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  1. It had been some time since Akihiko found himself as a member of the literature club, and the teen couldn't be happier! Was this what adults referred to when they said the "Springtime of Youth?" He was surrounded by friends precious and dear to him, and all of them were exceptionally pretty girls, too! On top of that, he had been finding himself growing closer to the girls - very close, in fact. First it was the exchange of passion and emotion with his childhood friend Sayori, then it was breaking the shell of the tough and stand-offish Natsuki, resulting in a steamy session of "baking" where the girl found herself cream filled. Lastly came the quiet and bookish Yuri, where Aki became intimately familiar with the extent of her curvy figure. It was...strange, Aki never thought he'd feel that way about so many girls. Yet there was a desire in him, a hunger that would just not be sated until he had them all. It didn't feel like cheating, in fact, but more as if he was destined to be with all the girls at once.
  3. And that is where Aki found himself as he attended the Literature Club meeting after class like he had done so many times before. Only one of the girls remained somewhat distant to this point, and not for lack of trying. Every opportunity to get closer to the club president herself seemed to be thwarted by one of the other members, so he couldn't help but be distracted, just gazing in her direction from his seat.
  5. Monika noticed his gaze, annoyed at the look he was giving her! “.... hey...?” She called out only to be ignored. “... Hey!” She yelled, but was ignored again! Wow! She had enough, storming to the boy, and slapping him, hard! “Notice me already! Come on! Or do I have to do something else to get your attention?!”
  7. He snapped out of his reverie abruptly, like a pail of cold water was just dumped over his head. The palm of her open hand echoed like thunder and left quite the mark on his cheek, his hand held to his stinging skin as he blinked and finally gazed directly into her eyes. "Oh, um, hey Monika. I was just thinking about you, actually." She was on his mind, but the problem was that the club president was competing with three other girls who all had their claws in him already!
  9. Monika was able to see what he was thinking of, and boy was she pissed. She just silently glared, flipped him off, and stuck a tongue out before the game restarted, except,... something was amiss. He was at school. But... nobody was there. Nobody. They were all at his house....nhmmm...
  11. It felt like a flash, like that distortion of time that comes with a dream in those first moments of consciousness. Time flowed so slowly, then sped up the next instant. Aki blinked, and it passed him in the moment. Huh, that was weird. Looking around, not a club member was in sight. "Did I, er, miss the memo or something?" He picked up his bag and glanced out into the hallway, shrugging his shoulders before leaving the campus and returning him. The house was certainly busier than he expected, making him wonder if he had somehow forgotten something.
  13. The front door was unlocked, but every other house in the place was locked, except for the upstairs bedroom one.... hmmmm~
  15. He tread forward with uncertainty as something felt very out of place. The hairs on the back of his head stood on end for some unfathomable reason as he stood before the bedroom door, putting his hand on the knob and slowly turning, pushing the door wide open.
  17. As he gently opened the door, he was greeted by a shocking sight! All four girls in the room, Yuri and Natsuki kneeling in a cage in the corner of the room, and Sayori in a degrading dog-girl costume, head between Monika’s thighs, a collar and leash on, and gagging on something big, apparently~
  19. "W-what the hell!?" No seriously, what the hell? Akihiko exclaimed, completely frozen by the sight before him. The club was certainly all here, but this wasn't the surprise meeting at his place that he was expecting. His eyes darted back and forth across the unimaginable scene, two of the girls caged and his best friend in a humiliating outfit and...what was she doing with Monika!? "Oh my god..." He stammered, finally close enough to get a good look. Haha, can't say I saw this coming.
  21. Monika smiled, patting the bed next to her! “Come on! Take a seat! It’s super fun!” She giggled, rubbing Sayori’s head!
  23. "Um, what?" Akihiko blinked with uncertainty, but he felt as if he had little option but to some kind of compulsion. Quietly, he stepped forward and seated himself right beside Monika, looking at her, then at Sayori...then at the towering member the girl was slobbering all over. Though he gazed at Monika wordlessly, there was no denying just how tight the crotch of his uniform slacks were getting. Is this really happening? This is totally happening.
  25. And that was all I had saved from that session. Here is the bit from the next.
  27. It was getting late into the evening, just a little after 10, and Aki was just walking out of the shower dressed in a pair of cozy cotton pajama pants and a breezy t-shirt he liked to use for sleeping. It was about that time that he'd lull himself to sleep with a minor distraction or two on his phone, to knock out just early enough to be able to handle the early morning that school required. That was the plan, at least, until a knocking at his front door had him curiously descending the stairs. At the front door was someone he knew, in pajamas of her own, seemingly quite prepared for an impromptu sleepover! And maybe a little more, if the brief glimpse of something risque underneath was anything to go by - or maybe it was simply worn for a boost of courage?
  29. Natsuki was outside his house, in her own pyjamas, blushing! "... A-Akiii...." She snivelled, hugging his chest tight! "... C-Can I stay round today...? My dad was mean again, so I ran away..." She nuzzled his chest, obviously not wearing anything under her pyjama tog!
  31. His absolutely adorable classmate, finally dropping her tough demeanor just long enough to show her true feelings. Not to mention she was wearing very little and clinging to him! How was any teen boy supposed to resist? He hugged her closely, hoisting her up into his arms as he closed the door after bringing her inside. "Its okay, Natsuki. I'll take care of you." There was a flash of red in his eyes, and it just made his words sink into the pink little tsuntsun and make her feel all warm inside.
  33. She shuddered when she heard him say that... It made her feel special, as she was bridal carried inside the house! "A-Ah... thanks..." She couldn't be rude to him, not if he was being this kind! "... Sorry about this..."
  35. He shook his head, brushing away a few strands of hair from her face as a finger gently wiped away tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. "Its okay, I like it when you rely on me." His face was very close! Oh it felt good to be taken care of...
  37. Natsuki squirmed more, hugging his arm tight! "...w-waaah..." She was super red, her tears finally starting to stop. "... Y... You do...?" She asked... It was slightly weird, but she felt.... happy to hear that...
  39. "I want Natsuki to rely on me more and more from now on." He cooed, stroking her hair as he carried her up the stairs, each step bumping her against her chest. Something about his words just sunk into her mind, making her feel calm and comfortable and secure, like it was eating away at all the bad things she could think of. Literally, it seemed, as she was forgetting about her past with each step closer to his room.
  41. Natsuki calmed down, bit by bit, her father and her abuse disappearing with every step he took... She took his words to heart, even if she didn't realise it, that tsundere attitude receding too, while she was cared for! "W-Waaahhh..."
  43. All those bad things were being washed away and being replaced with Aki. Just Aki, and nothing else. "Natsu just wanted to crawl into my bed tonight." He teased as he finally reached his bedroom, plopping her gently onto the bed. "You're such a silly little puppyslut~" His words sounded a little strange...but also strangely fitting, especially as Natsuki felt like getting out of her clothing, and a pair of cute, fluffy pink ears began to peek out of her hair!
  45. She squirmed on the bed, whining. "... w-wah... I.. I am...?" she tried to resist the urge for now, but it was getting harder, not noticing the ears. ".... s-so weird...." She rubbed her thighs together!
  47. "Natsu's such a silly puppyslut, trying to seduce her Master by wearing clothes~" He cooed, rubbing her head and stroking those fluffy ears. Ah, it felt so good~ She could just feel all the love and affection she had been denied pouring into her at once. Her pajama's bottom was starting to move down as a pink, fluffy tail was sticking out, and it made wearing clothes feel weirder and weirder. "Puppy's don't wear clothes, only collars~" He cooed, as a black, leather collar with her name on a heart-shaped tag began to form around her neck.
  49. Natsuki was feeling lewder by the second, but... it all felt so good... She whimpered... She really wanted to keep him happy, and all the chat about no clothes finally convinced her to remove the little she was wearing, discarding them, as she looked up at him on her knees! "I-Is this better...?"
  51. There you go. Isn't it much better when you're true to yourself? My little puppyslut Natsu~" He cooed, stroking her head adoringly as he ruffled her hair and caressed her ears. He even reached a hand downwards to rub at her hot little sex. Puppyslut. echoed within her mind. That's what she was, master's adorable little puppy, always trying to snuggle and cuddle him, wearing nothing but a collar and sometimes and apron. She only ever put on clothes when she tried to sneak into school to sit on Master's lap. Waah, school was the worst, keeping him away from home all day!
  53. She blushed at the teasing, hugging his arm as it ventured down.... "A-Ah... M-M-Master...." Her ears perked up when she heard him. blushing lots! "A-Ahhhh....~" Her tail began to wag too, happy that he was here!
  55. As one hand stroked her sex, pressing a pair of fingers into her pussy, the other tipped her chin upwards as he leaned down to kiss her sweetly. He suckled at her lips as he kissed Natsuki, tip of his nose rubbing against her own as he played with her sex. Of course he was getting plenty hard too, and her new instincts would not doubt pick up on that! What would a naughty little puppyslut do after succeeding in getting her master aroused~?
  57. Natsuki gasped while that hand toyed with her, squirming lewdly. However, as soon as she smelt that lewd, familiar scent wafting towards her, she dropped onto all fours onto the bed, crawling forwards and nuzzling his crotch, whimpering~! "A-Ahhh... M-Master....~"
  59. As soon as she gave into that instinct, as soon as she nuzzled that bugle, as soon as his slacks shifted enough to let that erection pop free - it just hit her like a wave. She was Natsuki the puppyslut, just Master's collared little snugglepet. She read manga and baked all day - except when sneaking into school to bark at girls who got too friendly was Master. Rivalry with Yuri? No, more like rivalry with Sayori! Always trying to get so close to Master, hmph! Her new personality set in as that member prodded at her lips~
  61. Natsuki could barely contain herself now- she'd discovered who she was. She opened wide, and forced herself forward, trying to take in as much of her Master's cock as possible, only managing halfway! "M-Mmmph!!"
  63. Akihiko took gently hold of her hair and bucked his hips into her mouth. He made sure to be careful with his little puppyslut! He pumped into those ravenous lips and let loose thick, hot spurts of seed to cover her tongue with his spunk. Puppyslut's needed their cum diet after all, and it was so much nicer to have it from the source than eating out of her bowl.
  65. She was absolutely in love at this point, shuddering whilst she gulped her Master's sweet ambrosia down- it was all she needed, all that made her happy, her eyes half lidding to show her excitement, tail beating against the bed.....
  67. All that was left was to feed Natsuki's "other" mouth now. Pulling her off his shaft, he spun the girl around and forced her face into the sheets as her ass stuck up cutely into the air. With Natsuki on the bed and Aki standing behind her, he grabbed her hips and just slammed it right in. "Such a lewd puppy~" He teased, humping and rutting his Natsu as he buried himself deep in that pussy.
  69. Natsuki squealed loudly, panting while he slammed into her! "U-Uwaaah!! M-Master~!" She moaned out, squealing and whimpering!! "S-So gooood~!!" Natsu squealed, tail wagging!
  71. Pounding into Natsuki, it wasn't log before he filled his little puppyslut with cum again! They tangled throughout the night as Aki wrapped around his Natsu snuggly, connected even as they slept as he filled her up again and again and again. She was his adoring snugglepet forever more from that moment, the old Natsuki just completely gone, leaving a lewd little puppy instead~
  73. And that wraps up the bits I had of DDLC RP saved up.
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