Anon - Cardgames

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >Bored
  2. >That’s the one word that would describe you right now
  3. >You're lounging around with your friends and none of you have any idea what to do
  4. >Virgo throws a magazine about something onto the floor
  5. “How can it be so boring?”
  6. “Thanks for stating the obvious Virgo”
  7. >Moon Dust sighs as Virgo shoots a stinky eye to Acteus
  8. “Anon, do you really have no ideas at all?”
  9. >You turn to look at Moon Dust and shake your head
  10. >”No, I’m all out on ideas”
  11. >Silence overtakes the room once again
  12. >This time Gemini sighs
  13. >And then there’s more silence
  14. >And then Pepper Dust sneezes
  15. >You rub your face with your hands and then sit up on the couch
  16. >Waspy moves his hooves so you won’t tangle with them as you get up
  17. >You take a look around the clubroom
  18. >All of you pitched in and rented it and turned it into a bro-man-cave
  19. >Gemini is lying on a bean bag chair, looking almost as sleepy as Waspy who’s almost asleep on the sofa you’re sitting on
  20. >Virgo is also on one of the bean bag chairs next to Gemini, and Moon Dust is just lying on the carpet like a dead fish
  21. >You resist the urge to pay more than necessary attention to his behind as he lies on his tummy
  22. >Pepper Dust is fiddling with something with a vacant expression on his face next to Moon Dust
  23. >Acteus just finishes his glass of something and then slams the glass down on the table
  24. “There’s got to be something we can come up with”
  26. >All of the other moths murmur some weak replies back to him with boredom dripping from their voices
  27. >And then there’s more silence
  28. >And that’s the last straw for you
  29. >You slap your knees and every moth seems to jump up a bit
  30. >”All right, let’s start throwing around ideas. We’ll never get anywhere like this. How about we go and check out if there are any attractive mares out there?”
  31. “Anon, are you really feeling that masochistic?”
  32. >You turn to look at Virgo but before you can say anything Acteus pipes in
  33. “Do you remember how much we were turned down the last time we did something like that? No thanks, too soon. I need to heal my confidence before trying out anything like that again”
  34. “Besides, some of us do not swing that way...”
  35. >A lot of shocked heads turn towards Waspys direction
  36. >Waspy seems to notice this and blushes very red
  37. “I ment Gemini, Gemini!”
  38. >Waspy points his hoof towards Gemini while panicking
  39. “Are you sure?”
  40. >And now Waspy throws one of the pillows on the couch at Pepper Dust
  41. >That’s weird, you could have sworn Gemini was looking at Waspy and licking his lips...
  42. “How about playing a game of cards?”
  43. >You turn to look at Moon Du- dammit Moony stop lying like that it makes your butt stand out way too much
  44. >You notice that a few of your friends must have similar thoughts as they blush a bit and try their hardest to look at the floor near Moon Dust or the walls
  45. >”I could go for a game of cards”
  46. “Me too, I’ll wipe the floor with you guys like last time!”
  47. >Virgo sure seems fired up
  48. “We could always make it interesting and play strip poker”
  49. >You turn to look at Gemini
  51. >”Gemini, I would agree to that if I was not the only one wearing anything...”
  52. >Gemini rubs the back of his head embarrassedly
  53. >Pepper Dust gets up
  54. “Anon, could you carry the table to the center? We’ll get the chairs”
  55. >You nod and get up
  56. >Soon the seven of you are seated around a round table
  57. >Virgo even has that cheesy looking visor on his head
  58. >As you deal the chips you come up with a great idea
  59. >”Hey, you guys remember that time when we played that thing where we pulled pieces of paper out of that box and had to do anything that was written on them?”
  60. >There’s a collective nod and some yeahs and u-huh’s
  61. >”There were a lot of them left over right? How about before we play any hold em’ we play regular poker, and the one with the worst hand has to pull one and do what it says?”
  62. >Acteus grins
  63. “A sort of a punishment game? I’m in”
  64. >Virgo also nods and agrees
  65. >The only ones who seem a bit unsure are Moon Dust and Pepper Dust
  66. “Weren’t those the things we gave up on using since they were so embarrassing, not to mention all those weird ones...”
  67. >Pepper Dust nods at Moon Dust
  68. “Yeah, like kissing the pony next to you on your left side and stuff like that, It’d be nice but didn’t we make those with the thought of having a bunch of mares playing with us?”
  69. >Virgo sneers at the two
  70. “What’s the matter, afraid to gamble?”
  71. >This seems to agitate the two as they both scrunch
  72. “N-no! I’m in!”
  73. “Me too!”
  74. >”So, nobody else against the idea?”
  75. >The only ones who looks a bit unsure now is Waspy but everyone nods
  76. >”Well then, let’s get the game going!”
  78. >You start to deal the cards you were shuffling while everyone was talking and soon everybody and -pony has 5 cards in front of them
  79. >You are using 2 decks all together with no jokers in the game
  80. >And the room goes quiet as all of you study your cards
  81. >You take a look at you hand
  82. >1 ace of spades (you resist singing the song inside your head), a 4 of hearts, a 6 of hearts, a spade queen and a diamond 5
  83. >Allright, you’ll be aiming for a straight
  84. >You’re allowed to change 1 to 4 cards 2 times and then you’re stuck with the cards you have
  85. >You take a glance around the table, most of the ponies are good at keeping their game face on
  86. >Well, except for Moon Dust, his face shows out how bad of a hand he’s got
  87. >You all discard and pull cards until it is time to reveal what you all have
  88. >”Straight”
  89. >Moon Dust reveals a two pair
  90. >Pepper Dust reveals a pair
  91. >Virgo has a flush
  92. >Acteus has a high card, 10
  93. >Waspy has three of a kind
  94. >Gemini’s got a high card, King
  95. >It’s Acteusses loss
  96. >Acteus sighs and inserts his hoof into the cardboard box full of small folded paper slips and pulls out one and reads it out loud
  97. “Give the pony sitting next to you on the right side a kiss on the chee- oh damn it!”
  98. >Looking from your point of view you all are seated like this around the table
  99. >Next to you on your right hand side sits Gemini. On his right ha- hoof side sits Virgo, and on his Acteus, and on his Waspy, and on his Moon Dust, and on his Pepper Dust, and on his righ hoof side sits you
  100. >Acteus has to kiss Waspy on the cheek
  101. >Acteus takes a look at Waspy
  102. >Both seem to not be enjoying this situation at all
  103. “Well, what are you waiting for, give him a big ol’ smootch”
  104. >Acteus glares at Virgo who giggles like a little filly
  105. “Let’s just get it over with...”
  107. >Waspy does his best to stare at the table while presenting his cheek towards Acteus
  108. “I swear if I find out who wrote that slip of paper...”
  109. >Acteus puckers his lips and starts to move towards Waspy
  110. >Both of them seem a bit nauseous and like they are breaking out in a cold sweat
  111. >And then, Acteus ever so quickly touches Waspys cheek with his lips and instantly pulls back while going “bleh”
  112. >Waspy starts to wipe his cheek with his hoof as the snickering around the table intensifies
  113. “Allright, next round”
  114. >This time Virgo shuffles and deals and you all get ready to reveal your hands
  115. >It’s your loss, Virgo barely wins you
  116. >You dig up a piece of paper and open it up
  117. >”Tell something about the pony you have a crush on”
  118. >Well, that’s pretty soft-core, considering some of the more colorful things you all found in that box of paper slips when you used it the last time
  119. >All eyes are on you now
  120. >Damn, they must really want to know
  121. >Now that you think about, you never did reveal your crush to anyone
  122. >But too bad, it only said to reveal something, not who the crush is
  123. >”Well, she’s got the cutest squeaking sound there can ever be”
  124. >There, you do not even feel embarrassed about admitting that
  125. “So it’s Hexferry right?”
  126. >You almost choke on your own spit at what Gemini said
  127. >”H-how did you-“
  128. >Gemini sighs and turns to look at you
  129. “You’re not really good at hiding it Anon, I bet everyone here already knew”
  130. >Everyone agrees with Gemini
  131. >You feel your cheeks blush and like sinking into the ground, you were being extra careful to not let anyone find out about that
  132. >Acteus shuffles and deals next and you all play the next round
  133. >It’s Moon Dusts loss this round and he digs out a slip and reads it out loud
  134. “Sing a song”
  135. >Well, that’s a pretty tame one
  137. >Moon Dust clears his throat and starts to sing while blushing
  138. >The nervousness in his voice is very clear but surprisingly he does sing rather well
  139. >All of you seem to be silent and listen to him as he sings
  140. >Soon he finishes and opens his eyes back
  141. “How was it...?”
  142. >Moon Dust looks a bit unsure and embarrassed while looking at all of you with big expectant eyes
  143. >If there would be a homosex meter in this room now would be the time it would start to sound the alarms
  144. >All of you start to tell him how good he was and he seems overjoyed and relieved
  145. >You can’t help but to feel that that’s cute
  146. >...moving on, Waspy deals now and soon enough you have the next looser
  147. >Virgo digs out a slip
  148. “Heavily and very physically come on to the player opposite of you until that pony shows a nice reaction?”
  149. >Acteus breaks out laughing and Virgo shoots a glare at him
  150. “Hahaha, i- haha, it was actually me w- hhhahaha who wrote that one”
  151. >Acteus keeps laughing while Virgo loosk like he could punch Acteus
  152. >The one sitting opposite of Virgo is Moon Dust and he looks extremely embarrassed right now
  153. >Virgo gets up from his seat and grumbles at Acteus while making his way to Moon Dust
  154. “Just you wait, I’ll make you pull out an even more worse option...”
  155. >All eyes are on Virgo now as he stands before Moon Dust
  156. >Oh no, you know that smirk
  157. >Virgo is planning on not letting Acteus get the satisfaction of making him feel awkward
  158. >And Virgo moves in for the kill, he suddenly climbs into Moon Dusts lap
  159. >Moon Dust yelps, and some of your pals look rather worried
  161. “Well hello there gorgeous...”
  162. >Moon Dusts blush deepens as Virgo gazes at him with bedroom eyes and inches his face closer as he strokes his face and moves his hooves so that he’s straddling Moon Dust now
  163. >Gemini lets out a cat call and Acteus seems shocked at Virgo handling this so well
  164. >But then you all hear the door opening and all of you turn to look towards it
  165. >at the entrance stands Caramel, Hexferry, Meisa and Actias
  166. >Actias drops the bag of something she was carrying as Meisa and Hexferry share a collective gasp
  167. “See I knew they were just doing gay stuff in here”
  168. >Caramel seems unaffected when she says that
  169. >Everyone around the table has the look of a deer caught in headlights plastered on their faces
  170. “S-sorry to disturb you!”
  171. >Meisa, Actias and Hexferry take off with shocked expressions and Caramel gives one last smirk before closing the door and presumably going after her friends
  172. >...
  173. >Nobody reacts
  174. “Uhh... Moony is that...”
  175. >Virgo suddenly jumps up and off from Moon Dusts lap and Moon Dust covers his crotch
  176. >...
  177. >”H-how about we all call it a day?”
  178. >Everyone agrees with you very fast and you all decide to go home
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