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  1. Some of the Mamono types in the setting. NOTE: This is the most common disposition of the natural ones who were raised in their respective societies. They're also not horndogs by default. Sure, some might be pretty horny, but hey.
  2. > Roper: Very social creatures who share a symbiotic relationship with a near-mindless organism that reproduces alongside them. They're peaceful and serene people, using their tendrils to grow gardens from which they gain their food. They also prefer to not fight, with their tendrils being used to deflect attacks. This takes a lot of practice, but hey, no one said things were perfect.
  3. > Yeti: Tall and strong, they're a folk that values heroism and guidance. They kind of prefer solitude, building their own log cabins in the mountains, and helping any travelers in need of their help. They're also really good at using ice magic, utilizing their cold environment to lethal effect if need be.
  4. > Hellhound: They utterly live for the fight, and will style on just about anyone if they can. They're somewhat tribal, living in small cut off communities that are tightly knit. They also seem to take a slight punch to the face as something akin to a handshake. They're also absurdly blunt and have zero social filter, but are also total bros when they're talking to people.
  5. > Cerberus: Three individuals, tied together by some sort of invisible spiritual link that makes them unable to wander 30 feet from each other. Seem to either be totally gullible or so distrustful that they don’t even trust their other components. Usually, at least. Some can find peace with others and themselves, but it's hard.
  6. > Lilim: Supposedly the daughter of one of the demon lords. Never seen, being more like a local fairy tale meant to scare naughty children. Hell, some say that there’s only one that actually exists.
  7. >Gremlins: Short as hell, and slightly childlike, they’re an odd form of gadgeteer genius. They know what works in machinery, and how to construct said machines, but they really don’t know WHY. They know that coal can move a piston with steam, but don’t know why, for example. They're on surprisingly amicable terms with the Dwarves, paying for rare metals to use in their machines.
  8. > Imps: Short, purple-skinned humanoids who look kinda like children. They're not very social creatures, preferring to hide in places that no one could reasonably reach. It's still unknown how they've mastered the art of sneaking around to such a degree that they can literally hide in your cupboard without anyone noticing in the middle of a huge party. They're also somewhat laid-back, preferring to sit around in wherever they find comfortable. And they can get comfortable in a lot of place.
  9. > Lamia: Extremely mysterious and secretive. They normally live in dry climates and have a habit of inexplicably surviving things that should, by all means, kill them. It's unknown how they get their moisture. Also put a lot of value on jars or containers of the like.
  10. > : Basically witch doctors They're masters of organic alchemical procedures, and can literally turn blood and herbs into an omni-cure with said procedures, among other things. They're also very good with surgery, with the best of the best being able to perform a perfect organ transplant in a matter of quite possibly seconds. They put a mild value on dry humor and being professional with their interactions outside of their own species.
  11. >Kikimora: Clad in hoods and wandering around constantly. Extremely kindhearted and sweet, putting heavy value on selflessness and aiding others. They always repay their debts in full. If you help one up, they'll help you up. Save their life, they'll save yours.
  12. > Harpy: Free-spirited and apologetic, they utterly despise being held down or contained, preferring to spend a lot of time in the open air. They're also blindingly fast when they build up speed. The world-record for Harpy speed is Mach 2.
  13. > Dullahan: Probably has the most distinct difference between a Naturally born one and an Unnatural one. The head of a Naturally born one is a soft flame, usually in some sort of light color, along with visible "Eyes." Unnatural ones' "Flames" more resemble a geyser of fluid that dissipates mid-air, with no visible eyes. Dullahans are an extremely adventurous sort, often wandering around and just doing whatever enables them to test their skills at... Well, just about anything. Also, Unnatural ones often complain about neck pain.
  14. > Gashadokuro: These guys are fucking weirdos, plain and simple. They speak in an enormously odd manner, referring to most things by unnecessarily verbose names. They're also 20 feet tall at minimum. They also have a borderline addiction to milk. Or anything that has a lot of calcium in it. They actually form a symbiotic relationship with wild Holstaurs, exchanging protection from monsters for more of that sweet, sweet CALCIUM.
  15. > Automatons: It doesn't matter if you're natural or unnatural to these guys. You're family to them, as long as you're an automaton. Surprisingly laid-back and carefree, but only when amongst the company of their own kind. When it comes to others, they tend to get a bit defensive. Prefer to spend their time doing at least one of two things, either inventing/improving technology, or screwing around with said technology.
  16. > Fairies: Basically, they're children with wings about the size of your finger. Also, they're essentially immortal. Unfortunately, many of them are deeply cynical because of this. They feel they can't be taken seriously by anyone, despite possessing the mind of an adult, due to their childlike bodies.
  17. > Slime: Easily distracted and often forget to plan ahead, yet make up for it with extremely good improvisation and freeform thinking, figuring out new uses for their malleable form near-instantly. They're also noticeably more open with how they feel towards people than most other Mamono species by default. Also, they seem to sometimes shift what they look like depending on how they're feeling.
  18. > Kappa: Two notable "Types" of Kappa. Warm and Cold. Warm Kappas prefer to hang out in deep lakes, sitting underwater and beholding all the beautiful life down there. Cold Kappas are sort of like snow monkeys, in that they prefer to sit in hot springs in the mountains. Both have two things in common. They have a good spiritual equilibrium, akin to a Buddhist. And they have very good taste in hats.
  19. > Arachne: Upper body of a human, lower body of a spider, as usual. They prefer to live lives of relative solitude, spinning a web that they spend most of their time in. Unlike most examples of this, they do tend to actually get somewhat lonely and will usually greet anything non-hostile cordially. They're also remarkably good at making cloth, despite never having any formal training
  20. > Sandworms: They usually take jobs as messengers due to their skills, tunneling deep underground with their inner body carrying valuable items. Personality wise, they're very adverse to their inner body being touched by anything, due to the sensitivity of the entire area, preferring to stay in their maw unless they need to come out. You can touch the outer body to your hearts content though, because not even a cannonball can pierce that thing.
  21. > Merfolk: Amazing architects who are able to exploit the lowered gravity of an underwater environment to construct some of the most gorgeous constructs known to exist. They're very timid about the surface, though, and have been known to get panicked when they get closer than 3 meters to the surface. There's many existing species, depending on different types of fish. They're also frighteningly strong despite their lithe physique, due to their specialized muscular structure from living underwater.
  22. > Wukong: Tree dwelling and somewhat lazy, they've got aerokenetic powers and bostaff combat down to a science. They're hyperactive and love to have fun, and are even known to screw with peoples heads just because they feel like it. They can also enter a state that is essentially bullet time.
  23. > Wisp: Small elementals, about the size of your hand. They seem to be made entirely of light, and are capable of shapeshifting AND controlling how much light they emit. They find comfort in small things, expressing amazement at even the smallest discoveries, and live lives of exploring and being in awe at the wonder that is the world.
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