AiE, Rule 63'd

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  1. AiE, R63 Chapter 1
  3. >They say that good things come to those who wait.
  4. "I'm not sure they knew about this..." you say with a sigh.
  5. >After having been lost for nearly a week after pausing to tie your shoe when hiking in the woods near home, you were finally found by someone.
  6. >But not by people, no, that would be too easy.
  7. >You had to be found by a group of tiny armoured horses.
  8. >Talking armoured horses.
  9. "I knew I shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms," you say with a sigh.
  10. >"You ate mushrooms in the Everfree? Pick up the pace men, we have to get it to the  castle doctors fast."
  11. "I'm not an it, I'm a she," you say as they start running faster, pulling you along in the cage/cart they have you detained in.
  12. >The cart hits a bump, making you bounce painfully.
  13. >Rubbing your bruised bottom, you debate if sticking with these pony things is worth the trouble.
  14. >It'd be easy as pie to escape, since the only thing holding you in the cage is a latch you could open with no problem.
  15. >But on the other hand,  it'd mean that you would be lost again, and this time have little pony soldiers looking for you.
  16. >Either way you're going to have to deal with these ponies, so sooner is easier.
  17. >The woods clear, and and a path is visible a short distance ahead.
  18. >Following the paths with your eyes, it leads to a mountain not far away, and atop the mountain, a castle like something out of a fantasy novel.
  19. >Honestly not much to your taste, but impressive nonetheless.
  20. >"So, um miss? What exactly are you, and why were you in the Everfree?" the head soldier asks, looking over his shoulder.
  21. "I'm a human, and I've been lost for the past week," you reply, trying to get comfortable.
  22. >" So you're not from the Everfree? Why did you go there then?"
  23. "I didn't. I was walking in the woods near my home, I stopped to tie my shoes, and when I looked up again, the trail was gone."
  24. >"That sounds like some high level magic. Prince Solaris and Prince Artemis will need to see you."
  25. "Princes? Is this place a monarchy or something?"
  26. >The guard nods, saying, "Yes, it is. Is that strange?"
  27. "There aren't many monarchies where I'm from, and they rarely work for long."
  28. >"That's unusual. Ours has worked for millennia without problems."
  29. >Sitting back against the bars, you try and get comfortable on the smoother road.
  30. >With your relaxation, or at least your attempt at it, the guards show no further attempts at conversation.
  31. >Your stomach does growl in hunger, but they don't acknowledge it, and given what they said, you don't blame them.
  32. >When the cart starts going up the hill, you begin questioning the physics of this place, as the road has a ludicrous slope.
  33. >It has go he at least a 30 degree angle, yet the ponies pull it up without any issues.
  34. >The sun passes its zenith by the time the group reaches the city with the castle.
  35. >"Welcome to Canterlot city, lady. Here, we'll figure out what to do with you."
  36. >Without any care for you, they haul the cart cage through town.
  37. >It seems like they are either purposefully parading you through town, or they don't know of the idea.
  38. >Either way, ponies by the hundreds watch you pass in the cart.
  39. >Very few females, as far as you can tell, if the overly large faces were anything to go by.
  40. >The males seem to have longer, more rectangular faces, while what you assume are females have more rounded features and shorter snouts.
  41. >All of them are brightly coloured and kind of silly, but cute looking.
  42. "Man, what kind of mumbo jumbo could have led me to a land of talking horses?"
  43. >The captain horse snorts and says, "you should watch your tongue, we're ponies, not horses, and magic probably brought you here."
  44. "Sorry, you just look similar to horses where I'm from, and what do you mean, magic? Magic is just parlor tricks and sleight of hand."
  45. >"Now I'm confused. There's no civilized place on Equestria that doesn't know what magic is. Are you sure you're not from the Everfree?"
  46. "Considering the city I live in has easily a few hundred thousand people, yes, I'm pretty sure I didn't come from that forest."
  47. >The guard shrugs, and says, "we'll find out soon enough, since we're at the castle now."
  48. >Great marble gates open, revealing a vast courtyard filled with wonderful flowers.
  49. >You get no time to look at them though, as your cart is brought inside, the commanding pony going on ahead.
  50. >After a moment, the soldier comes back and motions the pullers onward.
  51. >"Mind your tongue and tell the truth and you will be fine, miss."
  52. "My name is Anonymous, and thanks for caring, I suppose."
  53. >The cage is unlocked, and you're pushed forward into the next room.
  54. >As you somewhat expected, the room beyond is a throne room, with a pair of long thrones.
  55. >On these thrones are a pair of large horses, er ponies, though unlike the other ponies, these two had a horn on their forehead and a pair of wing on their backs.
  56. >"So, what manner of being art thou?" The blue one asks in a voice reminiscent of a young man.
  57. >The white one lays a wing on the other and says, "I'm sorry, my brother can be a little blunt. My name is Prince Solaris, and who might you be?"
  58. "My name is Anonymous, and to put it simply, I'm lost right now."
  59. >"So I was told. My guard informed me they found you in the Everfree forest, though you have no recollection of the place or how you got there, is that correct?" Solaris asks.
  60. >Before you can reply, the blue one speaks up again.
  61. >"We do not wish to sound rude, but what is wrong with your chest? It seems swollen."
  62. "There's nothing wrong with my chest, my breasts fairly normal sized," you retort, crossing your arms atop your mounds.
  63. >Both ponies develop a red blush, and avert their gaze from you.
  64. >"Artemis, could you please stop asking such awkward questions of our guest, I'm sure she would like a chance to rest, after her ordeal in the forest. I shall have a meal prepared while she does so, and we can talk more then. Is that acceptable, Anonymous?"
  65. "Yeah, that'll be fine. I could use a chance to get cleaned up after being lost for a week."
  66. >With a stomp of his hoof, Solaris summons a guard into the room and says, "Escort Anonymous to the ambassador suite. She will remain here for the time being, until we can determine everything necessary about her."
  67. >Following the pony through the castle, he leads you to a large room with a massive king sized bed.
  68. >"Somepony will be by later to escort you to dinner, in the mean time, feel free to do as you wish, within the confines of the room."
  69. >Closing the door behind you, the lock clicks into place and you start looking around.
  70. >Despite being large and extravagant, the room is sparsely decorated.
  71. >A door is on the wall, beyond it, a marble walled bathroom, complete with a separate, open tub and shower.
  72. >Locking the bathroom door, you strip down and start up the shower.
  73. >The hot water melts the stress right out of you just as well as it removes the caked on mud and sweat.
  74. >Its as if heaven was pouring over your body in a liquid cascade.
  75. >A few bottles turn out to be simple scented shampoos and body wash.
  76. >Even just pouring the soap on makes you feel squeaky clean, and you start lathering up.
  77. >Whatever is in these soaps makes them bubble up like crazy, and soon you are cloaked in bubbles.
  78. >Starting to rinse the bubbles off, you hear the door open, and turn to see one of the guard ponies standing there.
  79. >For a moment, the two of you stand there like deer in headlights, before you snap to and cover yourself with an arm.
  80. "OUT!" You yell, throwing a shampoo bottle that bounces off his helmet.
  81. >Like a scared dog, he scurries out, mumbling apologies.
  82. "Fuck, don't these ponies have any sense of privacy?" You curse to yourself, locking the door again.
  83. >As the lock clicks, you question how he got passed the lock in the first place.
  84. >Going back to your shower, you make sure to keep one eye on the door.
  85. >Outside the room, the guards are talking...
  87. (From perspective of guard that went in)
  88. >"Wow dude, that's a nasty bump, what happened in there?" Your partner asks, eyeing the swollen lump on your forehead.
  89. "Boobs happened, my friend, massive boobs covered only by a thin sheen of bubbles."
  90. >"Details! Give me details."
  91. "Alright, so I was tasked with checking up on her, and when I entered the main room, I heard the shower on. Obviously, I figured I'd take the chance to maybe see some strange monster pussy, maybe even get invited in for some 'diplomatic bonding' if you catch my drift."
  92. >Your guardbro holds up a hoof, which you meet with your own.
  93. "I know, but it wasn't gonna happen, but after unlocking the bathroom door, I walked in, and bam..."
  94. >"What? Bro, what did you see?"
  95. "A tall, sleek beauty. And those boobs, they're like bouncy melons, but they look as soft as pillows. "
  96. >"You're kidding right? I mean, minotauresses have boobs that big, but they’re just big floppy udders."
  97. (That isn't my headcanon, but just for this story)
  98. "I'm not joking, they looked freaking amazing. I'd cuddle em all night long, if you know what I mean."
  99. >"No disagreement here, bro. Just wish I coulda seen em."
  100. >"Seen what?" A voice asks, and the two of you spin to see Prince Artemis standing there.
  101. "Oh, we didn't notice you there, sir," you say, snapping a salute, "we were discussing the creature, Anonymous. I saw her without her apparel, and I was commenting how attractive she is."
  102. >"Is that so? Pray tell, we have found ourself intrigued by her form, and dare I say it, possibly attracted to her."
  103. "I don't judge you, Prince. She's quite unique, lithe, smooth and bountiful in the breasts. By all standards, a beautiful female."
  104. >Artemis nods, "from what I saw of her, I agree with your analysis.  Do you think she may perhaps allow us to examine her unclothed form?"
  105. >"Yeah, no, that's not going to happen," a feminine voice says from behind you, making you spin around, coming face to clothed hips with Anonymous.
  106. >Her curvy, muscular, child bearing hips.
  107. >You find yourself leaning in slightly, trying to inhale her scent.
  108. >Your motions don't go unnoticed, and Anonymous shoves you away by pushing your head away with her foot.
  109. >Stumbling back onto your flank, you find yourself looking up at her, blood burning in your cheeks and rushing to your dick.
  110. " I... uh..." you say, your words stumbling in your arousal.
  111. >"What? Are you going to get out of my way? I have to meet with Solaris, which is why I assume Artemis is here too."
  112. >Artemis nods and steps over to Anonymous, "We also wished to inspect Anonymous personally, to examine her body."
  113. >"Like I said, not gonna happen," Anon says, pushing around Artemis, "now, where did your brother want to meet me?"
  114. >"He requested to meet you in the dining hall for lunch, follow me" the blue pony replies, starting down the hallway.
  115. >As Prince Artemis leads Anonymous away, your partner nudges your shoulder, "dude, Swift,  what's wrong? I've never seen you so... whipped."
  116. "I think I'm in love..." you reply, watching Anonymous's fine ass sway away.
  120. >Artemis leads you through the castle, down a route similar to the one you took to get to the room.
  121. >The room at the end of the journey is huge, easily expansive enough to play a good game of soccer in.
  122. >Filling much of the room is a long table surrounded by long stools.
  123. >You're led to one end, where Solaris sits and Artemis takes a seat beside him.
  124. >Taking a seat on one of the free stools near them, you sit in silence for a while.
  125. >"So... Anonymous, what can you tell us about yourself?" Solaris asks, finally breaking the silence.
  126. "Well, I'm a human being, a species that evolved from simians similar to chimpanzees. We have a population of approximately 7 billion, and growing fast, though we are the only sentient species on our planet."
  127. "We're true omnivores, and can eat many different kinds of things. We do need both plant matter and meat to survive, though supplements and alternatives can help."
  128. "We lack fur or thick body hair, so humans wear clothing instead. We also wear it for decency, as we don't exactly have ways to cover our sexual organs."
  129. "Besides sexual organs, males and females look similar, with males typically being more muscular and females being lighter and more agile."
  130. "We as a species rely heavily on technology, ranging from weapons and long distance communications to space travel and medicines."
  131. >At the mention of space travel, Artemis practically jumps up onto the table in excitement.
  132. >"Your species can traverse our stars?!" He exclaims in excitement, "what do they think of the art I lay out each night?"
  133. "What art? We can't go far yet, but there's no art in space."
  134. >"The stars," he exclaims, waving his hooves at the sky, "each night I work hard to arrange them in beautiful patterns."
  135. "That's bullshit if I ever heard it," you reply, crossing your arms, "There's no way you could move billions of stars that are more than a thousand light years away every night."
  136. >"But..." Artemis starts, stuttering, "brother, explain to her, how we control the sun moon and stars."
  137. >Solaris sighs and shakes his head, "she's right, Artemis, we don't control them. Around our planet is a magical veil that we control, letting light through holes in the place of sun and moon."
  138. >"Even your time on the moon was not in space, instead, you were within a special chamber in the dungeons. "
  139. >Silence and sadness hits Artemis hard, and Solaris lays a comforting hoof on his brother's shoulder.
  140. >"You forgot it during your imprisonment, brother. We simply manage and maintain the veil so that the world doesn't suffer from the actual sun's expansion that happened about two thousand years ago."
  141. >"The heat wave, I remember reading about that. The unicorns together fixed that, but the way was never revealed."
  142. >"We figured it out, brother, and we gained near perfect control over it. With our help we brought final peace to the ponies."
  143. "This is great and all," you say, interrupting Solaris's explanation, "but can we get back on topic? I would like to get home soon."
  144. >The white prince nods, looking back at you, "there may be a problem with that. We've never encountered anything like you before, so we doubt we can send you back. Especially if you came from another world or dimension, as we fear."
  145. "What do you mean, another world?"
  146. >"We believe a powerful spell pulled you from your home and brought you to Equestria," Artemis says, stepping over and laying a wing over your shoulders, "we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do if that is the case, and you have our condolences."
  147. "Are you sure?" You ask, "I mean, even if you want this place kept a secret, I can do that. This place can't be another world, right, its just a secret country or island or something. Or maybe it's all a bad reaction to one of those mushrooms I ate."
  148. >"I'm sorry, but this is indeed another world, nor are you under the influence of the mushrooms," Solaris replies while shaking his head, and you lean back and let out a sigh.
  149. "Well, shit, this sucks," you say, brushing off the pony's wing, "do you guys know anywhere I can stay for a bit while I look for something to do here? I mean, I might as well do something with my time while looking for a way home. First though, I need sleep, in a proper bed."
  150. >Your lack of long term sadness causes the two ponies a pair of shocked looks, and Artemis is the first to recover.
  151. >"You are fine with this? You don't feel the need for a comfort cuddle, or possibly a tender night's loving to get over it? We would be willing to accommodate you, for several nights,  if need be."
  152. "You what?" Both you and Solaris echo, staring at Artemis who suddenly looks quite flustered.
  153. >"We... I... What we meant was that we would like to engage in coitus with you, er... we mean we... LOOK! A FLYING BANANA," he suddenly yells out, pointing over your shoulders.
  154. >Solaris immediately turns to look, but you only raise an eyebrow, before Artemis vanishes with a crack and a little blue burst of light.
  155. "I... what just happened?"
  156. >Looking back, the white pony furrows his brow, saying, "I'm not exactly sure, but he was so embarrassed he teleported away. I'll try to figure out what's going on, but in the mean time, feel free to stay in the room from before."
  157. "Alright, bit could you get the locks fixed? I tried to have a shower earlier and one of the soldiers just walked right in."
  158. >"The locks work fine, but each guard pair has a master key to most rooms. I'll be sure to inform them that your room is off limits except in case of emergencies."
  159. "That'd be great, thanks. I'll see you later, after some serious sleep."
  160. >"Rest well, Anonymous, and I'll see you in the morning," Solaris says with a wave as you head for what is temporarily your room.
  161. >The guards at the door have switched, new ones in their places, but still, not willing to take any chances, you prop a chair under the doorknob to hold it closed.
  162. >Stripping down to your panties, you flop back onto the plush bed.
  163. "Ah... this is wonderful," you say as you let out a sigh of comfort.
  164. >Snuggling between the soft sheets, it takes barely a moment for you to drift off.
  168. >After some damage control with your brother, you lock your door and prepare for Anonymous to enter your realm.
  169. >Not many ponies are asleep right now, as it is just after dinner time, so picking up Anonymous is simple.
  170. >Waiting in meditation, you start becoming worried she isn't going to have a dream.
  171. >Almost an hour in, you are about to give up when a small spark appears where Anonymous is sleeping.
  172. >Like a campfire,  it slowly grows, becoming more and more defined and steady.
  173. >The dreams around it soon flicker and vanish from your sight, your entire being focused on the wildfire of a dream forming.
  174. >Reaching out to it, you get sucked in and unceremoniously dumped onto a marble floor.
  175. >Looking around, you find yourself in an open walled pavilion made of pure white marble.
  176. >Intricate columns support a high roof, and in the distance, you hear splashing.
  177. >Wandering in the direction of the splashing, you find your gaze constantly wandering over the carvings on the pillars.
  178. >Nude human males and females adorn them, engaging in countless strange and arousing sexual acts.
  179. >Peeking out from the building, you spot Anonymous down a set of stairs, in a large pool.
  180. >Her attention is on the sky, her body scantily covered by what you assume is lingerie.
  181. >The fabric hardly seems held on, as you spot a few bows tying the bands together.
  182. >Shifting your existence so you are on the deck of the pool, you silently conjure a lounger and lay down on it.
  183. >Laying on your side, you attempt what you think is a sexy pose.
  184. >Letting your junk hang out, you look at it, and with only a moment left before Anon leaves the pool, you use an illusion to make your penis look a little larger.
  185. >You hear a surprised sound, and seductively look over to see Anonymous rising from the pool, water dripping off her soft, smooth body.
  186. "Art thou ready for royal loving?" You ask in a low, seductive tone, using your magic to tug at the strings of her lingerie.
  187. >As the knots undo, and the fabric is about to fall, the dream, and Anonymous with it, vanishes.
  191. >Shooting upright, you stare at the door, which you just heard something crash against.
  192. >"Huh? I unlocked it, why won't it open?" A voice asks itself on the other side of the portal.
  193. >"Dude, don't joke around, you promised you'd show me her massive boobs," another voice says to the first.
  194. >The chair squeaks a bit as the ponies on the other side push against the door, and you take the time to quickly get up and pull on your clothes.
  195. >The ponies make another push, and you kick the chair aside, causing the pair to trip and stumble in, landing face first in front of you.
  196. "What do the two of you think you're doing, sneaking into my room in the middle of the night?" You ask, staring down at them.
  197. >One you recognize as the same one you beaned with the soap bottle, and he looks like he's either going to piss himself, or cream his proverbial pants.
  198. >"I've been a bad colt, and I need to be punished," he mewls, looking up at you with pleading eyes.
  199. >Second option it is.
  200. >Freaking masochistic subs.
  201. "What about you? What are you doing here?" You ask, turning to the other pony.
  202. >"I uh... sorry, wrong room," he squeaks before grabbing his friend and running.
  203. >The two scurry off, and with a sigh, you close, lock and chair the door again.
  204. >Climbing into bed sends a tingle to the back of your mind, like you're forgetting something that happened.
  205. >The tingle fades quickly in the softness of the sheets, and you drift off into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.
  206. >Morning comes, and with it, a lack of all the sore, tired, dirtiness of the past week.
  207. >Without those distractions, though, the full weight of the current situation sinks in.
  208. >Sadness tugs tears from your eyes, and mild depression removes your will to move, so for the time being, you simply sit there on the edge of the bed, wallowing in the thought that you may never see your friends or family again.
  209. >A knocking comes from the door before a soft voice calls out, "maid service, I'm here to clean the room and inform you the princes are awaiting you in the dining hall."
  210. "Just a moment," you call back, "I'm almost ready."
  211. >Still clothed from the incident last night, you quickly step into the bathroom and give your mouth a quick rinse before grabbing a brush from a shelf and running it through your hair.
  212. >With most of the tangles gone, and an overall look of cleanliness, you return the brush and unbarricade the door.
  213. >On the other side is a white pony, dressed head to tail in a maid outfit, from the little hat, down to the miniskirt and lace stockings.
  214. >The maid looks down as you look at them, before pulling in the cart of cleaning stuff as you head out.
  215. >Taking a last glance back at the maid, you catch sight of lacy pink panties supporting a pair of balls.
  216. >While kind of weird, you're not one to judge other cultures you know nothing about.
  217. >Finding your way to the dining hall takes a little longer than yesterday, but you make it there in around ten minutes.
  218. >Meanwhile,  in your room a certain pony guard dressed as a maid is rolling around where you slept.
  219. >"Ah... Anonymous, yes, pin me, make your pet," he moans, erect cock flapping against his belly, "I'm a naughty pony, punish me, spank me, show me how you love me."
  220. >With a moan, he makes a mess of the bed and his dress, and after a moment to rest, he gets to cleaning his shame.
  221. >Pushing open the door to the dining hall, you find it similar to before, with only Solaris and Artemis in it at one end.
  222. >The big difference is what's on the table.
  223. >Plates and bowls and platters filled with food of all kinds.
  224. >Pancakes and muffins, bacon and eggs, flowers and fruits and even gems.
  225. >"Come, Anonymous, breakfast is ready," Solaris calls, motioning you over, "we weren't sure what manner of food your kind eats, so we had a wide assortment prepared."
  226. >Getting closer, the scents reach you, and you find yourself licking your lips.
  227. >Pulling around a chair, you plop down, grab a plate, and start loading it with a stack of pancakes, bacon and a banana on the side.
  228. >A few pitchers of drinks draw you to give them a sniff test, and you settle for a tall glass of orange juice.
  229. >Your stomach revels in the food, and you quickly devour everything on your plate.
  230. "Ah, that's so much better than what I could scrounge while lost," you comment, leaning back and rubbing your stomach.
  231. >"We can tell. You have quite the appetite."
  232. >Standing up and stretching your shoulders and back, you notice Artemis's wing shoot out and Solaris's start to rise.
  233. "Do you mind if I head out to the city to walk for a bit and get used to this place?"
  234. >"Not at all, but I will send a pair of guards with you, and if you wish, some bits in case you want to buy something," Solaris replies with a shake of his head, "just make sure you're back before it gets too late."
  235. "Besides the fact you're a guy, you sound like my mom," you reply, heading for the door.
  236. >A bag of jingling metal floats up next to you, and drops into your hand.
  237. >"There's enough there for a couple meals or a few knick knacks if you find something interesting."
  238. >Pulling open the drawstrings, a pile of golden coins look back at you.
  239. "Is this actually gold?" You ask looking back at Solaris,  and he shakes his head.
  240. >"Not exactly. They're just made so they look like gold."
  241. >Fitting the bag into a pocket proves to be a challenge, so you tie it onto the belt loops of your pants.
  242. >Two guards join up behind you, both silent and stoic as most guards you have seen.
  243. >Key word being most.
  244. >Through the front doors and out past the gardens, you pass between the main gate, and you're in the city proper.
  245. >Big, but on a smaller scale, houses line the streets here, the likely home of rich ponies.
  246. >You can feel the presence of a lot of eyes watching you here, but they fade as you keep on.
  247. >Soon enough the houses are replaced by stores and stalls, the whole market having a kind of, 40s flea market feel.
  248. >Few ponies are around, and those that are give you a wide berth, avoiding eye contact.
  249. >A couple out to lunch or closed signs pop up as you approach some stalls, making you roll your eyes.
  250. >Your, and everyone else's attention is distracted though, as Solaris's voice echos out across the city.
  251. >"Dearest citizens of Canterlot, please, do not fear Anonymous, the tall being that walks on two legs. She seeks us no harm, and only wishes to help us while we discover a way to get her home."
  252. >The short message seems to suddenly release the tension that has been hanging around you, and ponies start coming out of buildings or wherever they were hiding.
  253. >Energetic would be the way you'd describe the markets new feeling, a bustle of ponies buying, selling and bartering.
  254. >There is still a proverbial bubble around you though, but being more than twice these ponies size does do that.
  255. >Your searching doesn't turn up what you're looking for,  so around noon, you find a bench to sit on.
  256. >Your two guards flank the bench, eyes scanning the area on a swivel.
  257. "You two, do you know if there is a bar around here?"
  258. >"A bar?" One replies questioningly, " why would you want to go there? They're always full of needy, lonely stallions."
  259. "Because I need something hard. Whiskey, vodka, rum, something like that."
  260. >"Well, I don't recognize any of those names, but I guess we could show you to the closest one."
  261. >Rising off the bench, you're escorted through the streets by your two guards, the three of winding up in front of what looks more like a family restaurant than a bar.
  262. >The doors part for you, and you duck slightly to get in the door before looking around.
  263. >Everyone in the building stops and stares, making you think of those cheesy western films.
  264. >Crossing the floor, with a single fluid motion you hook a stool, drag it over and sit on it, staring at the wall of social lubricant behind the bar.
  265. >Both guards join you on stools, eyeing those who are watching you.
  266. "Barkeep," you call out, waving to the pony behind the bar, "get me a shot of something strong."
  267. >Setting the bag of bits on the bar is enough to prompt the pony into motion, and soon you have  small shot glass filled a bluish liquid.
  268. >A sniff proves it does have alcohol, though not as much as you would have hoped for, so with a flick of the wrist, you down the shot.
  269. >The pleasant burn is accompanied by a kind of tingle like a weak 9 volt battery and  a taste of blueberries.
  270. >Waiting a few minutes while you let the drink settle, you spin around, looking over the room.
  271. >Ponies all over the room are whispering, fragments of their conversations reaching you.
  272. >"...Is it?"
  273. >"Drinking? So early..."
  274. >"...So exotic..."
  275. >"...Kinda cute."
  276. >Spinning back, you order another shot and sip it slowly.
  277. >While you do, a stallion walks over, being nudged by his friends, and he climbs onto the stool next to your guard.
  278. >He remains quiet, his gaze flickering between his hooves and his friends, and when he thinks you aren't looking, you.
  279. >"So... uh, are you that thing that the prince told us about? You know, the tall thing that walks on two legs."
  280. "What gave it away?" You ask sarcastically, looking over at him as you finish your shot, "the fact I'm tall? Or maybe because I walk on two legs? Oh, I know, these royal guards that are guiding must have told you."
  281. >The pony shrinks back a bit, likely unaccustomed to your snappy response.
  282. >"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I just didn't want to call you Anonymous if it wasn't your name."
  283. "Here's a few pieces of advice, pony. One, if you go up to a girl acting flighty and nervous like you are, she's probably not going to give a damn about you, and instead go for a guy who looks like he knows what he's doing. Two, if you want a girls name, try introducing yourself and asking for her name. And three, I'm not interested in ponies, I'm here to drink and try to forget some crap I've had to deal with recently."
  284. >Turning back to the bar you wave over the barkeep and order a third shot.
  285. >Nursing this one for a bit, you relax and try and ignore the ponies who start gravitating towards you.
  286. >Slamming the empty glass down, you rise and motion to the barkeep.
  287. "What do I owe you?" You ask, spilling out some coins.
  288. >"Fifteen bits," he replies, and after you count out the coins, he takes the stack and puts it into a till.
  289. >Both pony guards follow you out of the bar, and you make your way back to the castle.
  290. >Upon return, you're whisked to the throne room, where Solaris greets you.
  291. >"Ah, Anonymous, how was your walk? I hope it went well."
  292. "I can't complain. It felt weird being so alien, but your people seem pretty tolerant."
  293. >"As a species we do advocate love and tolerance to all, so you have little to fear here."
  294. >With a nod and a bow, you turn and head for the halls, hoping to find a kitchen.
  295. >Unseen by you, one of the guards approaches Solaris, and whispers something to him.
  296. >"Prince Solaris, I believe Anonymous may be putting up a strong front. During her walk, she was searching for a bar, and after we directed her to one, she had several strong drinks. Its not my place to make assumptions, but I think she's hurting inside."
  297. >"I felt that way as well," Solaris replies, "I'm just unsure what we can do to help."
  298. >"If I may be so bold as to suggest, perhaps an escort may help. There are a lot of good ones out there you can proverbially spill your guts to, while they are sworn to confidentiality. Or so I've heard."
  299. >Solaris ponders this a moment, the guard nervously shifting his weight from one hoof to the other.
  300. >"Thats an excellent idea, thank you. I will contact one now."
  301. >"Always glad to help, my prince."
  302. >Meanwhile, your quest for the kitchen has come to a successful completion, and you're now packing a pair of delicious smelling muffins.
  303. >Biting into it makes your stomach growl, but that is quickly sated as the food reaches your digestive tract.
  304. "Ah, nothing settles the stomach like freshly baked food," you exclaim while patting your belly.
  305. >Wandering around the castle for a while, the evening finally starts to roll in and you drift back towards your room.
  306. >Something is wrong, though, as you reach your door, you feel it has been unlocked.
  307. >With a sigh, you push open the door, expecting to find that creepy stallion from before.
  308. >Instead, you find...
  310. AiE, R63 Chapter 2
  312. # R63 AiE chapter 2 #
  314. "Ah, are you Anonymous, the lady I was hired to meet?" The tall, ivory stallion asks, rising from a cushion.
  315. "Yes, more than likely. Now leave."
  316. "I... but..." he stutters, obviously not expecting your response.
  317. "The door's right there," you say, indicating the portal you just passed through.
  318. He awkwardly walks to the door, mind running rampant trying to figure out what just happened.
  319. The moment he passes the threshold, you slam the door behind him.
  320. Moving to your bed, you smell something off, and after pulling apart the sheets, you see a fresh, but faint stain.
  321. The offending fabrics are ripped off, and you storm to the door.
  322. Throwing it open reveals the pony standing there, a hoof raised to knock.
  323. "Take your fucking cum stained shit with you too!" You shout, throwing the bundle of fabric in his face before slamming the door again.
  324. Locking the door with a chair again, you grab a second and use it to lock the bathroom one as well before turning on the taps to fill the bath.
  325. Adding some stuff from a bottle of strawberry scented bubble bath, you watch the tub fill.
  326. When its full, you quickly undress and slip into the tub, sinking below the bubbles and into the perfect temperature water.
  327. "Ugh... what's wrong with these ponies? It's like, for a while things seem normal, but then some stupid thing comes out of left field and stirs shit up."
  328. Raising a handful of bubbles, you blow them into the air, watching them drift around on micro air currents before popping or hitting something.
  329. "Oh well, it's not like I can do anything about it."
  330. Letting out a long sigh, you sink further into the water, letting your body and mind relax.
  331. "All this room needs is a little classical music and it'd be perfect..."
  332. Lamenting your lack of Ludwig Van, your senses fail to pick up the distortion forming in the middle of the room.
  333. A sudden loud pop announces the arrival of something, scaring the proverbial crap out of you and making you jump up and let out a quick scream.
  334. "Anonymous, art thou alright? We could not open your doors, and we feared for..." Artemis exclaims, looking around before his eyes settle on your bubble coated form, "we... uh I were worried that thy... ummm... we must leave now to bellyflap."
  335. Another loud crack goes off, and Artemis vanishes.
  336. Grabbing a towel from the rack and drying off does little to ease your growing paranoia and rage.
  337. "If these ponies won't give me privacy, I'll have to find a way to make them."
  338. Donning your clothes again makes you realize you'll need more soon if you dont want to keep wearing the same stuff forever.
  339. Starting with the dresser, you start rearranging everything in the room so there is as little open floor space as possible.
  340. Getting out proves to be a little challenging, but you're able to do so safely.
  341. Since your hopes of relaxing in a bath till dinnertime have been ruined, you need to find something else to do in the meantime.
  342. And by something else, you mean find a place to relax where nosy ponies won't bother you.
  343. Wandering gets you somewhere,  mainly lost, and before long, you're just knocking then opening doors.
  344. A good half of the rooms are empty, and another chunk are bedrooms or storage closets.
  345. Turning down another hallway, you find a set of double doors open, and beyond it, a library by the looks of it.
  346. A quick check confirms your suspicions, and you step inside.
  347. The pony at the checkout desk hardly acknowledges your presence, and you start scanning shelves.
  348. "Lets see now... autobiographies, no... bibliographies, no... hmn... ah, here we go, fiction."
  349. No authors jump out at you, though that's hardly surprising, considering you're on some other world, but you come across a few interesting titles.
  350. "Daring Dude and the search for the lantern of flesh? Sounds pretty cool."
  351. Some searching finds you a reading area, its only other occupant both metaphorically and nearly literally buried in their books.
  352. Taking some of the cushions, you set up a comfortable seat and plop down to read.
  353. The book turns out to be similar in style to Indiana Jones, but written for a younger audience.
  354. It's quite enjoyable, but as you are about to finish off the second chapter, you notice the purple unicorn is no longer interested in their book.
  355. Instead, he's quite intently focused on you.
  356. A little too intently...
  357. "Hi, who are you? I've never seen anything like you before, are you a stallion or a mare? Do you mind if I sit with you? If you want I can tell you how the book ends? Not many ponies come here to read, but now a strange creature is reading here. No offense meant, but you are a strange creature. Hey would you like to come to ponyville with me? We can teach each other all sorts of things, and you can meet my friends, though Bubble Berry will have to throw you a welcoming party. He's a great friend, but he can be a bit much sometimes. Hey, where did you go?"
  358. You, of course, got up and left early on in her rant, leaving her standing there talking to nothing, while you find another place to be left alone.
  359. More wandering leads you up several flights of stairs in one staircase, then down some in another.
  360. Your final location is somewhere you have no clue where you are, and hopefully nobody else does either.
  361. The dead end hallway has only a heavily locked, barred and crazy magic bubbled barriered door.
  362. Sitting and getting somewhat comfortable, you relax against a wall, letting your mind wander.
  363. As far as you can tell, guys are abundant as mosquitos in a swamp compared to the number of females.
  364. This, of course means for as long as you are single there are probably going to be dozens of stallions after you.
  365. "I wonder if Solaris can hook me up with a place near the middle of nowhere. Well as long as he can't find a way to get me home."
  366. "I can, though I don't see why you would wish to live far from the cities and towns," you hear Solaris say as he trots towards you down the hall.
  367. "How did you find me?" You ask, shooting to your feet.
  368. "The truth is, you found yourself for me. This hall is filled with wards that alert me whenever something unauthorized enters them."
  369. "So I was right not to touch that door?"
  370. He nods, motioning you to follow, "there are valuable and dangerous things in that room. Things that could endanger the world if they fell into the wrong hooves."
  371. "I guess my hiding place isn't a hiding place anymore, huh?"
  372. "Well if a private hiding spot is what you seek, I have a few that only I know about. They really come in handy on days where I just don't feel like doing anything."
  373. "Are you sure you should be telling me this?" You ask with a raised eyebrow, to which he dismissively waves.
  374. "If I wasn't supposed to, I wouldn't tell you. Now do you want some privacy or not?"
  375. "Lead the way."
  376. The prince of the sun guides you back through some halls, through some stairs and you're pretty sure he took you through a solid stone wall at one point, before arriving at a nondescript wooden door.
  377. "This place is where I retreat to relax and enjoy time alone. Nobody but myself knows about it, so your privacy is guaranteed."
  378. Your eyes wander over the fancy, yet muted decorations of the room, before stepping inside and flopping on the lounger within.
  379. "Ah, this'll do nicely, but how will I find my way back to the normal parts of the castle?"
  380. "There is a glyph on the back of the door, just press the room you wish to go to and step through. It's only connected to the main rooms though, like the throne room and dining hall."
  381. Waving him off, you stretch your back and shoulders, a few satisfying pops coming from stiff joints.
  382. The door closes quietly as he leaves, and after a few moments of laying there, you sit up and search the shelves for a book.
  383. After a few moments of scanning, you find some familiar books, namely more of the Daring Dude series.
  384. Though it doesn't have Daring Dude and the search for the lantern of flesh, you settle on Daring Dude and the cherry popping curse.
  385. The title's not as interesting as the lantern of flesh, but the story is just as good and hooks you early.
  386. Finally, for the first time since you got here, you can actually relax in peace.
  387. At least thats what you thought.
  388. As you reach the end of chapter 2, the door opens and you sit up staring at the purple unicorn that walked in.
  389. "I finally found you, miss monkey thing. Why did you leave before, I had so many questions?"
  390. Setting the book down, you stand up, walk over to the pony, pick them up and carry them back to the door.
  391. "I left because I wanted to be fucking LEFT ALONE!"
  392. Slapping a sigil on the door, you open it again and violently throw the pony out into wherever the magic left them before slamming the door shut.
  393. Shoving the lounger up against the door, you flop back down and try to get back into the book.
  394. Meanwhile, the confused pony sits in the entrance to the throne room, trying to figure out how they got there.
  396. *
  398. "Uh... Prince Solaris, how did I get here?"
  399. "Where were you before you got here?" He asks, answering your question with one of his own.
  400. "Well, I was originally in the library, reading up on some of StarSwirls old spells, when I saw this strange monkey-like creature reading a Daring Dude book. Obviously, I had to introduce myself and get to know everything about them since I've never read anything about them before, and as a scientifically minded pony, I could not let the opportunity pass me by. The problem is, during my introduction, they slipped off. So I gathered some skin flakes from the book they were reading and set up a tracking spell to follow their path. After a while, I finally found them in a room, and as I asked them why they left, they picked me up and threw me out the door. I landed here, even though the room was for sure on the other side of the castle."
  401. Your teacher bobs his head slowly, a thin smile on his lips, "she is rather adamant she gets some alone time right now, so it would be best if you waited for her to come to you."
  402. Pondering your teachers words, you nod to him before turning one-eighty and leaving the throne room.
  403. 'She wants alone time, meaning she must be pleasuring herself, but why would she do it alone? Everypony knows its better if you do it with a friend.'
  404. "That's it!" You exclaim, the proper realization coming to you, "she must not have friends, so that's why she is doing it alone. This must be one of Solaris' advanced friendship tests, and I had to see the hints to get it."
  405. Settling your book bag on your back you begin running through the halls.
  406. "Fear not, miss monkey thing, I'm coming to help you masturbate!"
  408. *
  410. A clatter of hooves wakes you from your nap, and accompanying the hooves is a voice shouting nonsense.
  411. The sounds are heading straight for the room, so after quickly stretching, you slap a sigil on the door and wait for it to open.
  412. And open it does, not a moment later, revealing the purple unicorn from before.
  413. They open their mouth to say something, but before they can get a word out you're already through the door.
  414. Faint but sweet scents swirl in the air, the flowers in the garden beds rustling in the faint breeze.
  415. Quiet serenity, but with how things have been going, not for long.
  416. Case and point, the loud yell that comes from one of the tall towers moments after you arrive.
  417. Moments later, sticky white goop lands on a shrub in the distance, leaving you to spin around and walk away.
  418. "Maybe I should just leave this place. I'd get my privacy, but..."
  419. Letting out a sigh, your fingers massage your temples, extracting what stress they can as you make your way back inside.
  420. "Screwed one way, fucked the other. Either way, I lose."
  421. "I feel as though I am missing some context. Would you like to talk about it, Anonymous?" Solaris asks, trotting slowly down a hall towards you.
  422. "Just trying to figure out what to do, now that my life has been flipped on its head and kicked in the cunt a couple times, nothing big."
  423. Standing at your side, he drapes a wing over your shoulder as best he can, saying, "if you need help, both my brother and I would be more than willing to help."
  424. "Can you get me a house in the middle of nowhere but still have it so I could get to a city easily and quickly? No offense, but you ponies are waaaay to friendly and invasive for my tastes."
  425. His head shakes slowly, and replies, "unfortunately, thats impossible to do with our current capabilities, but perhaps you'd be willing to settle for a house outside a small town? There are a lot less ponies there, and if your house is a bit of a walk away, few are likely to bother you."
  426. "It'll have to do, I guess. Is there any way I could contact you from there? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but if something goes wrong, I'd like to be able to contact the only pony who has shown actual... normality, I guess. You're the only one who's spent any amount of time around me without going gaga over my breasts."
  427. "They do seem to hold a profound sway over those around them, such as my brother, yes. As for your question, in the towns library there lives a young dragon whose job it is to send important letters to me. The service is quick, secure and private, so you should have no concerns using it."
  428. "Sounds good. What's the name of this place, and how long will it take to get a house there?"
  429. Briefly rubbing his chin, he replies, "it'll only take a week or so to get a house built, and in the mean time you can stay here or go there and stay in the library for the time being. The town is called Ponyville, and it's about a half day by train from Canterlot."
  430. "I'll head off tomorrow then, and see if I can get a start on finding a job while the house is being made."
  431. Trotting off, Solaris says, "I have a few things to prepare before you leave, so be sure to stop by tomorrow morning."
  432. "Sure, see ya later."
  433. With problems for the long term fixed, it's time to fix your immediate and seemingly irreparable problem.
  434. Some god damn peace and quiet.
  435. Humans may be social creatures, but they can only stand being around others for so long before they desire some time to themselves.
  436. At least you know your way around from here, somewhat.
  437. By this time, its near sundown, the mindless problems having stopped you from getting dinner before.
  438. "Good thing the kitchen is on the way back to my room," you say, rubbing your growling stomach, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."
  439. "You could, uh... eat us, if that's the way you like it..." a familiar voice says, and you turn around to see Artemis there.
  440. "We did just finish several times, but with some magic we could be ready to go shortly."
  441. "It's a figure of speech, god damn it, not some stupid pony innuendo."
  442. "Oh," he replies, looking downtrodden, "well we were heading to the kitchen to acquire some dinner. We're quite famished after that session, and if you wish, you can join us."
  443. "Sure, as long as you don't do or try anything stupid, got it?"
  444. "We... I, understand. Would you perchance be willing to talk on the way? We would be very interested in the tales of an unknown species."
  445. Following him as he heads to the kitchens, you shrug then nod.
  446. "Sure, I guess so. What do you want to hear about?"
  447. "Tales of heroes, of villains and monsters. Stories that will make us laugh, cry, feel fear and more!"
  448. "You want me to tell you an epic in the time it takes to get to the kitchen?"
  449. "The tale can continue during our meal, and after, if you so desire."
  450. "We'll see. This story starts with an apple. But not just any apple, an apple of gold, marked "For the fairest". While this alone would cause problems between friends, this apple was made by Eris, the goddess of chaos, and placed between three beautiful goddesses, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. Seeing their quarrel, Zeus, leader of the gods, sent them to Paris to be judged."
  451. Taking a brief pause to look over at him, there is a trace of confusion, a lot of excitement, and wandering eyes.
  452. "Paris judged Aphrodite to be the fairest, and the apple was hers, but in return he asked that she make Helen, the most beautiful woman fall in love with him and move to Troy, his kingdom. Tales say that Helen was so beautiful, her face could launch a thousand ships."
  453. "She could be no more fair than you, in our humble opinion."
  454. "Anyways, the problem is Helen was already married. Her husband, a guy with some name I can't remember, was the king of another country, and no guy likes having his girl stolen, so naturally, he goes to war with Paris. The war lasted ten years, with Helen's husband and his people, the Greeks, unable to breach the walls of Troy."
  455. "War for ten years? That's absurd, why would anypony battle for so long?"
  456. "Being the clever ruler he was, the guy came up with a plan. His best engineers constructed a giant wooden horse, filled it with many of the best greek soldiers, and sailed his ships into the distance. Thinking the siege was over and the monumental horse was a gift, Paris ordered it be brought inside. Once night fell, the greeks climbed out of the horse, opened the gate to let the other greek soldiers who returned on the boats in, and then they slaughtered nearly all the people of troy, keeping some women and children as slaves. The end."
  457. Artemis's jaw opens and closes, gesticulating the story, trying to formulate a response while you go on ahead into the kitchen.
  458. Digging through the fridges, you find a lot of fruits and veggies, some flowers and other plant matter you can't identify.
  459. There is some dairy as well, so grabbing some cheese, butter and bread, you prepare a yet to be grilled grilled cheese sandwich.
  460. The stoves are all pilot light gas models, but they'll work just fine, so you start scrounging in the cupboards for a frying pan.
  462. ~~~
  464. Thrown off by the ending of Anonymous's story, you stop just outside the kitchen door, trying to think of a response that at the very least wouldn't offend her.
  465. If possible, a response that would get her into...
  466. "No, clean thoughts, Artemis," you think to yourself as you open the door, "rushing this has only caused problems. Take it slow, and keep it in its"
  467. Inside, you see Anonymous digging in the cupboards on her hands and knees, ass in the air.
  468. A voice in your head is not very subtly yelling, "MAGIC OFF HER CLOTHES AND MOUNT HER CURVACEOUS ASS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!"
  469. The stirring between your legs agrees with your brains sentiment, but with all the force of will you have, you resist.
  470. Instead, you lower to the ground to get on her level so you're less likely to startle her and the cold on your balls helps kill your erection.
  471. "Anonymous, what are you searching for? Perhaps we could help?"
  472. "I'm trying to find a pan to cook my sandwich in, but this place is so full of things I can't find one."
  473. "You're in the wrong part, Anonymous, the pots and pans are over there," you say, rising back to standing and indicating the central kitchen island.
  474. Going to where you indicated, She quickly returns with a pan and sets it on a burner before turning that one on.
  475. "Out of curiosity, what manner of sandwich did you make?"
  476. "Grilled cheese, one of my personal favorites."
  477. "It has been a while since we had one, if we were to prepare it, would you mind cooking it for us?"
  478. She shrugs, saying, "sure, I don't see why not," before setting her own sandwich on the pan.
  479. Haven't even gone on a date and she's already making you a sandwich... sort of.
  480. Talk about smooth.
  481. 'Now if only I could get her on a date with me,' you think to yourself, assembling your sandwich.
  482. Her sandwich cooks quickly and is off the pan as you finish making yours, so you set it in to cook.
  483. The spatula may not have been designed for hands, but Anonymous manipulates it deftly, flipping your sandwich with ease.
  484. How her hand wraps around the hoof bracket like it was your big meaty dick, how she would gently stroke up and down while resting on your back, her massive, bare teats pressing into you...
  485. 'Clean thoughts, Artemis, clean thoughts,' you repeat in your head, trying to turn your thoughts to the sandwiches.
  486. Speaking of which, with a deft flick, she jumps your sandwich out of the pan and onto a plate before cutting it in half.
  487. "There you go, one grilled cheese sandwich, hot and ready to go," she says while grabbing her own.
  488. Trying to focus on your sandwich, your eyes snap to her as she lets out a quiet moaning sound as she takes a bite, the cheese stretching like a strand of cum, before ripping and dangling down her chin and onto her chest, 'oh dear Celestia she's licking it up.'
  489. As her tongue brings in the last of the cheese, you see the lump that is the cum, wait, no, it's cheese, gods you wish it was your cum...
  490. Doing everything you can to keep your boner from raging, you focus on your sandwich intently and go to town eating it.
  491. As you eat, your tongue parts the bread, lapping at it's soft, cheesy interior like it was the depths of Anonymous's exotic vagina...
  492. 'Even eating isn't safe!' You mentally scream at yourself, your dong twitching below you, ready to blow.
  493. "Wehavetogo,sorry,bye!" You exclaim, running out with your human vagina, er... I mean sandwich.
  494. Reaching your room, you look at the slick, warm sandwich you were giving oral to, and shake your head.
  495. "Am I really going to do this...?" You ask yourself, already knowing the answer.
  496. Holding the sandwich in your magic, you lower it and...
  498. ~~~
  500. Finishing the last of your sandwich, you set things to be cleaned and head back to your room.
  501. The room is untouched, everything still where you left it, thankfully, meaning you aren't likely to get interrupted mid sleep.
  502. Heck, even Artemis was on good behaviour, and didn't drop a single shitty innuendo or sex joke the whole time.
  503. Propping the chair back under the door, just in case, you take a quick bathroom break before stripping down to your underwear and crawling into the cushiony softness of the bed.
  504. "Maybe I can *yawn* get Solaris to help me get a bed like this once my new house is made."
  505. It doesn't take long, and soon you are fast asleep.
  508. # chapter 3 #
  509. >This night, there are no interruptions, no ponies sneaking into your bed or other such nonsense, just pure, unadulterated sleep.
  510. >The morning light is soft and warm, peeking through the window at just the right angle to gently stir you awake without hitting your eyes directly.
  511. >Sitting up and stretching your arms, you let out a silent yawn before grabbing your clothes and heading for the bathroom.
  512. >Nature's call is one best not ignored, and while the low pony toilets aren't the most ergonomically designed toilets for humans, you make do.
  513. >Scrubbing your clothing in the sink, you wrap a towel around yourself before going back into the main room to hang them on chair backs to dry while you get yourself clean.
  514. >Opting for a shower rather than a bath this morning, you make sure to prop a chair under the door to keep it shut and start the hot water flowing.
  515. >Scrubbing out your hair, you make sure everything gets a full treatment, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, the whole 9 yards.
  516. >Toweling off after turning it off, you run a brush through your hair, and it comes out silky smooth and "run your fingers through it" soft.
  517. >Getting it into your normal style takes a little work with just a pony brush, but you manage, and with a towel around yourself, you step out into the bedroom.
  518. >There are three things you notice immediately.
  519. >One, the main door is open.
  520. >Two, your bra is missing.
  521. >Three, a tail is vanishing out the main door, likely with your bra.
  522. >Today may have started off well, but soon, heads will roll.
  523. >Grabbing your shirt and pulling it on, you rush for the door, your lower half scarcely covered by the towel.
  524. "Get back here you fucking thief! Give me back my bra!" You yell out sprinting down the hall.
  525. >The tail vanishes around another corner, but you  have enough time to identify a colour this time, a lighter blue.
  526. >Not that you know all the blue maned ponies around here, but al least you know it isn't Artemis or Solaris, sine their manes are crazy floaty energy, not hair.
  527. >Hopefully they can help, since whoever this thief is, they're damned quick.
  528. >Storming back to your room, you finish dressing, wishing once again you had more clothes here, since everything is still slightly damp.
  529. >A problem for later; for now, seeing if Solaris can help find whoever stole your bra.
  530. >Without it, your chest feels exposed, but free, bouncing and jiggling with each step.
  531. >Freedom isn't always a good thing though, as you can feel the difference in balance already.
  532. >And without the covering, it feels like you're putting on a show for these perverted ponies.
  533. "I swear to god if that stupid little white one comes onto me one more time, I'm going to kick his balls in so far he'll be tasting sperm for a week."
  534. >"That seems a little harsh for him giving you some attention," Solaris says from the doorway, "and I would be forced to detain you for assaulting a royal guard."
  535. "Whats the penalty for theft then? Some pony snuck in here while I was showering and took my bra. I caught a glimpse of them as they ran, but I only saw they had a ligher blue tail."
  536. >"Your bra? What's that?" He asks as you walk to the dining room with him.
  537. "Its a piece of underclothing that supports my breasts at helps balance the weight. It's two bowl shaped pieces of fabric with little straps attached. It's light pink, but really, you'll know it when you see it."
  538. >"I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it and the thief, but for now, breakfast will help take your mind off things."
  539. "I doubt it, but it can't hurt, I suppose."
  540. >Unlike before, the table isn't filled with foods of all kinds, instead, its a little more focused into pastries and fruit.
  541. >Muffins of all kinds, strudels loaded with sweet smelling fruits and even cupcakes stacked high with icing are there.
  542. >Most of said cupcakes quickly float off the platter and cover most of Solaris's plate, to which you quirk an eyebrow.
  543. >"It's a... um, guilty pleasure of mine. I love cakes and cake-like pastries."
  544. "Remind me to bake you one as thanks then, once I get a home and kitchen and all that."
  545. >"You'd do that?"
  546. "It's the least I can do to repay you for your help so far, and even moreso if you can figure out who the thief was."
  547. >"There was a thief?" Artemis asks, entering the room as you take a seat to eat, "I do hope nothing valuable was taken."
  548. "Just a one of a kind object," you say nonchalantly, viciously slicing open a muffin, "nothing major."
  549. >Shooting over, he practically shouts, "of course it is important. Such an object must be retrieved at once, and the thief apprehended."
  550. >Turning to run of in heroic search, he barely manages a step before he turns back and sheepishly asks, "eh, what was stolen?"
  551. >"Her bra," Solaris replies for you, as your mouth is currently occupied by steamy warm muffin, "it's a piece of clothing with two bowl shaped parts to support her breasts. It's also pink and quite unique, according to her."
  552. >"We shall be on the lookout for them then, and for the thief as well."
  553. >His eyes lock on you as you go to take your second bite, the first having been the peak of the muffin, and his cheeks flare pink.
  554. "What? Is there something on my face?" You ask after moving the muffin just back enough to talk.
  555. >"No, I er we er you uh... we'll be going now..." Artemis replies, quickly trotting away.
  556. >With a shrug, you take another bite from your muffin, before chasing it with a mouthful of apple juice.
  557. >Swallowing his own mouthful of cupcake, Solaris clears his throat and says, "well, back to the reason I wanted to talk with you before you left, I have gotten in contact with a few trustworthy ponies from Ponyville, and several would be willing to lend you a spare room to stay in."
  558. "Let me guess, they're all guys."
  559. >"Well, yes, but I'd trust them all with my own daughter, if I had one."
  560. "It's not really necessary, I was planning on roughing it for the week or so, and looking for a job at the same time."
  561. >"At least meet them. They'll be at the station to greet you, and if you don't want to stay with any of them, it's fine."
  562. "It can't hurt, I guess, though could I get a cloth bandage roll before I go?"
  563. >Solaris lets out a small gasp and says, "of course, are you injured?"
  564. "No, its just an alternative I can use instead of my bra, though its more for restraint than support."
  565. >"I'll have someone escort you to the medical wing to get some after breakfast. For now, these cupcakes are calling my name."
  566. >With a lick of his lips, he goes to town on a cupcake, just short of inhaling it he finishes so fast.
  567. >Turning to your own plate, you're done in a few minutes, now that all that had to be said has been said.
  568. >A brief moment to relax and let breakfast settle, and you're sent off with a royal guard to the medical wing of the castle.
  569. >Solaris, on the other hand...
  571. ~~~
  573. >Rising from the dining table, you immediately head towards your personal chamber, a suspect in mind.
  574. >And if your hunch is correct, you should be able to catch them red hoofed.
  575. >Instead of entering your own, though, you instead press your ear to the door next to yours.
  576. >Squishy wet slaps come from the other side, prompting you to push open the door.
  577. >There, right in front of you is your brother thrusting his penis in between two mounds of jello with what you assume is Anonymous's bra on them.
  578. >"Eh, brother, this isnt what it appears to..." he starts, pulling out of the thing, but as his already swelling tip passes through, it sets him off, causing him to blow his load all over the jiggly green jello and pink bra.
  579. "I'm sure you have some explanation as to why you have Anonymous's stolen clothing, and are using it as bellyflap fuel, so please, explain."
  580. >He takes deep breaths to calm himself, and with a final one that comes out like a sigh, he starts.
  581. >"As you well know, being a prince means few if any mares would deny our advances, and while it has been in excess of a thousand years since I last felt attraction to one, its unlikely that has changed; yet Anonymous shows no interest whatsoever in any of my advances."
  582. "And this justifies taking her clothing?"
  583. >"No, that was accidental. You see, I had visited her room to ask her why she hadn't responded to my advances, but she wasn't there. Seeing the clothing on her bed, I became interested in it, and I was examining the bra when I heard the bathroom door opening."
  584. >"Last time I accidently encountered her there, she was rather angry, and I did not wish to cause further problems, so I ran, and forgot I had her clothing in my possesion."
  585. "So why didn't you return her clothing right away, after explaining this?"
  586. >Shuffling his hooves, he replies, "is it wrong to wish to smell the object of your affection as you bellyflap?"
  587. "No, but to steal one of their only possessions so you can do it IS wrong."
  588. >With a gulp, Artemis nods, sheepishly lifting the object of contention with his magic, the article still covered in seed.
  589. "You will clean it, and return it, brother. I will know if you don't."
  590. >He nods again, before teleporting away, taking the bra with him.
  591. >Sometimes, you question why this happens to you all the time.
  592. "Comes with the territory, I suppose. I wonder how Anonymous will fare in Ponyville."
  593. >Making your way down to the main hall, you find Anonymous there, her chest visibly smaller due to the bandages.
  594. >"Hey Solaris, any leads? Or are you here to see me off?" She asks, giving you a smile.
  595. "Both and more," you say, stopping next to her, "I've found the thief, though they have some work to do before they can return your clothing, and I have another to see off as well, today."
  596. >"Oh? So who are they?"
  597. "Which? The thief or the other one I have to see off?"
  598. >"Both, if you don't mind."
  599. "While it wasn't intentional, my brother is the thief. I'm sure he will explain it when he returns your apparel, and the one I'm here to see off as well is..."
  600. >You're cut off by a gasp and a clatter of hooves as your student Dusklight Sparkle rushes into the room.
  601. >"Hey, why did you keep running away from me, miss? I just wished to help you," Dusklight asks Anonymous, stopping almost face first in between her thighs.
  602. >"Simple, I wanted to be left alone, not be pestered by ponys with their annoying innuendo and lack of privacy."
  603. "As I said before, my student, she wanted time to herself, and when she is ready to divulge more about herself, she will. These things should not be rushed."
  604. >"And rushing is what he did," Anonymous says, "rushing right in when I was trying to get a nap in. At least he was noisy enough to wake me, I'd rather not wake up with some strange pony cuddling me."
  605. >"But thats unnatural!" Dusklight exclaims, "not having a friend with you while asleep must be terrifying."
  606. "Do not measure another culture by ours, my student, to them, sleeping in groups may seem unnatural," you say sagely, and you see Anonymous nod.
  607. >"With humans, only couples, parents and young children or young siblings sleep together."
  608. "Perhaps you can save this for the train? If you do not hurry, you'll be late."
  609. >Dusklight lets out a squeak before a series of bags comes floating into view, held by magic from his horn.
  610. >"He's right, Anonymous, we can continue thus on the train. Get your bags and lets go!"
  611. >Anonymous turns to you before asking, "How long before your brother returns you know what?"
  612. "He'll likely have it back by the time you reach Ponyville. Now hurry along, your belongings are already there, and I look forward to your cake."
  613. >With a happy smile, she nods and replies, " it'll be the best one I can make, though it hardly adds up to everything you've done for me. Thank you for everything Solaris, you're a great friend."
  614. >With that, she's out the door, following the guard escort to the train station.
  615. "I hope my little ponies don't bother her too much," you say to yourself, returning to your normal work.
  617. ~~~
  619. >This annoying purple unicorn won't shut up!
  620. >No matter how hard you stare out the window, trying to admire the scenery, this purple unicorns incessant blathering will not stop.
  621. >Clenching one hand, you reach out and grab his snout, holding it closed.
  622. "Alright, since you wont let me enjoy this ride in peace and quiet, here's a deal. For every ten minutes of silence you give me on the ride there, I'll answer one question of yours, alright?"
  623. >He nods, and when you let him go, he sits back, watching you a moment before pulling out a book.
  624. >Looking back out the window, you enjoy the beautiful scenery pass by, the unnaturally natural beauty of it all taking your breath away.
  625. >A small town soon becomes visible in the distance, decorated here and there by unique buildings.
  626. >It gives you a cozy vibe, but as your gaze crosses a large cupcake looking building, you feel a chill run down your spine.
  627. >It vanishes quickly though, and you continue admiring the town.
  628. >Time flies in silence, thankfully and before you know it, you're arriving at the station.
  629. >Grabbing the bag left for you, you stretch a bit and prepare to depart.
  630. >Dusklight takes his bags and floats them on ahead, while you follow behind.
  631. >Being in the "royal car" you're to the side of the other emptying cars, and in front of you are several ponies greeting Dusklight.
  632. >As you step down they turn to you, and you feel that chill return.
  633. >"Guys, this is Anonymous, the girl Solaris told you about," Dusklight says, gesturing to you.
  634. >"Well, Solaris was right, you are uniquely different, but certainly beautiful, as he put it," a white and purple Unicorn says, "but where are my manners, my name is Elusive, it's a pleasure to meet you."
  635. >Giving him a nod, your face is filled with pink as you look back up, one of the ponys a hairs breadth from your face.
  636. >Instinctively pushing back, you send the pony tumbling into his friends as he opens his mouth.
  637. >"Ouch," he says, rubbing his head as he sits up, "that wasn't very nice."
  638. >"Sorry, Bubble, I forgot to tell you she's quite different compared to us."
  639. "If you guys don't mind random ponies suddenly jumping in your faces, then yeah, I'd say we're fairly different," you say, crossing your arms.
  640. >"Eh, thats just Berry bring Berry," a blue with rainbow maned pony says, floating just above the ground in front of you, suspended by small wings. "The names, Rainbow Blitz, fastest pegasus in Equestria," he adds, holding out a hoof.
  641. >Reaching out to shake it, your hand is caught by an orange hoof from an equally orange stallion sporting a Stetson, "ah'm Applejack, it's nice ta meet ya ma'am. If yer lookin' fer work, ah'm sure Big Gala'd love another gall helpin down on the farm, and ya look plenty tough enough for the work, with them strong hips."
  642. "I'll consider it, Applejack, but to tell you the truth, I'm not as strong as I look."
  643. >Behind her, you notice Dusklight looking around, before she asks, "where's Butterscotch?"
  644. >The others look around, and Elusive says, "I'm sure he was right behind me, we came from the spa to here so we could look our bests, but..."
  645. >"No, Angel," you hear, allong with rapidly apporaching hooves, "now isn't the time for this I have to hurry to meet Solaris's important..."
  646. >Just shy of crashing into you, a paleish yellow pony comes to a stop, looking up at you.
  647. >His mouth opens and closes, trying to say something, before he gives a squeak and runs off, a white rabbit clinging to his tail.
  648. >Rainbow Blitz rolls his eyes, before saying, "I'll go find him, he can't be far."
  649. >"Good idea. We'll show Anonymous around, and besides, she does owe me 4.65 questions, because of our deal," Dusklight says with a smile, looking back at you.
  650. "You did keep your side, so I'll keep mine."
  651. >"Great," he says, picking his luggage back up with magic, "lets get to my library to drop these off, and then we can start our tour and Q and A session."
  652. >Shifting the bag Solaris left for you, you follow behind him, the other joining as well.
  653. >No, wait, Bubble Berry seems to have vanished off somewhere.
  654. >The others don't seem concerned, so you just shrug and go with the flow.
  655. >Reaching the library, you're rather surprised to find it's inside a large hollow tree.
  656. >Unlike at the castle, the doora here are rather low, so you have to crouch to get inside.
  657. >"Welcome to my home, Anonymous, feel free to find a seat while I pit my stuff away. There's also a spare bed, if you want to stay here while you get settled in."
  658. "Thanks but no thanks, I already have plans while I wait for my house to be built. That extends to the rest of you too, since I believe Solaris mentioned something like that."
  659. >"Indeed he did," Elusive says, "and while I'd be delighted for one who wears fashion as you do to stay at my home for a time, I'm afraid I don't have the room."
  660. >"Well, the barn's always empty round this time o' year and ah suppose ah could ask Gala if she'd mind sharin' her bed, if ya find ya want a place to stay."
  661. "I'll keep it in mind, but unless the weather goes south quick, I'll survive the next week just fine."
  662. >Dusklight walks back into the room, the smile still on his face, before he pulls over a cushion to sit on and a quill and parchment.
  663. >"So, here's my first question," he starts, when there is a knock at the door.
  664. >More magic, and the door opens to reveal Artemis there, holding your bra with magic.
  665. >"We were informed you were here. We wished to return this and apologize. We had entered your chambers to ask you a question, but since you were in the showers, we decided to wait. While waiting, we saw your clothing, and were intrigued as to what this was. When we figured it out, we heard you exiting the shower and panicked, fearing you might get the wrong idea we fled, forgetting we still had a grip on your clothing. In our rush, we lost it, and when you said it had been taken, we didn't want to lose your friendship, so we sought to retrieve and clean it before returning it to you."
  666. >Taking it from him, you turn it over in your hands, making sure it's undamaged and undefiled.
  667. "I guess it's fine in the end, Artemis, but next time, just ask."
  668. >"What is that?" Dusklight asks, looking at your bra.
  669. >"It's called a bra, and its a piece of underclothing used to support my breasts. That's your first question, what's your next one?"
  670. >"But... no, ugh, fine. Alright, what was going to be my first question is this. What are the details about you we should know as friends?"
  671. "Lets see..." you say, rubbing your chin, "I'm x'x", I weigh about xxx pounds, my favourite color is [Redacted], I like grilled cheese, [Data missing] and chocolate chip cookies, I'm not much of a sports fan except for [Error] and I worked as a [Translation Failure] before I came here."
  672. >"Interesting," Dusklight mutters, scribbling away with his quill, "wait, why am I writing, Barb is much better at this. BARB!?"
  673. >A small thump is heard from upstairs, and soon a lithe purple and green lizard comes running down the stairs.
  674. >"You should have told me you were back, Dusk, I was waiting for you."
  675. >"Sorry, Barb, I didn't have time to get you up, I was showing Anonymous here around."
  676. >Looking up at you, Barb lets out a whistle, "Wow, you're a tall gal. Nice to meet you, I'm Barb, Dusklight's number one assistant."
  677. >She holds up a small claw, and kneeling down, you take it and shake.
  678. "Nice to meet you too Barb."
  679. >"Not to interrupt, but perhaps we could start showing her around while you ask your questions, Dusklight? While I would love to spend all day chatting, I do have work waiting for me," Elusive says, glancing at a clock.
  680. >"I suppose we can. It'll give us a chance to meet up with they guys again. Should we visit your Boutique first?"
  681. >"Well, I'm sure Bubble would be devastated if we took her to Sugarcube corner without him, and no offense, Applejack, but the farm is quite a ways away."
  682. >"None taken, Sugarcube, we can head out mah way when Blitz gets back with Butterscotch."
  683. >"Then we better get going, because the Blitz is here, and I have our little scaredy pony," Rainbow Blitz says, striding in the front door with Butterscotch behind him.
  684. >The quiet pony does his best to hide behind Applejack, and Elusive rolls his eyes.
  685. >"You don't need to be afraid of our new friend, Butterscotch, she may be a bit imposing, she's a polite person."
  686. "Yep. If you don't bother me when I don't want to be bothered, we'll get along perfectly."
  687. >He nods, still hiding inneffectualy behind Applejack.
  688. >"If you could point me to the washroom, I need to change into this," you say, holding up your bra.
  689. >"Why would you need the bathroom to change?" Dusklight asks, and Elusive shakes his head while Artemis flushes red.
  690. >"It's, er, a private article, Dusklight. If we remember, correctly, Anonymous, her washroom is the first door on the left down that hall."
  691. "Thanks Artemis. Be right back."
  692. >Stepping off to the bathroom, you close the door behind you before pulling off your shirt.
  693. >Unbinding the bandages, your chest hangs free, the pressure gone.
  694. "Man, I don't know how people can stand to do that for long times," you say, gently massaging the stiffness from your breasts.
  695. >Setting your bra in place, you readjust the straps that have loosened, before clicking the clasps.
  696. "That's so much better," you sigh, pulling on your shirt, when you hear hooves scraping outside the door.
  697. >"But I..." you hear Dusklight start, before there is the sound of a newspaper swat.
  698. >"No, Dusklight, we told you it was private, and we will ensure it stays that way," Artemis says, before you open the door back to the hallway.
  699. >Looking around the corner, you see the moon prince dragging Dusk back with magic, and there is a rolled up newspaper positioned above Dusk's nose.
  700. "Whats up, Artemis?" You ask, already having an idea of the answer.
  701. >"We did not wish for him to see you nude, even partially so as we know how you dislike it."
  702. >"But it's for science, and besides, we dont wear clothing, I don't see why she does."
  703. "Humans prefer not to be nude in public, for one, so we wear clothing. It also helps regulate our temperature and can be used for everything from attracting guys, to impressing your boss to making a statement about yourself."
  704. >"So why are you wearing them now then? We're not in public and its nice and warm in here."
  705. "Because I'd rather not be showing basically complete strangers my tits and vagina."
  706. >"What?"
  707. >"Humans are nearly entirely hairless, Dusklight. Their reproductive organs have nothing to hide them, so they wear clothing for decency purposes. At least, that is what we gathered from our brother and Anonymous during our conversations and, er... our accident."
  708. >Walking past them, you get back into the main room of the library, and your now sort of released chest draws some interesting reactions.
  709. >"My, that looks much better Anonymous, your upper clothing seemed baggy, but it looks like it fits better now," Elusive says, before being pushed aside by Butterscotch.
  710. >"It's no time for that Elusive, can't you see those are teats, and being so swollen means they must be filled with milk for a newborn. Oh I want to see your child so much, Anonymous, may I?"
  711. >"Ah hate ta rain on yer parade, Scotch, but if they were teats, wouldn't they be lower?"
  712. >"Not at all, Applejack, you see, she's like a chimpanzee, and because of her stance and stature, theyre higher up so thwy can use their arms to support their children while feeding."
  713. "I hate to disappoint, but I don't have any children, and my breasts are normal right now. And Elusive,  you seem quite knowledgeable about clothing for a pony whose naked all the time, would you happen  to know a tailor I could get more clothes made from?"
  714. >"Why yes I do, Anonymous, as I myself am a tailor,  as we will see when we get to my boutique."
  715. >"Then we should depart post haste," Artemis says, setting the newspaper aside, Dusk following a little depressed.
  716. "Cheer up, Dusklight, you still have a tour to give and besides, I'd rather not owe you 2.65 answers any longer than I have to."
  717. >"Yeah, cheer up Duskie, we have a tour to give to our newest bestest friend," Berry says from beside you.
  718. >Jumping back a step, you look over at the pink pony who suddenly appeared next to you,  and he looks back at you with an innocent smile.
  719. >"What's up Anonie? You look like you saw a ghost."
  720. "No, you just startled me a bit."
  721. >"Okie dokie Loki, as long as it wasn't a ghostie. Now hurry up Dusklight or we're gonna be late."
  722. >"Late!? For what? I don't remember having anything planned, and I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything..."
  723. >"Trust me, Dusk, if if we dont leave within the next six minutes and thirty one seconds, we'll be late for something important."
  724. >He stares at Berry for a moment, before sighing.
  725. >"Alright, Berry, lets get going."
  726. >Picking up the bag, you follow the pony procession, the line being let by a bouncing Bubble Berry.
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