Southern/Onyxia+ Onxyia Dream Mid-Hiatus RP

Jun 16th, 2016
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  1. Shima: >Year 1(0?) BE
  2. >Southern's Dreamscape
  4. >In the middle of the night, among the dreams of those sleeping within the inner sanctum of Starswirl the Bearded, Southern finds herself walking a paradoxal labyrinth of Canterlot's various unfinished spires and walkways, swirling about in unnatural, impossible turns and curves defying gravity as mannequins pace along its twisted streets in place of ponies.
  6. >Onyxia and the young Princess Luna, who had crossed over to this realm from Onyxia's nightmare, appeared in a bright flash of blue light in an upside down gazebo that Southern had investigated, appearing on the 'floor' of the cazebo as she walked on the flat upside-down cieling.
  8. >From there, Luna had begun helping Onyxia with a new technique she was having difficulty with, in fusing inorganic matter to her being such as the concrete on their hooves, and the black crstalling mare had successfully spread it throughout the majority of her body as Luna sighs. "Phew, that's good. I swore I saw another crack forming or two but, this looks much better." She lets go of the stone, the filly pacing about Onyxia in a circle, then turning up to look at Southern as she waves, the clothes-horse having just approached. The filly seems eager, "Well hello up there! Hope you don't mind us dropping in, who's place is this?"
  9. Khazard: Onyxia pulls her hoof back from the wall, looknig down at her stone form, now with reattached limb. She takes a few steps, a rock grinding sounds echoing with her movements, to make sure everything is alright. "It is feeling better. ...Sorry for being snappy earlier." She apologizes to Luna befre looking over at Southern as she comes into view. "Oh, you went to bed too Southern? Is it night already, barely even felt like an hour has passed."
  11. Autumn: Southern squints at the strange landscape, not thinking much of anything she sees or feels until addressed directly. She gasps when called. Figuring that she might be having a lucid dream and not suspecting Luna's influence, she closes her eyes to keep the dream from breaking. She begins to imagine an attractive stallion with lots of money beside her.[5]
  13. Shima: Luna turns to Onyxia with a shake of her head, grinning as she sees the mobile-rock pony before her stepping along the concrete floor. "Woah... you're like a golem now, that's amazing. It's fine, I forgive you for snapping I guess, now really try it out, try cracking something." You feel the concrete beneath you cracking a little bit with each step, your form mobile but clearly heavy.
  15. As you call out to Southern, Luna turns down, "Oh, you KNOW her? Okay, that's good, thought she was one of the dream sprites for a moment there." She shouts a little more impatiently, "Hey! Up here, lady, see us?! No, don't close your eyes, that makes it impossible to see us!"
  17. Southern's eyes being shut renders her unable to see, but she doesn't feel as though she's left the gazebo after she begins to suspect the state of her consciousness. She imagines hard of the being she wishes to see, and she hears a chuckling from behind her eye lids. "Ho ho ho ho ho. Rphity, atwh eaubyt efeobr ym yese tsands, irfa lday?" Upon opening them, she sees a mannequin standing there, a more shapely masculine model with a particularly square and pronounced chin, with Duke's outfit standing there floating with a large bag of bits on his waist. Onyxia and Luna both see him appear to fade in from non-existence, him chortling with a inflated chest as well.
  19. Khazard: Onyxia looks around, not really wanting to start smashing up a dreamscape. "I don't thik I have to try at this rate." She comments on the floor's condition under her. But to test how being made of stone affects her, she turns and bucks one of the stone cubes Luna conjured up earlier with a hind hoof. [ gives 5]. "Do you think she heard us?" She asks as Southern shuts her eyes and them out. As the mannequin is conjured up, Onyxia looks surprised. "You have experience with all this dream stuff? Wish I knew that a while ago."
  21. Autumn: Southern growls and takes the mannequin's money, shoving it away. "What am I supposed to do with something like that? Pieceacrap," she mutters. "Hoy, are you two real up there? What are you doing? Something fun I hope?"
  23. Khazard: "Yea, we're real. And aside from runing from nightmares, I've been trying to figure out how to fuse with things."
  25. Shima: Luna looks down at the ground, slightly jumping, "Oh my. No, I suppose you don't. I hope this gazebo was not based on something expensive." As you turn around and buck the stone with your concrete hooves, you send it moving out a fair distance, but mostly shatter the area you hit as debris litters the floor. Luna claps her hooves and chuckles. "Well done."
  27. As you ask about the dream stuff, Luna snickers, "You never realized that you were within a dream before? Its rare but some ponies have ways of realizing it quickly and having fun. You can do that too, you know." Down below, the Mannequin is shoved away and tossed to the side as the bag of bits is left, screaming, "Ho ym drea ncirpsse, schu bsreahsns!" as he falls off a pathway and falls upward. The bag of bits in hoof, Luna laughs, "Hahahaha! As a matter of fact we are, but you look to be having plenty of fun yourself. Glad we came inside here."
  29. Khazard: "No, I never did. Or I don't remember ever realizing it. Never had anything as... shocking, as these dreams to make me think otherwise I guess." She looks back as the rock goes flying and cracks, surprised at her strength. "Was that really me, or was that just this dream?"
  31. "I'm just glad to meet somepony not trying to kill me." Onyxia adds after Luna's response to Southern.
  33. Autumn: "Who are you supposed to be exactly, if this really is a dream? Liek a legit DREAM dream? I've never heard of somebody with dream magic like this," Southern asks.
  35. Shima: Luna sighs, drooping her face, "My goodness really? That sounds dull... dreams are supposed to be some of the most powerful memories you have, this nightmare you found yourself in was the most shocking? SURELY you must have had some that stand out." She looks at the stone as it flies away, "A little bit of both, I believe, but effective isn't it? Please, put it to the test. Nothing here can't be fixed if you break it." She chuckles, pulling on your stone hoof, "Come on, follow me!
  37. Luna reaches up to move some hair out of her face, jumping 'up' towards you on the cieling as she twists about in mid-air, landing on her hooves in front of you as she gives a small bow, "You can refer to me as Luna," she looks up and smiles around at the architecture all around her, taking it in. "And as a matter of fact, it is. YOUR dream, actually. And a beautifully complex one at that. I don't think I recognize this city at all." She chuckles at the mannequins, "And there aren't too many to speak of, dream mages that is. I like to think myself one of a kind." She looks up at Onyxia, "She was having quite the rough time, and when I found out someone else had fallen asleep we thought to investigate. Onyxia said it was 'Southern'?"
  39. Khazard: "Well I've never had any as real as this, and definately not with ponies who are trying to kill me." She thinks for a moment. "...I did dream a lot about finding my dad, after I found out what happened to him. Those are the only times I think would have gotten this close. But I've never gone days without sleep either until tonight." Onyxlia stumbles at the hoof pull, grinds of stone and clacks on the floor echoing as she quickly follows. "I-I'd rather have some realistic training." She stammers, following as she's pulled into the jump, landing uncerimoniously on her flank, not used to jumps to the cieling in a stone body.
  41. Autumn: "Sure is... Luna," she muses quietly, wondering if she heard entirely right. She ponders over the legends she's been taught. She does some mental math as she flips coins around with string. "People can really change, huh? Wow. Was there a reason I was called into this dream, or... am I allowed to go? I'd hate to intrude on what you're doing here, princess," she adds, a bit uncertain of danger now.
  43. Shima: "NO ponies trying to kill you? That might be the most common dream of them all, that's as if saying you've never been read a scary story. Oh, and, don't worry, I'm sure you'll get 'realistic' later, for all the fun that is." She turns her head, "Ah, I'm sorry. Something happen to your father?" As Onyxia crashlands on the cieling besides her, Luna gives a big jump as it shakes the structure, looking down besides the ungraceful mare after the crash-land. "Watch your step,"
  45. She then turns to Southern, her eye drawn to the coin and leaning closer in to see the trick. "Huh...? Oh, you weren't exactly 'called': this is your dream, I think we came in just as it was taking shape. You're not intruding on anything, your friend and I were looking for company. I love sharing dreams." She says as she jumps on the pathway Southern took upwards the gazebo, a blue shimmer appearing beneath her hooves as blue grass appears to grow out from beneath where she landed, spreading. Her ears perk up, "Princess? OH, I see... You're from the future as well. That would explain that weird outfit."
  47. Khazard: Onyxia stands up, giving s shake to brush off the dust. "A warning would have been nice."
  48. "He had to leave for a little bit, and something happened where he never came back. I was able ot go back and fix that so he nver had to leave. That bug you saw earlier was what I had to fight to make that happen... That's why I've been so shortfused during your encouragement earlier."
  50. Autumn: "Hey, shove off, kid, your outfit's weird. Mine is fashion," she shoots back, quickly losing any sense of danger she head earlier. She imagines another handsome stallion. [7]
  52. "So do either of you know anything about those stupid bug-gem-spirit-giant-horse things we had to fight earlier? You heard about those, right and how I did all the work?"
  54. Khazard: "You mean the windigoes? I heard Steel talking about them over the walkie talkies, did you really fight them?"
  56. Autumn: "Well, I fought the thing controlling it, then Nero's skinny dweeb boyfriend came by and stole it."
  58. Khazard: Onyxia chuckles at the boyfriend line. "I didn't know they were controlled, I always heard they swarmed wherever there was hate and anger. Not surprised Nero had to get some involvement in the end instead of you."
  60. Shima: Luna gives a light giggle. "Surprise...? Hey, least you're no worse for it." As you explain your father's past, she gives a light sigh, "Ah, I understand... sorry for that. Didn't know why that bug creature was giving you such a hard time at that. That must have been hard... just remember what I said: you control your dreams."
  62. As Southern fires back, she puffs up her cheeks, turning about as the blue-grass starts sprouting teal-flowers along the way as it grows. "Hey! My outfit is regal, YOUR outfit looks bizarre." She fires back in the manner of a teenager fitting her appearance, and as you focus on your dreamy stallion you find the figure forming to your side: a tall, dark, flowing mane (NOT a mannequin this time) in a prince's outfit turns to you, winking and whispering in a low voice. "Pancakes thrown into the river make the king cry." Luna raises her eyebrow, "An what's with all the stallions?"
  64. Luna shakes her head, pointing at Onyxia, "I just saw you and her fighting that green bug abomination attacking the school, and that was amazing. Particularly loved seeing it torn apart slowly, limb by limb, VERY gruesome. But for the windegoes, I heard from Beardy those windigoes were drawn here by some great source of rage or anger, but who can say who it was."
  66. Khazard: "Control my dreams, hopefully I won't have a terrible start to a dream like tonight again with that."
  67. Onyxia meets Luna's confusion. "Yea, seems odd to make ponies in a dream."
  68. "And from what I heard they were all dealt with. Hopefully they won't be anymore trouble, the windegoes that is."
  70. Autumn: She slices the stallion into little scraps of paper which soon vanish. "Some ugly ass jokers showing up around here. Can't a princess make a guy that doesn't look like trash?" she mutters. "So Onyxia, what was going on from your perspective while I was doing a bunch of fighting? You fight anything? See anything, do anything?"
  72. Khazard: Onyxia winces a bit at Southern's quick dismissal of the stallion. "I had to repair Steel, and then after that I was trying to figure out, well, all of this." She gestures to her now stone body.
  74. Autumn: "Is that like... changeling puberty or something?"
  76. Khazard: "What, n-no! I'm well past that... I hope, I don't know what changelings go through." Onyxia takes a quick breath to refocus. "As far as anypony knows, only I can do this. Not entirely sure how it works either."
  78. Shima: Luna lightly punches Onyxia's stone shoulder with her hoof, "That's the spirit, show a little optimism. Take charge! She's doing it right now, why don't you give it a try Onyxia?" She opens her eyes wide as the summoned stallion is sliced up in front of her, back-pedalling a bit with a grin, "AH! Haha... should have seen that coming." As you ask her, she smirks, "Well, I figure I can... what do you think of this?" Luna grins, closing her eyes and forming a blue-stream of magic out from her horn, forming a starry-outline of a pony that eventually takes the shape of a strong, handsome looking pegasus with a messy black mane. Wings of a bat form on his side, and pointed fangs and bat-like ears make an unusual appearance as he looks at Southern, the appealing stallion baring his fangs as Luna sighs in content. "There. See? Perfect stallion."
  80. Khazard: "I don't know, I don't really need to make a stallion..." She trails off as Luna creates one of her own, silent as she looks at the bat pony. "And I thought there was just a lot of bats because it was night." She mutters in thought outloud.
  82. "Hmm..." Onyxia looks at the castle they're in, thinking for a moment on the dream control. She shuts her eyes for a second as she gives it a try, trying to move them outside. Make the scenery more bright and less dreary. [Random gives 9]
  83. Autumn: "Yeah whatever kid, don't get jealous when everyone likes your sister more," she quips. "So does your squeeze ask you to do anything strange with it?"
  85. Khazard: "Does my... What do you mean by strange?"
  87. Shima: Luna chuckles at Onyxia at the stallion comment, "Yeah, I figure you already have one." She looks at the bat pony as Onyxia mocks it, "Make all the jokes you want, I swear I'm going to one day have an army of these glorious ponies flying in the night. Ponies will love them."
  89. As Southern comments on Celestia, Luna scowls, puffing out her cheeks. "Oh lease... as if that were something I'd need to worry about." She retorts as Onyxia's attempt at dream-shifting begins to take hold. The gray labyrinth of Canterlot begins to shift and distort, Luna's blue-patch of growing grass shifting to a green color as a plain begins stretching out into the view of the ponies, surrounding them in a sunny meadow with a nearby lake as the buildings crumble into the shapes of hills and the mannequins quickly flash into critters. Luna looks about, sticking out her tongue. "Hmmm... it's not bad, but, don't you think it's a little too bright?"
  91. Autumn: "Don't act like you don't know," she smacks Onyxia's arm suggestively.
  93. Khazard: "I'm not making fun, I jsut wonder why bats specifically. ...And how you plan to make an army of a new race." Onyxia looks around the bright meadow with a smile. "After what I just went through and the cold drearynes outside, it might not be bright enough."
  95. Onyxia's face reddens a bit at the nudge. "I-I don't think Steel could even think of something like that, even after we just got done being fused."
  97. Autumn: "Suuuuure," Southern says in disbelief, adding candy-producing plants to the dream. [8]
  99. Khazard: "He's not very, emotional or feeling. It was a struggle to get him to realise he can't charge headfirst like he did with that beetle earlier." Onyxia says a little sadly.
  101. Shima: Luna looks at the stallion as it lays about in the grass, looking aloft and distant, and points at the teeth, "I think they look so unique, so... different. I love it, a pony that looks different can send a chill down the spine of a common pony, but still hold such mysterious talent. There should be more like them." She looks about the meadow as she pulls up her hoof to her eyes, shielding them from the brightness. "Well... I guess there's no arguing that, and I have to admit after endless winter after endless winter i do miss a little sunshine now and then. Still, figure a sunset would be prettier." She looks in surprise as a bush suddenly emerges besides Southern, the dress-mare conjuring up a few flowers from the ground that when blooming, revealing chocolate hidden within as Luna licks her lip. "AH, now see, that is a marginal improvement." She says as she picks a few chocolate flowers from the ground.
  103. =====================
  105. Shima: In the Dreamscape, Luna returns from having dropped off Southern back in her own dream to sleep peacefully the rest of the evening, while Onyxia waits below on the meadow with her sun-shining afternoon, a lake put in nearby to help with atmosphere, and a plethora of candy-spouting tulips occasionally sprouting up all around the mare.
  107. Onyxia retains her concrete form from before, having not yet disengaged from it, though in her dream she seems to have no problems tasting the candy upon her tongue despite its new stony composition. As Luna lands, she sighs, looking about at the atmosphere as her bat-pony summonce lands nearby with a cup of tea she herself created, and the bat pony like wise moves over to Onyxia to offer.
  109. Luna sighs, "Well, it's not all that bad I guess. I have to admit, I really did forget just how much I missed the sun. How about you, my friend? Dream being a little more agreeable now?"
  111. Khazard: Onyxia takes the teacup at the bat's offer, taking a sip. "It's much better. Feels like its been forever since I could jsut sit and not worry about something. Has the winter been that bad here, you can't even see the sun through it?"
  112. She sets her cup down, looking at her stony hooves. "Hmm, guess it'd be nice to feel it too..."
  113. Onyxia stands up and closes her eyes in focus. Part of fusion is unoing it, and she tries to picture herself back to normal, the stone she absorbed lying seperate on the ground below her. [Doing 3 dice since it took 3 to fuse before. Got 8, 9, 4]
  115. Shima: Luna looks up at the artificial sun, "It has. I mean, the sun hasn't been totally absent. It can still peak through every once in a while, but we haven't had a clear sky in ages. And lately those little peaks have been getting more and more scarce." She shakes her head, "I suppose to be more accurate, I've almost forgotten what 'summer' feels like."
  117. As she moves over closer to you, you close your eyes in focus, "Oooh, another go? Splendid!" She cries in joy, eager to watch as you meticulously de-fuse the concrete out of your body. You hear a 'thump' 'thump' on the ground around you as concrete debris manifests through your very skin, impacting the grass as your ebony coat returns to normal. Luna frowns, "Oh, boo. Back to normal? I thought you were, I don't know, turning into the grass or the ground. Still, an impressive control you've managed in here."
  119. Khazard: "That sounds terrible. Its all ice and snow around my home, but at least we manage the other seasons normally. Hopefully it should all clear up soon." Onyxia says just before she attempts defusing.
  121. Onyxia steps back, looking at the stone on the ground, much better than the porcelan shards of the tea cup back when she demonstrated for Twilight. "I need to learn to undo this eventually, it did feel a lot simplier. And I didn't want to try and complicate things too much at the start."
  123. "...Huh, never even thought of fusing with multiple things." Onyxia comments, musing over the idea. "Can you think up some other things for me to try? A dream is the best place ot try this stuff when I don't know what will happen. In the meantime..." Onyxia looks around at the possible options for fusion. The stone and cup she's already done, and grass and dirt don't sound too pleasing or sturdy.
  124. She stops as she spots the best choice close by. Picking up one of the chocolates growing off the flowers sprouting around, she holds it in her hoof and focuses on merging with the tasty dessert. [Doing 3 dice again to speed up a progression. Got 2, 2, 8]
  126. Shima: Luna nods her head, "Well, 'soon' can't come 'soon enough' if you ask me. Beardy says it's all a matter of time but you wouldn't imagine how old it gets hearing that. And I know old." She turns and grins again as you ask for more suggestions. "As a princess of dreams, I like to think I'm full of imagination. Okay, well, you've clearly got a hold on something solid...." she looks out over at the lake, smiling. "Why not something liquid?"
  128. As you take the chocolate in hoof, you feel it slowly spreading over your arms, though you only get up to your shoulders before it stops and the chocolate piece is fully absorbed. Your chocolatey fore-legs give off a clear and delicious aroma, as Luna looks at them with watering eyes. "Oh... oh or there's that." She moves over to it, touching part of your chocalate-covered hoof and rubbing off a piece of you to her silvery hoof. "Ah. Sort of... fragile, though." she says as she looks at the chocolate stain on her hoof.
  129. Khazard: "I hear you on the time bit. Can't even make a guess at when you'll be able to do things when you're stuck jumping through random times every other day." Onyxia jokes.
  131. Onyxia looks back at the lake, then down to her choco-hooves. She lifts one hoof, looking at the brown-stained grass where it was. "M-Maybe it wasn't the best choice in bright sunlight, but we're safe in a dream, right?" She gives it a lick before setting it back down. "Tastes like its no different from normal cohoclate. I stil can't wrap my head around this whole thing."
  133. Onyxia steps over to the lake, dipping her back left hoof into the water. "Let's try and see if I can do this more than once now." She tries to focus on the water, imagining it running up and becoming her leg, hopefully in one piece. As well as wondering if her body can handle two different spots being two different things, unlike her shapeshifting. [3 dice again for the progression, 2, 4, 6]
  135. Shima: As you lick your chocolately hoof, Luna blinks in surprise, "REALLY?" She says, pulling the hoof forward to inspect on her own, taking a whiff of your arm and grinning in response. "Astounding.... um, say, if I were take a nibble, just a small one, you'd grow back right?" She lets it go after you move towards the lake, sighing. "Well I guess we can find out later, or something... or I could just turn my own hoof into chocolate, it is just a dream after all."
  137. She watches you as you dip your hoof into the water, but as you do so, you feel the water starting to rise up into your hooves only partway before the chocolate parts of you on the opposite legs start to disagree, the chocolate bleeding from your hooves like a cut as they pour into the grass and stain it in a chocolate mess. The water slowly rises up your other set of legs to take its 'place' on the other side as it were, as you start to feel your hooves become more fluid, uncontrollable. The water forces out any chocolate remaining as you fuse lake water into your being.
  139. Khazard: Onyxia winces as the chocolate comes out, a shiver going down her back. "Ugh, th-that felt wierd." She looks back to her watery legs, stopping her focus before the water fuses into the rest of her body. "It looks like I can only get one thing in me at a time. I'm a little relieved, I don't like the idea of constantly being able to abosrb stuff."
  141. Onyxia tries to take a few steps with her water legs, testing out how stable they are. "Do you have any ideas of what I could try next? Already used everything we have right now." She asks Luna as she slow walks.
  143. Shima: Luna moves over to the chocolate stained grass as the water spreads up your legs, "Ah, it is a shame to was such good dream chocolate." She says as she raises a hoof, splashing through your rear-leg as the fluid reforms in its place. She chuckles, "Though this is somewhat more fascinating." She swings a hoof down through your leg again, the water splashing and reforming. "Ha! Joyous. What happens if we try and freeze or boil it, I wonder?"
  145. She gives those two little suggestions, but then holds her hoof to her chin, "Well, as I hate to state for the umpteenth time, dear Onyxia, this is a DREAM. Whatever we have 'right now' is effectively whatever we want. We could try gold, or lava, or jewels, moon rock, steel...."
  147. Khazard: Onyxia struts about as she tests her new legs. "Wow, they sorta feels like jelly. They can hold me up and are solid, but I can feel the water all slosh about with each step. And they're way more stable that I thought they were. I thought they were going to just spill all over the place and I'd lose them." Onyxia says with a chuckle, quickly ending as she realizes the implications if that did happen if she tried it in reality. The deep thoughts are cut out by th splashing behind her. "A-Aah. q-quit it!" She says, steping to the side. "I guess I don't have to worry about them breaking, but I still don't like that. Can't even describe the feeling."
  149. "I already fused with steel before... Hmm." She think for a moment, looking back to the now red glowing lake as the clear water shifts to molten lava. "M-Might as well try the things I couldn't for real." She says nerviously. And, forgetting she's standing close to a incredibly hot heat source while being made of water, her legs begin to boil up.
  151. Shima: Luna looks down to the lake as it turns into molten lava, her eyes closing from the heat that quickly dissipates due to the dreamscape compensating. "Oh, right... I suppose if you didn't have the proper magic touching lava could prove somewhat painful." She says non-challantly as you summon forth the molten lake, but as she does so she feels her watery legs start to evaporate into vapor, about to spread out everywere it feels like before it feels as though the steam condenses into a solid hoof once more, the harsh steam keeping the shape of a limb and holding up your weight. Luna moves a hoof towards them, but withdraws due to the heat of the steam. "Well... I suppose that answers THAT question..."
  153. Luna chuckles in turn, "That's what i thought they were going to do. But they look quite solid! Er... you know, figuratively." She says as she gives her legs another splash, the odd sensation of having one's legs sploshed about bringing quite some level of joy to the alicorn. "This is fun, how could I stop?"
  155. Luna looks down to the lake as it turns into molten lava, her eyes closing from the heat that quickly dissipates due to the dreamscape compensating. "Oh, right... I suppose if you didn't have the proper magic touching lava could prove somewhat painful." She says non-challantly as you summon forth the molten lake, but as she does so she feels her watery legs start to evaporate into vapor, about to spread out everywere it feels like before it feels as though the steam condenses into a solid hoof once more, the harsh steam keeping the shape of a limb and holding up your weight. Luna moves a hoof towards them, but withdraws due to the heat of the steam. "Well... I suppose that answers THAT question..."
  157. Khazard: Onyxia panicks as she feels her legs dissolve, feeling like she's about to fll over until the steam coalesces together, flailing before they hold her up. She le's out a deep breath of relief, taking a few steps way from the lava lake. "Phew, I *really* though I was gonna be legless for a sec there." She stomps a steam hoof on the ground, the grass blowing arond a bit from the forced wind pillar down on it. "Feels like there's nothing there, but I can still feel the grass on my hoof, and the leg ot my body. ...Its pretty warm."
  158. As Luna tries to swipe again but pulls back, Onyxia snickers. "Good, that'll keep you from messing around with them." She looks back at her steam legs, stretching one out befre shutting her eyes to focus. "At least I'll never have ot worry about being evaporated or washed away no matter what I fuse with." She comments, attempting to dispel the steam and return her legs to normal. [3 Dice Progression 9, 5, 7]
  160. (After however the defusion goes). Onyxia steps over to the lava lake cautiously, her eyes squinting from the heat as she gets closer and closer. "S-So, this won't hurt right, since its a dream?" She looks down at the lava, the glow reflecting off her black crystal coat, almost making her look molten already. She ulps nerviously as she reaches out a hoof. "H-Here goes nothing..."
  161. She dips the tip of her hoof into the lava, eyes shut as she pictures herself as lava as quickly as possible. [3 progression again, 1 ,10, 3]
  163. Shima: Luna waves her hoof about, "Pff. No fun at all. But, I guess no matter how gas or liquid, there's a bit of 'solid' at its core. Going by the fact you're still moving the grass and all. Like a solid gas... if that were such a thing." You manage to successfully dispel the steam from your body as your black crystalline hooves return to form, back to a normal crystal limb once more. As you move towards the lake, Luna nods her head in confirmation, "Oh, yes, yes, of course. Well, only if you BELIEVE it won't hurt you, if you think it will then it will but that's alright, just think really hard of it NOT evaporating your hoof on contact, alright?" She says with a little bit of confidence (not as much as you'd probably like) as your hoof touches the lava. As you do, you apparently DO feel a great twinge of fiery pain at first, your subconcious seemingly hard at work replicating the sensation, but only for a brief moment before it starts travelling up your legs, shifting your legs into those of pure magma as you adjust to the heat and the rest of the lava 'lake' feels no hotter than a cool pond to your touch.
  165. Khazard: "Aahh!" Onyxia yelps in pain at initial contact, slowly fading as the lava works its way into her flesh. As her shout stops, she looks down, eyes opening as her legs take on the full magma form. "Huh, not so bad now. Sorta feels like how they were when made of water." She lifts one hoof up, extra lava dripping off the semi-solid cylinder. She looks close, the lava slowly swirling about like a lava lamp, but then quickly holds her hoof away and stick it back into the lake from the heat on her face.
  167. She thinks for a moment, giggling as she takes a step to submerge her lava legs further. "This is kind fun. With all the panic and confusion I've been having, I never thought about all the things I could do with this ability." She says, attemptng to further th fusion to her whole body. [2 dice since its already started, 6, 10]
  169. "So, do you have any requests you want to see?" She asks Luna as she (hopefully), fuses fully for a quick lava swim.
  171. Shima: Luna covers her eyes as you start to yell in pain, cringing as you finally got a hold of it. "Ooooh, you thought it would hurt, didn't you? I shouldn't have said 'don't think it will hurt', I think I might have made your brain pull a fast one on you." She moves closer and runs her hoof along Onyxia's back, sending a ripple of the magma swirling about her body in a patten along her spine.
  173. "I know! I told you this would be fun, didn't I? I've never heard of a spell that let you absorb so many elements... I'm glad you're finally getting into it." She compliments as you fuse successfully the entirety of your body with the pool of lava, becoming a full-blown magma pony before Luna's eyes.
  175. As you ask, Luna pops out a list from nowhere, scrolling down to the bottom of the ground and into the lava-lake, incinerating the end. "Oh, I had a few in mind...."
  177. And so the dream went on for the two mares, Onyxia finally at peace and having fun for the first time in days as she dances about the dreamscape with Luna, having what might be the one dream she'll be sure to remember for years to come. Eventually, however, the dream has to come to an end, and though Onyxia is foggy on the details, she only remembers Luna and everything just fading away as though in a fog as she feels her eyelids beginning to flap open as the light of morning filters through Starswirl's guest window. You hear a collection of noises from outside the door, some of your party probably awake and moving about in the early morning.
  179. You turn about in the sheets, alone with the door closed, but as you move about you feel somewhat unwieldy in some places, a little heftier and slower.
  181. Khazard: Onyxia looks up at hte ceiling as she drifts back to reality, rubbing her eyes and yawning as she lies in her cot. "Wuah, wha...? Oh, right, that was all a dream." She slides up in the cot, sitting up slightly by using the pillow as a seat. "Hpm, how long was I asleep. Feels like it's been days." She grumbles at the slow, groggy feeling. She glances around the room, the relatively quick shift from the bright fields to a dank room leaving an odd sense of confusion. It fades quickly as she hears the sounds of others moving about, her head turning towards the door. "Guess its time to get back to following the others through whatever they drag us through..." She complains, until she remembers Luna's advice throughout the dream. "Or maybe not. All I need to worry about is geting home nd helping Steel. I don't need to let the others ruin what I need to do and pull me into their problems."
  183. Shima: As you grab for your dress and start to slide into it, you notice it feels uncomfortably tight in a way it didn't yesterday, particularly around the gut area as you slip it on. Looking in a mirror that the guest bedroom provides, you notice your features being a little gainier than you remember, and the dress feels somewhat constricting as you slip it on all the way, not PARTICULARLY painful but still uncomfortable and squeezing.
  185. Khazard: "Mmph, did the cold shrink this? I don't think it got wet or anything..." She strains, finally getting the dress on after some forcing. Looking over at the mirror, she takes a surprised step back. "That... This can't be right." She says, slowly stepping towards he mirror in disbelief and trying to ignore the tightness of the dress. She turns, looking at herself from the side. She reaches a hoof up to her stomach, thinking its might be a funhouse mirror. Feeling that it is, in fact her, she looks over to the door. She walks over, creaking it open jsut slightly, hoping he's still standing there. "Steel, are you there? C-Could you come in here for a second?" She whispers, hoping he hears.
  187. Shima: As you tweak open the door, you hear a few heavy hoof-steps and the apperance of Steel's armored helm in the doorway. You can see a few of the others moving about, Celestia and Twilight talking, but he blocks your view. "Ah, Onyxia, I was thinking of waking you. Did you sleep well?"
  189. Khazard: "Y-Yea, I slept fine, great actually. Just get in here, quick." Onyxia says quickly through a strained breath, grabbing Steel's hoof and pulling him into the room, shutting the door behind him.
  190. "Do... Do I look any different to you?"
  192. Shima: Steel's visor tilts as you grab his iron hoof and drag him through the doorway, looking towards the door as you slam it shut. "Doesn't seem like you slept great, Onyxia what is going on...." he turns towards you, looking you up and down as he re-gauges your appearance. "Oh... hmm. Actually, yes, you... er... did the cold shrink your dress, by any chance?" HE moves closer, leaning in, "It looks... tighter."
  194. Khazard: "I was fine until I woke— Th-That's not hte point!" Onyxia stammers. "I-I don't think so, it feels like..." She looks over at the mirror, sighing, followed by a strain as she breathes back in. "H-Here, look. This isn't fitting anyways." Onyxia says, sounding defeated as she pulls off the dress with equal strain as putting it on.
  196. Shima: Steel stares at you with what feels like pity as you take off your dress with a great deal of effort, now the disorbed pony showing clear signs of a slightly heftier build. Steel takes a step back, "Oh... hm... that is strange..." he turns his head away, "It seems more like... well, it's as if you've... changed shape. Slightly." He turns his head back, observing, "You weren't like this last night. Could your shape-shifting have affected this?"
  198. Khazard: Onyxia collapses to her flank as Steel confirms it. "You don't need to sugarcoat it." She says, upset. "I don't think so, I've always been in control of that..." Her eyes light up with some bit of hope at the suggestion despite her dismissal. "M-Maybe it is! Maybe I did soemthing here for real while I was dreaming!" She closes her eyes followed by a quick green flash as she shift a horn off her head, though still in the dagger shape and not a traditional horn. She opens her eyes and looks down at her stomach, the hope and smile quickly fading away to a sad sigh. "...Its not a shapeshift. I-I'm fat."
  200. Shima: Steel shakes his head, "You haven't had the best control on your shapeshifting, Onyxia, I'm SURE it's just that, you just need more time to acclimate, no one gains this much weight in...." he pauses, "I mean... let me rephrase that. No one puts on a few more pounds from sleeping, it had to be shapeshifting." He reaches a hoof down, grabbing you by a hoof to help you up. "And you're hardly what I'd call fat."
  202. Khazard: "I've only been able to do one kind of shapeshift at a time. *This*," She gestures to her horn, "means *this* is real." She points to her stomach.
  203. "What do you call it then?" She says as she takes his hoof to stand back up. "I can't even wear the dress Sterling gave me now..."
  205. Shima: Staring at the horn, he pauses, "Hmm.... well, my point stands. This can't be natural, no one gains heft like this in one night... ahem, not that it's a lot of heft, mind you." He turns towards the dress, "Presuming you can't undo these changes quickly? I'm certain Southern could resize it... or myself, even, I still remember a good deal from my days as a dressmaker."
  207. Khazard: "I was eating for two when we were fused..." Onyxia sadly comments, eyes quickly snapping from the floor to Steel. "N-Not that I'm blaming you!"
  208. She sighs, picking up the dress. "Could you fix it up quickly, right now? Before we go outisde?" Onyxia asks hopefully.
  210. Shima: Steel taps a hoof, "Oh... that is a fair point. I didn't consider that... ahem... well, we've a little time before we leave. Perhaps we could start to burn it off? You asked me to train you, after all." As you pick up the dress, Steel turns his head, "Right now? Onyxia, it takes hours to alter a dress for size. Perhaps a whole day. I could fix it but, I can't in mere moments."
  212. Khazard: "Y-Yea, that might work. Maybe its just water weight, from all this snow." Onyxia says in a bit of denial. "Wait, we're leaving already?" She asks, glancing back at he mirror. "L-Let's hurry then. Luna already helped me with my fusion last night, so we won't have ot worry about that for your training."
  213. "A whole day? ...Hopefully I work this off quickly. Here, you should hold onto this then." She hands Steel the dress, grabbing her saddlebags. She tosses them over her back and ties the strap, but quickly undoes it after a it squeezes her too tight. "Hopefully real fast..."
  214. Onyxia looks over to the door, then back to Steel. "C-Could I wear your cape, for walking out? I-I don't want anypony to... see me, like this..." She asks sheepishly.
  216. Shima: Steel smiles, "I'm sure that must be it. A little sweat will set it right." He looks to you as you start heading for the door, "What do you mean, Luna helped you with your fusion...? I didn't see anyone enter your room and I was awake all night." He takes the dress in hoof, "I'll get started on it the moment I get a chance, but I'm sure it will fix itself." As you ask for his cape, he turns to it and begins taking it off, "You don't want anyone to see you like this...? Why care, you look absolutely fine to me."
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