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  2. - Mother nature created chakra in her palms
  3. - Chakra is the energy that binds the universe together. It is in everything.
  4. - Chakra formed the earth, the oceans, the trees, the clouds, and man was placed to warden it all (Brother 2)
  5. - Men lost their purpose and took the world for themselves (Brother 1)
  6. - Through this came war, politics, pain and suffering
  11. - Twin brothers separated at birth shape the world as we know it now and this is their story
  13. - Brother 1: 'The Chosen One'
  14.     - Childhood: Ambitious
  15.     - Leader of the strongest army in the world, the 'army of the dead'. They are samurai and pirates and were dubbed this after their exhibition in XYZ
  16.     - Stories described these warriors as barely human, undead killing machines in armor and wielding 2m long blades
  17.     - Sea lovers, gamblers, bad people..
  18.     - Hears about new power/magic in lands to the South West
  19.     - Deceives/Leaves his army for hope of more power through ninjutsu
  20.     - Learns the art of ninjutsu and becomes the strongest shinobi in the world
  21.     - Manipulates ninjutsu to be used for combat rather than it's original intention
  22.     - Leaves his brother and begins to take over the world through force and founding his new army of trained shinobi
  23.     - Confronted by brother and fight to the death
  27. - Brother 2: 'The Sage Cipher'
  28.     - Childhood: Nurturing
  29.     - A Sage and a Cipher
  30.     - A wise prophet who created Ninjutsu from chakra for healing, for taming/caring for beasts, for providing food and water to the needy, etc
  31.     - Has vision of his unmet twin brother, split a birth, is upset by his ways
  32.     - Decides to finds brother and brings him to a better, purer life
  33.     - Trains his brother in ninjutsu   
  34.     - Discovers his brother's antics after his brother's departure
  35.     - Goes looking for his brother..
  36.     - Confronts brother and fights to the death
  37.     - Kills his brother's entire army, kills his brother and then himself to end the evil weapon he had created that is ninjutsu..
  41. - 2 Ciphers: Title and Item
  42.     - Given out by RP team
  43.     - Stop doesn't trust you and can even deceive you
  44.     - Originally considered an anomaly
  45.     - it's believed that the seeing stones have blood from The Sage Cipher in it which gives it the power
  46.     - The fact they still exist is unknown
  50. - Sage
  51.     -
  55. - Cursed Mark
  56.     -
  60. - Folk lore says that undead samurai symbolising the lingering hate of the first brother would emerge every decade to kill on the living
  61. - Oracles/Cipher were trained to predict when the undead samurai would appear
  62. - Inuzuka dogs trained to protect the coasts for some reason
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