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  1. Test data generated by 98823c9ce7f73d22c0e84a43ab6f6ed3
  2. id,first_name,last_name,email,ip_address,domain,card
  3. 1,Sibella,Lisimore,,,,3546-6095-3299-1695
  4. 2,Alleyn,Crusham,,,,3536472409505144
  5. 3,Barrie,Pappin,,,,3556258131723138
  6. 4,Ekaterina,Janousek,,,,5602241533505534
  7. 5,Nedi,Winger,,,,6391551942243722
  8. 6,Cleve,Donaghy,,,,3582683465452004
  9. 7,Ema,Meriton,,,,3589246752193088
  10. 8,Bart,Fuge,,,,5519644489228203
  11. 9,Sileas,Stennes,,,,5602236254219059
  12. 10,Christye,MacCambridge,,,,4991916236108
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