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  1. <color=green>WeAreInTheBeam</color> is a free-for-all server with almost <color=red>no</color> rules.
  2. <color=purple>The only rules being:</color>
  3. <color=red>Do not hack.</color>
  4. <color=red>Do not mass teamkill.</color>
  5. <color=red>Do not be an asshole.</color>
  6. <color=red>Do not target someone over and over</color>
  7. <color=purple>Discord server:</color>
  8. We also have some plugins, including:
  9. <color=blue>Better Disarming</color>
  10. <color=green>914 in Hand</color>
  11. <color=blue>Keep Items after Escaping</color>
  12. <color=green>SCP-343</color>
  13. There is also no decontamination, and if SCP-079 is the only SCP he will be killed to allow the game to finish.
  14. MTF spawn with medkits, and scientists spawn with pistols.
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