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  1. Dart Sweep:
  2. This is when we walk around and pick up darts. When you walk around, you pick up EVERY dart you see – not just yours. It is much more efficient as a group for individuals to sweep all darts in a smaller area than for all of us to sweep the whole area for only our darts. If you can’t understand this logic – you’re stupid.
  4. When we are done sweeping, everyone dumps EVERY dart they pick up. This is so everyone gets their darts back. This isn’t a problem for the vets because they understand how annoying dart scavengers are, but new guys have a problem with this. When you’re new, your darts suck. I get that. But you do NOT get to take other people’s darts to use in the next round.
  6. Clearing:
  7. This is when you've been hit and you're resetting for your next life.
  8. - You must clear AWAY from the action. You do not get to clear towards or around a flank of your enemies. It's not "Yay, I get immunity for 15 seconds!"
  9. - You cannot act as a human shield
  10. - If you clear through action and get shot, don't bitch. It's your fault for not paying attention. Other users should not have to pay attention to dead people when others are shooting at them.
  12. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Game Types:
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. ----------------------------------------------------------
  17. 3:15
  18. ----------------------------------------------------------
  19. Two teams of equal strength start on opposite sides of a defined area. When the round starts, players try to shoot players from the other team. When a player is struck with a dart, they must hold their hands up, yell “HIT” and walk away from the action. You must walk AWAY from the other team when clearing. Then the player will count to 15 and, once to 15, yell “CLEAR” to be back in the game. After the player has been hit three times, they are out.
  21. There is no time limit in 3:15, the round is over when all the members of one team are dead. The winning team is the team with players left alive.
  23. The 3 in the name stands for the number of lives each user has, which is three. The 15 stands for the respawn time, which is 15 seconds.
  26. Multi-team 3:15
  27.  - This is the same as regular 3:15 except there are more than two teams. No other rules are changed.
  28. ----------------------------------------------------------
  29. Defend the Core (DtC)
  30. ----------------------------------------------------------
  32. Two teams: attackers and defenders. When the round starts, the attacking team must try to shoot darts into the core (an item that is designed to catch darts). After the time limit has been reached, the round ends. The teams switch sides and repeat. The winning team is the team that scored the most darts into the core.
  34. During the round, the defending team may shoot darts at the attacking team in order to make them respawn at a set point. This will upset their agenda of scoring darts into the core. The attacking team may also shoot at the defending team in order for them to respawn at a designated point.  The respawn points are specified before the round starts. There is typically no spawn “timer” it’s just an object the player must touch in order to become active again.
  36. This is a two-round game type. To remain fair, NO rules are to be changed between the switching of sides. No matter how unbalanced the field is, it balances out since both teams play both roles.
  37. ----------------------------------------------------------
  38. Blob
  39. ----------------------------------------------------------
  40. This game begins as a free-for-all. When the round starts, players try to shoot each other. When a player hits another player, the struck player then joins the shooter’s team. Those two people then try to “add” more people to their team by shooting more players. If a player is hit on a team, ONLY that player switches teams (it doesn’t convert the whole team)
  42. When a player that is on a team with others is hit, they have a 15 second buffer time to run and re-group with their new team. This is to avoid point-blank shots by newly converted players.
  44. This is a fast paced game that requires attention from everyone. If you’re afraid of getting shot from close ranges, do NOT play this round as it’s inevitable.
  45. ----------------------------------------------------------
  46. Ohio Wingman
  47. ----------------------------------------------------------
  48. The players are split into team of 2. Each team of two is given three lives to share. When the round begins, players try to shoot members of other teams. When a player is struck, both he and his wingman must count to 15 and clear out. BOTH players are dead during this time, not only the one that was shot. The team re-enters the game with two lives. When the three lives are depleted, they are eliminated from the round.
  50. Clearing can be difficult when there are multiple teams. Be sure to clear away from everyone before re-entering the game. You  may not flank a team while clearing!
  52. It is possible for a player to not get hit and still lose the round. This would be caused by his wingman being hit three times. This is because the 3 lives are SHARED.
  54. This is sort of like free-for-all 3:15 where you share everything with your partner.
  55. ----------------------------------------------------------
  56. Capture the Flag (CtF)
  57. ----------------------------------------------------------
  58. Two teams begin on opposite sides of a defined area. Each team has a flag that is to be placed on the ground in a pre-defined area. This is not a “seeking” game, the flag must be out in the open and not hidden.
  60. The field should be set to have the flags just outside the “hot zone.” The respawn points must be >50’ behind the flag to ensure people don’t stand on their spawn point to guard their flag.
  62. The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your base. The team that has possession of both flags at their base simultaneously is the winner.
  64. There is no time limit to this game, it ends when a team has both flags at their base.
  66. ----------------------------------------------------------
  67. Meat Grinder
  68. ----------------------------------------------------------
  69. Two teams start on opposites sides of the field. There are pre-set spawn points in the corners of the field. When the round starts, players try to shoot players on the other team. When a player is hit, they go back and touch their spawn point to become active again. There is a time limit to the game, but no winner. There are no lives or any objectives, it's just to shoot people.
  71. We use this as a warm-up game to get darts flying and muscles moving. Don't take this too seriously, it's just supposed to get people moving and comfortable.
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