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Two Gov Websites of Turkey HaCked bY Teamr00t

malwareconf Nov 19th, 2012 83 Never
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  1. Two Gov Websites of Turkey HaCked bY Teamr00t |!|
  3. Official Member :
  4. Teamr00t Attacker - Teamr00t Velocity - Teamr00t F1r3w411 - X-Line Ma - Teamr00t Deciple - Steve Young - Medo Machakil - HàithAmo Einstein - Teamr00t Hunter - Encik Sykes - Teamr00t ZeroOneOne - Teamroot Malware - Teamroot Sélim - Mr.Asbun - Virusa Worm - Teamr00t cihonje - Teamr00t Fighter - Deto Beiber - Teamr00t SynboX - Teamr00t K4C3 - Java Jee - DzPhoenix - Atom Mota - Evil-Dz HaXor - Perantau Senja - Shahrul Anuar
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  8. To the governments of the world, it is time you listened and acted upon what would benefit and help the people of your countries! It is now time for you to start listening to the voices of your nation and deal with the problems that are occurring every single day. You were elected and made promises to your people that you must keep. We declare our rights on this earth to be human beings, to be respected as human beings, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary." Malcolm X Your corrupted ways, greed, love for money and fame need to stop! Your excuses to go to war, all for their oil are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Your people have the right to have their voices heard and you the government must listen to your nation. You cannot arrest, torture and lock up citizens, if you do not agree with their views, but must listen and act upon them. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and your people must be allowed this freedom. Stop, listen and take action that will help benefit your nation!
  10. "Teamr00t Has Arrived!!! We are the voice for the suppressed people of the world, and we will show you the truth!"
  12. http://sivasilozelidaresi.gov.tr/
  13. http://sivasozelidare.gov.tr/
  15. http://www.hack-db.com/99977.html
  16. http://www.hack-db.com/99976.html
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