Twilight's Time Off 1: Diary Entry (AB/DL)

Apr 7th, 2014
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  1. 5/23 Some corrections made. Someday I would like to return to this story.
  3. *****
  5. Dear Diary,
  7. Sorry I have been neglecting you, Celestia has been keeping me very busy lately. I have a few things I've been meaning to tell you and I trust you to keep them a secret from everypony.
  9. I fear that I am finally starting to run out of steam on those who look up to me and I have once again have become terrified to even think of failure. I feel like the stress of my duties are taking a heavy toll on me. I cannot allow my own fears and anxiety to take control of my life again. Last time I allowed that to happen, I ended up misusing my talents that could have hurt a lot of ponies had my mentor not been informed by my always faithful and irreplaceable Spike. I am grateful that she did not scold me for my blunder and taught me a valuable lesson, but I will not make the same mistake again. I have informed Celestia of my exhaustion and she generously made arrangements so I can have some much deserved time off.
  11. I have also learned that my good friend Cadance will be visiting Ponyville this weekend. Hopefully, if all goes well me and Cadance will get to have some quality time together. I will of course let you know if that is possible or not.
  13. I'm afraid neither of these things are what I want you to keep a secret. You see Diary ever since I was very young I often fantasize about going back to times where there was no expectation of me and everything was simple. I long to return to the days when a pony that loves me dearly takes care of my every need.
  15. I am ashamed to admit to you that only Cadance and you know of this silly desire. Not even Princess Celestia, Spike, my brother or any of my five best friends knows of these foalish thoughts of mine and it is my will to never burden them with that knowledge. I'm hoping if things go well, maybe me and Cadance could enjoy our time off together.
  17. I am not ashamed to admit that Cadance and I share a special bond. Ever since she started caring-giving me she understood that I was different than most ponies, but instead of treating me like a social pariah she fully embraced who I was. Some of the moments I shared with Cadance are the happiest time of my life and well as I grew older into a young adult I still wanted to relive these moments with Cadance.
  19. Recently I went as far as telling her how much those moments meant to me and to my surprise, she told me that not only does she share my sentiments, but she will go as far as treating me like a foal for a few days if she can ever find the spare time. I have to say Diary that I have never felt so full of energy and life the moment she told me that. I know in my heart that soon I can look forward to having that serious quality time with her once again. Could it really be as soon as this weekend? I'm so excited right now that words alone simply couldn't do it justice.
  21. You will hear from me shortly Diary, I sincerely hope I can report that I and Cadance can enjoy some special time together once again.
  23. Yours truly,
  24. Twilight Sparkle
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