"The Fearful Ones" Creepypasta-Deleted from Creepypasta Wiki

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  1. You are not afraid. Fear is dangerous. There is no danger. Do not think of danger. I was once afraid. I let my mind slip when I saw those gnarled things and I felt so cold.  I knew that there was no use fighting it anymore and I let go. You just need to let go already. You don’t need to suffer so much. Just know that you’re going to die. The fearful ones always die screaming.
  3. Fear is what it’s all about. We live by made up rules in a made up world and entropy is bearing down on us like an animal in heat. You should only be afraid of things you can avoid. Don’t fear death or pain. That is your future. Don’t fight back. It’s not too late. We never had a chance to begin with. We were made to die. That is the only meaning that you will ever find.
  5. I see you hiding in his barn. I can feel your heart beating deep inside. My skin tastes your blood as it pours onto the dirt floor. In five minutes I will be dead. In ten you will join me. The old man is hiding in the shadows loading his gun. One of his faces is just now poking out of the shadows. It wants that hot sticky blood. The others hide in the darkness waiting to strike. Their teeth are like tiny metal hooks. I’ve seen them rip through pigs, you know? God really outdid himself there.
  7. I can feel you moving. The breeze you create stirs in the wind and it rattles what bones I have left. You’re struggling to stand. The pain in your left leg is almost unbearable. Now you’re falling down. I am one with the ground. I taste your tears. I am truly a great predator but you are not my prey. The old man’s robes have now turned to ash. His nude body fills me with conflicting feelings. Among them are the total acceptance of my own mortality and a deep sexual lust.
  10. When I came to the farm I was young like you. I came from a place called Earth. I was human. I doubt you’ve ever heard of those things. I’m such an old spider. Anyway the creature which waits to kill me and you. The creature which can loosely be called an old man was older than me then. Its skin was not yet so translucent that you could count its bones with ease but it had the hunger to destroy that all thing which have been destroyed many times tend to have. I came here so I could pleasure it. Soon it will rip the flesh from my bones and I we will be inside it. I will live in its blood with you and we will be the same. You’ve collapsed again. I can hear the special something inside you breaking. I know you won’t try to run again. You’re eyes are such a beautiful shade of red. Don’t fill them with those silly tears.
  12. I can feel you starting to call out. Who would come for you now? Who could possible want to help you? You will never see them again. You know that. You’re crying for your mother and you know she’s been dead for years. Why do you feel so alive inside? I haven’t seen my mother in…Who knows? Is time even real for things like us? She begged me to stay. She said she needed me. I should have gone back for her. I’m so fucking stupid.
  14. Maybe time isn’t real. Maybe it’s still that summer. Maybe my brother is still lying in a ditch and my mother is still crying for me to come back. I don’t have to die like this. Neither of us do. We can go back to our old lives and our families. I know the way. Just come with me. Oh no. “Please don’t.” I scream. “Please master let me go.” Now I’m just screaming meaningless words. No one is coming to save us. The fearful ones always die screaming.
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