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  1. Hello.
  3. It has recently been brought to my attention that Domino's sold client information to "unnamed" companies, or at least companies that you have previously refused to name.
  4. I also understand one of those companies was recently hacked.
  6. For these two reasons, I no longer trust Domino's with my information.
  8. Please assist by removing any information associated with this email address from your systems. Please also pass this request on to any companies that my data has been provided to.
  10. I'd also like to know:
  11. For what reason are you giving out personal information?
  12. Exactly what details do you have on record that are associated with my email address? (For privacy reasons please do not list any names, numbers, addresses, etc.)
  13. Please also provide a list of companies that may now have my information
  15. Thank you,
  16. A concerned customer
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