Dadonequus Discord Part 153

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  1. >Chrysalis stared at the little dinky ship flying around the space station. While impressed with it all. She was trying to understand everything within the context of the movie on her own. And she wasn't doing a very good job of it. "This is so confusing for me. If I wasn't seeing this on such a large screen. I'd swear this was all fake.I don't see any strings. I see no sticks. No form of puppetry whatsoever. It's all so amazing. Is this all really above in the sea of stars?"
  2. "Yeah, like I said. everything is worlds apart. The sky above our planet. the erm.."sea of stars" just another ocean to us."
  3. >"amazing...but I notice that chariot or...whatever that very small. I don't understand why you'd announce that as the human's chariot if it looks like a simple swarm of my own children could destroy it."
  4. "Oh...nononono, that's not the chariot I meant."
  5. >The screen then transitions to the "real chariot", the ship Carmen pilots.
  6. "....that's the chariot"
  7. >"Nooooo, that thing...h-how big is it? There's no way you could get that thing to move."
  8. >You smile at that. Always did your heart good to hear her being surprised. Though, you still might be affected by that slushie too. Because you we're liking it just a smidge more than you usually would.
  9. "That's the beauty of the sea of stars and human engineering. No gravity means we can get that huge thing moving to wherever we want it to.Just watch, trust me. As for the size? I'd say.....about as big as five canterlots or so"
  10. >And so she did, watching. Noticing the "chemistry" between carmen and zander, while also paying attention to the ship itself.
  12. >"Humans are so...odd. It's clear that the ship itself requires absolute focus to pilot. And yet, there's some sort of...thing going on between these two. I thought she was interested in that loser Rico."
  13. "It's been awhile since I've watched this. but yeah, things happen which cause her to shift. Zander and Rico have a fight about it later when...well...I don't want to spoil"
  14. >"That's fine, I'd rather just watch the events unfold themselves anyway. But...what's with this ship? This big mighty chariot. It's so...slow. I thought you needed to have speeds beyond pegasi to reach other planets"
  15. >Man, she was just jumping the gun the entire time. Then again, what being from the MLPverse wouldn't be curious about human tech....even if it actually never existed.
  16. "just wait...their gonna be hitting warp speed soon."
  17. >"Warp speed?hrnnn...Jupiter? I see. that's a planet. How long would it take to get there on foot?"
  18. "Super long time Chrysalis. We'd never make the trip. So, this is what we have to use a warp drive to close the distance."
  19. >"Warp drive...hmmm...oh, that explains the countdown....nnmmm" She stares intently at the screen.
  20. >They hit warp speed. And blast forth towards Jupiter's orbit. Everyone in the room gasps.
  21. >"It....bent everything around them. How do you even survive going so fast?"
  22. >...your mind went blank for a second. you had to tell her something. You go for some star trek styled technobabble.
  23. "Well you see, the ship has an atmospheric stabilizer system to keep both the crew and it's own components from compressing through warp speed. it maintains gravity and air supply too. Imagine it as a big inner barrier that keeps things like they would be on our planet. But within a ship"
  24. >The runt spoke up on that. "Oh! I think I get it. It's like it's keeping it's own little world inside the ship. right?
  25. >Oh hey...he's actually paying attention too...huh.
  26. "Yeah...that's actually exactly right"
  28. >The runt seemed absolutely floored with the ship. "If I could pilot that thing. I know exactly what I'd do with it"
  29. >.....he already has plans for it? christ, his mind works fast. You hazard questioning it. He was actually kind of adorable when he wasn't trying to kill you.
  30. "...what would you do , little guy?"
  31. >"Well, I'd pilot it over Canterlot! and then CRASH IT! CRUSHING ALL OF MY QUEEN'S ENEMIES!" He makes a motion with his hoof, and has it crash into his other while making a raspberry blow and then a boom noise. "They'd never see it coming!"
  32. >Holy...fucking...shit. What was wrong with this thing? That made you cringe. since now you could actually imagine cute horsies becoming burning flat pancakes.
  33. >Chrysalis snickered "I like your tact little one, but you have to remember. We also need food to survive. If nopony survives the crash. Then we go hungry. It also destroys the point of taking over a kingdom when you just made it go boom like that. Still...." Chrysalis pats his head gently "it's a beautiful thought nonetheless"
  34. >The runt just smiled and enjoyed his petting, as you just look at them. worried, christ. That was pretty dark, And the way she patted him for it. It was like some kind of strange bizarro world of parenting.
  36. >you just sorta scrunched into your seat and continued to focus on the movie. Christ, that thing was willing to jihad for Chrysalis. You wondered if it realized it'd be offing itself in the process.
  37. >Chrysalis stayed silent during the capture the flag segment. But her eyes were glues to the screen. As if she was analyzing every tactic and movement being used. She didn't even question the colored lasers and such. She was beginning to understand, and therefore could use her own reasoning to figure things out thus far. No matter how fantastic it actually seemed.
  38. >And then it got to...."that" scene.
  39. >The entire gallery had a collective cringe when that bullet went through that guy's head.
  40. >"What?..What just happened?"
  41. "The guy got shot right through the head"
  42. >"I saw that...but by what?! I didn't see what hit him. I don't even see what is coming out of those weapons but little spits of flame. How could that tear a chunk of his head off?!"
  43. >It actually seemed to shock and frighten her.
  44. "because the weapon, or gun, as it's called. Shoots out these little tiny chunks of metal so quickly that you don't see them. and it tears through you like you were paper. as Seen there. Those guns can shoot like twenty of those per second. And that's just a single shot."
  45. >Chrysalis even noticeably gulped. You could see that in her mind. She was thinking of what would happen if she was on the wrong end of that thing. "B-but it couldn't penetrate the Klendathian bugs...surely it couldn't pierce our carapace either...."
  46. "Actually, it does tear the bugs apart. It just requires you have good aim. Why...are you scared or something?"
  48. >Chrysalis, at that moment, must have realized she was visibly showing fear. She quickly shifted gears to expressing anger and hatred towards you. But internally, it was just a facade. She just didn't want the other changelings to see her afraid. "...Anon, remember whose hive you're in. I may not be able to hurt you. But one has to wonder what would happen if I grabbed you and threw you out the front door."
  49. "ok ok..sheesh. Sorry"
  50. >Christ she was being touchy about it.
  51. >"You better be...and seriously, what is with this focus on Rico? He kills a fellow human. But the worst he gets is a whipping? How bad could that possibly..."
  53. >The very first wound was enough to make everyone cringe. Even Chrysalis.
  54. >"I...take that back. That actually is...very painful looking. I'm getting to like these humans...they know how to discipline their own kind. Ouch....ohhh.....nasty"
  55. >watching even further. it gets to the part where carmen and the others dodge an asteroid. Chrysalis sips hard on her slushie on that one. Expecting a massive collision. But, given she doesn't understand at all that it's all a movie. Actually finds the dodge impressive. Though she stays silent. But then..
  56. >"Are you kidding me?! He just took ten lashings to the back to stay! and now he's just leaving?! ALL THAT FOCUS ON HIM AND HE'S JUST QUITTING?! WHAT WAS THE POINT!"
  57. >Chrysalis nearly throws her slushie, but instead ops to take your popcorn and throws it at the screen instead. "BOOOO!"
  58. > were eating that. Good thing the horn stayed on your head. you could just hover over another with ease.
  60. >Then it happened. The scene where Rico's home is destroyed.
  61. >"...wait..what's happening now? War. I thought they we're....Now I'm confused. Everything is going too fast. wait...Millions dead? MILLIONS!?! That can't be, there's no way that can be right.plasma? Buenos Aries? Are you telling me that rock that nearly smashed that ship destroyed a city of millions?! MILLIONS?!"
  62. "You actually care about all those humans who died?"
  63. Chrysalis shook her head, she was still bewildered "No, I just can't believe you humans breed that much! I grew a feeling that you were all perverts. But that's ridiculous! And given the numbers in wounded that flashed on the screen. That one city is larger than my entire brood of hives. It's insane!"
  64. >You didn't really know how to respond to that one. It was both comical to you and yet a little demeaning how she took that. Humans weren't THAT perverted...were they?
  65. "I-it's just..erm..nature and."
  67. >It got to the scene with the kids crushing the tiny bugs.
  68. >"...those poor little things. H-how cruel."
  69. "I'm actually surprised you are sympathizing with the bugs to tell you the truth. I thought all other species we're beneath you."
  70. >Chrysalis turned away to wipe a tear from her eye "They are, even the insects of Equestria are wimpy and not worth caring about considering that yellow nuisance can speak and make merry with them. But these bugs, of your world, they are worthy of respect. And...then there's all this cruelty towards them....I can only hope they turn things around by the end of this film."
  71. > She was REALLY gonna hate the ending. You noticed she was sniffling as she turned away...was she crying? better not mention it. yeesh.
  73. >The movie continues as normal. She actually doesn't have much to say on the brawl between Rico and Zander. She chalks it up to humans being "misguided lustful fools who don't even seem to understand the concept of love"
  74. >You didn't know if she understood it either. She probably does. She manipulates and feeds off of it. She's probably not used to seeing anyone being degenerate and unfaithful to eachother. Actually, not probably...most likely.
  75. >it gets to the scene where everyone is preparing to raid the planet and the blue blasts of plasma is coming up through the air and into space. Everyone in the audience seems to be getting tense from this scene. Riveted on their seats. You can hear loud chomping and sipping behind you. Even Chrysalis was finding it all fascinating.
  76. >it's actually kind of comfy for everyone to be silent. That's usually how a movie is supposed to be enjoyed.
  77. >When they land, and first assault the plasma bugs. you notice a dead silence.
  78. >You look behind you, then at Chrysalis. They were staring at the plasma bugs..booty?..maybe?
  79. "Hey Chrysalis...what's up? what are you looking at?"
  80. >".....Anon, have you ever seen something so magnificent? The shape, the light, the utter destruction those giant bugs wreak. It's perfection"
  81. >Woah...was she attracted to it? or just...deeply entranced by it? Well, it didn't matter now because they just got blown to bits.
  83. >oh man, you actually laughed at that. She was super pissed about those things being blown up.
  85. "Those "little cones" are actually things called nukes. Think of dynamite, then multiply it by like, a thousand. Human weaponry is hot stuff, ain't it?"
  86. >Chrysalis doesn't reply to you. She just mutters under her breath "...utter garbage"
  87. >She was in denial that a weapon of that magnitude could be made. You thought it'd be obvious that it could. Since they'd need something to counter the plasma bugs equally powerful butt blasters.
  89. >For now, she recognized this section of the movie as being the beginning. She sat silently, as did the rest of the hive, and the movie continued to play out.
  90. >She didn't even question the tank Rico was healing in. None of it, she really was understanding what was going on on her own. Or she didn't want to ask anymore questions, Maybe she didn't want to feel stupid now that the movie had gone on for an hour. There were some "ooohs" at the big bug melting that soldier's arm. But then something caught Chrysalis's eye a little later. And that was Rico dropping the grenade into the thorax of that huge bug. And even a few moments after.
  91. >You had expected her to explode in a fit of rage. But she didn't this time.
  92. >"I like these "Roughnecks" She said, during the violin solo dance.
  93. >You nearly coughed up your popcorn. She said what?! she liked who?!
  94. "..what?"
  95. >Chrysalis turned to you "I said I like these"Roughnecks" " She looked like she was in a state of awe.
  96. "....I thought you were rooting for the bugs?"
  97. >"To tell you the truth Anon, I don't know who to root for. The bugs, magnificent destruction beasts as they are, are also very....unintelligent and boring. The humans we're just moronic and were essentially lambs to the slaughter. Then they join under that teacher, who is also apparently a lieutenant' and look what happens. They are destroying the bugs left and right, And Rico did that sports...thing with that explosive ball. And that lieutenant himself. He's amazing. He inspires his troops to near suicidal levels, he allows no retreat, and he instills strength in his troops. He'd be my ideal captain really"
  98. "..err"
  99. >But..she already has one. Though, you weren't much for him. he was an asshole.
  100. "What about your ACTUAL captain?"
  101. >"Him? He's....ok. But after seeing this, I'm starting to realize he could do a lot more to rally my troops. If that lieutenant had led my children, I'm sure,even with that small mistake I made, that Canterlot would have been mine"
  103. >You think about that, and as you do, you hear a smashing sound behind you.
  104. >You look back, the door out of the theater was swinging. Someone left in a hurry. Taking a glance among the changelings. You didn't spot any one of them wearing a helmet.
  105. >That was the captain who went flying out. He must have heard that comment.
  106. >and yet....
  107. >You could care less......the guy wasn't worth worrying about really. Not to you.
  108. >You turn back to face the movie, only to catch it on Diz and Rico having fun time.
  109. >".....ahhhhh, so that's it. You find your naked forms entirely pleasing. No wonder you wear clothes all the time. Must be troublesome having such high libidos, hmm?" Chrysalis snickers as she gives you a little playful shove on the side.
  110. >yeah, there was the shower scene. but that heat of passion between humans. You actually almost forgot about it.
  111. "'s...a thing"
  112. >"Must be especially hard to be around your friends."
  113. >You clear your throat, you wouldn't let her have this. You have since become more immmune to the charms of just a nude pony.
  114. "Nah, I've gotten used to it"
  115. >"I agree with you" Chrysalis dons on the maid outfit that Discord had forced upon her once before "You've become so used to it that ponies IN clothes is what arouses you. Or am I wrong?"
  116. >You gulp....oh sheesh...she looked hot. She was toying with you. Just teasing you with kicks, you knew that....but goddammmmmmit...she was so damn hot in that.
  117. "C-can we focus on the movie, please?"
  119. >And lucky for you, the attention was indeed broken right when you finished that sentence. When everyone noticed the flying bug take that guy. and then Ironside's character taking him out.
  120. >Chrysalis again is impressed, so much so that it breaks her concentration to her maid clothing, making it vanish. ".....amazing...he even gives his troops mercy killings if they are beyond saving. Even if every other human is degenerate and useless, this one human commander manages to get them all into a winning fighting frenzy. It's amazing really. There's nopony in any kingdom with a militaristic leader of his caliber within their ranks"
  121. >And, this pretty much went on, she grew curious of the headstabs of the dead humans within the military installment. but chalked it up to just them being stabbed. Heck, she even cheered the lieutenant on in finishing the scared general. Later giving a cheer when the bugs attacked and that one aerial bug landed and finished him off anyway.
  122. >At the same time however, she was at odds as to who to root for. But she settled for the lieutenant's men for now. Hoping he at least pulls through as things grow grim.
  123. >of course....he doesn't.
  124. >Chrysalis actually brings her hoofs to her mouth and gasps as the lieutenant falls and is promptly shot. At this point, you could tell. Like any other new movie viewer...specially one from another universe. that she had become enthralled with the film. whether she liked it or not.
  125. >".....Anon, please tell me your race had the decency to erect some sort of memorial for that human. For there is no other like him"
  126. >And then Diz dies as she laments the loss of the lieutenant.
  127. >But that doesn't phase her. She doesn't even seem to notice.
  128. >"...please tell me that Anon."
  130. > know, you actually felt kind of bad. You put this on to scare her. Never in a million years did you expect her to like any of the humans. You a friend, you should just tell her yes.
  131. "Yeah, he got a whole museum to his philosophies and all of that stuff."
  132. >"Good...Captain, you were taking mental notes on this, right?"
  133. >No answer
  134. >"Captain?"
  135. >Chrysalis turns her head to see why her captain would not answer. And yet, she only seemed half surprised he had left. "Typical..." Chrysalis turned her head back to continue the movie, "...leave it to the Captain to try to ruin everyponyelse's good time by acting like a child."
  136. >With a harumph. she goes back to watching the movie. around the time Rico becomes the new leader, and carmen's ship is taken down.
  137. >Again, she doesn't say too much. She didn't seem to let the Captains rude self-removal ruin her good time. But she did notice the lieutenant's influence on Rico. Again, and even announcing to her hive that the way they act and behave should serve as a reminder as to being a good soldier.
  138. >Now, at this point. they were looking for Carmen. Who, Chrysalis thought. She and her companion Zander should be dead.
  139. >"So, what is going on now? Up until this point. The Klandathian bugs have been killing their prey without remorse. And now, they are showing some actual form of intelligence?"
  140. "Oh...yeah, if you noticed. This documentary has been alluding to a sort of queen. or more really an intelligent bug that can think,grow, learn, and adapt."
  141. >"Ahhhhhh, so we are about to see the brains of the bugs. Finnnnnnnaaaaalllllyyyy, and here I thought they we're instinctual beasts through and through. It's about time we finally see a being as intelligent, beautiful, and wor-.....WHAT IS THAT THING?!"
  143. >The giant amorphous brain bug crawls into the scene. Ready to drain Zander of his brain.
  144. >You could hear gagging, a changeling vomiting, and the rest even feeling offended by what they saw. If only to mimic Chrysalis's reaction.
  145. >"This can't be..."
  146. >And starts extracting right from Zander's head. Making her facehoof as the Changelings go another round of being disgusted.
  147. >"....incredible. There is nothing about these insects actually worthy of my praise. And yet, the humans. The ones I should despise. Are actually a respectable race and a force to be reckoned with. Their weaponry, tactics, and bravery would spell doom for all of Equestria if they ever somehow waged war upon us. Look, even then. The idiot girl that chose to be with the now truly brainless idiot instead of the brave Rico even outsmarts the "Brain" bug"
  148. >Chrysalis was now growing impatient, she was waiting for the end of the movie now. Which thankfully for her. was right around the corner.
  149. >They capture the brain bug, and upon finding out it's scared, Chrysalis just stares with utter disgust as the screen as she taps her hoof on the arm rest. "......disgraceful"
  150. >She didn't have much to say after that. Even for the militaristic ending. or What happens with the brain bug after. She felt it was well deserved.
  151. >As the credits rolled. The theater began to light up. The changelings didn't react hwoever. They all looked to their aggravated queen.
  152. >"hmm?....oh..yes yes...applause if you wish, it was good" Chrysalis says stoically. Though, even in her mixed mood. Just her word was enough to cause the hive to let out thunderous applause for the "documentary". And while you didn't actually scare Chrysalis. You got to share in the movie experience with her. and even giggle internally in her shift of teams.
  153. "So, what did you think. As a whole?"
  155. >You involuntarily swished your tail as you waited for her answer. putting your front hooves on your armrest, excited. You were really excited for this. With your original reasoning for this dead. All that mattered was....that she had a good time.
  156. >Chrysalis yawned and arose from her throne as she stretched. She was tired, and it was really late. "I have to admit Anon. This was truly an experience. At first, I thought it was going to be boring tripe. But as it went on..."
  157. >Chrysalis turned to you, she actually looked...normal..and happy. Like a regular pony would be. "..It actually became interesting...and dare I say it, fun. While the Klendathian bugs turned out to be unimpressive and repulsive, your kind turned out to be strong and loyal. It makes me wish I could bend your entire world to my control if only to have an unstoppable army. But I digress, disappointments aside. I enjoyed it. I didn't even think a documentary could be so action packed. Your race's style of documentary's are the best I've ever seen."
  158. >that made you grin. That was a lot better than you expected it to be. She actually enjoyed it! You held in your urge to hop about. You knew exactly why you felt great. Although you failed in scaring her. You succeeded in actually completely impressing the queen of the changelings. The one you currently call a friend.
  159. "I'm very glad to hear that. I really am. in fact, I'm really glad you and your entire hive enjoyed it."
  160. >Chrysalis found that a little curious. She wondered why you cared so much. "And why is that?"
  161. "Because. I never thought I would get to enjoy that Documentary with anypony, And, I had fun with you and your children. I had fun hearing you react. I enjoyed you're commentary and curiousness. I'm glad we just got to share in something, together, as friends."
  163. >Chrysalis seemed to have trouble coming up with words in which to reply to. The runt however, hopped up gently on Chrysalis's back, smiling and satisfied. "My Queen, wasn't that the most amazing thing you ever seen?! wouldn't mind having one of those nuke things! Those were the coolest!"
  164. >Chrysalis broke off eye contact with you to tend to her little drone, the other changelings just hanging about, getting more slushies to sip on. "It would be nice to have in case our next campaign ever got too hairy. But we as changelings need no external force to win, no matter how impressive it may be."
  165. >The runt giggled and nuzzled "Ok! But that's only because our queen is the best!" The runt yawned, he was pretty pooped himself "Right?"
  166. >"Well of course I am" Chrysalis chuckled smugly "Who else is better than I?"
  167. >The runt shook his head "Nopony"
  168. >"That's right, now...why don't you take your brothers and sisters out to get some rest. I need to finish talking to Anon"
  169. >"...but what if he tries something? Shouldn't I get the captain atleast?"
  170. >Chrysalis used her magic to grab the runt and bring his nose to hers for a cute little boop. "You needn't worry about any of that. Just do what I tell you. Is that clear?"
  171. >The Runt saluted as Chrysalis put him down "Yes my Queen! Ok everypony! You heard her! Off to rest! Let's go go go! And if you disobey, I'll destroy you myself!"
  172. >Cute
  173. >The room empties until it's just you and the queen.
  174. >"Now then, I can admit this without looking like a fool" Chrysalis sighed "....I had a good time with you, as a friend. It's the only way to explain these kinds of feelings I am feeling right now."
  175. >Oh man, that just made you feel all kinds of good. You didn't even give a shit if she was feeding off it.
  176. "see? having a friend isn't all that bad. We had fun, and I feel great for being able to share that fun with you. To share that kind of experience. That's what friends do, you know?"
  178. >Chrysalis only gave a slight smile to that "Yes...I agree with you, but only to a point" Chrysalis then raised her muzzle, closing her eyes and gave a snooty expression. "But this is not something I'd consider being all to chummy about. Do I feel slightly closer to you as a friend? Yes. Would I like you on my side in case I ever have a chance to conquer the land? Sure, why not. But if you ever dare cross me between then, then you'll be rotting in a cell like anypony else would."
  179. >Good enough for you. You were slowly chipping away at that barrier of hers. The one surrounding that cold heart.
  180. "That's fine. Because until then, I'll continue enjoying my time with you whenever I can"
  181. >"Don't get too comfortable Anon, you'll still be my toy whenever I wish you to be"
  182. "I know."
  183. >You yawn, yeah, now that the excitement was over, you were dead tired. It was getting late. And the glow on your horn began to dissipate as the room began to vanish.
  184. "...I know, still had fun though...but there's still one more thing"
  185. >Chrysalis took a quick look around, being caught off guard by the disappearing room. But also realizing as to why it was. "And what's that?"
  186. >But take advantage of her slightly confused state and give her a gentle goodnight hug.
  187. "A goodnight hug for my friend."
  188. >Instead of throwing you off her, she simply shoves you gently away with a hoof "Right...let's not get too sentimental. It's too late for me to be feeding and so it's absolutely pointless to be affectionate. Why don't you go off to bed and save all that love for me tomorrow, hmmm?"
  189. >You give her a grin, she may have not realized it. But you had a feeling, maybe one anyway, that she wasn't being as forceful as she could be. She was usually alot more rough and cruel with her words.
  190. "Yeah, you're probably right. Goodnight Chrysalis, you have a good sleep"
  191. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes at you "Just go, before I have my hive throw you out."
  193. >You don't say anything, you just give her one last look with a gentle sleepy smile, and head back upstairs. Grabbing your horn from the ground as you go.
  194. >You head out of the cavernous basement and into the living room, then up the gravity stairs to your room.
  195. >you could feel your body ache. Without magic enhancements and it being so late, not to mention all you went through, that bed looked so damn inviting that you could probably even mate with it.
  196. >You put away your horn, shoving it into your saddle bag as you climb into bed...ohh god, it never felt so comfortable before. You get under your blankets and roll about as you moan softly from it's warm goodness.
  197. >It doesn't take you very long, before you fall asleep.
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