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Jul 7th, 2019
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  1. Since the topic of Bryan See comes up in a while, this is the ME server’s explanation
  3. Bryan See is a person who has caused trouble, trolling, and outright disruption among the Mortal Engines community and any other community he has encountered. Here is a short form to describe him.
  5. The story started upon the release of the first trailer for the Mortal Engines movie in June 2018. He latched onto the world and formulated fanfiction crossovers. This included Battlestar Galactica and a fan fiction world called the Hellcat Squadron. A few google searches and extensive reading yielded more …. interesting results. He had joined numerous forums, often mixing the previously mentioned franchises with more franchisees and ME. The resulting fan fiction were extremely long and rambling, accompanied with explanations of his own comments and explanations, all of which were so long and rambling to the point of irration to many of the regulars and moderators on many forums.
  7. He later appeared more often in the ME wiki. ( and created numerous acts of vandalism, disruption, and hoaxes. He added stuff about Hellcat Squadron and Battlestar Galactica, uploaded numerous cosplay and fan artwork to the site, which are unacceptable. The kicker was that he had added mention of a tv show for ME, of which the “source” was a humours fan pitch. As a result of his garbage, he was banned from the wiki. The wiki is a masterpiece of collection of the work of art known as Mortal Engines and no one here will tolerate any sort of disruption, vandalism, nor falsehoods.
  9. The guy later goes on the subreddit dedicated to Mortal Engines. He constantly posted stuff about the film, and why it needs a remake, and the need for a tv show. The cited sources included a April fools page that he presumed was 100% legit, and utter stream of consciousness. A few times, he would bad mouth the person who banned on the ME wiki, as if it was a God given right to contribute there.
  11. His other reddit posts show he has an unhealthy behaviour on the internet. He often posts and comments railing against the administrators that kicked him out of Wikipedia in 2012. Yes he is still extremely angry about a ban that occurred 7 years ago, some grudge he, it seems, never has let go or even loosened up. There are a few other posts about politics (rule 6 of this server) that I won’t dive into. Go see for yourself. Be sure to check out his “submitted” posts.
  13. Overall, Bryan is a looney disturbed individual honestly disgusts people in this server. We the people of this server wish the entire set of events above never happened, but it did and needs an preface.
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