136 Upuaut [M. Diamond Dog Blind-Eye] MLPFEMTORPG

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  1. Name: Upuaut
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Diamond Dog
  4. Class: Blind-Eye (Tracker/Summoner)
  5. Combat Talent: (Pharaoh's Hunter; passive: +2 Trap)
  6. Noncombat Talent: (Opener of the Ways: passive: Burrowing is automatic. Any loose sediment such as sand dug by Upuaut stays in place without collapsing for 24 hours.)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 5/5
  8. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  10. Skills:
  11.   (Free Racial) Burrowing: Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, setting traps, moving unseen and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  12.   (Racial) Bloodhound: Passive; After making a successful, physical attack against a target you pick up its scent. This target does not benefit from stealth when being attacked by you or attacking you for a number of turns equal to the amount of damage you do. Darkness also does not affect your ability to target.
  13.   (Free Multiclass) Eye of the Beast: recharge 1, weapon, ranged; Forgo your own vision look through the eyes of your minions or allies. Any foe that they can target, you can fire a bolt through the magic between realms to hit them, regardless of your own location.
  14.   (Class) Trap: recharge 1; Starting next turn, first enemy to attack is helpless for 2 turns.
  15.   (Class) Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.
  18. Inventory:
  19. Quiver of Greatarrows: Single Weapon(s)
  20. Usekh Collar
  21. Gold Cuffs
  22. Off-White Cloth Tunic
  24. Traits:
  25.     Upuaut is a male diamond dog. He resembles a jackal, with a toned body covered in black fur and straight, chest-length phthalo blue hair that matches his eye color. A mysterious traveler, Upuaut comes from distant land to the east, close to the pony settlement of Somnambula. He was once part of a pack of diamond dog who protected the ancient tombs and pyramids that scattered the deserts of his homeland. As the years progressed, archeologists were able to push past the tribe's defenses and pillage the ancient mausoleums for the sake of 'preserving history'. Those not killed by hired do-gooding adventurers scattered, becoming drifters without a cause nor place to call home. Upuaut is one such drifter, having made his way to Equestria over years of traveling. While he takes to mercenary work and joining adventuring party, he cares little for the draw of treasures or monetary rewards, mainly looking to fill a void while searching for a purpose. He's deeply appreciative of a warm meal although capable of cooking for himself, and refuses to disrupt burial sites or tombs out of respect for the dead.
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