ChromiumRPI V0.4 Wi-Fi guide (unsupported)

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  1. ChromiumRPI V0.4 Wi-Fi Guide (this is fully unsupported. This means: We do hope that this will work for you, but if it doesn't then you will need to find a way to make this work by yourself):
  3. First off, this a feature we have not invested much time into, but with our hours of testing, we have found a solution, while we still recommend that you use a wired connection for the best performance, even if 802.11n (are there any RasPi-compatible 802.11ac adapters yet?!) might provide more theoretical throughput than Fast Ethernet.
  5. We will give you guys a collection of bin files below: a majority of dongles will work, once these bin files are installed (these are close to same bin files you will see in other RasPi distros).
  7. Why we suggest you use a wired connection? Since the time is being synchronized over the network, Internet connectivity must be guaranteed during boot, if you are using a wifi dongle the system might not have that connectivity on boot and therefore will not be able to sync the time for you, so you will have to sync the time yourself.
  9. To Install
  10. - Download our collection of bin files off of mediafire:
  11. - unzip them to a location you will remember
  13. - Paste the CONTENTS of that folder with the firmware directory located on the SD card's ROOT-A/lib/firmware/
  14. - If asked to replace files allow it to write over the old bin files.
  15. - Done
  17. Known errors:
  18. If you have a wifi dongle that is based on the rtl8192cu chipset, you are out of luck and applying this fix will not fix your wifi needs, for our kernel isn't playing nice when trying to add support for that wifi dongle.
  19. Since we do not have every wifi dongle in the world, we cant be sure that yours will work, and if it doesn't: kindly remember that this is unsupported and check whether you can get a working adapter (there is a thread on our subreddit that is reserved for users reporting whether their adapters are working or not).
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