To Matteo

Jan 5th, 2012
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  1. # Thorwed
  2. # I apologize in advance
  3. #
  5. Hi Matteo, I am Thorwed.
  6. Let me explain about: (
  7. The first laid the basis of (, which contained (login; pass; mail) a day later it was modified,
  8. where I wrote the reasons for their actions:
  9. "... I am very sad to look at the large site with such childish errors that are fixed for a few minutes.
  10. This is especially true of government websites. In December, an error that could be eliminated within a few minutes was the diversion of 9000 + data.
  11. I think you ask why I showed the entire database? but if I showed only a mistake nobody would have noticed.
  12. When I put a base on it turns out there was already an analogy only it contained the names of the tables.
  13. (Http:// on October 10, ridiculous is not it? Nobody paid any attention to even and did not close the error."
  14. I think the reasons for these large and important sites such as Rainews24 and others are not worth explaining.
  15. I just want to add, in a world very vulnerable state sites.
  16. Oh yeah I forgot to say that I stopped and I was left with a list of vulnerable sites of domain zones (.,. and others), but they will not leak.
  17. Goodbye. Yours faithfully. Thorwed ...
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