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Dec 31st, 2015
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  1. You might know me through the various names I change to, such as Trick2GG, Wingsofdeath (before I gave him the name back), NBA Mark Cuban, etc. I had dozens of name changes with the extra IP I had. Mostly did those name changes to make solo queue funner for me if anyone was curious.
  3. Anyways, this past semester (3rd year college) I received a C in physics II and a B in ecology. Admittedly the C was because I forgot the formula sheet on the final that we're supposed to bring so it went kinda bad. My parents are typical asian parents and expected A's and pretty much disowned me for doing poorly and blamed the vidya gamez. They aren't very good with computers or know anything about games but they know I play league so they blamed that and stopped supporting me.
  4. I left the house with a backpack full of clothes, a toothbrush, and 12 bucks in my wallet. I walked to McD's and got a big mac so I wouldn't be hungry while I figured out what to do. Turned out that Big Macs are awful. After 30 minutes, I hustled someone's phone for a second so I could phone my friend to get me. Right now I'm sleeping on the floor of his apartment while I figure things out. I spent the rest of my 1k saved up in my paypal on a laptop so that I could try to make something with my league skill and transition it into something I can live with. While I was thinking I thought it was funny that I called my 2 friends as Travis1 and Travis2 because it feels similar to what happened to Doublelift some years ago.
  5. For now, I've considered going back to my stream since I did have 9k followers and a sub button. I also considered trying to go pro. I started looking around and realized most LCS teams already have a jungler and the odds of me jumping straight there are super slim. I tried looking in the challenger scene and 1 team did offer me a tryout but the guy said it was going to be on jan. 14-19 so I still need to figure out what I'm going to do since my friends are kinda broke and it's hard for them to feed me so I started just eating the minimum I could. I think 1 day I had only bread and another day I had apples and bread.
  7. I'm thinking the best option would probably be to commit to my stream and see if I can go anywhere with it. If I get the chance to go pro with a decent team I'd probably go with it since there's a good chance my food and shelter will be paid for.
  8. If anyone who read this has any other ideas for what I should do, let me know. There's a chance I haven't considered every possibility. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I don't want to get a deadend job in fastfood while I think there's a chance with League if that helps.
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