Pyrite FEMTO

Aug 13th, 2016
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  1. Name: Pyrite
  2. Race: Earth Pony
  3. -Racial Traits:
  4. --Tough(Passive): You gain 1 additional Hit and 1 additional Wound, for a total of 6 Hits and 6 Wounds. You can also lift, carry, and move heavier objects than a Pegasus and a Unicorn
  5. --Workhorse(Passive): You're a sturdier breed of pony then most, and can perform tasks that would be exhausting to others. You work harder, work longer, and catch your breath faster. If you make no actions at all during a turn, you automatically regain a Hit
  6. Gender: Male
  7. Age: 24
  8. Cutie Mark: Pickaxe
  9. -Talent: You're more than used to the everyday wear and tear that comes with working hard labor, and have learned how to deal with stress better. You take 1 less point of damage from any and all sources.
  10. -Extra Talent: You're abnormally strong, and sturdy to boot. You receive a +1 to all checks involving lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy loads.
  11. Hits/Wounds: 9/6
  12. Alignment: Neutral Good
  13. Class: Knight
  14. -Class Skills:
  15. --Martial Defender(Passive): You take +2 Hits before going helpless, and Slam crits on 8+
  16. --Slam(Recharge 1): You deliver a crushing body slam to your opponent. Crits on a 9+
  17. --Grapple(Passive): +1 to /unarmed/ grabbing, throwing and wrestling down opponents
  18. --Protect(Automatic, Instant, Recharge 3): Designate a target. You take all damage for a target until the end of the next turn (2 turns total). Neither you or your designated target can become helpless in that time, but you become helpless at the end of the duration if your designated target would have become helpless during Protect's duration.
  20. -Inventory-
  21. --Ark Guardian Riot Shield
  22. --Ark Guardian Heavy Armor
  23. --Travelling Supplies(food, firestarting kit, rope, water, sleeping roll)
  24. --Energy Shield(Automatic, Recharge 3): Negate 6 points of non-elemental damage
  26. -Backstory-
  27. Pyrite is an unusually large, dopey, good-natured Earth Pony hailing from a small resource-gathering Ark, which traveled from spot to spot gathering what couldn't be found elsewhere. He was the son of a miner and a mare that was a somewhat distant descendant of the Apple Family. He's never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's smart enough to get by, and strong enough to pull out fine enough when his lack of common sense and perception get him into trouble. He discovered his talent for mining after a visit to an expedition with his dad. Since then, he worked the mines happily, both working on mining various rocks, ores, and minerals, as well as tugging heavily-loaded carts in and out of the mines. His somewhat unusual size has given him an equally unusual strength and endurance, which served him well in the mining business.
  28. One day, while out working on hauling a load back to the expeditionary craft, he was caught in a cave-in. His strength and size did him no good, and he was cut off from the other workers in a small side shaft. With his light severely damaged in the cave-in, he was stuck in the tunnel with little light to keep him rational, and no one to keep him company. He was rescued from the collapsed tunnel a couple days later by a group of Ark Guardians, which left a deep impression in him to (try) and do for others what they did with him. He immediately signed up as an Ark Guardian himself, and since then has devoted himself to helping and protecting others.
  29. The incident left him somewhat mentally scarred, however. He becomes somewhat jittery and nervous in the dark, and drastically more so when he finds himself completely and utterly alone. If he's out at night with others, he tends to stay as close as they'll comfortably allow.
  30. As an Ark Guardian, he has devoted himself to protecting other creatures as best he can. While most Guardians carry some form of weapon, he, and some others, take their devotion a different direction by simply abandoning anything but their armor and their shield. He himself has, due to his size and strength, equipped himself with a particularly heavy set of armor, and one of the Ark Guardian Riot Shields. As opposed to the more standard, smaller variety, the Riot Shields are full body, and are much sturdier than their counterparts.
  31. He's never had the best sense of direction, and simply goes wherever, and helps out how he can, whether it be a duty befitting an armored protector, or something more mundane, such as helping tug a cart. For the most part, he settles himself on a task and sees it through to the end, or at least until he's confident that those he's helping can take care of the rest. While he's not much of a leader, preferring to follow the directions of other, smarter folks, he can attempt to take command if he feels the need arises.
  32. The same strength and endurance that has given him his natural endurance and knack for hard labor and mining in general has given him a knack for heavy armor (and a common trait of simply throwing his unusually large, bulky frame in front of others to shield them from a blow), and his preference for defense has led to his usage of shields for both an defensive tool and a offensive one; if he's not using a shield to block a blow to himself or a friend, he's just as likely to wield it as a "smashing board". Aside from that, his strength and size lend him an edge when it comes to close-quarters maneuvers such as grappling and pinning.
  33. In general, he's good-natured and means well, but sometimes his clumsiness and lack of sense can cause issues. He's willing to help out almost anyone, friends especially, and tries to avoid killing another unless it's necessary, and might try for a nonlethal method should it be possible. When it's needed, or wanted, he's more than happy to give a friend a pony ride. His fear of the dark is only somewhat crippling; provided there are other ponies/people nearby, he's able to deal with it to some extent. He's a bit of a scaredy-cat in general, but he tries his best to protect the other ponies/people around him.
  35. Picture/Appearance:
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