Pokémon Glitch Community Rant.

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. the issue I have is that just making a better practical ACE setup (-gm) won't solve the underlying problem
  2. which is that the pokemon glitch community as it currently is is not interested in striving for something better (whatever this means)
  4. like trying to put myself in one of the glitch youtuber's shoes (namely thezzazzglitch and crystal_). (what I think) their goal is to make entertaining videos on interesting aspects of pokemon glitches. nowhere in that sentence is there the idea of "striving for better glitches". not that they can't do so, but it isn't a requirement that they need to fulfill in order to make an interesting glitch video. for example, the gold/silver "making a new map" video. the ACE setup used there to bootstrap was atrocious, however a fully optimal ACE setup was not required to make that demonstration. it becomes a bigger problem when the setups created are actually intended to be used for the public (see: GS non-EN EU stack smash ACE, 8F, Crystal_'s mew setup)
  6. meanwhile, my goal is to use glitches in order to optimize. the problems I optimize may range from general setups (which in retrospect may be too confusing to use, although I think the gs-bootstrapper is fine), to glitch speedruns. this means that my priority isn't documenting setups/strats/glitches for the purpose of exposure to the public.
  8. the general community does not really have my goal in mind. I've never seen (as far as I can recall) anyone ask a question along the lines of "Hi, 8F is cool, but it's a bit slow. Is there any way I can learn how to make a better setup myself?". Usually it's just "what can I do with 8F/Coin Case/Popular Glitch Flavour".
  10. So the problem is that there is a fundamental disconnect between the poster children of Pokémon Glitching (glitch youtubers), and the "speedrun glitchers". Which is why I think I'm always reluctant to do public writeups on my many setups and whatnot I've created, because it does not line up with what people want from Pokémon glitching (i.e. to be entertained). -gm is something I do want to get off my chest, but I don't know whether I'll continue trying to make better setups, since it would just create an unsustainable situation where I would be the only one working on making optimized setups.
  12. I'm not exactly sure how I'd solve this problem. I've suggested before to do some sort of speedrun competitions, similar to the SM64 TAS competitions, although they would have to be speedrun competitions since doing RNG manipulation is very tough without botting setups (although an alternative might be for gifvex to release his botting setup which allows him to hack in RNG values for the purpose of demonstration)
  14. Anyway, I'll end off with various links to some of the glitchstuff I've done. This list isn't comprehensive, as there's far too much stuff scattered around for me to keep track of all of it.
  16. general purpose glitch setups/demonstrations I've created:
  17. - AGDQ "Mew under the truck" (will link save ASAP):
  18. - VC Factory (Generate any Pokémon in Red/Blue with any TID, moves, exp, DVS, nickname and OT name):
  19. - Gold/Silver Virtual Console Bootstrapper (Achieves Arbitrary ACE, i.e. ability to create an arbitrary ACE payload, allows the creation of complex ACE setups):
  20. - Non-EN EU Gold/Silver ACE Setup:
  22. Incomplete/rough:
  23. - General purpose Crystal ACE:
  24. - -gm (still needs guide to set jump point to $d322):
  26. some examples of speedruns (or portions of) I've routed are as follows:
  27. - Major contributions to the Catch 'Em All route, too much stuff to list here (before I killed the category)
  28. - LWA Route (Pokémon Blue Catch 'Em All Route): VIDEO:
  29. - Gold 251 (Catch 'Em All) rough notes (with help from Entrpntr): VIDEO:
  30. - Pokémon Prism Any% route (glitched portion):
  31. - Gold Any%:
  32. - Crystal Any% route:,, (routed out new ACE vector, but most recent full route written by entrpntr)
  33. - LWA TAS Route (Pokémon Blue Catch 'Em All TAS, uses new strats that were not known at the time of the LWA route): (Botted by gifvex, route creation was done by myself with minor improvements from gifvex)
  34. - FTL Route (Improved Pokémon Blue Catch 'Em All Route, beats TAS): VIDEO:
  35. - improved ending strat for gold any% no save corruption:
  36. - gold any% no ACE (rough):
  38. There's probably more stuff on my pastebin ( or youtube (which you can probably search on youtube)
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