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  1. Name: reactosguy
  2. Email: *************@*****.***
  3. Subject: What is this I don't even
  4. To:
  5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. I never bothered to read entirely beyond the first paragraph.
  9. So you whine about the whiners? You look like a fool, you rant like one, and you act like an immature Linux zealot. Linux Journal should have rejected this article. <b>You know better.</b>
  11. <b>The flexibility, configurability, and numerous distributions and desktop environments on Linux give you the greatest chance to find or create the perfect desktop for you.</b>
  13. By flexibility, you mean that Windows users struggle to know shit. Also, Linux is virtually unconfigurable without having to use the CLI. <b>It's that bad.</b> Not to mention, one excellent choice is and can be better than 20 million crappy choices-quality over quantity, that is. You seem to be a big fan of quantity.
  15. <b>Desktop applications on Linux have also matured greatly in past few years. No matter what your task is, Linux truly has an application for it.</b>
  17. Why don't you list an application that <i>doesn't</i> work in Linux, so that users are actually informed? Even better, <a href="">why not soup up the shit pile known as</a>!? Afraid!? Perhaps you're not a developer, then. Maybe you are just someone who sits there 24/7 and just mindlessly hopes the developers do it right.
  19. List of applications that do not work in Linux are just below.
  21. <ol>
  22. <li>Microsoft Office (duh)</li>
  23. <li>Autodesk CAD (what if you were an architect?)</li>
  24. <li>Big piles of fecal waste known as Games</li>
  25. <li>Et cetera</li>
  26. </ol>
  28. Oh, and Wine is not an argument. Wine is a crappy application layer, end of story.
  30. <b>Apple's OSX is perfect for folks who can conform to that restricted environment. Windows 7 can be perfect for some folks, that is until their computer falls prey to malware or a virus.</b>
  32. Why are you so devoted to FSF in the first place? The GPL <b>itself</b> is a restrictive license. As for Windows 7 (which would have been great and all if it wasn't for Aero) security can be managed easily-all you need is common sense, which you appear to lack (read: this article written by you reeks the mental capacity of a deranged pigeon).
  34. You know what, you remind me of Robert Pogson, a Linux zealot who runs a <a href="">blog</a>. His article<a href="">"Malware is Winning"</a> talks about crap, and my replies can be found there on your "Windows is le insecure" shit.
  36. <b>Some call it fragmentation, but I call it choice.  As a multi-community driven open-platform, Linux is a different beast than the closed platforms offered by Apple and Microsoft. Different in the best ways possible: user focused, community contributions encouraged and essential, and the only price of admission is a bit your time. So why all the whining about the state of the Linux desktop? I'm smitten with what our community has achieved, and I'm ecstatic about the future.</b>
  38. You call it choice, yet it isn't. It's restriction. You and your butt buddies push Linux onto people. Is that choice?
  40. As for the multi-community driven open platform argument, LOL, open source isn't even FSF standard, and you submit your will to RMS?
  42. The way I think of it is, the users are testers, because they risk running unstable code. You say Linux problems are fixed by developers, but consider this: do developers even bother fixing it? Oh, and because people have tons of problems with desktop Linux (don't give me "they should learn blaahh(drool effect)" or a variation of it as a reply), you can change "and the only price of admission is a bit of your time" to "and the only price of admission is a lot of your time wasted in life".
  44. I will complain to Linux Journal how malformed this article is and why it should have been rejected and ask why it was even written in the first place. This is a truly terrible article overall, it looks like you're so butthurt about it! Why not relax, don't take it personally and ignore it, instead of dumping 20 tons of doggy doo-doo on Linux Journal and tarnishing your reputation?
  46. Thank you for reading this comment and have a nice day. (Oh and you can't delete this, its on Pastebin!)
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