About That Time pt. 2 [untypeset]

Feb 10th, 2017
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  1. About That Time pt. 2 Translation
  2. From
  4. >Akagi: Ahh....
  5. >Akagi: Umm....
  6. >Akagi: P-pleased to meet you, I'm...named Akagi.
  7. >Akagi: Classified as a Standard Aircraft Carrier. I'll be in your care.
  8. >Tenryuu: ...likewise.
  9. >Akagi: Ah, right...
  11. >[Akagi: Uwaaaaaaaah~! Quick, say something!]
  12. >AKagi: I can see you, you know, your butt's exposed...
  13. >[Akagi: Ohohoho, I was just joking, ohoho]
  14. >[Akagi: This is just making what happened earlier evem more embarassing.]
  15. >Akagi: U- | umm....
  16. >Akagi: If you don't mind, could you tell me your name?
  17. >Tenryuu: Light cruiser, Tenryuu.
  18. >Tenryuu: ...Thank you for taking care of Tatsuta. | Let's get along from here on out.
  19. >Akagi: Tatsuta-san! you're Tenryuu!
  20. >[Akagi: I see, got it!]
  21. >Akagi: So.... | are you two sisters, or something else? >Tenryuu: Something else.... | even though we're like this...
  23. >Akagi: Welll...although we're not sisters, I have a close relative named Kaga....
  24. Akagi: So, if you can, please get along with her as well.
  25. >Tenryuu: Ah, alright....
  26. >Tenryuu: What's with this girl...
  27. >Tenryuu: Could you give me a break....
  28. >Akagi A cat....and
  29. >Akagi: an empty dish..
  30. >Akagi: How kind.
  31. >Tenryuu: Haaah?
  32. >Akagi: Oh, ohhh....sorry, I have to go....! | Well then, Tenryuu-san, I'll be off (literally: please pardon my departure)
  34. >Tenryuu: Hahh... (note: sigh) | She's finally gone....
  35. >[Tenryuu: I feel really tired]
  36. >Tenryuu: How long were you here?!
  37. >Tatsuta: Ufufu~
  38. >Tatsuta: Unfortunately, from the beginning~
  39. >Tatsuta: Hey, hey, Tenryuu-chan
  40. >Tenryuu: Hm?
  41. >Tatsuta: After Tenryuu-chan left~ I went with Akagi and Kaga~
  42. >Tatsuta: We ate together and talked a lot~
  44. >Tatsuta: It was | really~....
  45. >Cat: nya
  46. >Tatsuta: Reaaa~...lly! fun~
  47. >Tatsuta: Rigggght~?
  48. >Cat: Nya
  49. >Tatsuta: Well, it's hard to express it, | but it was like this
  50. >[comfy]
  51. >Tatsuta: It was really warm | and fuzzy, and in the end it felt really cozy~
  52. >Tatsuta: What to talk about next time, let me think~
  53. >Tatsuta: I want to talk some more~ | Ara~? >Tatsuta: Are you crying? Why are you crying~?
  54. >Tenryuu: Well, when the younger sister is fortunate, an older sister can't help crying....
  56. >Tenryuu: I haven't seen Tatsuta like that in a while....
  57. >Tiny Tiny Fubuki: Akagi nee-san, Akagi nee-san!
  58. >Tiny Tiny Fubuki: Paper balloon....make a paper balloon~!
  59. >AKagi: A paper balloon! Sure~
  60. >Tiny TIny Fubuki: Please teach us how to do it too!
  62. This is some Japanese Jew Magic
  63. >Akagi: Poof
  64. >Akagi: LooK~ It's done~!
  66. >[Sneaky...]
  67. >Akagi: Tenryuu-san!
  68. >Akagi: We meet again~ What is it?
  69. >Akagi: I was just playing with the underclassmen. | Does Tenryuu-san awnt to join? It's origami.
  70. >Tenryuu: Eh, i-it's fine....
  71. >Tenryuu: I was just passing....
  72. >Akagi: Ah, is something going on afterwards....?
  73. >Tenryuu:, not really...
  75. >Akagi: Then come along!
  76. >AKagi: Come, sit down over here....
  77. >Tenryuu: Ah, hold on, I didn't say I wanted to.....
  78. >Tenryuu: ...not do it...yeah.... (note: Tenryuu kind of backs out at the last second, i.e. sike)
  80. >Akagi: Well, Tenryuu-san?
  81. >Akagi: I'm sure it's been a while, but origami is still fun, right?
  82. >Tenryuu: Well....this is my first time doing it, actually.
  83. >[Tenryuu: I was just copying what you did.]
  84. >Tenryuu: Ahh....
  85. >Tenryuu: Would it be wierd to say that this is my first time....?
  86. >Tenryuu: I mean, there weren't people or an environment that would teach me something like that....
  87. >Tenryuu: Well, maybe it's better if i make it seem as if I was joking.
  88. >Tenryuu: ....ah, | I was just kiddi...
  89. >Akagi: It's your first time, and yet it looks so perfect, I feel a little frustrated....!
  90. >Akagi: Could I ask you to fold some harder ones for me?
  91. >[Tenryuu: Haaaaah....? / Whaaaaa...?]
  92. >Akagi: Well then | what should you fold....
  94. >Akagi: Let's make a thousand paper cranes! Everyone together! (note: it's said in Japanese folklore that if you fold a thousand paper cranes that your wish will be granted.)
  95. >Akagi: [This one is a little complicated, so please make sure you follow carefully....]
  96. >[Tiny Tiny Fubuki & Isonami: Ye~s]
  97. >Akagi: Let me witness your true talents.
  98. >[Tenryuu: How should I say this....]
  99. >[Tenryuu: Really....this girl's really something. (Note: it actually says "really....she's changed, this girl...," which may indicate a previous release I haven't seen.)
  100. >Tenryuu: What true talents.....
  101. >[Tenryuu: what is that?]
  102. >Several minutes later
  104. >Akagi: Were you joking about this being your first time....?
  105. >Tenryuu: No, really. | I'm just following the stuff you did.
  106. >Akagi: You....? I'm Akagi.
  107. >Tenryuu: Eh
  108. >Tenryuu: Ah....uhh....
  109. >She's never said any name except for Tatsuta's, so she's embarassed
  110. >[Halo of Upper-Class Upbringing]
  111. >Has never been addressed as "you," so she instinctively corrected it
  113. >Akagi: Does everyone like cats~?
  114. >Tiny TIny Fubuki and Isonami: I like!
  115. >Akagi: It turns out that Tenryuu-san knows where all the cats gather....
  116. >Akagi: And she said she'd take us there!
  117. >Tenryuu: Oy, you....Akagi-san?!
  118. >Tenryuu: Don't just, on your own...!
  119. >[Tenryuu: Ah...]
  120. >Akagi: Well then, please lead the way,
  121. >Akagi: Tenryuu-san
  122. >Tenryuu: You....
  124. >[This is a story from shortly before she and her stopped getting along--]
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