SCPSL AnarchyInfo

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  1. <color=yellow><b><size=30><align="center">Laid Back </color><color=red>Anarchy</color><color=yellow> Server</align></size=40></b></color>
  2. Basically, don't hack and cheat. We would allow it but Northwood said "<i>no</i>".
  3. Basic rules: Don't hack, cheat, exploit, or use modified clients.
  4. <i><color=red>HAVE FUN!</i>
  5. <color=blue>Join the <i><b><color=red><link="">Discord!</link></i></b>
  6. <color=white><link=""></link>
  7. Click on the link!
  9. Plugins by
  10. Mith
  11. Grover_c13
  12. storm37000
  13. Rnen
  14. Androx
  15. PatPeter
  16. Cyanox
  17. KarlofDuty
  18. F4Friday
  19. RogerFK
  20. Joker119
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