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LCPL 3 Prices

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  1. Starting Credits: 10000
  2. 8 players required, including the manager
  3. Managers play for free
  4. "Tynamo's Dynamos" was the scrub team, made up entirely of undrafted players
  6. heysup: 31.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  7. obvious power: 31.5k (Aipom Army)
  8. mambo: 30k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  9. hawkstar: 26.5k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  10. Calloflochie: 22k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  11. fitzy72: 21k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  12. fatty: 20k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  13. glassglaceon: 20k (Happy Hoppips)
  14. vileman: 19k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  15. apt-get: 18.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  16. yagura: 18.5k (Happy Hoppips)
  17. the unlucky one: 18k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  18. absdaddy: 17k (Happy Hoppips)
  19. zeriloa: 17k (Aipom Army)
  20. Artemisa: 16k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  21. cxinlee: 16k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  22. queenlucy: 15k (Happy Hoppips)
  23. flcl: 13k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  24. melonz: 13k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  25. superpowerdude: 12.5k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  26. catcherandtherai: 12k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  27. ggggd: 12k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  28. iss: 12k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  29. aerow: 11k (Happy Hoppips)
  30. sweep: 11k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  31. kratosmana: 10k (Riolu Renegade)
  32. little gk: 9k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  33. boo836: 8k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  34. laurel: 8k (Aipom Army)
  35. tricking: 8k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  36. amaura: 7.5k (Aipom Army)
  37. atomicllamas: 7.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  38. chieliee: 7.5k (Aipom Army)
  39. draconinja: 7.5k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  40. Kingmidas: 7.5k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  41. thefenderstory: 7.5k (Happy Hoppips)
  42. litchi: 7k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  43. ZoroarkForever: 7k (Aipom Army)
  44. fiend hound: 6.5k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  45. raseri: 6k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  46. galbia: 5.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  47. eren yeager: 5k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  48. praj.pran: 5k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  49. sken: 5k (Aipom Army)
  50. Splashyship: 5k (Snivy Subterfuge)
  51. the avalanches: 5k (Aipom Army)
  52. water drone: 5k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  53. unfixable: 4.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  54. Imanalt: 4k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  55. innovamania: 4k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  56. Pako: 4k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  57. sparktrain: 4k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  58. sparkychild: 4k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  59. d4rr3n: 3.5k (Aipom Army)
  60. mylo xyloto: 3.5k (Aipom Army)
  61. omastar42: 3.5k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  62. Tomahawk: 3.5k (Riolu Renegade)
  63. -tsunami-: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  64. Aaron's Aron: 3k (Happy Hoppips)
  65. asterya: 3k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  66. blood totem: 3k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  67. Celsius: 3k (Aipom Army)
  68. danilo: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  69. dice: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  70. Enki: 3k (Happy Hoppips)
  71. Goao: 3k (Happy Hoppips)
  72. kavatika: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  73. lasagna: 3k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  74. Pancham: 3k (Happy Hoppips)
  75. pdc: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  76. prime legionnaire: 3k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  77. sanosuke: 3k (Les Charpenti Terribles)
  78. Steeljackal<3: 3k (Cottonee Crusaders)
  79. tahu: 3k (Riolu Renegade)
  80. Vermillion Project: 3k (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas)
  81. Starmaster (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  82. Nineage (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  83. Shrug (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  84. tazz (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  85. Brazilian Army (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  86. Cheek Pouch (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  87. The Quasar (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  88. majaspic22 (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  89. Kumiho (Tynamo's Dynamos)
  90. DatCoconut (Tynamo's Dynamos)
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