Coda Sanetomo

Jan 16th, 2019
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  1. name: Coda Sanetomo
  2. species: human (alchemist)
  3. age: 19
  4. height: 5'8
  5. profession: state alchemist (the conduit)
  6. alchemy: lightning-based, most useful when it rains. otherwise useless when in places without a source of power
  7. skin tone: white with some scars
  8. hair color: white
  9. hair style: think rick sanchez but with a mix of vegeta. aka looks like he got shocked a lot
  10. eye color: uniquely purple
  11. body: pretty muscular like state alchemists usually are.
  12. weapons: anything that conducts and has no conductive holster
  13. form of transmutation: transmutation circle burned onto the back of his hand
  14. personality: bored a lot. has no real sense of justice.
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