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RWBY Ballroom Blitz, by Platypus

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Dec 18th, 2016
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  2. Night descended on Vale with a steady rainfall. A string of patrons stood in line outside Junior's club eagerly waiting for their chance to go inside from the chilled rain and warm up with drinks and the glow of neon dance lights. Through the door and past the bar, a hallway lead to a brightly lit dressing room that was adorned with makeup lights and a full wardrobe of clothes from the finest tailors in Vale. Melanie and Miltia Malachite sat in their chairs while applying their makeup for the night, as the feared and voluptuous bodyguards of Junior himself. Although the criminal underworld knew Junior as the town's top information broker, he had also earned the loyalty of many underlings, thugs, and various spies. His twin bodyguards however, were the most dangerous and dominant of them all. With an unsuspecting spot as the club's bartender, it gave Junior an excellent cover to hide that he was the true boss of it all. But sometimes that respect can take a turn for the worse, and the twins were always there to enforce the status quo.
  5. Melanie layered her eyeliner while asking Miltia something that had been bothering her. "Hey, Miltia?", she said. Miltia turned her head over her shoulder while she slipped her leggings on. "Yeah, Mel?"
  8. "Why can't we just ask the boss to get some Red Ties to cover for the night? It gets so BORING watching those idiots out there on the floor dancing and having to toss out the loud ones." Melanie straightened her hair and went to go sharpen her blades again to make sure her Steelettos were in top form.
  11. Miltia fastened her Blood Talon onto her wrists as the light caught the gleam from her own blades. "You know why we put up with it. We're there to remind those losers that Junior runs this town, and any dumb sap that crosses him gets cut out of the picture", she said. "Besides, I'd rather look fabulous with my sister than be out there on the street where we were".
  14. Melanie couldn't argue with that. They had spent months scratching a living as street mercenaries and hired muscle until Junior came in and organized the Red Tie gang. It only took one audition to prove how good they could be. By the time the last man had fallen, the Malachites were drenched in blood, none of it their own.
  17. As they reminisced about the bad old days, a noise other than club music shot out from the dance floor. A Red Tie goon wearing a pair of green wristbands and commanding a small group of other gang members crowded the floor. "Junior!", he shouted. "I'm sick of taking orders from you! "I'm runnin' you and all your dogs out of this town! Any of you guys want a bigger piece of the action, then take apart Junior, piece by piece!". With this order echoing all around the club, the smarter patrons quickly made their way to the exits. And as soon as the twins heard the commotion and went to go investigate, anybody near their path ran faster just to stay out of their way.
  23. Junior calmly stood behind the bar and saw the twins enter the main floor from the back hall. He only had to make one statement to deal with a mutiny like this. "Girls", he said. "It's showtime".
  26. Melanie and Miltia wasted no time as he spoke, and leaped onto the dance floor with savage speed. Their legs flew in a ballet of sliced bodies and splattered blood, and every cut met with screams to match the music of their duet. Melanie pirouetted over one of the goons and slammed his body onto the floor, digging the blades into his back and sending the blood flying into the eyes of another trying to strike her, blinding him. Miltia followed into the movement with her and gouged the eyes out of the man, bringing him to his knees in agony. The paltry three dozen other mutineers each fell from the razor sharp blades, torn flesh and broken bones littering the entire club. Green-wrist looked on in horror at the relentless assault taking place in front of him. "Aw screw this! These girls are crazy!", he said. When Melanie heard that, she swiftly turned to him after plunging her blades into yet another victim. "Did he just call us what I THINK he did, Mil?" Miltia narrowed her gaze at him. "Oh, I think he DID". They both began walking slowly towards him like a pair of hunting lioness', watching him as he scrambled up the stairs into the VIP floor. He ran to the nearest room and locked the door, barricading it as well to try and slow them down as he made a dash for the window. As soon as he was able to lift the window pane, a crash broke down the door and shattered the chairs in front of it. The twins walked inside and paused for a moment. "Who do you think should carve him first, Melanie?" "Come on now Miltia, you know we always do things like this together". They smiled as Green-wrists had fallen to his knees out of terror. A furious wave of blades later, only a pile of blood and torn flesh lay before them. Satisfied with their work, they made their way back downstairs and left the mess for the janitors to clean up. Junior was still behind the bar, cleaning a whiskey glass as the girls came over to him. "I can always count on you girls to take care of troublemakers", he said. "It's a shame you got your dresses all dirty again. But I'll call Mr. Potter to fix you up with the latest model in high fashion, as always. Need to have my favorite girls looking their best". Melanie and Miltia smiled at the thought of new clothes, and spoke in unison for him. "Thanks, boss".
  29. The End.
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