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  1. <color=#FF7254><b><size=20><align="center">Welcome To Rampant Warriors East Servers</align></size=30></b>
  3. < <color=#0ad677> Join our Discord here: </color><color=#16c9a5><u><link="">Discord</link></u></color>
  5. </color><color=#04FF00>Note that a majority of our reinforcement comes from common sense, anything that you would do in a civilized and public environment is the base behavior of our server. These rules are not in any certain order, every rule is as important as the last.</color>
  7. </color><color=#DE0526>Game Rules</color>
  9. </color><color=#04FF00>1.) The use of racial slurs is bannable
  11. 2.) Ear rape is a bannable offense. Mic-spam allowed over intercom if audio or music isnt at high volume levels or doesn't have low sound quality causing stain to ears seeming like static, distortion or treble pitchy
  13. 3.) No disarming your teammates(guards-scientists-mtf or chaos-dboys)could be pull to spectator for warn then could be banned for repeating
  15. 4.) No holding up the round (i.e. being SCP-106 with low health hiding in your spawn area making difficult to get them) If teaming holds up the round, could be pulled to spectator if: the last Dboy seeming not trying to escape or if team is mtf-scientists-guard + chaos or scp - in which one of those remaining keeps round from ending, that one could be pulled to spectator to end round. It is best to split team in heavy containment
  17. 5.) Disrespecting Admins or impersonating Admins is a bannable offense
  19. 6.) Failing to listen to Admins can be a bannable offense
  21. 7.) Bullying excessively (i.e. server wide KOS on someone due to their gender or age or prolonged verbal abuse) bullying excessively does not mean making fun of someone once or twice, it means excessive verbal abuse towards another player and continuing being hateful into next round, could also be considered harassment
  23. 8.) No hacking or using exploits in the game
  25. 9.) Do not encourage other players to break the rules
  26. </color>
  28. <color=#ffe100>Please note that admins should give you three warnings before you get kicked/banned, if you feel this was not the case, feel free to report them in #admin-abuse-reports or ask about it in #support. Severity of the punishment you are given is based on a few things(i.e. what you did, how many times you’ve been asked to stop, and if you are a repeat offender). Owner, Co-owners, Head of Operations and Staff Supervisors are immune to these requirements, but they can't hold up the round or ban without reason.
  30. You automatically agree to our rules when you join our server.
  32. < <color=#0ad677>Plugins and Server settings are in the </color><color=#16c9a5><u><link="">Discord</link></u></color>
  34. < <color=#0ad677>Server Host/Provider Steam Name: </color><color=#16c9a5><u><link="">RpWr ANONYMOUS</link></u></color>
  36. < <color=#0ad677>High Ranking Admin's:</color> <color=#2BFC27>
  37. - {Owner}: <u><link="">RpWr ANONYMOUS, AKA Мистер Ричард II</link></u>
  38. - {Head Of Operations}: <u><link="">Boomshaka</link></u>, <u><link="">Cream</link></u>, <u><link="">Morph</link></u>
  39. - {Staff Supervisors}: <u><link="">Fluff Bear</link></u>, <u><link="">Jaz</link></u>, <u><link="">Zanaris</link></u>
  40. - {MTF Right Hand}: D-9341, Cleanlycat, Darth Diabetes, Kingcrab, ma.pellet, rdm-hitman4167, shmoe6, Tansome, ThatsAWagon, 𝕱𝕷𝕺𝖂𝕯𝕺𝕲 (っ◔◡◔)っ (Godwolf)</color>
  42. < <color=#0ad677>Donate to our <color=#EE6C0B><u><link="">Patreon</link></u></color>
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