Chapter 1612

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  5. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  7. "As expected of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning. Just based on its aura, it doesn't disappoint the word 'divine'." Venerable Zhu Liu said: "If we can succeed, then we no longer have to worry about the future of Young Master."
  9. "Master has said it himself, this Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning is very likely about to mature completely. The divine power that it contains might even surpass the three fruits our Eternal Heaven has obtained in our history. " Venerable Tai Yin gazed ahead, his eyes shining. "The future of Young Master is the future of our Eternal Heaven. This time, we can only succeed, we can't fail. "
  11. "We have no reason to fail." Venerable Zhu Liu said in a deep voice.
  13. Eternal Heaven God Realm didn't want to fight with the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race, so the more people that went, the worse i'd be. They were the most suitable two people, with extremely high spatial attainments, as well as bringing with them the Eternal Heaven God Realm's strongest spatial treasure, adding on their understanding of the territory of the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race, the position of the aura told by the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and their ancestors' experience in obtaining the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit…
  15. They really had no reason to fail!
  17. The two of them got closer and closer to the territory off the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race. The divine aura of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning cleansed their bodies and souls, as they got closer they got to the fruit, the more intense and inconceivable its aura became.
  19. "Alright, here it is." Venerable Tai Yin "The Divine Aura of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning will affect their dragon body dragon soul greatly, and their spirit sense will also become far stronger than usual because of this, so they cannot get too close."
  21. "This distance is enough." Venerable Zhu Liu said.
  23. Both of them stood still as they pushed out their palms. In front of them was a large, greyish-white cauldron.
  25. This cauldron was named "Void World", and it was not only in the Eternal Heaven God Realm, but in the entire Eastern Divine Region, it was the strongest special artefact. The super large dimensional formation that connected the Eternal Heaven God Realm to the wall of the Primal Chaos Dimension was built using this as the core support.
  27. Both of them pressed their hands on the large cauldron at the same time. After a moment of silence, a weak white glow slowly floated off the cauldron, and gradually spread out into a small scale spatial profound formation.
  29. The two Guardians focused all of their attention on circulating their spatial laws to their limits, and doing their best to restrain their overflowing auras at the same time. After a long while, the spatial profound formation around the large cauldron started to solidify. Even though it looked very small and didn't give off a vast spatial aura, one could imagine that the spatial divine power of the two great Guardians as well as the Void World cauldron were definitely extraordinary.
  31. "Alright…" Venerable Tai Yin opened his eyes and said in a low voice, "I have successfully located and targeted them. The rest is up to fate. Master had said before, that the distance given by the Eternal Heaven Spirit would not exceed twenty li (10km) at the most. As the heavens decreed… "
  33. "Even twenty li (10km) is enough." Venerable Zhu Liu said.
  35. "I'll control the array, you go and get the fruit! Remember… Only accomplish our goal! "
  37. Both of their gazes became incomparably focused. Following the mutter in their hearts, they stepped forward at the same time and entered the profound spacial formation, then disappeared along with the large cauldron.
  39. This was the space of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, it was extremely difficult to travel through, let alone travel with a fixed direction.
  41. However, under the power of the two great Guardians and the Void World Cauldron, they accomplished it completely!
  43. Space suddenly changed. It was still a grey and white world, the aura changing suddenly, but it was as if they had suddenly encountered a completely different world.
  45. Endless draconic might descended abruptly. It was incredibly heavy, and also incomparably ancient, as if it had come from the Primordial Era.
  47. What came at the same time as the draconic might was a Divine aura, dense to the point where it seemed to come from a distant God Realm Divine Spirit's aura.
  49. And this aura was so close, that the two Guardians were so surprised that their blood stopped flowing in an instant.
  51. Three hundred meters… It was only about three hundred meters away!
  53. To the strong Guardians, this distance was equivalent to almost reaching their hand. It was the best possible situation they could hope for!
  55. He didn't have the time to be agitated, didn't have the time to say a single word, and didn't even have the chance to look at the surrounding situation. Venerable Zhu Liu has been gathering up power for a long time already, accumulating his chaotic profound aura without reservation, his whole body glowing and shooting towards the location of the divine aura.
  57. Behind him, Venerable Tai Yin also released his profound aura, supporting the spatial profound formation beneath their feet.
  59. It was also at this time that a dot of red glow suddenly entered his eyes.
  61. It was a blood-red fruit. It was only the size of a fingernail, but it emitted a star-like brilliance, illuminating the surrounding space to that of deep crimson.
  63. Around the fruit sat a large group of huge, grey-coloured dragons. They were immersed in the rich divine aura. The birth of every Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning was a miracle bestowed by the heavens to the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race. Bathing in the divine aura of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning, not only did their dragon aura and Dragon Soul receive cleansing, they might even be reborn (spiritually, not literally).
  65. However, they simply could not react in time against Venerable Zhu Liu who had suddenly appeared in the air and had then pounced towards the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning... Before the first angry dragon roar could be heard, Venerable Zhu Liu had already instantly passed through the layers of Dragons, and his palm went straight for the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning.
  67. In order to bathe in the divine aura of the divine fruit, the surrounding area of the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning was naturally not isolated by a barrier. As long as he succeeded, he, whose aura was connected to the Void World, would be able to instantly return to the dimensional formation and flee far away along with Venerable Tai Yin with support from the dimension formation.
  69. Ten Zhang… five zhang… three zhang… one zhang… (One Zhang = 3.33 meters)
  71. Just when there was still a thousandth of a second before he could get his hands on it, a dragon's roar suddenly exploded in his ears and his soul sea.
  73. As a Guardian, his experience was abundant, and his level of knowledge was high; an ordinary Profound Practitioner would definitely not be able to compare to it. But what resounded at this moment was definitely the most terrifying dragon roar he had heard in his entire life.
  75. Under the dragon's roar, his vision abruptly turned black. His body that was rushing forward fell down heavily, and his hand that was about to touch the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning also grabbed empty air.
  77. And what was even more terrifying was that not only did this dragon cry shatter his soul, it also directly shattered the connection between his aura and the Void World Cauldron!
  79. In the rear, Venerable Tai Yin who had originally thought that nothing had gone wrong turned pale with shock. He suddenly raised his head, and the moment his gaze made contact with the Sun Covering Dragon Shadow, it was as if his eyes had been pierced by needles. "Absolute Beginning Dragon Emperor!"
  81. Absolute Beginning Dragon Emperor, the emperor of the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race, was also the strongest dragon in the entire God Realm of Absolute Beginning!
  83. Being called "Emperor" was also telling the world a terrifying fact. Its strength was comparable to a God Realm's God Emperor!
  85. Since they had entered the territory of the Absolute Beginning dragon race, they naturally had the possibility of encountering the Dragon Emperor. However, the two great Guardians, Tai Yin and Zhu Liu, had made complete preparations and used the most powerful spatial method. The location they teleported to was even closer to the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit… Even if it was the Dragon Emperor, facing them who appeared out of nowhere, he couldn't have reacted so quickly.
  87. However, not only was he right next to the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning, it had made such a terrifying Soul Collapsing Dragon Roar in such a short time that it was even more sudden than a beam of light!
  89. It was as if they had already known that they would arrive at this moment and were waiting for them!
  91. But how could such a thing be possible!? The teleportation and surprise attack happened in an instant. Previously, they were extremely careful and stayed far away, but they were not detected by the Absolute Beginning Dragon Race!
  93. Venerable Tai Yin fell to the ground and a large swath of furious dragon roars also sounded at this time. It shook the air and the heavens violently shook as countless powerful dragon auras firmly locked onto the two of them at this time… Especially Venerable Zhu Liu who was extremely close to the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning.
  95. "Let's go!"
  97. The roars that pierced ones soul woke up Venerable Zhu Liu who had lost his soul in an instant... Although the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning was right in front of him, he knew clearly that the best, and perhaps even the only chance, had already been lost. If he were to forcefully make a move, not only would the chances of obtaining the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning be slim, his life would also very likely end up here!
  99. Even if he was a Guardian!
  101. With a low growl, he rose up and with instantaneous body movement off the current Venerable Zhu Liu, a fan shining with a different kinds of radiance appeared in his hands. As he opened the fan, the dragon aura that was pressing down on his body was like a substantial rope that was snapped in half. He did not have the slightest intention of fighting at all, his spatial energy quickly condensed and was about to be transmitted to the far side of the horizon.
  103. However, at this time, a dome like draconic might suddenly descended and the surrounding space immediately became sealed. Venerable Zhu Liu who had traveled less than a hundred zhang was forcefully obstructed.
  105. This spatial teleportation did not originate from the Void World cauldron, but from the spatial energy of Venerable Zhu Liu. Even if it was for a very short distance, traveling through the space of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning consumed an extremely huge amount of profound energy.
  107. The spatial teleportation was forcefully sealed in such an overbearing manner, causing the power of space to collapse rapidly without a doubt. Venerable Zhu Liu's entire body shook and he almost vomited a mouthful of blood.
  109. Before he could even slow down, the Dragon Emperor had already descended, the draconic might radiating from him shook the world!
  111. The surrounding absolute beginning dragons did not approach, instead they all retreated.
  113. Once the Dragon Emperor made his move, their interference would only be a blasphemy to the Dragon Emperor's heavenly might!
  115. The might of the Dragon Emperor was so terrifying that at the moment it descended, Venerable Zhu Liu clearly felt that all of his internal organs had been ruthlessly twisted... How could he not know the name of the Dragon Emperor? He didn't expect that the first moment he came here, he would encounter the Dragon Emperor.
  117. They had never thought that they, who should have caught the other side off guard, would actually be caught off guard themself. That dragon roar immediately caused them to lose their self-confidence and fall into a passive state.
  119. In front of the Dragon Emperor, even if they were Eternal Heaven Guardians, they could still be buried in an abyss of death.
  121. A gigantic dragon claw descended from the sky, and below the draconic might, the sky instantly collapsed and everything was annihilated. Only the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning remained calm and unharmed under the power of disaster.
  123. BOOM!
  125. Under the destructive explosion of air, Venerable Zhu Liu barely managed to stop the dragon claw, but he still spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He suddenly raised his head and roared hoarsely: "Hurry and go, don't bother with me!"
  127. The connection between him and the Void World cauldron was forcefully destroyed, and under his chaotic profound aura, he was suppressed by the Dragon Emperor. There were also countless Absolute Beginning Dragons circling around him, so the possibility of him escaping was close to zero. Furthermore, Venerable Tai Yin in the profound formation could escape at any time. If he were too forcefully try to save him, it was very likely that even he would be dragged into this calamity.
  129. "Zhu Liu!" Venerable Tai Yin also roared out loud. After a moment of hesitation, he left the profound formation and pounced towards the dragon claw. A giant hand imprinted itself into the air and spread out, striking straight at the dragon claw.
  131. The power collided once again, and the Dragon Emperor's Dragon Claw was forcefully pushed aside. Venerable Tai Yin that was in flight and Venerable Zhu Liu that was too far away was also sent flying in different directions.
  133. Breaking away from the suppression of the dragon claw, Venerable Zhu Liu finally got a short break. He quickly gathered his energy and revolved the Spatial Laws… However, just as he gathered his aura and settled his mind, in his soul sea, the silhouette of a terrifying wolf appeared, bringing along a cold aura that instantly overflowed in his entire body.
  135. He turned his head with great difficulty and saw the shadow of a huge wolf above his head. It had opened its mouth, which was three thousand meters wide, and its teeth were gleaming with azure and dark light.
  137. "Heavenly… Wolf..."
  139. He only had time to think of these two words. His body had already been devoured by the wolf's shadow.
  141. Boom — —
  143. Venerable Zhu Liu was smashed heavily to the ground and he spurted a blood arrow that flew several tens of meters in the air. The moment his body touched the ground, the dragon claw had already covered him up once more, pressing down onto his body without any mercy.
  145. The ground of the Absolute beginning began to crack with exaggeration, the entire territory of the Absolute Beginning dragon race was swept up a terrifying space storm, one could imagine the might of this claw.
  147. The dragon claw was lifted, and in the centre of it lay Venerable Zhu Liu with almost half of his bones broken. His entire body was filled with blood, but as a 8th Level Divine Master, how could he be defeated so kiled?
  149. The divine light in his unfocused eyes condensed once again... But at this moment, on the Dragon Emperors dragon head, a petite figure suddenly jumped out.
  151. It seemed to be the figure of a young lady. Glistening colours flashed past, and it was already enveloped by the dazzling azure blue divine light. A three meter long great sword suddenly came crashing down, accompanied by the roar of a Heavenly Wolf that shook the sky and shook the earth.
  153. The might of this roar was not in the least bit inferior to the dragon cry of the Dragon Emperor!
  155. "You… It's…"
  157. The blue great sword had already smashed into his chest and directly penetrated through his body. As if it had penetrated through rotten wood, it ruthlessly nailed the body of the Eternal Heaven's Guardian into the broken ground of the Absolute Beginning.
  159. Bang!
  161. In the next moment, the body of the Divine Master whom the sword had pierced through violently exploded, but before the dismembered body's blood had even scattered, it had already been directly annihilated in the air, becoming dust scattering in the wind.
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