MWM Alpha Part Two End Notes

Zies Feb 22nd, 2015 (edited) 12 Never
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  1. For Alpha I think I've covered the great majority of what I wanted in Part Two. There were so many more things I had planned, but I'll work on finding places for them in Part Two during Beta. I think one of the biggest problems I'll be focusing on Part Two during Beta will be pacing and character development (and better use of optional entries, I've been using less and less recently so that I could get the core of the narrative done). For now the skeleton and scaffolding for Part Two is in place, and it'll make Beta revisions much quicker.
  3. There are so many things I didn't write that are specific to each character, but there are certain traits/a certain part of other characters' personalities/conversations or character interactions that I've had planned since before I even began writing Part One. Overall, Part Two is currently MASSIVELY incomplete, but for the sake of getting to Beta and focusing finer and more precise attention to fixing Part Two, I'll end its Alpha run here and begin writing Part Three, which is really just typing up the grand crescendo I first imagined before I started writing Mistakes. :x
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