by the feat, but extremely aroused.
  283. >They looked into each others eyes again. that was all they needed to communicate with.
  284. >Lincoln proceeded to penetrate, taking charge of the rhythm.
  285. >Strange, how simply swapping their positions created a different, yet equally amazing sensation.
  286. >In between Lynn's irregular breaths she whispered Lincoln's name, syllable by syllable.
  287. >each thrust gradually increased in speed, and their moans, louder.
  288. >Lincoln leaned in to kiss Lynn, partly so that they could be quieter, but mostly because he wanted her.
  289. >As the rhythm became faster, their bodies became warmer, and began to sweat more. Another new, powerful tingle was on the rise.
  290. >this warm, ticklish, amazing feeling was one step closer to conquering the pair with each stroke.
  291. >"uhh....Lynn...I..."
  292. >"ah! too..!.."
  293. >They pushed their bodies closer together, completely on the verge of ecstasy.
  294. >They both lost control of the volume of their voices. Lincoln bit his bottom lip as hard as he could, while Lynn Buried her mouth between Lincoln's neck and collarbone to muffle her screams.
  295. >suddenly, and simultaneously, the fruits of their lovemaking washed over them with a powerful climax.
  296. >And then, they stopped. In each other's arms they catched their breaths.
  297. >After awhile, Lincoln lifted his head and gazed into Lynn's eyes lovingly. And shared one more passionate kiss.
  298. >Lincoln removed himself from her womanhood, rolled over and layed next to her. They only had the energy to say one thing:
  299. >"Wow...."
  300. >"...Wow...."
  301. >That night, Lynn stayed by Lincoln's side, as they both drifted off to sleep.
  304. MORNING
  306. >Lynn woke up, feeling reborn, like a load has been taken off her chest, as she slowly proceeded to open her eyes, she remembered that she wasn't in her own room.
  307. "Mmmmm Morning Lincoln"
  308. >no reply.
  309. >"Lincoln?" Lynn sat up to discover that she was alone. "maybe he's just in the bathroom" she thought.
  310. >rubbing her eyes, she got up, put her clothes back on, and entered the hallway.
  311. >she preceded down to the bathroom and entered.
  312. >"Linc?"
  314. >"SORRY LORI!"
  315. >Lynn slammed the bathroom door shut, and remove what she just saw from her mind.
  316. >She then proceeded to travel downstairs, searching the living room, and kitchen.
  317. >No sign of Lincoln.
  318. >Lynn grew concerned, maybe Lincoln woke up, feeling ashamed of last night.
  319. >She walked back out into the living room, and stood there, reflecting over the situation. She called his name out one more time.
  320. >"Lincoln?"
  321. >"Hello Lynn"
  322. >Lucy teleported behind Lynn, forcing every hair on her body to erect.
  323. >"AHH! LUCY" she growled.
  324. >"You didn't come to bed last night"
  325. >"Ahh... yeah... I.. stayed in Lincoln's room overnight.
  326. >"Why, are we fighting again?"
  327. >No! we're still cool sis. It's just that.. wait, what are you doing here?
  328. >"I needed to get away from Lu-"
  329. >"Lucy! there you are! came down for a cup of Joe? Hey, how do you feel without a cup of coffee? Depresso! hehehehhehehehe.
  330. >"Luan! have you seen Lincoln?"
  331. >Luan frowned. "Lincoln, he was supposed to help me with my comedy sketch today, but ditched me at the last second to do, whatever...Then Lucy came along and lovingly agreed to help me!
  332. >"I never agreed."
  333. >You can't just hide in the dark from me Lucy, or maybe you could hehehehehe.
  334. >"I know I say this a lot, but I with I was dead."
  335. >"Then you can't stay here Lucy, this is the living room! hehehehehe.
  336. >Lucy tugged at Lynn's arm. "Kill me."
  337. "UGH I don't have time for this, I need to find Lincoln."
  338. >"I know where he went"
  339. >"You do?!"
  340. >"I told you, I see everything."
  341. >"Okay okay!, so then where is he?"
  342. >"He went to his girlfriend's house, they're going to the bike park."
  343. >"Lynn's heart froze in fear "He's out with Ronnie?!" she thought.
  344. >did he learn nothing from last night? or, maybe, he left to break up with her!"
  345. >"Stupid, Linc!" she barked.
  346. >Okay what's going on Lynn, you two have been acting weird lately." Luan asked.
  347. >"Lynn pondered in her head how to answer her, but maybe they had a right to know.
  348. >Ugh, It's Ronnie. shes horrible to Lincoln! Shes possessive of him! she tells him cruel things! and she...she hits him, all the time!
  349. >"What?! L..Lincoln is..?!"
  350. >He's been avoiding us so we wouldn't catch on...."
  351. >"B..but...why would he keep seeing her if she's like that?"
  352. >"She's been messing with his head. That's why....he ditched you today Luan....Ronnie made him do that...."
  353. >"Luan felt overcome with shame upon hearing those words "....Lincoln.....
  354. >"I need to go now" She ran into the shed and grabbed her bike.
  355. >"wait!, we'll come too!"
  356. >Lynn jumped onto her seat. "Okay grab you're bikes and I'll meet you there!" And she sped off, leaving a trail of grime and dust in her path.
  359. PARK
  361. >within minutes Lynn arrived at the park, leaping off her bike before even coming to a complete stop.
  362. >She began her search, it wasn't long before she could hear familiar voices just off the trail into the woods. As she entered, she noticed that she was a lot closer to Lincoln and Ronnie Anne than she originally thought, having almost walked right in between them. Instinctively, she hid behind a tree, listening.
  363. >"You're not making much sense Lincoln" Ronnie said in a neutral, yet somewhat cold tone.
  364. >"Well, heh.. let me...explain in another way" Lincoln awkwardly smiled, rubbing the back of his head, visibly uncomfortable.
  365. >" know how....two people, can like each other very much, but time goes on they... stop liking.... each other,,,in that way and so they.........drift.........apart?
  366. >"Lincoln..." Ronnie Looked directly into his eyes, her voice, somewhat quiet, but stern, and frightening.
  367. >"You don't get to decide when this ends"
  368. >Although Lincoln was scared, he looked right back at Ronnie Anne, and stood his ground.
  369. >"N-NO, I DO!, I do get to decide!"
  370. >"All we ever do is thing's you like! you never let me hang out with anybody else! and I...I'm tired of the way you treat me! I used to think that...that this was what a normal relationship was... But, I realize now, when two people like each other, they don't....hurt one another!
  371. "Because you're weak Lincoln! "Ronnie shouted at the top of her voice. "You've always been a little, pathetic weakling! and I've been trying to help you! You need me, Lincoln Loud!
  372. >Lincoln lifted his head, and looked straight into her twisted, infuriated face.
  373. >"No, I don't."
  374. >With a contemptible, sudden swing. Ronnie fiercely planted her fist into Lincoln's right eye, propelling him onto the ground. She had been avoiding his face up until then.
  375. >Enough was enough, like a wild animal, Lynn pounced from behind the tree and sucker punched Ronnie.
  376. >Despite the surprise attack, Ronnie managed to keep her balance, only stumbling slightly from the punch.
  377. >"W..what th-?"
  378. >Lynn wasn't finished yet, before Ronnie could finish her sentence, Lynn buried her cleats into her groin, grabbed onto her throat with both hands, and pushed her onto the ground, squeezing tightly.
  379. >Lynn fiercely whispered " that!"
  380. >Ronnie struggled wildly, unable to utter a sound.
  381. >Lincoln regained his posture. "N-no! Lynn stop! Please!
  382. >Lincoln ran over to them, knelt down and latched his hands around Lynn's arms, trying to pull her away from Ronnie.
  383. >"Lynn stop please! It's over! w-we won! just please, stop!
  384. >With all of the hatred she had built up inside of her, finally getting to unleash it on the monster who'd been beating Lincoln, how could she stop?
  385. >But as she listened to her brother's pleads, she slowly started to come back, she removed her eyes from Ronnie Anne and looked into Lincoln's, and then back at her.
  386. >Lynn loosened her grip.
  387. >*gasp* Air painfully rushed into Ronnie's lungs, as she begun to roll over, violently coughing.
  388. >Lynn knelt there, trying to let the adrenaline pass her, with her brother knelt beside her.
  389. >he moved in front of her, took hold of her hands , trying to get her attention.
  390. >"It's okay now......It's done Lynn" Lincoln gently smiled, and placed one hand on her cheek, lifting her face to meet his.
  391. >"It's over....."
  392. >Lynn regained control over her body, and looked at Lincoln.
  393. >"L-Lincoln....your eye..!"
  394. >Lincoln placed his other hand on his forehead, just above his freshly blackened eye, and laughed.
  395. >"It probably just looks worse than it feels, trust me!"
  396. >Lynn sighed, happily, and hugged her brother. So it really was over.
  397. >They helped each other stand up, contentedly looking at each other.
  398. >Ronnie Anne's coughing subsided and she proceeded to stand up as well.
  399. >"*breath* that all you got?..... a cowardly sneak attack?.....c'mon..I'm right here!"
  400. >Lynn turned around and began to walk towards her, only to be halted by Lincoln's hand still stuck to her own. She turned to face Lincoln again, who softly shook his head.
  401. >"Lets go home...."
  402. >Lynn smiled at him, but before she could finalize her design, Ronnie Anne, punched her in the stomach and across the face, making Lynn stumble over, almost falling.
  403. >It was one thing to take such abuse himself, It was an entirely different matter, to see his sister suffer the same.
  404. >with a blinding rage, Lincoln struck her straight into the center of her face, breaking her nose in the process, and knocking her flat onto the ground.
  405. >If you touch my sister, I will kill you! I swear I will! and nobody in this world can save you!
  406. >"Linc."
  407. >Lincoln slowly turned around again. noticing Lynn's curious facial expression
  408. >"" Lynn stepped forward and smiled "know you had it in you bro."
  409. >Lincoln grinned embarrassingly, "heh...thanks..."
  410. >Lynn took his hand.
  411. >"Let's go home"
  420. >Ronnie Anne stumbled over to her bike, holding tightly onto her gushing nose.
  421. >She rumbled in her pockets, looking for the bike lock key.
  422. >Where do you think you're going?
  423. >She quickly turned around and saw a short statured, but intimidating young girl all in black, and beside her, a brightly dressed teenager, with braces, and a less than sane look in her eyes. They we're both wielding gold clubs.
  424. >I heared you've been picking on our brother.
  425. >Ronnie still held onto her nose, unable to answer.
  426. >"sometimes I find it hard to wake up, and wish I could just sleep forever. Do you ever wish you could just, sleep forever.
  427. >Ronnie looked at them with wide, terrified eyes.
  428. >Hey wanna see a magic trick? You count to three, and before you finish, we'll try to make you disappear...without a tres! hehehehehehe.
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