Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. You simply place a palm onto the stump of the cut, and begin to heal the usually completely unhealable wound brought about through the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, it seems that it while it may have some control over the element of Truth, something that you had thought would be completely impossible for anything other than yourself to be able to wield, it has an incomplete ability to wield it. In fact, the only reason it is likely capable of using your power at all is due to it being born as something of an extension of yourself. Your blood and Medea's magic was used to make up the entire body of this creature, though it does bring up some rather worrying questions about whether or not others might be able to try to copy your power through the theft of your blood, it's likely only possible for the Dragon to use it at all due to the fact that it was practically born in Truth. Whatever knowledge that the original spirit of the Dragon of Colchis had held before it began its metamorphosis into the Dragon of Truth has clearly been lost, replaced with the mind of... well, it wouldn't really be unfit to say that this beast has the mind of a child. It attacked with no real tactics or skill, and was mostly just testing out what it was capable of. Had it fought with strategy, then everyone would have died except perhaps Arcueid.
  3. While your healing would be easier and quicker if the missing wing of the Dragon was put in place properly, with the amount of ambient mana still being produced by the dragon, it is quite easy for you. You don't even really need to use any of your own energy reserves in order to call bring forth enough magical energy to fix such a large wound. If this is what magi in the Age of Gods were blessed with, it's no wonder that so many consider the current state of magic in the world to be so poor. Of course, not having to deal with gods is actually probably a greater boon than not having vast quantities of magical energy available is a curse. After all, back in the Age of Gods, most mortals were incapable of doing any form of magecraft with the ambient magical energy, and only those blessed with knowledge from the gods themselves were actually able to manipulate the energy of their surroundings, at least up until Solomon came along and invented magecraft for everyone else to use.
  5. After a few minutes of heavy focus, the wing of the dragon laying on the floor just... vanishes! Or well, that's not quite true, it doesn't vanish, it simply moves. From laying on the floor to its correct position as being attached to the dragon once more... You were really only capable of healing such a large wound so quickly because of the dragon leaking it's magical energy everywhere. Honestly, if it is going to produce so much magical energy, it might actually end up causing mystery to properly begin to return to places... Alaya... probably won't like that. You might have to get the Dragon to seal it's own creation of energy somehow.
  7. Part 19
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