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  1. [size=16pt][b]Personal information[/b][/size]
  2. [b]Name:Emir[/b]
  3. [b]Age:25[/b]
  4. [b]Gender:Male[/b]
  5. [b]From:Turkey[/b]
  7. [size=16pt][b]Character information[/b][/size]
  8. [b]Name:Owkbanok[/b]
  9. [b]Race:Orc[/b]
  10. [b]Class:Warrior[/b]
  11. [b]Server:Tarrenmill[/b]
  12. [b]Played days(/played):12[/b]
  13. [b]Armory Profile:[/b]
  14. [size=8pt][i](Taken from the [url=]Here[/url].Use the [url] tag)[/i][/size]
  15. [b]UI Screenshot with [b]ALL[/b] keybinds visible(If they are hidden, unhide these bars):[/b]
  17. [b]Available play times:16:00-17:00 to midnight even more depending on the day[/b]
  19. [b]Guild history:Raided back in Wotlk in karazhan for about 3 months or so then quit before the next patch due to "reasons"[/b]
  20. [size=8pt][i](Write your previous guilds and the reason for why you left/wish to leave. We only want raiding guilds listed, not when you were level five and someone asked you to sign a guild charter)[/i][/size]
  22. [b]Raiding experience:13/13 HFC from pugs up to heroic, and as i said above during wotlk done 10man wotlk heroic after first buff[/b]
  23. [size=8pt][i](Post below your past raiding experience with other guilds, from Vanila)[/i][/size]
  25. [b]Tell us some info about your class and playstyle:Strength>haste/crit up to its threshold which is 30 for crit and 18 for haste given that you have class trinket>mastery Talentwise its pretty flexible but i tend to stick with these current ones altough there is always space for improvement, starting out with charge>dragonbreath>dps cooldowns (depending on fight)>bloodthirst>raging blow>furious slash>bloodthirst>raging blow>rampage at this point its rinse and repeat for single rotation. for AOE whirlwind + bloodthirst or whirlwind + rampage only to be done when there are more than 3+ targets unless single target rotation is done [/b]
  26. [size=8pt][i](Show us that you know stat priority for your class/specc, talent choices if there is any worth mentioning, and the priority for skills you use in a boss fight)[/i][/size]
  28. [b]List us any RAID specific addon you are using in a boss fight that we can't see in your UI screenshot[/b]:BigWigs,exodus raid tools, GTFO, weakauras
  29. [size=8pt][i](PowerAuras/WeakAuras/TellMeWhen etc)[/i][/size]
  31. [b]Are you able to use Teamspeak/Mumble/Ventrilo? (Talk and Hear)[Yes/No]:Yes [/b]
  33. [b]Do you have any alts you are keeping the same level playwise with your main? (Being updated with the changes and playing as optimal as possbile):recently boosted a warlock but i can't say i can play with it on an optimal level[/b]
  35. [b]Do you have any raiding experience with those alts?:No[/b]
  37. [b]Do you have any problem being benched if a fight doesn't prefer your class or a different raid setup is needed during progress?:Not a problem[/b]
  39. [b]Do you have any open applications to other guilds, if yes please state which guilds:No[/b]
  41. [b]CombatLog Parse (WWS/WoL): had to 2 segment it due to unusual ms [/b]
  44. [b]Reasons for applying to <Infinite>:In order to get better i thought i had to play with good people [/b]
  46. [b]"Friends" in the guild:Mythia, Dewyn[/b]
  47. [size=8pt][i](List people you know from the guild, either friends or some you have done instances with)[/i][/size]
  49. [b]Is there anyone that can vouch for you?:No[/b]
  51. [size=16pt][b]Computer information[/b][/size]
  52. [b]CPU:AMD Fx-8320[/b]
  53. [b]Memory:8Gb[/b]
  54. [b]Graphic Card:AMD radeon r9 200[/b]
  55. [b]Average In-Game FPS while raiding:35 to 60 depending on fights[/b]
  56. [b]Internet Connection Speed:[/b]
  57. [b]Average In-Game MS:40 to 100 mostly[/b]
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