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Jun 7th, 2018
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  1. Hi everyone!
  2. Today is quite emotional for a range of reasons.
  4. The game is now available on the store:
  7. Please feel free to check it out, and if you are so inclined, I will be eternally grateful for any and all support. A lot of time and effort has been spent on bringing this together.
  9. I really hope that you enjoy playing around with it, but keep in mind: there is a lot more to come (even this week). I would implore people to read the storefront description. It has been presented in a way which is hopefully friendly to newcomers, although it will also give some hints as to the direction that things are going.
  11. This game is going to change in rather strange, dramatic and unconventional ways in the coming times. There will continuously be new things to find and I’ll give some guidance where necessary.
  13. Have fun and good luck.
  15. Feel free to leave a review with your honest opinions on the game – if you do so, consider putting an emphasis on the mystery content.
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