Cleaning up Hemophages, Session 2

Sep 27th, 2015
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  1. Sep 28 07:18:28 <HG> -------
  2. Sep 28 07:18:33 <HG> START
  3. Sep 28 07:18:35 <HG> -------
  4. Sep 28 07:19:22 <HG> Everyone has made it to the new Constructs command room, syndic style almost weeping off the walls.
  5. Sep 28 07:23:18 <Valencia_B> "Hmm! It's much better than I thought."
  6. Sep 28 07:23:44 <Markus> "Khorosho, is nice place. A bit ostentatious, but nice."
  7. Sep 28 07:23:49 <Annabell> "It's nice to meet you all." Annabel greets her teammates with a slight nod, simian companion at her feet.
  8. Sep 28 07:24:17 <HG> The walls are actually full hight screens, with complete camera coverage and even primitive holographic projecters at each chair.
  9. Sep 28 07:24:30 * JaredBlack smiles and shakes everyone's hands, starting with the apparently owner of the construct. "Jared Black, nice to meet you all."
  10. Sep 28 07:25:09 <Markus> "Ah, is that monkey?" Markus peers down at the small animal after shaking hands, "It is adorable."
  11. Sep 28 07:25:45 * Mieraine stands by the table with her arms folded, watching the logo spin on the large monitors.
  12. Sep 28 07:26:08 <Annabell> "His name is Chime. Thank you." Annabell glances over the display and lab equipment.
  13. Sep 28 07:26:44 * Jackie_B flips through twitter profiles on her touchphone, huddled in the corner. She looks up briefly.
  14. Sep 28 07:26:57 <Jackie_B> "Is everyone familiar with the mission briefing?" She asks.
  15. Sep 28 07:27:18 <Annabell> Annabell shakes her head.
  16. Sep 28 07:27:36 <Jackie_B> "Do you want me to explain?"
  17. Sep 28 07:27:51 <Valencia_B> "Kill hemophage, establish Technocracy dominance, contact the lost Construct."
  18. Sep 28 07:28:00 <Annabell> "I was unfortunately caught up in something... Yes that would be good."
  19. Sep 28 07:28:02 * JaredBlack looks a bit younger than his file indicated he actually is, and has a bizarrely genuine chipperness to his voice.
  20. Sep 28 07:28:08 <Markus> "Ah, is simple job then."
  21. Sep 28 07:28:19 <JaredBlack> "In that order?"
  22. Sep 28 07:28:42 * Valencia_B folded her arms and scowled at Markus. "Apparently, we should give government credit for those!"
  23. Sep 28 07:29:18 * Annabell hums lightly.
  24. Sep 28 07:29:29 <HG> The actual lab is mostly on the floor below, storage taking up most of this level, still everything seems to be hooked up to the network as it should.
  25. Sep 28 07:29:35 <Jackie_B> "The construct in question is possibly infiltrated to a high degree by hemophagic sympathizers." Jackie elaborates. "Command wants us to identify and eliminate them."
  26. Sep 28 07:29:36 * Markus laughed at Valencia's word, "Ha, I like you!"
  27. Sep 28 07:29:51 <Annabell> "Will I be remaining here or going to the field?" She asks.
  28. Sep 28 07:29:53 <Valencia_B> "Nah. I think dominance is more important."
  29. Sep 28 07:30:21 * Valencia_B shakes her head. "Up to you. I spend a lot for this lab, you know? Would be a shame if it's not used!"
  30. Sep 28 07:30:25 <Jackie_B> "From what we know the constructs are fixed alaglams of NWO and proginitor assets."
  31. Sep 28 07:30:48 <Mieraine> "We will need a base of operations in order to stabilize the region. Recovering local assets should be a priority."
  32. Sep 28 07:31:04 * Annabell turns her attention to Jackie
  33. Sep 28 07:31:05 * JaredBlack looks around.
  34. Sep 28 07:31:11 <Valencia_B> "Everyone they send before us lost. We won't be them!"
  35. Sep 28 07:31:27 <Annabell> "What sort of progenitor assets exactly?"
  36. Sep 28 07:31:47 * Markus hums, "NWO and Progenitors. Both are tricky to engage."
  37. Sep 28 07:33:08 <Jackie_B> "Unknown. Thanks to avatar storm, no one's done in an in depth checkup on them in a while."
  38. Sep 28 07:33:23 * Jackie_B frowns.
  39. Sep 28 07:33:44 <Jackie_B> "We know they've been participating within the Union intra-economy, but beyond that our information is limited."
  40. Sep 28 07:34:28 <Annabell> "I see."
  41. Sep 28 07:34:29 <JaredBlack> "Then we should get more information."
  42. Sep 28 07:34:46 * Jackie_B nods
  43. Sep 28 07:35:09 <Markus> "Perhaps something in the networks can be of use?"
  44. Sep 28 07:35:11 * HG The mission notes describe them as having been responsible for managing goverment activities, as while as supporting Agricultural research and deployment.
  45. Sep 28 07:35:39 <HG> (But thats the 15 year old data, mostly.)
  46. Sep 28 07:35:54 * Valencia_B checked the dossier.
  47. Sep 28 07:35:58 <Valencia_B> "I can work with this."
  48. Sep 28 07:36:07 <Jackie_B> "Originally we were planning to seize control of the local drug cartel to use their assets in lieu of our own organic assets on the ground, as we have none on site."
  49. Sep 28 07:37:02 <Jackie_B> "If you see no issues with it, we can go ahead with that one. The drug cartels most likely have a large information network, and although they may only be keeping tags on sleepers, we should be able to go ahead from there."
  50. Sep 28 07:37:46 <Markus> "Cartels. Nekulturny scum, but at least they are a common, cheap resource here."
  51. Sep 28 07:38:03 <Annabell> "Progenitors do recruit from 'the streets' at times. The cartels may actually have some worth while information." Annabell points out.
  52. Sep 28 07:38:05 * JaredBlack frowns. "Do we know how long the current leadership can disappear for before their absence begins to destabilize the cartel?"
  53. Sep 28 07:38:35 * Valencia_B flip her hair. "Bring their lieutenants to me, and I can do initial indoctrination."
  54. Sep 28 07:39:02 <Jackie_B> "As noted, if missing leadership becomes a problem, we can assume leadership ourselves."
  55. Sep 28 07:39:47 <Jackie_B> "As we know, this is very compatible with the NWO's modus operandi." Jackie notes, as she inclines her head towards the other member of her convention.
  56. Sep 28 07:39:59 <Markus> "If Cartels are like Vory, then any power gap will result in a struggle between lieutenants and underbosses nearly immediately."
  57. Sep 28 07:40:10 <Valencia_B> "That's why we condition them!"
  58. Sep 28 07:41:04 <Annabell> "Since the Construct was duel NWO and Progenitor, we might not even have to go very far"
  59. Sep 28 07:41:25 <JaredBlack> "If they previously had control, why would they not already have it?"
  60. Sep 28 07:41:58 <Jackie_B> "If worst comes to worst, we can always liquidate them." Jackie notes. "If we push the government to intervene, the resulting power void's effects might be lessened."
  61. Sep 28 07:43:25 <Annabell> "Time and chaos are adept at ruining things. Our information is outdated after all. Who knows what could have happened?" Annabell muses.
  62. Sep 28 07:44:05 <Valencia_B> "We'll just update our information!" Valencia gestured at the screens.
  63. Sep 28 07:44:40 <Markus> "Then we shall need to find someone, and invite them for some tea."
  64. Sep 28 07:44:59 <Valencia_B> "Good luck, then! I'll see if I can find some lead."
  65. Sep 28 07:45:07 <HG> (Scene cut?)
  66. Sep 28 07:45:58 <Annabell> "If you need drugs or other medically inclined assistance, I'll be here."
  67. Sep 28 07:46:41 <Markus> "Ah, then I might need you to fill my prescription." Markus pulls out a small orange bottle, opens it, and taps out a small white pill, "Running low on painkillers."
  68. Sep 28 07:48:46 * JaredBlack winces. He'd hate for Markus to run out of painkillers, considering those mods...
  69. Sep 28 07:48:46 * Annabell blinks, but swiftly pulls a clear bottle containing painkillers from within her coat.
  70. Sep 28 07:48:46 <Annabell> "These should be sufficient." She says as she hands them over.
  71. Sep 28 07:48:46 <Markus> "Ah, Spasiba. Thank you."
  72. Sep 28 07:51:50 <Valencia_B> "Ah, I'll have to check if your camera and radio still functional!"
  73. Sep 28 07:59:25 * Valencia_B massaged her temple. "The connection in this place is worse than I thought! But well, you are all now connected!"
  74. Sep 28 07:59:52 * Markus goes through a check with his Mark IV, "Da, data feed is coming through nice and clear."
  75. Sep 28 08:02:56 * Annabell checks her head set.
  76. Sep 28 08:03:03 <Annabell> "Crystal."
  77. Sep 28 08:07:20 * JaredBlack texts "connection seems solid"
  78. Sep 28 08:08:49 * Jackie_B sub-vocalizes. "Fine for me."
  79. Sep 28 08:18:26 * JaredBlack texts "the leadership isn't locally available. Should we settle for a lieutenant, or assault the manor?" to the team.
  80. Sep 28 08:19:19 <Markus> "Taking a Lieutenant could give up updated information on defenses, timetables, important meetings and the like. It could also be a good way to 'test the waters' so to speak."
  81. Sep 28 08:23:29 <-- HG has quit (Connection reset by peer)
  82. Sep 28 08:27:36 --> emotionalAsterisk ( has joined #technocrat2015
  83. Sep 28 08:33:57 * JaredBlack sends Valencia the data, including his location, the psychological profile, and his habits.
  84. Sep 28 08:36:35 * JaredBlack has helpfully marked the things the cartel leader in the file, but it's all there. He just doesn't quite realize the alternative to his ideas. Silly boy.
  85. Sep 28 08:38:39 <Annabell> "Animal attacks, huh? Do we have further information on those?"
  86. Sep 28 08:39:13 <JaredBlack> "not yet."
  87. Sep 28 08:39:16 <Markus> "Possibly he uses local animals, starved or trained. Otherwise, it may be a possible sign of Reality Deviance."
  88. Sep 28 08:39:27 <Valencia_B> "Shifter, Reality Terrorist, maybe even hemophage."
  89. Sep 28 08:41:36 <Markus> "Wonderful."
  90. Sep 28 08:41:40 <Jackie_B> "Does mexico have an abundance of wild animals?" Jackie asks.
  91. Sep 28 08:42:42 <Markus> "Coydogs and coyotes would be the main suspects." Markus muses.
  92. Sep 28 08:50:45 * Valencia_B re-read the dossier, mumbling to herself about keyword and data point and search engine.
  93. Sep 28 08:58:26 * Valencia_B looks at the screen. "I got him, guys. Prepare to deploy!"
  94. Sep 28 08:59:04 <Markus> "You have him? Where?"
  95. Sep 28 08:59:18 <Jackie_B> "Roger."
  96. Sep 28 08:59:57 <Valencia_B> "...he is still on his mansion. I'll see if I can get access to his camera!"
  97. Sep 28 09:01:01 * JaredBlack sends Valencia the feed
  98. Sep 28 09:02:15 <JaredBlack> "He doesn't look happy with his life."
  99. Sep 28 09:02:34 <Valencia_B> "Hemophages and Reality Deviants is not a key to happy life!"
  100. Sep 28 09:02:35 <Markus> "Is anyone, Tovarich? Still, let us see if we cannot improve it."
  101. Sep 28 09:02:52 * JaredBlack sends an affirmative
  102. Sep 28 09:02:58 --> Jackie_B_ ( has joined #technocrat2015
  103. Sep 28 09:03:16 --- You are now known as Valencia_D
  104. Sep 28 09:05:29 <-- Jackie_B has quit (Ping timeout: 364 seconds)
  105. Sep 28 09:06:45 <Markus> "Well then comrades, let us go pay a man a visit."
  106. Sep 28 09:10:03 <Annabell> "For those of you leave to the field I'd like you to wait a moment." Annabell hold up her hand.
  107. Sep 28 09:10:24 <Markus> "Ah? What is it?"
  108. Sep 28 09:10:46 --- Jackie_B_ is now known as Jackie_B
  109. Sep 28 09:11:37 <Annabell> "While you were talking I took the liberty to ready some concoctions, if you will. It will temporarily increase your dexterity."
  110. Sep 28 09:12:04 <Annabell> "May I inject it?" Annabell finishes.
  111. Sep 28 09:12:22 * Jackie_B wordlessly holds out the underside of her palm
  112. Sep 28 09:12:55 * JaredBlack does likewise.
  113. Sep 28 09:13:04 * Markus shrugs, "Go ahead." He offers his arm.
  114. Sep 28 09:14:00 * Annabell Annabell smiles thinly as she gets to work. Holding and prepping the needle she quickly injects the enhancer into the three.
  115. Sep 28 09:14:29 <Annabell> "And done."
  116. Sep 28 09:14:48 * JaredBlack flinches, but not in a way that will interfere with the injection.
  117. Sep 28 09:14:58 <Markus> "Ah, it feels interesting."
  118. Sep 28 09:15:24 <Annabell> "Chime will provide you with a band-aids, if you wish."
  119. Sep 28 09:15:43 * Jackie_B tests her grip, opening and closing her hands a few times, before throwing some experimental punches.
  120. Sep 28 09:15:57 * JaredBlack holds his hand out to the monkey.
  121. Sep 28 09:16:20 * Annabell turns to the thus far silent member of their team. Her reason is obvious.
  122. Sep 28 09:19:57 <-- Mieraine has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  123. Sep 28 09:21:03 * Valencia_D mulls.
  124. Sep 28 09:21:16 <Valencia_D> "Hit me too! It might be useful!"
  125. Sep 28 09:21:31 * Annabell nods
  126. Sep 28 09:22:14 <Annabell> "Of course." She walks over and gently holds Valencia's arm, and then injects the drug.
  127. Sep 28 09:22:45 * Valencia_D grimaced, mumbling "Thanks," and goes back to the screen.
  128. Sep 28 09:24:18 <Annabell> "If that's all then I'll move down to the lab and prepare for later."
  129. Sep 28 09:27:06 <JaredBlack> "It is, thank you."
  130. Sep 28 09:28:10 * JaredBlack starts stretching. Markus is right, it does feel interestin
  131. Sep 28 09:28:11 <JaredBlack> g
  132. Sep 28 09:33:18 <emotionalAsterisk> ----
  133. Sep 28 09:35:53 <emotionalAsterisk> You pull up a car that looks beaten up, but has a good engine. The mountains come to a little platou here, you can smell the hemp and ..cherry trees?
  134. Sep 28 09:36:33 <emotionalAsterisk> Which direction are you in?
  135. Sep 28 09:37:44 <Valencia_D> "Cherry trees. Unusual on this climate."
  136. Sep 28 09:39:22 * Jackie_B nods, and pulls her face mask off. Climbing silently out of the car, she lopes towards the trees, motion for Jared to follow.
  137. Sep 28 09:40:26 <Jackie_B> "Hope you're used to crawling through grass, because we need to minimize our profile on approach to the msndion."
  138. Sep 28 09:40:44 * JaredBlack nods and starts crawling.
  139. Sep 28 09:41:01 * JaredBlack 's suit doesn't get dirty, because the Technocracy are a bit unfair like that.
  140. Sep 28 09:50:13 --> Jackie_B_ ( has joined #technocrat2015
  141. Sep 28 09:50:27 <Annabell> "The hemp and cherry trees seem suspect. You may want to avoid them" Annabell comments.
  142. Sep 28 09:51:04 <-- Jackie_B has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
  143. Sep 28 09:51:53 * JaredBlack nods. "The hemp might just be marijuanna, but there's no record of how he could get this many cherry trees in this climate." He avoids the trees.
  144. Sep 28 09:58:08 <-- Jackie_B_ has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
  145. Sep 28 10:00:52 --> Jackie_B ( has joined #technocrat2015
  146. Sep 28 10:05:13 * Jackie_B gets up into a crouching position, scanning the large buildings. She spots a window open, and motions to Jared.
  147. Sep 28 10:06:50 <Jackie_B> "We can get in through there. Might be guards though. Might need to deal them.." She says as she pulls out a silenced SMG from the small of her back. "Valencia, any cameras you can use to spot?"
  148. Sep 28 10:07:08 * JaredBlack gets up into the crouch as well, and pulls out his phone to check the feed.
  149. Sep 28 10:09:09 <Valencia_D> "One in the Kitchen, fixed to the stove."
  150. Sep 28 10:10:01 <JaredBlack> "I see it. Civilian there too.
  151. Sep 28 10:11:15 * Jackie_B stacks up against the wall and takes a closer look for herself. Should be easily frightened, but then again, working for a drug baron. She decides to hedge her changes.
  152. Sep 28 10:11:47 <Jackie_B> "I might be able to intimidate her into staying quiet." She tells Jard. "But be ready to cover me if she looks like she's about to scream."
  153. Sep 28 10:14:22 * JaredBlack nods "I can assist. I'll handle the communication of what she needs to do, you handle the motivation."
  154. Sep 28 10:18:14 * JaredBlack is ready to climb in after Jackie.
  155. Sep 28 10:20:23 * Markus begins tapping commands into his Mark IV, "I am going to tap local comms. Stand By." He finishes configuring the comm-tap program and deploys it.
  156. Sep 28 10:22:03 * Jackie_B silent swings over the window, stepping lightly forward for her feet until she stands right behind the maid. Pressing the muzzle of her submachine gun against the maid's back she hisses into her ear. "Don't make any noise. Hands up behind your head, and get down on the ground."
  157. Sep 28 10:25:24 <emotionalAsterisk> The maid slowly raises her hands up behind her head, and nods slightly, she starts to say something then flatens her lips, as she kneels and then lays on the ground.
  158. Sep 28 10:25:28 * JaredBlack follows Jackie and whispers what the maid needs to hear to make the right decision. Perhaps just a translation in a soothing voice, perhaps an assurance that she can survive this by obedience.
  159. Sep 28 10:26:04 <emotionalAsterisk> she nods, her fear soothing into determination.
  160. Sep 28 10:26:27 * Markus continues listening to local comms in case something alerts the guards.
  161. Sep 28 10:26:43 * JaredBlack looks around for something to make a gag out of. A sanitary one, for preference.
  162. Sep 28 10:27:30 <emotionalAsterisk> The pasta sauce bubles quietly, as JB finds a clean dishtowel.
  163. Sep 28 10:27:44 <emotionalAsterisk> A kitchen is good place to find gags.
  164. Sep 28 10:28:13 * JaredBlack wads up the gag and whispers "how long until the sauce is missed?"
  165. Sep 28 10:28:21 <Markus> "Local net is quiet."
  166. Sep 28 10:28:59 * Jackie_B watches the maid sink onto the ground, and moves the submachine gun away slightly once she sees that she's not being watched. Didn't even need to switch off the safety.
  167. Sep 28 10:29:49 * JaredBlack observes the maid during her response for any of the subtle cues regarding this manner that a less trained or caring operative might miss.
  168. Sep 28 10:31:00 <emotionalAsterisk> She seems normal, calmer but not so calm as to suggest training.
  169. Sep 28 10:32:58 * Jackie_B turns down the stove to a light simmer, then moves to the door, snapping a mirror to peer from under it
  170. Sep 28 10:34:28 * JaredBlack nods and gags her. He looks for something Jackie can tie the maid up using, for at least moderate security of the bindings.
  171. Sep 28 10:36:11 <emotionalAsterisk> She sees a halway with a pair of bored young men with sub machine guns.
  172. Sep 28 10:37:43 <emotionalAsterisk> Valencia's guard possitions seem accurate so far.
  173. Sep 28 10:38:58 * JaredBlack is willing to make a shitty rope out of tied-together dish towels or spare uniforms.
  174. Sep 28 10:42:36 <Jackie_B> "Two guards. They seem distracted."
  175. Sep 28 10:43:42 <emotionalAsterisk> I assume you have a rope..but scene hygine is basic craft.
  176. Sep 28 10:51:56 * JaredBlack pulls out a stoppered vial and explains to the maid that the substance within will help him knock her out and make her forget.
  177. Sep 28 10:53:11 <Valencia_D> "Handy drugs."
  178. Sep 28 10:53:13 * JaredBlack then has her smell the vial and whispers into her ear so she will knock her out and forget.
  179. Sep 28 10:53:48 <JaredBlack> "I know, right?
  180. Sep 28 10:54:47 <Jackie_B> "How good are you at CQC"?
  181. Sep 28 10:55:29 --- emotionalAsterisk is now known as HG
  182. Sep 28 10:55:36 --- HG is now known as ST
  183. Sep 28 10:56:01 * Markus grumbles in the night air, "Tchyort! I can smell the cherries from here. I will be very happy to be away from this place."
  184. Sep 28 10:56:32 <Annabell> "Things should finish soon."
  185. Sep 28 10:56:39 <JaredBlack> "Me? Nowhere near ready for field use if I don't have to."
  186. Sep 28 10:57:49 * Valencia_D frowns at the cherry trees. "Maybe we should burn these after it's done," her face turned to thoughtfull cast a moment later. "Or find out how that can be done. It'd be a big hit for plant enthusiast!"
  187. Sep 28 10:58:37 <JaredBlack> "They /might/ not be RD-related."
  188. Sep 28 10:59:08 <ST> Markus: You hear something about a Sen. Vader leaving his room and giving commands form a unit around him.
  189. Sep 28 10:59:29 <Annabell> "Probably not, but the possibility cannot be ruled out."
  190. Sep 28 10:59:45 <Markus> "Damn! Tovarich, we have movement!"
  191. Sep 28 11:00:21 <ST> JB/JB you hear bootsteps through the kitchen ceiling. Sounds like 4 to 6 people quick stepting.
  192. Sep 28 11:00:50 <JaredBlack> "I confirm movement. Directly above us."
  193. Sep 28 11:02:06 <-- Jackie_B has quit (Client exited)
  194. Sep 28 11:02:12 --- Markus is now known as Gideon020
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