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  1. ProtocolLibListeners:
  2. # Here you can enable/disable some ProtocolLib features that will be used for vanish and staffvanish in packet a level. When I refer to a vanished player I am also refering to a staffvanished one.
  3.   EntityDestroyPacket: true
  4. # EntityDestroyPacket destroys the packet of the vanished player so it cant be seen.
  5.   GeneralEntityPacket: true
  6. # GeneralEntityPacket handles everything related to staying the a phisically hidden (actions, body, etc)
  7.   NamedSoundPacket: true
  8. # NamedSoundPacket prevents players from hearing sounds made by a vanished player.
  9.   PlayerInfoPacket: true
  10. # PlayerInfoPacket hides vanished player from the tablist.
  11.   ServerInfoPacket: true
  12. # ServerInfoPacket is used to edit the online number in the server selector.
  13.   TabCompletePacket: true
  14. # TabCompletePacket prevents players not allowed to see vanished player from seeing them with tab.
  15.   WorldParticlesPacket: true
  16. # WorldParticlesPacket hides the particles a vanished player may cause when falling to the ground.
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