Alone in the dark (Complete) [AiE, Femdom, Celestia, Luna]

Mar 18th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. >It was supposed to end with a bang.
  2. >Not with utter darkness and a silence so deep it felt like something was pressed on your ears.
  3. >A terrible suspicion slowly creept into you as you found yourself completely unable to move.
  4. >Couldn't wiggle your toes.
  5. >Couldn't turn your head.
  6. >Couldn't even blink.
  7. >But you did feel a sickening twist in your stomach as your mind raced into an unpleasant conclusion.
  8. Hey.
  9. >You missed.
  10. >You didn't obliterate your brain.
  11. >You just turned yourself into a vegetable.
  12. Wake up.
  13. >This nothingness was your life now.
  14. >No escape.
  15. >No hope.
  16. I haven't got all night.
  18. >A sharp pain pierced your consciousness and returned your mind to reality.
  19. >You gasped for air as your hands reflexively shot towards your stomach, the source of the pain, in an attempt to protect it from further harm.
  20. >They found... something cold and metallic?
  21. >You cracked open your eyes and looked downwards.
  22. >The gleam of pure gold was the first thing you saw.
  23. >The second thing was the milky white hoof pressing the golden horseshoe into your stomach.
  24. >You were lying on a stone floor and most of your joints and muscles ached from the cold.
  25. “Much better.”
  26. >A warm, female voice from somewhere above filled your ears.
  27. >You let your eyes slowly wander upwards.
  28. >The fur on the forehoof that was pressed into your stomach was immaculately smooth.
  29. >The light, coming from somewhere behind you, highlighted the musculature on the calf and thigh.
  30. >You noticed two slight mounds between the superbly-toned hind legs of the equine creature towering above you.
  31. >Two feathery wings were pressed against its barrel, drawing your mind to the legend of Heracles.
  32. >Finally, your eyes sailed up its elegant neck and you found yourself staring at two very pink eyes.
  33. >For a split-second at least, before your eyes bolted to the tall, grooved horn on top of it's head.
  35. “My, my. You certainly seem to appreciate at least some parts of me.”
  36. >Your scrambled mind attempted to put together a response, but was cut short by a soft giggle.
  37. >The pressure on your stomach disappeared and you heard a quiet clop as the hoof hit the floor.
  38. “But tell me one thing, creature. Why did you decide to take the coward's way out?”
  39. >A series of clips echoed in the small room as the equine re-oriented itself so you found yourself facing its hindquarters.
  40. >And an admittedly impressive-looking tail that looked to be made of aurorae.
  41. >You placed your palms on the cold stone below you and pushed yourself into a sitting position.
  42. >”-”
  43. “Were you too weak to face reality?”
  44. >As soon as you drew breath, the white alicorn interrupted like she had been waiting for it.
  45. “Did the love of your life leave you?”
  46. >Her voice dropped in tone as she kept mocking you.
  47. “Did someone hurt your feelings or say something mean?”
  48. >”I-”
  49. >You reflexively flinched backwards as the creature flicked its tail at your face.
  50. “You know, I don't actually care. Because I don't have to.”
  51. >The tail just barely missed you as you placed a hand behind yourself for support and leaned heavily on it, and for some reason the air current it made brought a hint of the smell of fresh fish with it.
  52. “Because to you...”
  53. >Clippity-clop.
  54. >She brought herself around to face you and lowered her head so her eyes were level with yours.
  55. “...I don't have to be the benevolent deity.”
  56. >The corners of her mouth curled upwards as a creepy grin overtook her until then gentle face.
  57. >”Wh-”
  58. >Her horn flashed with golden light just as some unknown force suddenly pulled your hand outwards and you fell hard onto the solid stone floor.
  60. >For a moment, you saw nothing but stars.
  61. >Your head was throbbing with pain.
  62. >There was a taste of blood in your mouth.
  63. >Then a wave of soothing warmth washed over you and the pain was gone.
  64. “Now, being, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.”
  65. >You were now lying on your back and the creature stood above you again.
  66. >Only this time it was her hindquarters that was above your face.
  67. >Just as you looked up, she flicked her tail again and for a split-second you were presented with the sight of her nethers.
  68. >She was swollen in anticipation and a single bead of wetness had formed on her opening.
  69. >You knew what she wanted and started pushing yourself up again.
  70. >Only to be met with another flash of gold and an inexplicable force tearing your hands from underneath you.
  71. “Although... you don't get to choose.”
  72. >Pain shot from the back of your head again as it hit the floor.
  73. >Then something soft and heavy fell on top of your face.
  75. >Something very hot and very damp was pressed against your nose.
  76. >You could barely breathe.
  77. >The weight lifted partially and you gasped for breath.
  78. “Please me, worm.”
  79. >Your hands were pinned to the floor by something.
  80. >So you did the only thing you could.
  81. >And stuck out your tongue.
  82. >You couldn't see what you were doing, but pressed your tongue on whatever part of her was closest and gave it a long, thorough lick.
  83. >She tasted of sweat and... sunlight?
  84. >You weren't quite sure how, but she definitely tasted of sunlight.
  85. “Ah, I was hoping you would resist...”
  86. >The weight on your face disappeared and you found yourself staring at an extremely equine set of female genitals.
  87. >There was a trail of saliva on her left flank, very close to but not quite where you intended and she wanted it to be.
  89. >There had to be something intoxicating in her juices that you got a faceful of, for all you could think about was how blissful licking her would feel.
  90. >Your hands were still pinned to the floor, so you had to work your abs and stretch your neck to reach her.
  91. >Then she moved herself just a tiny but further away.
  92. >You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out as far as you could.
  93. >You were so close you could feel the heat radiating off her... but you could not reach.
  94. >Suddenly, you felt movement and something very hot touched the tip of your tongue.
  95. “Hah!”
  96. >The mare in front of you twitched and gasped for breath.
  97. >She stuck herself a little bit closer.
  98. >This time, you could reach.
  99. >You touched her lips, and she shuddered.
  100. >You prodded her entrance, and she moaned.
  101. >You licked her from the very bottom to the rim of her ponut and her hind leg shook in anticipation.
  102. >But the important part to you was the taste.
  103. >Sunlight was something you could never get enough of.
  104. >So you touched, prodded, teased, and licked.
  105. >Until she winked again.
  106. >You pounced at this opportinity.
  107. >Even though your tongue ached from all the effort and was going stiff, you forced yourself to be as gentle as you could.
  108. >And lightly tapped her clit.
  109. “Hnn!”
  110. >And were rewarded with a low, shaky moan.
  111. >And another wink.
  112. >So you dabbed her again.
  113. “Ahn!”
  114. >The force pinning your hands to the floor disappeared.
  115. >Your right hand shot upwards to massage the bottom of her nethers, where you knew your coin-sized prize hid.
  116. >Your other hand found its way up there as well.
  117. >Three fingers softly caressed her burning hot lips.
  118. >She was quivering at your touch.
  119. >Her breathing was labored.
  120. >Her moans heavenly.
  121. >Only then did you part her.
  122. >Just with one finger.
  123. >It massaged a spot just inside her entrance.
  124. “H-h-AAAaa!”
  125. >She pulsed.
  126. >And spasmed.
  127. >And jerked.
  128. >And winked.
  129. >But the prize.
  130. >The prize was so much of her juice.
  132. “Haah...”
  133. >You were too busy licking your fingers to notice her turn around.
  134. “You're... you're astounding.”
  135. >A golden glow forced your hands away from your face.
  136. >There was a deep red on her face.
  137. >Her pink eyes were still wide with pleasure.
  138. >She pressed her face onto yours, her tongue forcing its way into your mouth.
  139. >She pulled back before you could react.
  140. >You stared at her in surprise.
  141. “Is there something you want?”
  142. >...Yes.
  143. >You were straining against your pants.
  144. >So hard it almost hurt.
  145. >You wanted it.
  146. >You wanted to slam into her.
  147. >Bury yourself in her.
  148. >She turned around as you began pushing yourself onto your feet.
  149. >But, with a flash of gold, you found yourself on the floor once more.
  150. “Too bad...”
  151. >Her hooves clip-clopped on the stone floor as she started walking towards the door.
  152. “...because I don't have to be nice to you.”
  153. >Her tail flicked once again just as she was passing through the doorway.
  154. >You saw it again.
  155. >Her marehood.
  156. >It was dripping with juice and still swollen.
  157. >Then the door slammed shut behind her.
  159. >A sudden tremor woke you up.
  160. >For a moment, you lie there in terror, thinking of the untold tons of rock above you.
  161. >But nothing happened, as far as you could tell in the near complete darkness of your cell.
  162. >You weren't sure how long you had been left alone for.
  163. >There wasn't any way to keep track of time – the only things you had were a straw-filled mattress in one corner and a wooden bucket in another.
  164. >The only light in there was what came through the hand-sized opening on the bottom of the door.
  165. >From the little you could see through it, it looked like there was a corridor with multiple cells like the one you were in on the other side, and that there was a fluorescent bulb somewhere you couldn't see.
  166. >Sometimes the bulb flickered or even went out completely, leaving you in total darkness.
  167. >The walls were made of large, rough chunks of stone held together with mortar.
  168. >The door was solid wood, with steel rivets running through it near the top, bottom and center, and as thick as your forefinger was long.
  169. >You hadn't even bothered trying to break out.
  170. >Even if you had had something to eat, the door would still be far too sturdy.
  172. >The sound of metal on stone woke you from your stupor.
  173. >It was faint at first, but was approaching rapidly.
  174. >It had the rhythm of a quadruped walking.
  175. >As it came ever closer, the light from beyond the door grew brighter.
  176. >You propped yourself up so your back was against the wall as the source of the sound stopped right outside your cell.
  177. >You heard the jingling of metal, then a loud clunk.
  178. >The door swung open, and the sudden increase in light blinded you.
  179. >You squeezed your watering eyes shut.
  180. “Scrawny. She could've done better.”
  181. >It was a different voice.
  182. >This one was also female, but not as warm.
  183. >Rather, it was more direct.
  184. >You tried cracking open your eyelids ever so slightly to see.
  185. >She was dark, and equine.
  186. “Stand up.”
  187. >The worst of the stinging had faded and you could open your eyes fully.
  188. >Her coat was dark all over, her mane was made of billowing stars, her eyes were cyan rather than pink and she wore an emblem with a crescent moon on it on her chest and a small crown of dark metal on her head.
  189. >But otherwise, she was very much like the white one, if not quite as large.
  190. >That, and her coat absorbed most of the light instead of highlighting the musculature hiding beneath.
  191. “I said stand up.”
  192. >The horn on her head flashed blue and some inexplicable force pulled on your hands.
  193. >You found yourself lifted off your ass and onto your feet.
  194. >Hunger growled in your stomach while she inspected every part of your body with her eyes, from head to toe.
  195. >There was a scowl on her face as she did so, like she wasn't very fond of what she was seeing.
  196. >”What do y-”
  197. “Quiet.”
  198. >Her response was instant and snappy.
  199. >You dared not dispute it.
  200. >The force holding your hands vanished at the same time as the glow on her horn, and you let them fall limply to your sides.
  201. >The equine blew some air out of its nostrils, making a 'hmph'-like sound.
  202. >Her shod hooves clip-clopped on the stone floor as she turned and walked away.
  203. “I'll find you something to eat.”
  204. >”Wait, what d-”
  205. >The door slammed shut behind her and the lock clunked again.
  206. >You were left alone in the dark once more.
  208. >This time, the wait was not very long.
  209. >Less than an hour.
  210. >Probably.
  211. >The sound of metal on stone returned.
  212. >The wait had been long enough for you to be blinded again when the door opened.
  213. >As your vision returned, you found yourself staring at a platter of carrots, apples and shredded cabbage and a jug of water.
  214. >The apples were wrinkly and the whole thing had the slightest smell of smoke about it.
  215. >You looked up at the mare who'd brought it to you.
  216. >Her expression was unreadable to you, a staunch mask of indifference.
  217. “Try not to be picky, there isn't too much to go around.”
  218. >There was a hint of softness in her voice this time.
  219. >You didn't question her, and greedily dug in to the meal provided.
  220. >The carrots were stale and tasteless, the apples were going overripe and the cabbage tasted of smoke.
  222. “Done?”
  223. >You were sitting cross-legged on the floor and had just swallowed the last mouthful of water after the quite pitiful meal.
  224. >You set the wooden jug on the floor, met her cyan eyes and nodded.
  225. “Good.”
  226. >There was a moment of silence as she cast her eyes down at your feet.
  227. >Some emotion flashed in her eyes, but you couldn't tell which.
  228. >Then she stood up to her full height and looked at you down her muzzle.
  229. “I heard rather lavish praise of your... extremities and would like to see if there is anything to this.”
  230. >...Eh.
  231. >You were not exactly keen on a repeat of what happened before, but you'd got the impression that it was best not to complain.
  233. >You sat there quietly as she spun around and presented you with a faceful of stars.
  234. >As you grabbed a handful of the weirdly floaty tail, she lifted one hind hoof off the floor.
  235. “Do NOT...”
  236. >SLAM.
  237. >You jerked as the hoof slammed into the wall right next to your ear.
  238. >It was so close the sudden change in pressure made your eardrum hurt.
  239. >You were also quite sure she left an impression in the stone.
  240. “...touch that.”
  241. >OK
  242. >No tail for you.
  243. >She returned the hoof to the floor and lifted the billowing starscape out of the way.
  244. >You were presented with a sight very similar to the one before.
  245. >Only she was far darker, and not aroused as far as you could tell.
  246. >Her lips weren't swollen in anticipation.
  247. >There wasn't a drop of fluid on her entrance.
  248. >But you could fix that.
  249. >Hopefully before she'd decide to test her kick on your head instead of on the wall.
  251. >You ran your hand up her thigh and onto her flank, doing a swirl on the crescent moon symbol on it.
  252. >Her coat was silky smooth and there was the thinnest layer of softness beneath it.
  253. >Her breathing grew slightly louder, from inaudible to just barely hearable.
  254. >Then you ran both hands up her calves and onto her inner thighs, carefully avoiding even grazing her teats.
  255. >You changed direction and put two fingers just right of her dock and slowly drew an arc around her nethers, stopping just shy of touching her lips.
  256. >She was hot.
  257. >You could feel the temperature difference even without touching.
  258. >You felt yourself standing attention but did your best to ignore it.
  259. >Instead, you placed both hands on her rump and slowly massaged it with your thumbs.
  260. >She drew breath quite loudly and you felt the slightest of twitches in some of the muscles beneath your hands.
  261. >For a second, you stopped.
  262. >Then you used both thumbs to graze the outer edges of her lips.
  263. >This time, she shivered.
  264. >You took it as a cue to go further.
  266. >Her ponut was not quite like anything you'd touched before as you ran a finger along its rim.
  267. >You drew a full circle around it, and then ran the same finger down her slit, all the way to the very bottom.
  268. >As you withdrew your finger for another run, you were surprised to find that the tip was wet with her juice.
  269. >For a moment you considered sucking your finger, but settled on a better solution.
  270. >You leaned in and licked her.
  271. >First the left side.
  272. >Then the right.
  273. >Finally, the middle.
  274. >She tasted of stars, sweat and smoke.
  275. >Or completely irresistible.
  276. >Her breathing grew progressively louder as you worked on her.
  277. >Caressed her lips.
  278. >Licked her slit.
  279. >Massaged the place you knew her clit was hiding in.
  280. >Finally, your efforts were rewarded.
  281. >She winked at you.
  282. >But this time you tried something different.
  283. >Instead of touching it directly, you stuck two fingers together, circled her lips with them before slowly sliding them inside her.
  284. >Her insides were even hotter than her outside.
  285. >She was smooth, and incredibly wet.
  286. >You did a bit of back-and-forth and felt her contract around your fingers.
  287. >You dared not think how she'd feel on your member.
  288. >What she could do.
  289. >Instead, you used your free hand to tease her clit.
  290. >Her breathing was labored and you could tell she was tense.
  291. >She was close.
  292. >You held off for a short moment, only gently tapping a spot of her insides near her entrance.
  293. >She was holding her breath.
  294. >Then you struck.
  295. >You planted your mouth on her mound and sucked on her while doing a circular motion with the fingers you had inside her.
  296. >She contracted around your fingers.
  297. >And winked.
  298. >And shivered.
  299. “Hnnnh...”
  300. >She was remarkably quiet.
  302. “I see...”
  303. >The alicorn let her tail fall back into place, forcing you to back off her.
  304. “...she certainly wasn't lying about you.”
  305. >She didn't even look at you.
  306. >Her horn flashed in blue again as the jug and platter floated beside her.
  307. “But as the situation stands, you must stay here for the time being.”
  308. >She trotted to the door before turning around.
  309. “I apologize, and hope you will understand.”
  310. >”What are you-”
  311. >Slam.
  312. >Ka-click.
  313. >You were left alone in the dark.
  315. >The worst part was not the darkness.
  316. >Nor the straw mattress.
  317. >Nor the hunger.
  318. >Nor the fact that you had to shit in a bucket.
  319. >It wasn't even the cold stone floor or walls.
  320. >It wasn't the addiction-like craving for the sun and star flavored sexes of the two mares who'd visited you either.
  321. >No, the worst thing was that there was absolutely nothing to do.
  322. >You had counted the stones used to build your room (266), the annual rings on the plank that the hole in the door was in (51), and how many pieces of straw there were in your mattress (results inconclusive).
  323. >You had jacked off, of course, but one could only do that so many times, even to the memories you had.
  324. >The only thing keeping you sane was that you could hear the sound of water rushing in a pipe somewhere above every now and then.
  325. >That, and the occasional meager meal waiting near the door when you woke up.
  326. >But neither happened often enough to keep your memories from creeping back in.
  327. >Like how the fire glinted off the rifling when you inspected the barrel.
  328. >Or how the swab came out clean when you pushed it through for the final time.
  329. >How the parts snapped back together.
  330. >The sound of the slide as you pulled it back.
  331. >The whole thing clattering against your teeth as you reached down towards the trigger.
  332. >The eyes that wouldn't leave you alone.
  334. >Another tremor woke you from your stupor.
  335. >This time, it was sharper, more sudden.
  336. >You also heard-
  337. >No.
  338. >You also felt a sudden sound as it happened.
  339. >A very low frequency rumble, it left you feeling sort of silly because for the split-second it lasted your balance organs were convinced you were standing on your head.
  340. >The light in the corridor outside your cell fizzled out as it happened, leaving you in complete darkness.
  341. >The complete lack of visual clues combined your internal sense going haywire simultaneously made your stomach feel like there was whirlpool inside it.
  342. >Your hand met the rough stone of the wall as you leaned on it for support before sitting down on the mattress.
  343. >Maybe it would be better to lie down, just for a short while until you feel a bit more stable...
  345. “Wake up.”
  346. >She sounded different this time.
  347. >Harsh.
  348. >Her voice lacked much of its innate warmth and empathy.
  349. >She sounded like-
  350. >WHACK.
  351. >Pain exploded in your right cheek.
  352. >You gasped for breath, your hands shot towards the injured part and your eyes were suddenly wide open.
  353. >Above you stood a-
  354. >No.
  355. >Above you stood a milky white alicorn, who was holding a forehoof to her mouth.
  356. >Her eyes were wide with concern and an unvoiced question was at her lips.
  357. >For a second you thought you'd seen a nightmare, a burning steed of myth and magic.
  358. >But you concluded you must've imagined it, or that it'd been some remnant of a dream, as you gently touched your cheek with your hand.
  359. >It stung.
  360. >But it didn't feel like the skin had been broken.
  361. >The sentiment was reinforced as you looked at your hand and confirmed there was no blood.
  363. “You stink.”
  364. >There it was again.
  365. >That voice which was trying so hard to sound harsh and almost did.
  366. >But just couldn't quite do it because of the warmth and emotion in it.
  367. >You looked up from your fingers and met her eyes.
  368. >The way she'd scrunched up her snout told you she was not lying.
  369. >You'd already grown used to the smell of shit to the point of not even noticing it.
  370. >The bucket did get emptied at times when you slept but that hadn't made the stank clear.
  371. >Her eyes wandered downwards as you lifted en eyebrow at her.
  372. >Then her head bobbed slightly as she nodded at some question she must've asked herself.
  373. “Stand.”
  374. >For a second you considered disobeying.
  375. >But just the fact that she was there, that you could hear a voice and see something, was something you dreaded would be taken from you.
  376. >So you stood up.
  377. >Slowly, pushing yourself off the floor with your hands.
  378. >Her eyes narrowed slightly, but she remained otherwise stoic.
  379. >Her horn lit up in a soft golden glow, and some sort of a rag or towel – you couldn't tell which – floated from behind her.
  380. >You flinched as it suddenly moved to your face.
  381. >But all it did was softly press itself over your eyes.
  382. >You felt some sort of a knot form on the back of your head.
  383. “Don't even dream of touching it.”
  384. >Her voice was strangely monotone when she made her demand, which made it feel like an actual threat.
  385. >Some weird force pulled on your hand.
  386. “Follow.”
  388. >She led you out of the cell, but that was all you could tell.
  389. >You tried counting steps and turns, but soon realized it was a hopeless affair.
  390. >From the way your footsteps and her hoofsteps echoed, you could tell you were passing through some underground corridor.
  391. >You could also tell that the floor was sloped and you were being led upwards.
  392. >Gradually, as you ascended, the air became fresher and you began noticing some fragrances it carried.
  393. >It brought with it a hint of leaves and greenery, damp soil and smoke.
  394. >The thing that creeped you out was the complete lack of sound other than the noise you and her caused.
  395. >But you did not have long to dwell on that before you were stopped.
  396. >You heard the sound of jingling metal, then the sound of a key being inserted into a keyhole.
  397. >The lock clacked open and the hinges groaned.
  398. >Then you were pulled forward for a bit, into a room where the air was very moist.
  399. >Hinges groaned again and a door slammed shut.
  400. >The knot behind your head became undone and your blindfold fell off.
  401. >There was so much light.
  402. >You could only see pure whiteness and then redness.
  403. >It physically hurt your eyes, so much you let out a short yelp and covered your eyes with your hands.
  404. >You heard a soft giggle.
  405. “You should get used to the sun. Your new home will receive quite a lot more of it than your old... hellhole.”
  406. >Her voice dropped an octave before she said the final word.
  407. “Though, I may reconsider your move if you don't behave.”
  408. >What did she, or whoever was actually in charge, want of you?
  409. >That was the question you wanted an answer to.
  410. >There had to be something, or she wouldn't threaten you like that.
  411. >Or keep you locked up in a dark room with nothing to see, hear or do for... however long it'd been.
  413. “Strip.”
  414. >You got your first glimpse of the room as you pulled your shirt over your head.
  415. >It was full of white and gold, and not only because of your companion.
  416. >The walls were covered with white tiles and golden pipes ran down from the ceiling to taps on a sink, a bathtub and a shower.
  417. >Sunlight was streaming in through a row of wide, low windows near the ceiling on one wall.
  418. >There was a mirror above the sink, and a shelf full of colorful bottles below it.
  419. >And then there was a wooden pail full of water in the middle.
  420. >You threw your shirt onto the floor and bent down to undo your shoelaces.
  421. >The sound of metal-clad hooves on ceramic tiling echoed in the room, but you did your best to ignore it.
  422. >As well as the sound of something being poured into the pail.
  423. >Your boots and socks soon joined your shirt in a messy and rather smelly pile on the floor.
  424. >Followed by your pants and underwear.
  425. >She was looking at the row of bottles and didn't notice you.
  426. >There was a bit of a smile on her face and she looked focused.
  427. >Soon, her horn began glowing and one of the bottles was enveloped in a golden aura.
  428. >That bottle floated off the shelf and close to her, its cork unscrewed itself and she leaned in to sniff at its contents.
  429. >Seemingly happy with her choice, she pranced in place to turn around – and noticed you staring at her.
  430. “Oh.”
  431. >She erased the smile off her face and took on a mask of indifference.
  432. >You felt the corners of your mouth rise at the act.
  433. >Her eyes narrowed and her horn lit up.
  434. >Some force pulled your hands up and to the sides and spread out your legs.
  435. >Then you were hurled backwards, hard enough that the impact with the wall had you seeing stars for a second.
  436. >You found yourself pinned, your hands and legs spread out as an X.
  437. “You...”
  438. >Her tone was harsh, like you had gravely offended her.
  439. >The bottle she held in her magic slowly rose above her.
  440. >Her face twisted into a scowl.
  441. “You DARE...”
  442. >The bottle shot down at your head like a cannonball.
  443. >You just barely had time to squeeze your eyes shut and brace for impact.
  445. >It never came.
  446. >There was only the sound of heavy, deep breaths.
  447. >You dared yourself to look.
  448. >The bottle was floating barely an inch off your face.
  449. >She had her head hung low, level with her body, with her eyes closed.
  450. >Her chest was visibly expanding and contracting with her breathing.
  451. >You were still pinned to the wall so all you could do was wait.
  452. >It was a good ten seconds before she opened her eyes.
  453. >She looked at you like you were some kind of a pest.
  454. >Then she lifted her head up to its standard upright position and the look was gone, replaced with another mask if indifference.
  455. >Your eyes fixed themselves on the bottle as it rose a little.
  456. >You saw something move in your peripheral vision and heard the clippy-clop of hooves, but you didn't have time to look as the bottle conked you.
  457. >Just hard enough to hurt.
  458. >At the same instant, the force pinning you to the wall vanished and you stumbled forward.
  459. >Only to bump into something soft and warm.
  460. >It was the ass end of your captor.
  461. “Please me, maggot.”
  462. >You only had time to take half a step backwards when something grabbed you by your shoulders and pushed you downwards, forcing you to your knees.
  463. >She used far more force than necessary.
  464. >You had to admit you were afraid.
  465. >She seemed like she was barely in control of herself.
  466. >Even the promise of liquid sunlight didn't make you feel eager.
  467. >But all you could do was to take a deep breath and gently push her tail to the side.
  469. >Despite her outburst, there was a bead of arousal on her.
  470. >You scooped it up with a finger, resisted the urge to suck on it, and lightly pressed that finger onto her just below the rim of her ponut.
  471. >Using the liquid for lubrication, you slid the finger down the lip of her marehood.
  472. >She was hot, as hot as ever, and soft.
  473. >You took care to not slip it into her, and ran it all the way down onto the slight mound that hid her bud.
  474. >Stopping there, you looked a bit further down – and had an idea.
  475. >You lifted your finger off her, formed your hand into a cup and stuck it between her hind hooves.
  476. >Then you slowly let it rise until it cupped one of her supple and small teats.
  477. >She gasped, suddenly and sharply.
  478. >But did nothing to stop you.
  479. >So you gave her teat a light squeeze, just enough to make it fill the gaps between your fingers, and then massaged it with the joint of your thumb.
  480. >You were about to lean in and lick the other one, but she winked just then.
  481. >Another bead of liquid sunshine had formed on her slit.
  482. >The taste...
  483. >And how it flooded your mind...
  484. >You stuck out your tongue and eagerly lapped it up.
  485. >Then you pressed your mouth on her and assaulted her insides, driving your tongue as deep into her as you could in search of more of her nectar.
  486. “Haah!”
  487. >She moaned and shivered at your onslaught.
  488. >It only made you more ferocious, and reminded you to knead her teats with your hands.
  490. “Nnnh... Enough.”
  491. >Something cold and hard pressed against your chest and pushed you off her.
  492. >Then a golden glow enveloped your wrists and ankles and you were thrown against the wall once more.
  493. >This time, gently enough for it to not hurt.
  494. >You gazed longingly at her winking, drenched nethers.
  495. >She was looking at you over her back.
  496. >For a second your eyes met, then she looked down at your crotch and at your very erect self.
  497. >She backed towards you slowly.
  498. >She'd pinned you at just the right height.
  499. >But you were pointed upwards just enough that when she touched you, it didn't slip in her.
  500. >Though she didn't seem to care, or it was what she wanted all along, as she pushed herself against you.
  501. >She moved herself up and down, sliding her lips up and down your shaft, spreading her wetness on every bit of it.
  502. >You wanted to reach down and point yourself forward so it'd slide in, but your hands were pinned to the wall.
  503. >It's not that it didn't feel good – it was amazing how hot she was and every wink of hers pushed you close to the edge – but it wasn't quite enough.
  505. “Ahn, you're better than I thought.”
  506. >She leaned forward and your parts parted with a wet sound.
  507. >As you looked down, you saw a golden glow on your dick that pushed it downwards.
  508. >She placed your tip between her lips, so it just barely touched her.
  509. >You could feel the heat inside her.
  510. >She wanted it.
  511. >She suddenly pushed herself backwards.
  512. >There was nearly no resistance as you slipped into her.
  513. >It was tight.
  514. >Her flank met your hips with a light slap.
  515. >You were completely buried in her.
  516. >You felt her somehow contract her insides around you.
  517. >It was your turn to moan.
  518. >She pulled herself forward a little.
  519. >Her insides were soft yet firm at the same time, and smooth.
  520. >Slap.
  521. >She sunk you into her again.
  522. >And again.
  523. “Nnh... Nnh...”
  524. >Her moans were timed with her thrusts.
  525. >Her insides contracted around you.
  526. >She slapped her flank onto you.
  527. >Again.
  528. >And again.
  529. >You felt yourself getting very close as she began humping as fast as she could.
  530. “AAaahn!”
  531. >This time, it felt different.
  532. >Like she was massaging you while you were inside her.
  533. >It was too much.
  534. >You pulsed inside her.
  535. >She slammed herself onto you.
  536. >And stayed there.
  537. >You pumped your load inside her.
  538. >Into her hot, addicting self.
  540. “You can wash yourself, right?”
  541. >You nodded at her.
  542. “Good. You're going to do that.”
  543. >You only realized how much force she'd slammed into you with when she took herself off you.
  544. >Smack.
  545. >Her marehood made a wet smack as it let go of your dick.
  546. >She didn't pay it any heed, though, and trotted towards the shower.
  547. >You were released at the same time she twisted a knob on it and a jet of water came down of it.
  548. >She floated you a soap as you stepped into the pail of lukewarm water.
  549. >It took a long while to get yourself clean.
  550. >But eventually you were done.
  551. >She tied the blindfold onto you again.
  552. >This time, she made you float instead of leading you on.
  553. >After another trip through echoing, deserted corridors, you found yourself in a room that had a proper bed, a cupboard, a table and a chair and a window in it.
  554. >As you turned around to question her, you only had time to draw breath before the door swung closed and slammed shut.
  555. >The lock clicked quietly.
  556. >You were left alone again, but no longer in the dark.
  558. >The new room was worse than the last one.
  559. >Not because you had an actual bed to sleep in.
  560. >And not because you could hang the bathrobe you were given to wear in an otherwise empty closet.
  561. >It was worse because the room was on top of a tall tower and the window overlooked a city.
  562. >You were sitting next to the window on the sole chair that'd been in the room and were gazing out of it.
  563. >You followed the twists and turns of some alleyway, and tried to think about how efficient the planning had been.
  564. >It looked like a wealthy city; the streets were clean, none of the houses looked run down and there were places that looked like cafes or restaurants nearly everywhere.
  565. >It was also completely deserted.
  566. >There was a flock of birds flying above one of the plazas but it was the only sign of life you could see.
  567. >The streets were pristine, but empty.
  568. >Cafes had their chairs lifted onto the tables.
  569. >The windows were shuttered.
  570. >Of course, you knew the reason for it.
  571. >You looked at the frames of the window.
  572. >The paint on it was white with a slight blue tint to it.
  573. >There was a small latch on the bottom of it.
  574. >You tried it.
  575. >It opened.
  576. >The window swung inwards.
  577. >You stuck your head through it and looked down.
  578. >It was a straight vertical drop into some courtyard far below.
  579. >A long, straight drop.
  580. >More than long enough.
  582. >You'd put your hands on the frames and were about to pull yourself through when you heard a noise from behind.
  583. >It was the clip-clop of hooves on stone.
  584. >But it lacked the timbre of metal and the rhythm of either of the two alicorns you'd met.
  585. >Your brow furrowed as you let go of the window frame and turned around to face the door.
  586. >Metal jingled.
  587. >The lock clicked.
  588. >The door swung open.
  589. >Your heart skipped a beat and you suddenly couldn't breathe.
  590. >No.
  591. >A dark gray colt with indigo mane and tail trotted in.
  592. >There was a pair of tiny wings on his back.
  593. >And his eyes.
  594. >The eyes that just wouldn't leave you alone.
  596. “Hi, who are you?”
  597. >His voice was light and clear, that of a child's, and full of curiosity and wonder.
  598. >Go away. You're not real.
  599. >You tried to answer but your words got stuck in your throat.
  600. >Instead, you heard your own voice say the words you said back then.
  601. >You closed your eyes, turned away from it.
  602. >But it didn't go away.
  603. >You still saw him.
  604. >How a smile spread onto his little face.
  605. “Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Dusty. What kind of a name is Private?”
  606. >His tone.
  607. >How he genuinely didn't know.
  608. >You wanted to go back into the darkness, back to the dark cell that smelled like shit, where he wouldn't be able to reach you.
  609. >But you couldn't.
  610. >So you covered your ears with your hands.
  611. >But it didn't stop you from hearing your own voice.
  612. >It didn't stop you from hearing his little hoofsteps as he got closer.
  613. “Oh. What are you doing here? I've never seen anything like you before.”
  614. >Go away. You're not real.
  615. >You hugged your knees and rocked back and forth on the chair.
  616. >It hadn't been you.
  617. >It wasn't your fault.
  619. “What are you doing?”
  620. >A direct, female voice banished your waking nightmare.
  621. >You stopped your rocking, lifted your cheek off your knee and looked at the dark alicorn.
  622. >She understood, right?
  623. >That's why she came when she did, right?
  624. >That's why she was staring at you with her lips parted like she meant to say something.
  625. >You doubt it was why she closed her eyes, shook her head and looked at you again with a stern expression and her muzzle held high.
  627. “Regardless, I have brought you sustenance.”
  628. >A platter and a jug, glowing blue like her horn, floated from behind her.
  629. >The platter had shredded cabbage, some cauliflower heads and a large piece of turnip on it.
  630. >She set them on the table near you.
  631. >You got on your feet, moved the chair next to the table, sat down and took a bite of the turnip.
  632. >All while she watched with her snout up in the air.
  633. >It tasted old, like something that was about to go bad.
  634. >You heard the shuffling of cloth and groaning of wood from behind you, but ignored it as you concentrated on devouring the edibles.
  635. >You didn't mind that the cauliflower had gone soft or that the cabbage had tiny flecks of charcoal and ash strewn in it.
  636. >It didn't sate the hunger gnawing at your insides, but it'd keep you alive.
  638. “Hurry up, I haven't got all day.”
  639. >You swallowed the last mouthful of food with a loud gulp and spun around on the chair.
  640. >She was lying on the bed, on her side, with a wing half unfolded over her barrel.
  641. >She'd placed her rear hooves on top of one another, emphasizing the features of her backside.
  642. >Her shapely hindquarters were conveniently on the very edge of the bed, pointed your way, and she was looking at you with half-lidded eyes.
  643. >One could have seen it as an invitation.
  644. >But not you.
  645. >You wished to curl up in a corner until the memory of the young colt vanished.
  646. >That was not an option.
  647. >So you took a deep breath, got on your feet and accepted the inevitable.
  649. “You know, you've had my sister – Mmh!”
  650. >She moaned as you accidentally grazed her lips with your thumb while you were caressing her flanks.
  651. “You've had her nearly snap quite a few times.”
  652. >There was the tiniest bit of softness beneath her skin that you could push the tips of your fingers into.
  653. >You let your hands wander on her inner thighs and flanks, doing little circular massaging motions wherever they went.
  654. “I had to restrain her once.”
  655. >A muscle on her calf twitched as you moved to brush her lips.
  656. >With three fingers held together, you ran them down her hotness and then up again.
  657. “Nnn. That was just before you arrived.”
  658. >She laid her head down on the bed.
  659. >You'd just traced the shape of her nethers with a thumb.
  660. “But you know what happened.”
  661. >You...
  662. >You did.
  663. >It all came back.
  664. >The rain that fell ever so steadily.
  665. >Roof shingles and shards of glass strewn across the street.
  666. >A house collapsed onto itself.
  667. >The beam that used to hold the roof, now in splinters.
  668. >The bookshelf that'd fallen over.
  669. “Did I tell you to stop?”
  670. >How the fire was slowly losing to the rain, leaving behind charred and blackened remains of chairs and dressers.
  671. >The shrapnel holes left in the green, leaf-patterned wallpaper.
  672. >You looked down at your hands and heard something shuffling very close to you.
  673. >Your hands were red.
  674. >They were red with blood.
  675. WHAM!
  676. >The force of the blow threw you backwards.
  677. >The pain from your forehead was so sharp and intense that you blacked out.
  679. >You drew a wheezing breath.
  680. >You were lying on the floor with your limbs strewn out as a cross.
  681. >And your head felt like it was being beat with a hammer.
  682. >As you forced your eyelids apart, the first thing you saw was fangs.
  683. >Fangs, and slit pupils.
  684. >She was saying something but you couldn't understand it.
  685. >All you could hear was the rain and the crackling of fire as it burnt away what remained.
  686. >You reached out towards her.
  687. >Your hand swayed back and forth, it didn't want to do what you were telling it to.
  688. >Some sort of noise came from your mouth.
  689. >It was an attempt at an apology but it was all slurred.
  690. >Then you saw something shine blue.
  691. >Your eyes were forced shut.
  692. >The pain...
  693. >The pain washed away.
  694. “I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive us.”
  695. >Her voice was the last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep.
  697. >A dull, thumping pain in your head woke you up.
  698. >You were still splayed out on the floor.
  699. >Judging from how high the sun was in the sky, you hadn't slept for long.
  700. >With a curse and a groan, you pushed yourself off the floor and limped over to the table.
  701. >The platter and the jug were still on it, so you upended the jug over your head and waited for the last drops of water to fall into your mouth.
  702. >It left you disappointed, and for a moment you considered chucking the thing out of the window but figured the satisfaction it'd bring wouldn't be worth whatever they'd make you do in return.
  703. >All in all, you weren't quite sure how you felt about your situation.
  704. >On one hand, both of the alicorns seemed to care about you on some level, enough to keep you fed and to not hurt you too much.
  705. >On the other, they both were prone to sudden outbursts of rage.
  706. >And you definitely deserved to be the target of those outbursts.
  707. >You did not deserve forgiveness.
  708. >Despite how a part of your mind kept repeating that it hadn't been your fault.
  709. >It was true that you had ordered neither the invasion nor the barrage.
  710. >But it was also true that you hadn't done anything to stop either, even if you could have.
  712. >You were lying on the bed, lost in thought, when another sudden tremor shocked you back to the present.
  713. >For a second you were afraid that the tower you were in would crumble, but rushed to the window nevertheless.
  714. >What you saw was certainly not what you were expecting.
  715. >At the very edge of the city, where a wall stood, there was a row of humongous, translucent green hexagons that looked like the were made of glass, distorting everything behind them.
  716. >The row went all the way around, as far as you could see at least.
  717. >Then, as you watched, the row flashed white and another row appeared on top of it.
  718. >Then another on top of that, and another, and another...
  719. >Each was inclined towards the center slightly more than the last, and additional rows kept appearing until they formed a hemisphere over the entire city.
  720. >You stood there dumbfounded, trying and failing to think of an explanation, until you heard the lock click.
  722. >The white alicorn looked different this time.
  723. >There were shadows under her eyes, her head wasn't held quite as high, her hooves moved a touch more sluggishly than usual and the corners of her mouth were drooping.
  724. >And there was a golden, jeweled crown on her head, accompanied by a chest piece which was also made of gold and had a massive gem set in the middle of it.
  725. “Sit.”
  726. >A golden glow surrounded the chair as it scraped itself across the floor until it was right behind you.
  727. >You glanced at her, and noticed she'd squeezed her eyes shut, before sitting down.
  728. “I was hoping you would show me that your kind feels no regret for what you've done.”
  729. >Her voice was far deeper than usual, melancholic and and full of barely contained emotion.
  730. >You were about to turn to face her when you saw a flash on the outside of the mystical dome above the city.
  731. >It was followed by a series of flashes.
  732. >The sound arrived a few seconds later.
  733. >Boom. Boom. Boom.
  734. “But I have been told what keeps you up at night.”
  735. >One of the green hexagons flickered out for half a second.
  736. >Flash. Flash.
  737. >On some street behind a building and on a plaza.
  738. >You saw the plumes of soil and cobblestone and how the windows shattered.
  739. >How the aftermath looked filled your mind in vivid detail.
  740. >Shards of glass and roof shingles strewn across the street, homes collapsed onto themselves, fire burning the reminders of who used to live there.
  741. “I only wish we could have met under more...”
  742. >Ka-Boom.
  743. “...peaceful circumstances.”
  744. >The sound of her metal-clad hooves on stone filled the gaps between the booms.
  745. >You turned to face her, only to jerk in surprise as she was right next to you.
  746. >Reflexively, your hands rose to your chest.
  747. >You froze in terror as she came as close as she could.
  748. >Her chestpiece bumped on the back of your chair as you closed your eyes.
  749. >She was going to bite your nose off or skewer one of your eyes with her horn!
  751. >The only thing that happened was that something warm and soft pressed itself gently on your shoulder and neck, and then over your upper back.
  752. >It surprised you.
  753. >Why?
  754. >Was she going to whack you across the room in a second, to torture you with uncertainty and shattered expectations?
  755. >Could it be she was feeling remorseful?
  756. >You lifted a hand to be level with your head and slowly brought it closer until it met her neck.
  757. >You gave it a few gentle, long strokes.
  758. “Forgive me.”
  759. >The sound of wood scraping on stone filled the silence between the booms as some force pushed you and the chair to the side.
  760. >You opened your eyes just in time to see the window swing open.
  761. >The alicorn took a few steps back, then gathered as much speed as she could in the small room and leaped out of the window.
  762. >You bolted to your feet and to the window.
  763. >Smoke was rising from a few spots in the city, but you ignored that.
  764. >Instead, you looked below.
  765. >There was a white alicorn flying above the castle, and fire trailed behind her.
  766. >As you watched, a dark alicorn, trailed by shadow, took off from a balcony and joined her.
  767. >Fire and Shadow circled each other a few times, then shot off towards the horizon, side by side.
  769. >The flashes and booms ceased soon after Fire and Shadow disappeared over the yonder.
  770. >Silence fell over the city.
  771. >There was no birdsong to be heard, no wind to rustle leaves, not even insects chirping or buzzing.
  772. >The only movement was the plumes of smoke rising straight up from the burning buildings.
  773. >Despite it being far too distant for the sound to reach your ears, you could still hear the crackling of fire.
  774. >And even though you couldn't even see the buildings themselves, you still watched how the flames devoured the remnants of someone's home.
  775. >Then a shout reached your ears.
  776. >A gruff male voice came from somewhere below, a voice hoarse form too much yelling.
  777. >You stuck your head out of the window and looked at the courtyard below.
  778. >A line of ponies, each clad in a camouflage-pattern uniform, trotted through it.
  779. >An odd feeling of elation overtook you as you saw it, like a balloon was inflating in your chest.
  781. >It was not until nightfall that you got some clue of what was going on.
  782. >The fires had long since been put out, the protective dome had vanished without a trace, and dark clouds had appeared over the horizon in the direction Fire and Shadow had flown off to.
  783. >A faint yellow and orange light lit the clouds from below.
  784. >It would occasionally brighten to match a sunrise momentarily, then nearly disappear before returning to a steady constant.
  785. >It was then that you understood.
  786. >You had seen it before.
  787. >Soon after crossing through the Rift.
  788. >Back then, you had been taken towards it.
  789. >But you only arrived to see the aftermath.
  790. >The shattered windows, collapsed buildings, burned-out vehicles, spent casings.
  791. >And those who got left behind.
  792. >Both your kind and theirs.
  793. >You were told to ignore them and do your duty.
  794. >So you did.
  795. >But that did not stop them from staring at you.
  796. >The only thing that did was the time you'd spent in the dark cell.
  797. >They had left you alone while you were there.
  799. >You were not sure when you fell asleep.
  800. >You only realized you had when the door was slammed open and you jerked awake, nearly causing the chair you fell asleep on to fall over.
  801. “Rejoice, human! For it is over!”
  802. >It was a lot like the warm, caring voice you'd learned to both love and hate.
  803. >But it was neither caring nor empathetic.
  804. >It was dry and harsh, like a wildfire.
  805. >You barely had time to open your eyes and let out a groan when the chair you were sitting on was turned around.
  806. >Her appearance both did and did not surprise you.
  807. >On one hand, you had seen her before, if only for a split-second.
  808. >On the other, she was completely different.
  809. >She no longer had a mane and tail made of aurora, but ones made of living flame that painted her surroundings in a yellow and orange tint.
  810. >Her coat was no longer pure milky white but had a hint of orange to it.
  811. >But the greatest change was her eyes.
  812. >What used to be large, round and pink eyes that always seemed to regret what she'd done to you and offer hope were now a pair of slits in her dark red eyeballs through which you could see the fire that burned inside her.
  813. >She had ditched the tiara-like crown she'd had when you last saw her and now wore a red helmet that covered her skull, and the chestpiece she wore now extended onto her wings as some form of armor.
  814. “Rejoice, for your kind is being driven from Equestria!”
  815. >You swallowed a tiny bit of spittle with a loud gulp.
  816. >You doubted this would end well.
  818. “Why the glum look?”
  819. >Your eyes had found your toes and you felt the corners of your mouth droop as your mind grasped the full meaning of her words.
  820. >It meant an end to conflict, but at what cost?
  821. >The clip-clop of her horseshoes came closer until you could see them, now made of red metal, right next to your feet.
  822. >She lifted a forehoof off the floor and used it to force your chin upwards until you stared right into her fiery red eyes.
  823. “You should be glad. It is because of you that we did not eradicate your kind for the filth it is.”
  824. >A wide grin spread onto her face, letting you see the short but sharp fangs she now had.
  825. >She pulled her hoof away from your chin.
  826. >You had just enough time to think that maybe she was about to leave when her horn flashed orange and the chair was suddenly pulled from underneath you.
  827. >Your hands shot forwards in an attempt to remain upright, but it was in vain as you tumbled backwards nevertheless.
  828. “A-ha! Pathetic!”
  829. >Maybe she just wanted to humiliate you for a tiny bit.
  830. >But as you elbowed yourself to a slightly more upright position and saw her wide open eyes, the brighter than before fire burning inside them and the mad grin on her face, you gave up.
  831. >Maybe she'd be done with you faster if you didn't resist.
  832. >You tried to keep your face neutral as an orange glow enveloped your right hand and pulled it upwards, until it was so high in the air that nothing but the tips of your toes touched the floor.
  833. “You are weak...”
  834. >She swung you to the left so your left shin banged on the sideboard of your bed, sending a spike of pain up your spine.
  835. “...slow...”
  836. >She swung you to the right, and this time there was nothing in your way.
  837. “...and stupid.”
  838. >She threw you towards the ceiling and let go.
  839. >You limbs flailed in the air as you tried to land on your feet.
  840. >You fell on your knees and hands, and then let yourself fall onto your stomach.
  841. >She should get bored if you didn't react.
  842. >Should.
  843. >Had to.
  845. >You did not like the silence.
  846. >It lasted a bit too long before her hoofsteps filled the air.
  847. “Giving up?”
  848. >Clip. Clop.
  849. >A red horseshoe appeared right before your eyes with a loud stomp.
  850. >It made you flinch.
  851. “It's fine. I shouldn't expect more from you than the others.”
  852. >Something hard and flat touched your back.
  853. >But it was a gentle touch, more like a stroke or a pet than something meant to torment you.
  854. “We all have our breaking points and what you've seen must've taken you beyond yours.”
  855. >The hard thing on your back was lifted off before coming back for another stroke.
  856. “But you know what?”
  857. >This time, it stopped halfway.
  858. “I don't care.”
  859. >The thing on your back pushed hard into you, edge first.
  860. >You gasped in pain.
  861. >Then it was gone, and you breathed out in relief.
  862. >But immediately, something smacked the back of your head, hard.
  863. “And you WILL look at me when I speak.”
  864. >Some force grasped your shoulder and pushed you around onto your back.
  865. >You barely even noticed through he ringing in your ears.
  866. >You stomach was starting to feel bit unsteady.
  867. >An orange glow filled your vision and your head was turned towards her.
  868. “There we go. Not so hard, was it?”
  869. >There was a smile on her face which you would've called mellow if not for what she'd just done.
  870. >A part of you wanted to be angry at her, hit her and hurt her.
  871. >Her actions would have justified such means.
  872. >But another part of your mind, which spoke with the voice of a young colt, had seen enough of violence.
  873. >So, you forced a shy smile onto your face and extended a shaky hand upwards, towards her head.
  875. “You...”
  876. >Suddenly, she looked different.
  877. >And sounded, too.
  878. >Her eyes were round and pink, and her voice melodic and full of emotion.
  879. >A single tear formed at the corner of her eyes.
  880. >Then she blinked.
  881. “...you wish for something different?”
  882. >And the glimmer of her old self was gone.
  883. >Her head swung downwards, towards yours.
  884. >You closed your eyes and cringed away in fear.
  885. >But the only thing that happened was that you felt a scorching hot breath on your cheek.
  886. >Then a pair of equally hot lips pressed onto yours.
  887. >Her tongue forced its way into your mouth and licked your front teeth.
  888. >You weren't quite sure how to feel about her advance, but decided to play along in hopes she wouldn't hit you again.
  890. “Then perhaps I can oblige.”
  891. >She whispered into your ear.
  892. >You felt the extreme heat radiating from her skin move down your cheek as the knot on the strap of your bathrobe – still the only thing you had to wear – was undone.
  893. >Afraid of what her quite literally fiery head might do to your more sensitive parts, you shot up into a sitting position.
  894. >Or tried to, at least.
  895. >As soon as you moved a muscle, an orange glow appeared to push your shoulders to the floor with so much force you couldn't do anything.
  896. “You suspicion wounds me. But I guess it is not completely without reason.”
  897. >You could only watch as she swept aside the only layer of cloth still covering you.
  898. “Not the most eager, are you?”
  899. >She glanced back at you, a mischievous smile on her lips.
  900. >Her wings shot out to the side and beat the air with a loud flap.
  901. >Another flap brought her around, and her rear hooves thumped onto the floor right next to your ears.
  902. >You found yourself staring up at the twin mounds between her rear limbs.
  903. >Then she took half a step forward and slowly bent all four of her limbs to gently lower herself onto you.
  904. >Her tail, made of living fire, was right in front of your face.
  905. >The intense heat radiating off it made you freeze in fear.
  906. >You flinched as she flicked it right at your face.
  907. >It... passed right through.
  908. >You felt the blistering heat as it did, but it did not hurt you.
  909. >It wasn't like anything you'd felt before, you felt the flames lick your skin and the heat was there, but it did not burn.
  911. “You know what I wish for.”
  912. >With her tail out of the way, you were presented with a sight you were more familiar with than you wanted to be.
  913. >Only this time, she was dry.
  914. >You considered just giving up and not doing anything at all, but were too afraid of what she could do to you to actually do it.
  915. >Plus, it was not like it was entirely unpleasant.
  916. >So, after sticking a finger in your mouth to wet it, you ran it down the side of her nethers to test how she felt.
  917. >Her skin felt skin felt even hotter than last time, nearly scorching, but not quite so hot as to be unpleasant to the touch.
  918. >At the same time, you felt her blistering breath between your legs and on your very soft self.
  919. >You settled on massaging her flanks while slowly working your way inwards as she prodded you with her tongue.
  920. >It seemed like she wasn't quite sure what to do, but you couldn't really help it.
  921. >Unless...
  922. >Letting go of her buttocks, you gave her lips a few quick strokes before plunging your forefinger as deep into her as you could reach.
  923. >She drew a short, sharp breath and jerked as you did so, caught completely off-guard.
  924. >You felt around her smooth, blazing hot insides before pulling out and sticking your damp finger into your mouth.
  925. >It tasted of...
  926. >Kind of like the hottest chili you had ever tasted, mixed with some honey and something earthy, that was on fire.
  927. >You were quite sure it tasted of fire.
  928. >But one thing was certain.
  929. >You had to have more.
  930. >Your mind was suddenly filled with how blissful it had to feel to lick her, how it would be like to lap at her juice as it drooled down from her entrance and onto her clitoris, how you would wait for her to reveal it to you before digging in...
  932. >You barely noticed yourself growing hard.
  933. >You were too busy massaging her mound and licking her slit, making sure you could get more of her nectar.
  934. >The way her tongue wrapped around your member and how it felt like a wreath of molten rock that somehow didn't burn was irrelevant to you.
  935. >The only thing on your mind was taste of her.
  936. >How you could get a touch more every time she winked and you licked what she showed you each time.
  937. >How you would coax it from its hiding place by sticking a finger in her and tapping a certain spot almost as far inside as you could reach.
  938. >How her breathing grew more and more labored and how she moaned was insignificant.
  939. >The only thing that mattered was that you could see your prize again.
  940. “Hnnn!”
  941. >You were pulsing despite her no longer even touching your member.
  942. >Then she jerked and clamped down on your fingers.
  943. >And you were rewarded.
  944. >You drank her liquid fire as her insides spasmed and she moaned.
  945. “Ahn... Mmmh... You certainly haven't lost your touch.”
  946. >She panted and laid limply on top of you for a short while as you did your best to clean her up.
  947. >Something orange appeared around your head and pushed you away as she got on her hooves.
  949. “Stand.”
  950. >You pushed yourself off the floor and onto your feet.
  951. >Your eyes were fixed on her twin suns.
  952. >Her tail was in the way.
  953. >That you couldn't see what you wanted to see consumed your mind.
  954. >Yet some distant corner of your mind noticed how she looked at you over her barrel and how she paused for a second to ponder something.
  955. >Then she flicked her tail out of the way.
  956. “Come then. Show me what you have.”
  957. >You didn't need to be told twice.
  958. >She was still drenched after her orgasm and swollen with arousal.
  959. >You stepped up to her and placed yourself at her entrance – and then paused.
  960. >Your eyes found hers and looked for... something.
  961. >What that something was, you weren't sure.
  962. >But it wasn't there.
  963. >All you saw was the fire behind her eyes and a flash of orange.
  964. “It is rude to keep a lady waiting.”
  965. >You were pushed into her.
  966. >Into her tight, wet, blazing hot self.
  967. >As deep as you could go.
  968. >You pulled halfway out of her, then plunged in as deep as you could again.
  969. “Mm. Not bad.”
  970. >You placed your hands at the near end of her barrel, where her hip began, and settled into slightly shallower, rhythmical motion.
  971. >She felt different, but no less incredible.
  972. >It felt like a flame licking you, and you could also feel her contract herself in a rhythm matching yours.
  973. >Slap. Slap. Slap.
  974. >You involuntarily started going deeper again as you felt yourself nearing your peak.
  975. “Ah, going already?”
  976. >Her voice was a purr full of pleasure, but you could tell she wasn't as into it as you.
  977. >You gasped for breath as her insides turned into two rings that moved up and down your shaft, always in opposite directions.
  978. >It was too much.
  979. >You slammed into her for the final time and twitched in pleasure as she milked you of everything you could give.
  980. >Spasm. Spasm.
  981. >The sheer amount of pure pleasure nearly caused you to faint.
  983. “That was far from unpleasant, but you need some work if you wish to match those fingers of yours like that.”
  984. >You pulled yourself out of her, which produced a quiet smacking sound, and took a staggering step backwards.
  985. “Now try to behave while I'm gone, there is a war I need to finish and you have yet to play your part.”
  986. >What?
  987. >You shook your head to clear your thoughts and looked at her.
  988. >What did she mean with that?
  989. “Oh.”
  990. >She read your flabbergasted face and flashed a sly smile.
  991. “I never told you, did I? You were meant to be used as a pawn in the peace negotiations.”
  992. >Her hooves tread the stone of the floor as she turned around and walked right next to you.
  993. “Of course, your kind was never interested in negotiations. I was quite insulted when my courier was returned as a corpse.”
  994. >You were uncomfortable with her standing so close she was touching you, but you didn't dare to move.
  995. “I, of course, returned the favor by burning a few thousand of your soldiers...”
  996. >She turned her muzzle upwards so she was facing the ceiling and wrapped a forehoof around your leg.
  997. “A little... vengeance.”
  998. >Her eyes flashed as she blurted it out, as did her mane and tail.
  999. “But worry not. You are safe.”
  1000. >Her hoof let go of your leg and she took a step back.
  1001. >”Wait!”
  1002. >She paid you no heed, only flashed a smile at you before you heard a crack, she turned into flames, and vanished.
  1004. >For the next three days, your only contact with the outside world was what you saw through the window.
  1005. >It was not much.
  1006. >Only twice did you see any ponies again, and only as distant figures in the city.
  1007. >But you could listen to birdsong.
  1008. >It made you feel at ease.
  1009. >At least for a short while, until the hunger that kept gnawing at your insides would return.
  1010. >Or until the eyes that never left you alone would creep back from the far corners of your mind.
  1011. >Whoever was in charge of you did feed you regularly: a new portion would appear overnight while you slept, but it was never enough.
  1012. >On the bright side, you didn't have to shit nearly as often.
  1013. >Your captor had been benevolent enough to provide you with another bucket for your needs, and now you could time yourself to only go just before going to bed so the smell wasn't nearly as bad.
  1014. >Overall, a definite improvement over the pitch-black stone cell.
  1016. >The distant sound of metal-clad hooves on stone had you second-guessing if you were imagining it or not.
  1017. >But as it grew steadily louder, you had to conclude that you weren't.
  1018. >It was not a sound you had grown to like.
  1019. >It made your heart race, your palms sweat, and your stomach wrench.
  1020. >You were sitting on the edge of the bed as the lock clicked and the door swung open, trying to suppress the signs of nervousness.
  1021. >The room seemed to get a little darker as the alicorn trotted in.
  1022. >She resembled the one who hadn't appeared too keen on tormenting you.
  1023. >She had the same cyan irises, carried herself similarly and had the same crescent moon marks on her flanks and on the metal chest piece she had.
  1024. >But her pupils were slits, like those of a cat, her coat was so black it made the shadows she had for mane and tail look blue, and she wore a helmet made of the same blue metal as her chest piece.
  1025. >She limped slightly whenever her left forehoof tread the ground, and you noticed a long, straight scarred-over wound on the side of it.
  1026. >The way she glared at you down her snout made her look like she was looking at a pile of excrement.
  1028. “Are you proud of yourself, human?”
  1029. >She sounded different, too.
  1030. >The directness was still there, but the gentle undertone had been replaced with a harsh, uncaring one.
  1031. “Are you proud of the desecrated villages, the burned fields, and the snuffed-out lives you left behind?”
  1032. >You felt a lump form in your throat as she kept approaching, but didn't dare to look away from her.
  1033. >She came to a halt less than an arm's length from you, and kept staring right into your eyes.
  1034. >It felt like she was boring a hole straight into your soul.
  1035. “I see but a coward, who could not face the consequences of his actions.”
  1036. >You...
  1037. >She had no right to say that.
  1038. >She hadn't seen what you had.
  1039. >She had not been in the village that was supposed to be far enough from the lines to be safe, where even some of the locals had returned to, when the sound of a shell ripping through the air had proven you wrong.
  1040. >She had not laid in a ditch, deafened by too many falling too close, waiting for some sign that it was over.
  1041. >She had not crawled back up to see and hear those who hadn't been close enough to shelter.
  1043. “Defiant?”
  1044. >A maniacal grin spread onto her face, revealing the fangs in her mouth.
  1045. >Her wings shot out to the side, and she suddenly turned into a blur of darkness.
  1046. >Something very fast shot towards your head.
  1047. >But this time, you were faster.
  1048. >You crossed your forearms in front of your face and deflected the hoof that was aimed at you.
  1049. >Yet there was nothing you could do about the shadow that wrapped itself around your upper body.
  1050. >It felt like a coating of cool water, only it didn't make you wet.
  1051. >Its source, the pitch-black alicorn, landed in front of you with a quadruple metallic clip.
  1052. >Your eyes met for a split second.
  1053. >Hers were full of malice and anger, and her face was twisted in a scowl.
  1054. >Then you felt something slither up your nose.
  1055. >Suddenly, you couldn't breathe.
  1056. >You tried opening your mouth, but the shadow found its way in there, too.
  1057. >Your eyes began to water as you felt it creep down your windpipe like some nightmarish living slime.
  1058. >You tried to pull it out, but your fingers found nothing but air and your tongue in your mouth.
  1059. >Then it began squeezing you.
  1060. >At first, it was like someone was lying on top of you.
  1061. >But it got progressively worse.
  1062. >The slight pressure in your ears turned into a slashing pain that threatened to rupture your eardrums.
  1063. >You felt your ribs crackling as the last bit of air in your lungs was forced out.
  1064. >Your eyes felt like they were bulging out of their sockets and at the point of bursting.
  1065. >Twitches and spasms overtook your body as it all started fading into darkness.
  1067. >”G-HAAAAaaaaah!”
  1068. >The shadow retreated and air rushed into your lungs.
  1069. >You fell onto the bed, panting heavily.
  1070. >Your lungs were on fire, your entire torso was sore, you couldn't hear anything, and you felt the urge to be sick.
  1071. >But you were given no time to recover.
  1072. >All you could see through the veil of agony was a blue glow as you were lifted off the bed.
  1073. >She probably said something, but all your brain registered was some noise.
  1074. >You were... gently rocked back and forth?
  1075. >You blinked rapidly for a bit and focused on seeing.
  1076. >A blue glow surrounded you and held you in the air over an empty bit of floor.
  1077. “Had enough?”
  1078. >There was maniacal grin on her face and her eyes were as wide open as could be.
  1079. >The aura around you vanished.
  1080. >Pain shot from your side as you fell hard on it.
  1081. >You flopped onto your back as the clippy-clop of her hooves got closer.
  1082. >As she towered above you, the grin had vanished and there was but a sly smile on her face.
  1084. >”Why?”
  1085. >It was what you wanted to know the most.
  1086. >Neither of them had seemed like the kind who took joy in needlessly agonizing someone.
  1087. >Sure, they had hurt you, but you had seen the regret on them instantly after.
  1088. “Why? You are asking the wrong question.”
  1089. >The corners of her mouth crept upwards as she lifted a forehoof off the floor.
  1090. “You should be asking 'why not'.”
  1091. >Her horn flashed blue at the same time her hoof shot down.
  1092. >You tried to move your hands to cover your stomach, only to find out they were pinned to the floor.
  1093. >The first hit brought tears to your eyes and made the left side of your ribcage feel like it had been hit with a hammer.
  1094. “Because you...”
  1095. >The second hit made you spew saliva over yourself as it landed right above your navel.
  1096. “...are a...”
  1097. >The third hit was a whack to the side of your head and made your ears ring.
  1098. “...traitor!”
  1099. >The fourth hit was square on your solar plexus, right above your heart.
  1101. >You drew a wheezing breath.
  1102. >It hurt.
  1103. >The ribs she'd hit sent spikes of pure agony up your spine every time you breathed and made them move.
  1104. >You were lying on your side on the floor, and would have sobbed if you could have done it without making it hurt even more.
  1105. >Your face was covered in snot, saliva, tears and whatever else, and you could barely see.
  1106. “But you're in luck.”
  1107. >No.
  1108. >No more.
  1109. >You tried to plead to her.
  1110. >But the only sound you could make was a pathetic whimper.
  1111. >You were lifted off the floor again, this time by your wrists.
  1112. “Because I promised to keep you alive.”
  1113. >Her voice sounded a bit different than earlier, but you were too busy trying to breathe without it hurting too much to tell how.
  1114. >You were pulled higher until even your toes were off the floor.
  1115. >For a brief moment, you were held there while her eyes moved up and down as she looked at the damage she'd done.
  1116. >Then you felt something on your ankles.
  1117. >It began as a gentle tug.
  1118. >But it grew in intensity.
  1119. >Your spine protested as it was pulled to its full length and beyond.
  1120. >The muscles in your shoulders fought valiantly but you felt panic creeping in as it kept getting worse.
  1121. >A sudden yank made you scream out in agony as something popped in your right arm.
  1122. >You screamed form the bottom of your lungs as felt both your arms being pulled out of their sockets.
  1123. >You screamed like never before as she yanked again.
  1124. >Something made a snapping sound.
  1125. >You heard screaming but weren't sure if it was you or someone else.
  1126. >It was getting dark.
  1127. >You welcomed the darkness.
  1128. >It didn't hurt.
  1130. End of prequel.
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