Sheer Heart Attack May Have No Weakness, but my Phone's Voic

Dec 27th, 2016
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  1. okay so there’s this guy there’s a serial killer and more real and so he has a dad who’s a stand is that his interest and his dad is a photo is that is a photo of his dad so is Dad is a photo because his dad stand as a photo but yeah so the guy who was the serial killer guy he’s like okay I’m a serial killer but how do I make people not exist so that people won’t suspect that I killing them and so the guy who is the photos like son I have this arrow and it gave me a stand do you want me to stab you with the arrow so that you will get a stand and the kid in the guys like okay sure I would like to stand does that make me does that make me invincible and he’s like yeah I pretty much feel so yeah he gets his stand and it sounded like a freakin gunpowder gelatine and so his stand it it makes it explode it’s Killer Queen so he uses it to explode people and then there are these guys were on his Trail like hey you should stop killing people and the guy was like no I will not stop killing people because I like stealing people’s hands when my fingernails get long because I’m going to Lisa gave me a boner STI that happen and that’s why he kills them girls with the hands and so he’s like you will not stop me from killing the hands for the hands so he decides he’s going to kill this guy a guy with a pretty normal life he got a wife and kids and so he’s like okay I’m going to kill him and so he kills the guy and he goes to a girl with us and the girl with the Stan runs a beauty parlor thingamajig and so he’s like hey give me this guy’s face so it’s freaking becomes face off and so he’s like thanks when the girl switches the faces and for his tip he gives her the beauty of death which is not Beauty because you’re dead and you can’t do things CIA explodes her for Christmas and so it’s like okay I’m a new guy now so I gotta go do this house thing and so he lives in the house and he has a fake wife and kid but they aren’t fake cuz they were the guys guy’s wife and kids but the guy was died and replaced with the other guy because the guy in the guy and so and so he decides that he’s going to take this whole thing seriously except he’s not he’s still got to kill the girls because his fingernails get along the only thing that happened I don’t even know why that happens it’s Jojo I mean I don’t even know so yeah so the kids like my dad seems were off so he goes in for that sort of films that with a little video camera and so he’s like okay my dad may not be my dad might be a fake dad something by the freaking face that can really blame Arthur C Clarke or whoever so yeah then the guys the fake guy’s wife who is wife of guy that you killed so is fake wife she’s like oh there’s a cat in the basement and then there’s Cat and Its British grade blue sort of thing that you called, and then I get stabbed with the arrow on it gets buried in the backyard that it becomes a plant that can shoot air bubbles don’t even know what’s going on the other and she gets hit by a year bubble that to the cat plant shoots manicures in the backyard for the at the same time and care as like oh no this not my fake wife is getting it got shot with a bubble and then for a moment he said her experiences through the thing called love is like no it’s not it must not be because he forgives because there’s no Breeze the only time that was very funny he was like okay I was like okay but then he was like no because bad guys and bad guys and good guys are good guys not doesn’t change in matter what but of course minor villains can become good guys are okay also and you got pulled over and got like I wasn’t even the main villains become good guys because reasons so yeah that’s a big crock of crap we are here it isn’t just because I because it was too far gone or something so he’s like okay and so he is so is fixing to take a shower and so is like a long time and then I don’t really like your dad so so so so then so then they take a shower and then the guys like the kids like you aren’t actually my dad and the guys like true and so with the guy kills the kids and then the photo dad like that you do son sounds like he was going to expose my real identity it’s so good photo dad like what the hell man I’m going to stab you with the arrow again to give you a stand I’ll make sure you don’t kill the kid because I was really important thing to stay safe so we had to bust and yes, the sign Got Killer Queen got your heart back no you got it straight now he has origin Oregon know we have some killer queen know he has yeah one bites the dust and he puts bites the dust and everything anyways so the kid isn’t dead but the kid thinks he died in the Pyrenees he died so if he didn’t die he didn’t die or he did that he did that but he didn’t die so he remembers he died he didn’t die so here I was like yeah you died I killed you but I reset timer things and so as it turns out it’s not a good so now the stand that the kids that the guy put on the kid Bites the Dust if he reveals anyone that his dad is not his dad you will get exploded into ribbons and time will reset so he’s like you have kid things to do like going to school on the kids like dude what the hell materials like all you gotta do is not reveal to anyone that I’m secretly a serial killer and so he’s like no I’m going to but he doesn’t want to because then he’ll explode people so as it turns out he gets in the car somehow an open car and rohan’s like Okay so this kid is a kid and then he is he’s as Heaven’s Door and Heaven’s Door show them that he knows things that happened a little bit in the future so he’s like who’s this enemy stand but is in except King Crimson his African part 5 or one of those things but yeah so he’s like this must be and I missed and they read that Kira is is the kid’s dad is the fact that his care of the serial killer and then killer Queens like hey dude what up then everything explodes back into the beginning say Acura is like what the hell did you do and he was like I don’t know what rohan’s got to explode inside and he’s like that’s the power of my stand Bites the Dust 2 hack so yeah the kids like no I’m not going to let you be my fake dad and then so he goes and but you can’t tell anyone who he is if he tells anyone that they’re going to explode so but then they do and getting the heat they come and check them out and they’re like hello can you tell us about this fake that of yours they’re like he’s like no I can’t tell you because if I do you’ll explode so they’re like he had to tell us and he’s like no but then he tells me ways or something and so they all explode again and then time resets again so the kids like oh no wonder why do I need to kill my fake daddy know even though probably if you left his feet are a little New Year’s so maybe you would stop being an evil think that’d be just fine okay if it Dad so yeah but it doesn’t think I had enough he’s like okay I told my dad you know that I’m probably just ate my mother his real mom but he doesn’t care because he needs to, save his mom because I don’t know explode explode mum I don’t know and so he decides that he’s going to have to figure out a way so he gets the cat plant thing and he’s like okay I’m going to eat at your heart but then there’s a lot so he’s like oh crap and then he’s like yes you defeated me I just got here at Victoria good yeah but he’s like I am victorious but then there is just gay and he’s like oh you’re actually of Kelly Kira well we can’t have that so he’s like oh crap and then gets kill a fight but he doesn’t keep you up till 5 then there’s an ambulance and makes his next nap and what the hell why did you have to die that bad I mean I can somehow make him a good guy in the end somehow but that didn’t happen that’s only the minor villains it’s never the real villains oh yeah thank you I was like all use Bites the Dust before the ambulance gets snapped by him and then he’s like yes I did it but then he’s a ghost and then gets dragged off by hands and all of this just goes to prove that the True Villain of part 4 was not Kira it was the ambulance
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