"Pulp" Fiction

May 29th, 2018
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  1. >"Our boss would like a word with you."
  2. >It had happened in a flash, one moment the door had rung, the next lights exploded in her eyes and she was collapsing to the floor.
  3. >The pair that had knocked her cold pulled her up by the arms and dragged her into a windowless, black van.
  4. >It didn't matter that it was in broad daylight, nor that people could clearly see them.
  5. >It wasn't about stealing the cunt away.
  6. >No, no, The Boss wanted to send a message.
  7. >This was her city, after all.
  9. ***
  11. >Her vision was obscured by an impenetrable black hood, her hands bound tight behind her back.
  12. >The pair that had grabbed her weren't gentle, every tug on her strained shoulders brought deep yelps of pain.
  13. >Their arms were hooked under her armpits, and with every step they jerked her shoulders up.
  14. >Deep, muscle-tearing jerks left her breathless, and spots still dominated her vision.
  15. >After what seemed like ten miles, they stopped.
  16. >A door was opened and she was pulled through without care and thrown into a hard, wooden chair.
  17. >It splintered deeply into her exposed flesh, the mere touch wedging them further in.
  18. >A bright flash of light heralded the renewing of her vision, though with the sight that greeted her, being blinded may be a better option.
  19. >Golden, straw-colored hair pulled into a loose tail thrown over her shoulder, bound with a red band traced up to a tanned, freckled face and burning apple-green eyes, hidden under a soft brown stetson.
  20. >It was so unlike the cold, sharp pin-striped suit that formed from the neck down, into crossed arms and down even further.
  21. "So, y'all thought ya could fuck me and get away with it."
  22. >She stayed silent, for Applejack's mere presence demanded silence.
  23. "Yer a real stupid cunt, ain't ya?"
  24. >Applejack fell silent for a moment, her eyes trailing up and down her bruised figure.
  25. "Y'all gonna answer or ya just gon' sit there like a retarded fish?"
  26. >"A-answer?"
  27. >Her jaw chittered uneasily under Applejack's piercing stare.
  28. “An answer ya stupid fuck.”
  29. >”A-a-answer f-for what?”
  30. >Applejack leaned back in her chair.
  31. “I want an answer for my question. Y’all are a stupid cunt, ain’t ya?”
  32. >”St-upid c-cunt?”
  33. “Yep. So are ya gonna give me an answer or do I have to start pullin’ teeth?”
  34. >Her face drained of blood when Applejack’s gaze flickered from her to a shiny, spotless steel tool resting on her desk.
  35. >”I-I am a s-stupid cunt.”
  36. “And why are you a stupid cunt?”
  37. >”I-I.”
  38. >Applejack interrupted her.
  39. “Nah, lemme do you a favor. I’m a courteous gal, so I’ll answer for ya. Yer a stupid cunt ‘cause you tried to steal some of my most valuable workers. Two of who brought you here. Yer a stupid cunt ‘cause you tried to undercut my prices by twenty percent to my biggest clients in the city.”
  40. >”I didn’t mean to! I swear- it was-”
  41. >She stopped dead when Applejack raised her right index finger.
  42. “I know whose fault it was, and I ain’t really blamin’ you, but ya’ve put me in a position, a real difficult one, see?”
  43. >Applejack leaned forward and placed her hands flat on the desk.
  44. “If’n I let this slide then some other greasy fuck’s gonna try to do the same. This is my city, ya’hear? Now, I just need to send a little… Message.”
  45. >”Message?”
  46. “That’s right. A message.”
  47. >”What s-sort of message?”
  48. >Applejack tilted her stetson up and met her eyes with piercing green.
  50. ***
  52. >She enjoyed the simple things in life.
  53. >Cider and a nice seat out on a well-lit, sunny day, skies as clear and blue as the ocean.
  54. >The linger smell of apples and earthen soil in the air, and family all around.
  55. >That was as much bliss as she could achieve.
  56. >It’s where she found herself, surrounded by Granny Smith and Bic Mac, Applebloom, and the whole clan on one of their rare get-togethers.
  57. >There had been people that tried to destroy that, tried to destroy her business, but they learned quickly.
  58. >Applejack wound an arm around her beloved and sunk back into the warm chair.
  59. >The woman next to her followed, almost collapsing into Applejack’s shoulder and lightly running a finger up and down her abdomen.
  60. >This was Applejack’s town, and that’s how it would stay.
  62. ***
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